Super Son-In-Law Chapter 258

The news of the tragic death of Jared and the arrest of Gerald had spread all over the city. Everyone knew it, and they had discussed it a lot in their spare time. After all, Jared was originally one of the top rich second generations in the city like them. It disappeared without a word. It happened too suddenly.

Lin Ke knew Alex very well, especially in terms of economic strength. He knew that Alex had a lot of free money in his card. So he was not surprised by Alex’s question, nor was he in a hurry to express his opinion. He touched his chin and fell into deep thought.

Fang Chen was a little surprised and asked in a daze, “Mr. Alex, according to what you mean, are you going to take down Grand Express Corporation?”

Jordan was also shocked. He shook his head and sighed with emotion. “Normally, many people say that I am rich. Relatively speaking, my financial resources are indeed stronger than many ordinary people. But compared with Mr. Alex, I have become an ordinary person in an instant. Mr. Alex, I am very curious about how much money you have and how much business you want to do.”

“Haha, it’s not that exaggerated!” Alex waved his hand and said, “I just have that idea, and I haven’t thought about it yet, so I want to hear your opinion. As for money… how to put it, you don’t lack money. However, most of your money still belongs to your family, and you can’t control and use it for the time being…”

What Alex said was right. Sooner or later, Lin Ke, Fang Chen, and Jordan would inherit the family business. Even if they didn’t start their own business, they would become rich and their financial strength would be almost the same as the current Alex.

However, Alex only had pocket money given by his parents.

If Alex also inherited all the family properties, he would leave the other three masters far behind.

Of course, both Fang Chen and Jordan were just joking. They wouldn’t be dejected because they didn’t have more money than Alex. The reason why they sighed with emotion was that they felt it was incredible that Alex had just spent 10 billion yuan to invest in Qingyun Media, and he even had the idea to invest the Grand Express Corporation whose estimated value was more than 20 billion yuan at its peak.

Could it be that the money of Alex had been scraped by the wind and had piled up into a mountain?

Jordan did not force Alex to tell how much money he had. He sighed with emotion and continued, “Mr. Alex, as you just said, I haven’t taken over the family’s power yet, and the funds I can use are limited. I have done my best to invest in Qingyun Media…”

Fang Chen nodded and added, “If you ask me whether I have any interest in Grand Express Corporation, I must have. However, my situation is similar to that of Master Feng, and my strength is not allowed. Mr. Alex, this time, Master Feng and I may not be able to keep up with you, so we can’t play with you.”

Alex shook his head and said, “I just had a sudden thought…”

After a while, Lin Ke finally said, “Cousin, I can’t take out much money in a short time. I can’t help you. But… if you want to take down Grand Express Corporation, I can provide you with a way of thinking. Maybe it can be the starting point.”

“Oh? Cousin, please go ahead!”

“Have you heard of Ning Haohan?”

“Ning Haohan? No…”

At this moment, Fang Chen’s eyes lit up and he took over the topic. “Young Master Ke, if I remember correctly, Ning Haohan is the vice president of Grand Express Corporation, right? How do you know him?”

Lin Ke nodded and said, “Yes, it’s him! To tell you the truth, my father tried to dig him out to our Hengkang Pharmaceutical Company time and time again, but he failed, no matter he asked for help from a high-level top-notch company or my father himself.”

“What a coincidence. My dad also tried to dig him out, but he failed, too.”

Alex heard that Lin Ke and Fang Chen were having a good chat and became more and more curious. “What, the so-called Ning Haohan is a rare talent?”

Lin Ke shrugged his shoulders and said, “Let’s put it this way. Grand Express Corporation has developed to the present scale, and he has made great contributions. His contribution has even surpassed that of the founder, Gerald. It’s no exaggeration to say that without him, Grand Express Corporation would not have developed to a scale that can compete with Wyatt Corporation.”

“Why haven’t I heard of such a powerful person?”

“If I hadn’t done a special investigation, I wouldn’t have known so much about him.”

“Oh? What’s going on?”

“Cousin, don’t worry. Listen to me slowly…”

Lin Ke had taken out all the information about Ning Haohan from his memory and said slowly, “In the past, when Ning Haohan first entered Grand Express Corporation, he served in the marketing department. At that time, the market share of the group in the city was only 10%, and the market share growth rate was about 1%. Although it still increased, the group’s investment was gradually increasing every year. Although it was like this, the market share did not increase. It could be said that it had been on the same spot all the time.”

“Then it’s time for Ning Haohan to show his strength?”

“Yes! Although it was very difficult, he still helped the marketing department raise the market share to 20% in three years. It was not until then that he was promoted once, and he was only the deputy director of the marketing department. Liang Heng, the director who had always been having nothing to do, the brother-in-law of Gerald, was still sitting steadily in the position of director.”

“It seems that in Gerald’s heart, strength is not as good as family affection.”

“Who says no? Two years later, Ning Haohan helped the group get a 25% share. At that time, he was far more famous than Liang Heng. Not only the marketing department, but also many people from other departments said that they should give the marketing department to him. Maybe Gerald felt the pressure of public opinion and really let him be the director. But no one expected that Liang Heng would become the vice president of the group instead of declining!”

Alex said in surprise, “Liang Heng is so lucky that he didn’t do anything. He was promoted with the help of his subordinates!”

“At that time, many people felt that it was not worth it for Ning Haohan and thought that his efforts and gains were not proportional. But he didn’t care and had been working hard. In a few years, he helped the group raise the market share to the highest point in history and reached 30%! At that time, he exchanged places with Liang Heng.”

“Hiss… That is to say, he has doubled the market value of Grand Express Corporation?”

Alex had just heard that Wyatt Corporation and Hengkang Pharmaceutical Company had dug up Ning Haohan, so he had guessed that he was not a simple person. However, he did not expect him to be so powerful!

For a large-scale company like Grand Express Corporation, it was often the easiest stage to develop when it just started, because there was a lot of room for improvement. But when Ning Haohan entered the group, the group had already reached a certain scale and reached a bottleneck, so it was difficult to improve.

It only took less than ten years for the group to regain its new vitality after Ning Haohan entered the Department of Finance and Management! If it was only measured by the size of market, it was equivalent to turning a Grand Express Corporation into three!

It could be imagined that if Grand Express Corporation had been controlled by Ning Haohan from the beginning, maybe the current Grand Express Corporation would be the second Wyatt Corporation. He would also become a business tycoon like Lin Lipeng and Fang Kaige.

Unfortunately, there were no ifs in real life.

However, God was watching him. Although he had not become the boss, his influence in the business world had spread far and wide. In the eyes of outsiders, he was the business card of Grand Express Corporation, and hewas still more famous than Gerald. So, he did not get the benefits he deserved, but gained more prestige.

This was because people thought highly of him. In addition to the fact that the business strength of the world was strong, there were also key values such as being indifferent to fame, wealth, humiliation, burden, work, and complaints. Obviously, all of them were advantages.

Alex couldn’t help but sigh when he learned this. In the business world, Ning Haohan could be said to be a genius who was loved by everyone!

At the same time, Alex also guessed Lin Ke’s intention. “Cousin, do you mean that if I want to take down Grand Express Corporation, I can cooperate with Ning Haohan, right?”

Lin Ke nodded again and said, “Cousin, you know, Grand Express Corporation is a family business, and it is difficult for outsiders to integrate into it. This is also the reason why Ning Haohan has made such a great contribution to Grand Express Corporation, but he is not very famous and has not received an equal reward…”

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