Super Son-In-Law Chapter 255

Especially the bodyguard whose head was buzzing after being beaten, he was like a mute who was suffering. He didn’t dare to contradict Gerald, but he couldn’t bear it. He secretly thought of a good idea to take revenge on Gerald. After leaving the villa, he immediately found a black Internet cafe, logged into the cloud disk, and began to download a lot of things.

As the bodyguard of the Xavier family, he knew very well that the Xavier father and son were not good people. He also knew that the Xavier father and son had never regarded them as people. He was dissatisfied, so he secretly collected a lot of evidence of the Xavier father and son’s evil deeds, including the photos, recording, and video of the meeting between the Xavier father and son at home with gangsters, drug dealers, and so on.

Not only him, but also other bodyguards had secretly collected some and kept them together.

What he was currently downloaded was all the evidence they had collected.

After download it, he packed and compressed it. He sent an anonymous email to the public announcement of the Municipal Public Security Bureau and posted all the information on the local forum. After all this, he took a taxi and set off on the journey to leave Quill City…

At this time, Captain Pang was busy at the foot of the mountain opposite the villa area.

The police found the position of the sniper according to the bullet marks that had been shot into the wall. It was located on the top of the mountain by laser beams. The police officers of the technical department had found several suspicious sniping places halfway up the mountain. Then Captain Pang came over in person and ordered them to block the way into the mountain, ready to go up and have a look in person.

Just as Group Leader Pang had made the necessary arrangements and was about to go up the mountain, a young policeman ran over in a hurry, bowed to Group Leader Pang, and reported respectfully, “Group Leader Pang, I have something important to report to you…”

Group Leader Pang’s interest was immediately aroused. “Speak quickly!”

“The police have just submitted the report materials, which have something to do with Gerald and Jared. The colleague who is responsible for review the report materials has initially confirmed that the Xavier father and son have recently been in close contact with Pei Chong, the subordinate of the big poison owl Jing Kun…”

“Oh? I’ll go back and have a look!”

Captain Pang changed the schedule without hesitation and drove to the Municipal Bureau.

On the other side, Gerald waited for a few hours, but he didn’t see the bodyguards bring the woman back, and none of them could be contacted. Realizing that those people might have run away, he immediately mobilized a large number of professional security guards from the security department of Grand Express Corporation and divided them into three groups. The first group was responsible for finding the woman, and the second group was responsible for tracking the group of bodyguards who had become deserters.

The third group was a mobile force composed of elite soldiers and generals personally selected by Gerald for him to command.

Gerald was getting angrier and angrier. He didn’t want to wait any longer, so he rushed to Gold Stone with the three groups and directly blocked the door. He specifically said that he wanted to find Alex. He also said that if he couldn’t see Alex today, he would smash the company.

It was not a joke. Several security guards came with big hammers.

As the top leader of the company, Felix couldn’t do this, so he could only call Alex. At the same time, he organized all the security guards and some male staff of the company, forming a confrontation with the people on the other side of Gerald at the door. Although there were few people, and they couldn’t resist the other side at first glance, they couldn’t lose in momentum.

When Alex heard about this, he did not dare to delay at all. With the company of Big Ken, he rushed to Gold Stone as fast as he could.

When Gerald saw Alex coming out of the elevator, he was so angry that he rushed forward with a red face. “Alex, are you still a fucking human? You killed Jared just because he had a little conflict with you? He is only in his twenties, and he is not married yet…”


Big Ken stepped forward and stood in front of Alex. Facing a group of fierce opponents, he was not afraid at all. He reached out to stop Gerald and shouted, “Gerald, you’d better stand outside the safe distance and don’t get too close. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude to you.”

Felix also brought a few security guards from the company to cheer up Alex. He said to Gerald, “Mr. Xavier, we are businessmen. Let’s talk about it…”

“Shut up, you have no right to speak!”

