Super Son-In-Law Chapter 251

Although Alex had not moved his household register yet, in fact, he had taken root in Quill City. Recently, he had been busy and had no time to go back to the village. This time, he rarely came back. He persuaded Francis again in person, hoping that Francis would live with him in the city.

The second priority was to enjoy his old age. The main reason was that the medical conditions in the city were better.

However, Francis was determined to stay in his hometown and began to work for his job. It was said that he had signed up with the villagers to plant medicinal materials for Hengkang Pharmaceutical Company. The monthly salary was estimated to be more than 4,000 yuan. For the farmers, the treatment was quite good.

Alex didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Dad, I bought you a Mercedes worth two million yuan and you even got a driver. With this condition, do you still have to do hard work with a monthly salary of 4,000 yuan? How can you do this? Besides, I am the second largest shareholder of Hengkang Pharmaceutical Company, and you are my father. Who dares to order you?”

Francis waved his hand and said, “I’ll stay in the village, and I won’t go out. Even if I want to go out, I can just hang up the bus. There’s no need for such a big show. Alex, you can withdraw the car and the driver. As for the work… I won’t expose my identity, okay?”

“Hey, why are you doing this?” Alex couldn’t persuade Francis, so he could only follow the old man’s words. After thinking for a while, he said, “Dad, let’s take a step back. I can promise you to stay in the countryside, but you have to listen to me for other things, such as the car and the driver. I won’t withdraw. I’ll arrange your work for you.”

“No problem, no problem. As long as you are willing to let me stay in the countryside, the rest will be up to you!”

“That’s settled then!”

Alex immediately called the person who was sent here to recruit workers. After a brief discussion, he arranged a position for Francis, which was equivalent to the messenger. There were two main tasks. One was to connect the relationship between the person in charge of Hengkang Pharmaceutical Company and the workers, and the other was to assist the person in charge of making tasks for the workers.

This position sounded quite busy, but in fact, it was just an idle job.

Francis didn’t need to spend much time and effort on these two tasks.

In this way, Francis only needed to run away and talk freely. He didn’t need to do farm work personally.

As for the salary… in order not to create any estrangement between Francis and the villagers, the salary was distributed according to the standard of ordinary workers. Anyway, Alex arranged this position for Francis just to find a time-saving job for him. He did not expect him to make much money, and their family was not short of money at all…

Alex was in a hurry to take Jiang Peng to the hospital for medical treatment. After chatting with Francis, he left in a hurry.

After dealing with Pei Chong today, there were not many security problems for the time being.

Let Xie Laosi arrange for the brothers in the village to replace Jiang Peng and temporarily take care of Francis for a few days.

Big Ken drove the Lamborghini back to Quill City with Alex and Jiang Peng and rushed straight to the military hospital.

After Alex asked the doctor to treat the injuries on his body, he quickly came to the outside of the ward of Cynthia and asked Hunter, Wang Shunrong, and others who were guarding at the door, “How is Cynthia now?”

Wang Shunquan shook his head. “As usual. She didn’t know anyone. She didn’t care about anyone.”

“Oh… uncle, aunt, don’t worry too much. To be honest, it’s an unexpected surprise that Cynthia can wake up so quickly after suffering such a serious injury. It’s just beginning to recover. Whether it’s physical or mental recovery, it will take enough time. We must keep our patience. I believe that in the end, she will recover as usual!”

“Thank you for your auspicious words, President Alex. We also firmly believe that she will get better…”

Just then, a nurse came out of the ward.

Alex quickly went up to her and asked,” Nurse, is the wounded awake now?”

The nurse nodded. “She’s awake. I’ve just changed her medicine, so you can go in and see her. But… judging from her current state, don’t disturb her too much.”

“I see. Thank you, nurse.”

Alex watched the nurse leave and followed Wang Shunquan and the others into the ward.

Wang Shunquan, Liu Yunxiu, and Hunter just stood by the bed and stared at Cynthia. After some encouragement, they walked out. Alex stayed behind, closed the door, went back to the bedside, took out his mobile phone, and slowly said to Cynthia, “Cynthia beauty, I don’t know if you can understand what I’m talking about now, but I think it’s necessary to tell you something. The person who kidnapped you that day was Pei Chong, and his men were all killed by us. They either had a car accident or were shot or killed. Anyway, they all died a terrible death. It’s a price for all their evil deeds. By the way, I took a picture of Pei Chong died in the sea of fire. Take a look…”

As Alex spoke, he clicked on the video on his mobile phone. From the corner of his eyes, he noticed that Cynthia’s eyes lit up when she saw the video, and her eyes were obviously squinting.

From this, it could be seen that Cynthia was indeed pretending to be stupid and was very interested in revenge.

It was no exaggeration to say that revenge was the best healing medicine for Cynthia!

Alex pretended not to notice the reaction of Cynthia. After putting down the video, he put the phone in his pocket, looked up at the sky and sighed. Then he continued slowly, “Cynthia, there is one more thing. Before he died, Pei Chong knelt on the ground to confess to you and told the whole story of the kidnapping. I didn’t expect that it was ordered by Jared… However, I didn’t intend to let the police take Jared away, nor did I want to investigate. I just wanted to find an opportunity to kill him. The kidnapping was caused by me, and I will be responsible for it to the end. When I kill Jared, I will tell you the truth as soon as possible. You should take good care of yourself and wait for my good news!”

Cynthia’s expression did not change at this moment, but her hands, which were covered by the quilt, were tightly clenched.

When she heard the words “Jared”, her eyes flashed again, and then tears flowed from the corners of her eyes.

This scene once again strengthened the determination of Alex to seek revenge on Jared.

Alex continued to act, pretending not to have noticed Cynthia’s tears.

The reason why Alex wanted to say this was not to spread salt on Cynthia’s wound, but to let Cynthia know that Jared who hurt her the most would not live long. In addition, he also wanted to euphemistically tell her that those who knew that she had been raped by Jared might be dead or would die soon, and no one else would know.

That matter would become a secret that no one but her knew.

Alex realized that Cynthia had been stimulated, and he was also a little excited. Especially the flowing tears at the corner of Cynthia’s eyes, which deeply stung his heart. He got up and left the ward and returned to the car. His expression had not yet recovered. He exhaled a mouthful of murky air and suddenly said, “Brother Big Ken, I want to kill!”

Big Ken was not surprised. He nodded gently and said, “Young Master, are you talking about Jared?”

“That’s right! If we don’t kill him, the hatred between me and Cynthia will not be solved!”

“Young Master, I’m willing to serve you.”

“I want to kill him myself.”

“No! Young Master, in order not to cause you unnecessary trouble, I can’t let you do it yourself. Although this kind of thing can be settled with connections, you are a businessman, so don’t get too much blood on your hands. Even if you don’t care now, you have to consider the future. If you are exposed by someone with ulterior motives at a critical moment and treated as a murderer, the consequences may be very serious.”


“I’m sorry, young master. This matter has no room for negotiation! If you want to kill a small character, I can ignore it, but Jared is not an ordinary person. It’s easy to kill him, just a bullet. But after shooting, there will be a lot of potential trouble. You can’t kill him personally, but… as long as the time is allowed; I can let you see him leave this world with your own eyes!”

Alex was a little stunned by the sudden seriousness of Big Ken. After thinking for a while, he nodded and agreed. “Big Ken, I know you’re doing this for my own good, so I’ll do as you say. Then, how do you think we can kill him?”

Big Ken answered without hesitation, “The best way… is to sniping!”

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