Super Son-In-Law Chapter 256

Alex also went to the window and looked down. He found that a group of police officers had entered the building. Then he looked at Gerald, who looked determined. He couldn’t help but murmur in his heart, “Did Gerald use his connections to lure a small leader of the police to catch him?”

While he was thinking, Big Ken shook his head at him, indicating that he should not worry.

But he was still a little worried. He knew that Gerald and the police had not found any evidence to prove that Jared was killed by them. But if Gerald wanted to frame him at all costs, such as letting him be taken away and interrogated, it would still cause him some trouble.

It was not until the elevator door opened that he saw that Group Leader Pang was the first to walk out that he breathed a sigh of relief.

Because in his opinion, Group Leader Pang was a very upright person. It was impossible for him to be bribed and bewitched by Gerald…

Seeing that the gate of Gold Stone was crowded with people and more than half of the security guards in uniform from Gerald were injured, Captain Pang frowned and looked around. He asked, “It seems that you are gathering people to fight. What happened?”

Alex walked up to Group Leader Pang and prepared to introduce what had just happened.

But Gerald spoke first, “Group Leader Pang, this is a small matter. You don’t have to worry about it. Go ahead with your business. Are you here to arrest someone?”

Group Leader Pang nodded and said, “Yes, I came here with the documents.”

“That’s right! Group Leader Pang, just as I said, you look smart and can’t do anything stupid. In addition, your efficiency is beyond my expectation. I didn’t expect that you could get the approval so soon. Well, let’s not talk nonsense. Alex is right in front of you. Hurry up and catch him.”

“Mr. Xavier, who said I wanted to catch Alex?”

“Hiss… What do you mean? If you don’t catch Alex, then who are you coming to catch?”

Gerald looked around and was a little confused.

Alex’s curiosity was also aroused. “Group Leader Pang, did someone in our Gold Stone commit a crime?”

Captain Pang shook his head, took a document from a police officer next to him, unfolded it quickly, and lit it up in front of Gerald. He said in a clear and unquestionable tone, “Gerald, take the report from the masses. After preliminary verification, you are involved in dangerous plans, deliberately killing people, deliberately hurting people, and committing criminal crimes. You are involved in dangerous collusion with the drug dealers and harbor drug dealers. Now you ask you to go back with us for investigation. You have the right to keep silent, but every word you say can become evidence!”

“What… what’s going on?”

Gerald was so surprised that his eyeballs almost rolled out. He was about to grab the document.

Alex and the others were also stunned.

This change came too suddenly and was extremely bizarre. Captain Pang’s action was beyond everyone’s expectation except for the police officers. Before Captain Pang showed the signal, no one expected that the person the police wanted to arrest today was Gerald.

After all, Gerald was a famous entrepreneur in the city and also a big shot in the business world.

Even if the police had evidence of Gerald’s crime, not everyone dared to arrest him.

As for Group Leader Pang, not only did he come, but his attitude was also very tough. There was no room for negotiation at all, as if he was catching an ordinary role.

Captain Pang was quick-witted. He put away the document and threw it to his men. With a wave of his hand, he said, “Put him on handcuffs and take it away!”

“Wait, don’t move!” Gerald shouted at the two policemen who were about to catch him. He glared at Group Leader Pang and said, “Surnamed Pang, I gave you face, didn’t I? I asked you to catch Alex, but you didn’t catch him. Instead, you arrested me with a groundless charge. What the fuck are you thinking? Ah? Are you fucking stupid?”

“Gerald, I’m warning you. To reject arrest and insult the police officers will add you to your crime!”

“What’s wrong with you? If you don’t do it, I’ll beat you. Believe it or not.”

“Cut the crap. Take him away!”

Captain Pang didn’t want to say more. He didn’t want to make things difficult for his subordinates, so he took out his handcuffs and was about to do it himself.

Gerald was so angry that his whole body was shaking. He raised his hand and pushed Gerald. “Youfucking… Hey, what are you going to do?”

Before Gerald could finish speaking, before Gerald was about to push him a second time, Group Leader Pang grabbed his wrist and threw him onto the ground with a neat and clean over-shoulder fall. The whole movement was completed in a flash, leaving him no chance to resist at all.

The security guards he brought with him only reacted after he hit the ground and trembled. They all rushed forward to save him.

“Don’t move!”

The police officers pulled out their guns and aimed at the security guards.

These policemen didn’t dare to do anything to big shots like Gerald, but they were not afraid of the security guards.

As for Group Leader Pang, he didn’t even look at the security guards from beginning to end. He grabbed Gerald with ease. Then he got up and said condescendingly, “Gerald, in addition to the crimes listed on the arrest warrant, you added a few more points to yourself: refusing arrest, insulting the police officers and attacking the police… Take him away!”

Gerald was in a mess. Before he could recover, he was dragged away by two police officers.

Under the deterrence of the police officers and pistols, the security guards did not dare to act recklessly. They could only watch as their master was taken away.

After Group Leader Pang finished his business, he turned to look at the security guards and said to Alex, “Mr. Alex, what happened just now?”

“Well… there are surveillance cameras here. You’ll know at a glance.”

Alex took Group Leader Pang to the monitoring room, took out the surveillance video taken at the company’s gate, and introduced it at the same time. “As the video shows, Gerald took a group of people to block our company’s gate for no reason and tried to persuade us many times but failed. I had no choice but to drive them away. But they not only didn’t listen, but also fought with our people… and then we fought.”

“They are gathering people and making trouble!” Before the video was finished, Captain Pang said to Alex, “Give me a copy of the relevant video and send it to my email.”

“No problem!”

Alex nodded readily and agreed.

Captain Pang quickly returned to the gate of Gold Stone, pointed to the security guards, and said to the police, “Take all of them away!”

Alex who followed them noticed that Group Leader Pang was about to close the team. He quickly went up and asked the most concerned question, “Group Leader Pang, what happened when the crowd reported just now? There was no sign at all. Why did Gerald suddenly get caught?”

“Well… I can’t explain it clearly in two or three sentences.” Captain Pang thought for a moment and replied, “Mr. Alex, are you going to browse the forum?”

“Ah? No, what’s wrong?”

“If you have time, you can look at the local forum. It’s very exciting. I still have official business to attend to, so I’ll take my leave first.”

Group Leader Pang simply greeted Alex and Big Ken and then left with his team.

Alex was stunned and was thinking about what Captain Pang meant when Felix rushed over with a notebook in his arms. “The news, the big news, something happened to Gerald!”

“What’s going on?” Alex subconsciously walked up to him quickly.

“Someone reported Gerald anonymously on the local forum!”

“A forum? Let me have a look!”

Alex vaguely guessed what Group Leader Pang meant when he mentioned the “Forum”. He quickly took the notebook, found a chair at the front desk of the company, sat down, put the notebook on the table, and looked at it with everyone. As Felix said, a hot post that showed the sin of Gerald appeared on the local forum.

After browsing through the whole post, everyone was suddenly enlightened.

Everyone present knew that Gerald was not a good person. After reading the post, they knew that Gerald was even worse than they had imagined.

It was said in the post that in order to strive for some financial benefits, Gerald actually bought people to hurt or even kill people. In order to compete with the competitors, he hired people crazily to create “accidents” in the construction of other real estate companies, causing a lot of casualties.

Alex quickly browsed through it. When he looked at it carefully for the second time, he found that he was attracted by a video that was obviously secretly taken. It was shot yesterday afternoon. The picture showed that Gerald called at home and mentioned Pei Chong’s name.

Big Ken stared at the notebook for a while and suddenly frowned. “Is Gerald calling Jing Kun?”

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