Gerald stood at a place about 1.75 meters away from Alex. He glared at Felix fiercely and then stared at Alex. “There are only two choices in front of you now. Either you go with me to the Municipal Bureau to turn yourself in and accept the punishment of the law, or I will get justice for Jared in person!”

Alex patted the shoulders of Big Ken and Felix, indicating that they didn’t need to be nervous. Then, he said to Gerald casually, “Gerald, you said that I killed your son. Do you have any evidence? Now there are only two choices in front of you. Either find the evidence and go to the Municipal Bureau to expose it and let the police catch me. If you don’t have any evidence, don’t talk nonsense. Of course, if you insist on being unreasonable, I will accompany you to the end!”

“Evidence? Isn’t this fucking obvious? What evidence do you need?”

“Do you mean that you don’t have any evidence? Are you just looking for trouble? Gerald, stop talking nonsense. I’ll give you the last ultimatum now and give you one minute to leave here. And don’t bring anyone with you in the future. Otherwise, I will use force and beat you every time I see you!”

“Who are you trying to scare? How dare you shamelessly say that you’re using force?”

While they were talking, the elevator door opened with a “ding” sound.

Ma Zhiyuan took the five brothers out of the elevator and gathered in front of Alex.

It turned out that Alex had just heard from Felix on the phone that Gerald had brought a lot of people with him. On the way here, he had called Ma Zhiyuan. Ma Zhiyuan had always been very efficient. He immediately rushed over with a group of brothers. Xiong Da, Xiong Er, and Cheng Hengchao had also come to help Alex.

Although Alex was still at a disadvantage in numbers, there were many masters.

Ma Zhiyuan was very confident. He was not frightened by the large number of opponents. He raised his hand and pointed to the people in Gerald, saying to Alex, “Are them looking for trouble?”

“Yes!” Alex nodded and said, “30 seconds later, if they don’t leave, we’ll drive them away!”


Ma Zhiyuan began to roll up his sleeves, twisted his neck, and shouted, “Brothers, get ready to work!”

With so many people on his side, Gerald was confident and had no intention of retreating. He said to Alex coldly, “So, you don’t want to turn yourself in and choose to do it privately? Then I have nothing to say. If you don’t dare to admit it, I will beat you until you kneel down and surrender!”

Alex shook his head gently. After a minute of countdown, he waved his hand and said, “Get them out!”

Gerald also issued an order, “Beat him! Beat him hard!”

The battle between nearly 20 people was about to break out.

The corridor was too small. The staffs of both sides were so crowded at the elevator that they couldn’t use it at all. The front line quickly extended outward. In a second, the ten-meter-long corridor was occupied, and a few of them entered Gold Stone.

In order to prevent the company’s employees from being accidentally injured, Alex, surrounded by Big Ken and Felix, went close to the wall and moved into the company. They knocked down the opponents who broke in and threw them out, and then waited at the door. Although there were many people on the other side, they didn’t need their help in this battle.

Those brought by Gerald were all professional security guards, whose fighting capacity was a little higher than that of ordinary people, but that was all. They had no power to resist masters like Ma Zhiyuan, Cheng Hengchao, and Xiong Da, Xiong Er. In less than five minutes, the battle was almost over.

Ma Zhiyuan and the others were unharmed.

All the people in Gerald were beaten to tears.

Gerald didn’t expect that he would lose in the two-on-one situation. He was so angry that his face turned red and his neck was thick. He scolded the security guards who couldn’t stop retreating, “You are a bunch of good-for-nothings!”

Alex felt wronged for the security guards and said helplessly, “Gerald, don’t make things difficult for them. If you can, go ahead!”


Gerald was speechless.

At this moment, there was a siren downstairs. Gerald rushed to the window to have a look. Seeing that Captain Pang had come with his team, he instantly regained his confidence and said to Alex, “You don’t cherish the opportunity to turn yourself in. It’s too late for you to regret it now!”

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