Super Son-In-Law Chapter 253

Halfway up the mountain, Alex took a deep breath and said to the mobile phone in an as calm tone as possible, “Jared, when we met last time, I told you that when I finish the knot with Pei Chong, it’s time for us to settle our debts. Now Pei Chong is dead. When do you want to settle our debts?”


Jared immediately frowned, subconsciously looked at the number again, and shouted at the mobile phone, “Alex? Are you fucking sick? Why are you calling me in the middle of the night? You don’t fucking dare to call me with the commonly used number. Do you think that I won’t answer it with the commonly used number?”

“Cut the crap. Let’s get down to business!”

“What business do you have with me? Alex, if you want to settle accounts with me, come here during the day. Let’s settle it face to face. What’s wrong with the phone? It’s late at night. If you don’t sleep, I still have to sleep. I’m hanging up!”

When Jared heard that it was Alex on the other end, he was furious.

He had planned to kill Alex with Pei Chong’s help. However, Pei Chong was defeated by Alex just like Lei Yunpeng. He couldn’t swallow his anger. He couldn’t find anyone who could deal with Alex in a short time, so he found a material woman and brought her back to vent his anger.

He had just vented his anger when he heard Alex’s voice before he finished smoking the cigarette, which was known as “the Living God”.

The two minutes just now were in vain.

He roared at his phone and was about to hang up.

But before Alex reached his goal, he said to the mobile phone, “Jared, if you don’t want to sit in prison, don’t hang up the phone in a hurry!”

“What do you mean?” Jared glared at him and said, “Alex, you want to blackmail me?”

“Jared, do you know that Cynthia has been rescued?”

“What? No… What does this have to do with me?”

“I’ve already made it clear. Do you still want to pretend? Then I’ll tell you one more thing. Pei Chong told me the details of the kidnapping of the hostages before he knelt down to beg me for mercy before he died. I didn’t expect you to go to the place where the hostages were held. You also did something worse than a beast to force Cynthia to jump off the building. Do you think no one knows all this? Do you think you can escape the punishment of the law?”

Hearing this, Jared suddenly panicked. He suddenly recovered a lot of strength and jumped down from the bed. He walked over and closed the door of the bathroom. Then he walked to the window and said in a low voice, “Alex, you fucking slandered me! When did I go to the place where the hostages were held? Besides, Pei Chong didn’t personally watch the hostages. How could he know so clearly?”

“How do you know that Pei Chong didn’t personally watch the hostages?”


“Even if Pei Chong doesn’t know the inside story, how can Cynthia not know what she has experienced?”

Alex felt that the foundation was almost ready, so he cut to the chase. “Jared, with your current attitude, we can’t talk at all. I have recorded the scene that Pei Chong told us and the scene that Cynthia talked about what happened to her. I have copied a copy of it in a USB flash drive and threw it behind your villa. When you have time, take a good look at it, and then we can talk! Okay, hang up!”

“Wait, wait, wait! Don’t hang up!”

This time, it was Jared’s turn not to hang up, but Alex decisively hung up.

Without hesitation, Jared put on his night robe and slippers, quickly went downstairs, and ran to the back of the villa.

The bodyguard on duty at night quickly went up to him. “Young Master, where are you going at night? Do you need help?”

“Get lost! Don’t disturb me!”

Jared was burning with anxiety. He ordered the bodyguards to retreat and ran to the back of the villa as fast as he could. He turned on the street lights, turned on the flashlight of his mobile phone, and searched along the corner of the wall, but found nothing. After thinking for a while, he wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and dialed Alex’s number. “Are you fucking happy with me? Where did you put the USB disk?”

Alex held a telescope in his left hand and stared at Jared from a distance. He held the mobile phone in his right hand and said slowly, “It doesn’t matter whether there is a USB flash drive or not. What’s important is that from the way you ran to the back of the villa to find the USB flash drive, it can be seen that what I said just now is true. If that’s not the case, are you in such a hurry to find the USB flash drive?”

“I… You are fucking fooling me! Alex, even if your guess is right, do you have any evidence? Do you think the police station is run by your family? Do you want me to go to jail with just your one-sided words? You are too naive!”

“Go to jail? It’s too easy for you to go to jail. Besides, you don’t have that chance.”

“What do you mean? Alex, what the hell do you want to do?”

“Jared, the only reason I called you is to say goodbye to you. No… It should be farewell forever! Listen to my advice, if there is a next life; remember to be a good person. Otherwise, you still can’t escape the fate of this life…”

After Alex finished speaking, he put down the phone without waiting for Jared’s response.

Big Ken, who was already ready, pulled the trigger without hesitation.

The huge recoil caused the sniper rifle to tremble, and even Big Ken’s body trembled.

Jared, who was standing sideways by the wall, was stunned. Before he could call Alex back to ask what was going on, and even before he could take down the mobile phone that was raised in his ear, a huge sniper bullet whizzed over. After breaking the phone, it penetrated his head, but it still did not stop and fell into the wall.

Jared, like his poor phone, was dead.

Unless he invited Goddess Nvywa, he would not even have a chance to save her.

For a time, the blood fog and debris intertwined, and under the light, it looked extremely tragic.

Although the bodyguards who had been reprimanded by Jared did not follow, they had been guarding on the side of the villa. When they heard the sound, they realized that something was wrong and quickly ran over. When they got close to Jared, they were scared out of their wits and sat down on the ground, unable to speak…

Halfway up the mountain, Big Ken confirmed that he had hit the target through the telescopic sight. Based on his trust in himself and the sniper rifle, he did not look at it more. With a smooth movement, he dismantled the sniper rifle into a pile of parts and put it in the box that was specially used to place the sniper rifle. Then, he patted Alex’s arm and said, “Young master, it’s time to withdraw!”

Alex saw with his own eyes the entire process of Jared being shot to death. He was extremely excited, but at the same time, he was deeply shocked. Under Big Ken’s reminder, he suddenly came to his senses. He quickly put away his phone and binoculars, followed Big Ken down the mountain, and left the scene in a hurry.

On the way back, Big Ken handed a shell to Alex. “Young Master, this is the shell used to kill Jared’s bullet. I think it’s worth collecting. Take it.”

Alex took the shell and nodded. “Thank you, Brother Big Ken.”

“You’re welcome. It’s my duty to help you solve your problems. Young Master, there are two things I have to tell you. You must remember them. If someone asks, just say that you go home early tonight to rest, and then you didn’t go out. The car key is always on me, and you don’t know if I drove out. Also, don’t admit that you were the one who called Jared last time! I will destroy the black card later. Even if someone suspects you, they can’t get any solid evidence.”

“I see. Brother Big Ken, will you get into trouble because of this?”

“Normally, I won’t. I’ve done enough to hide myself. Even the sniper bullet I used just now is different from what I usually used.”


Alex nodded with satisfaction and said nothing more.

Time passed quickly. In a flash, it was dawn, and the sun rose as usual.

However, some people couldn’t see the sun today.

Gerald lost his son in pain and was heartbroken. At the same time, he ordered the police to investigate the murderer; he also issued a ban to block the news. However, there was no airtight wall in the world. In less than noon, the news that Jared was killed in the backyard of his family caused a sensation in the media circle of the whole Quill City and became a hot topic of discussion.

This explosive news also cured the amnesia of a female injured woman in the military hospital…

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