Super Son-In-Law Chapter 260

On the other side, Tang Qingshan was still a little reluctant. He earnestly advised, “Qingsong, don’t get excited. Listen to me first! I am your brother. If you get into trouble, I will definitely help you. However, everything has its own way, right? Tell me first, if you encounter any trouble, I will definitely find a way to help you!”

Tang Qingsong was getting impatient. He yelled at the phone, “I’ve already made it very clear. The only way to help me is to ask me to withdraw my funds! I’m no longer a child. How can I not know my own situation? As long as there are other ways, I won’t do that!”

“Well… But I also have difficulties now! The situation of the company is getting worse and worse, and it can’t run anymore. There is only some interest left on the account. Even if I am willing to let you withdraw the funds, the company can’t take out so much money. Let’s wait and see. When I get the company back on track, I will withdraw the funds for you.”

“Brother, don’t lie to yourself. I know the current situation of the company. Is there still a chance to save it? I, an outsider, can tell you clearly that there is no need to save it and there is no way to save it! If you don’t want to end up like this, you can stop with me. You can get some money left!”

“I also wanted to give up the company, but I’m not reconciled!”

“You’re not reconciled? I’m not! But what can we do? No! I’ve already figured out that we can’t afford to offend some people. For us, the wisest choice is to take this loss and stop fighting with those who are destined to win. Well, brother, let’s talk so much. You transfer the money to my account before dark, and I’ll arrange someone to send the agreement to you…”

Tang Qingsong decisively hung up the phone and looked at Alex. “Are you satisfied now?”

Alex shook his head. “Your attitude is okay, but I pay more attention to the result.”

“Alex, I can finally see that you are a fucking villain who will seek revenge for the smallest grievance! Just because we have some conflicts with you, you fucking have to make us bankrupt. I have been squeezed out by you. After I withdraw the funds, my brother’s company will probably be closed down…”

“Stop! I admit that I hold a grudge against you and know that I’m not a good person. However, I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong when dealing with the contradiction between you and me. Besides, I revenge not only for myself, but also for the justice of heaven, making you pay for all the sins you owe!”

“It’s high-sounding. At the end of the day, you fucking did it for money, for benefits!”

“You can think whatever you want. I don’t care… By the way, let me remind you, Tang Qingsong, if you are lucky enough to survive this time, you’d better wipe your eyes and don’t offend me again. Otherwise, I don’t mind putting on such a show again!”

Alex did not intend to have any contact with Tang Qingsong in the future. After today’s separation, they would probably not meet again in the future. So he chatted with Tang Qingsong for a while and made the last reminder. After talking for a while, he took Xie Laosi upstairs and returned to the car. He said to Xie Laosi, “I plan to let you set up a company with Brother Yuan and integrate all the industries you take care of. In this way, it will be more convenient for you, as the legal personnel, to manage.”

“Good idea!” Xie Laosi nodded and said, “When the company is established, my identity and Brother Yuan’s identity will be even more open. Hehe, in the future, we can barely be regarded as influential figures in Quill City. Mr. Alex, thank you very much. Without your help and support, I, an old and rude man, will definitely open a mahjong restaurant in the suburbs.”

“All of this was won by you. You don’t have to thank me. Xie Laosi, all the assets collected from Tang Qingsong, including the money to withdraw funds that have not yet been paid, are combined together as the company’s financial support.”

“Ah? Mr. Alex, you don’t want it? I’m thinking about transferring all the 15 million yuan to your account when it’s in your account.”

“You don’t have to give it to me first. You can keep it as the start-up fund and try to complete the company well…”

Not only did Alex not intend to ask for the money he got this time, but he also did not intend to ask Ma Zhiyuan and Xie Laosi for the money they earned by working together to manage so many industries. Instead, he planned to give this money to his brothers as benefits. It was one of the principles of life that he firmly believed in…

At about six o’clock in the afternoon, when Alex was waiting for the elevator in the military hospital, he received a call from Xie Laosi. He learned that Tang Qingsong had transferred 15 million yuan to his account. This was good news. At the same time, Xie Laosi reported a bad news, which was that he sent someone to meet the person who had made an appointment with Ning Haohan, but failed to make an appointment.

Seeing Alex frown, Big Ken asked softly, “Young Master, what’s wrong?”

Alex shook his head helplessly. “Vice President Ning refused my invitation.”

“Hiss… it shouldn’t be! It would be understandable if someone who doesn’t know you refused your invitation. Although Ning Haohan has never seen you, he must have heard of your name. Under such circumstances, he chose to refuse your invitation. He doesn’t know how to appreciate favors!”

“You can’t say that. We don’t know each other. I’m not a leader. He does have the right to refuse to see me.”

“I really don’t understand what he is thinking. Anyway, in my opinion, in this current situation, both public and private, he should agree to your invitation. Young Master, why don’t you stop making an appointment and go directly to find him? I don’t believe that there are still people who you can’t see in Quill City.”

“If it was an ordinary person, I would definitely have gone. However, according to my cousin’s words, Vice President Ning is a capable person. If you want to cooperate with him, you must show him enough respect. If you need help, you must treat him sincerely. If I visit him rashly before he agrees to the meeting, it will be too abrupt, and I will definitely leave a bad impression on him. In a while, I will ask Xie Laosi to send me Vice President Ning’s phone number, and I will call him myself to try…”

Under Lin Ke’s reminder, Alex had realized that Ning Haohan would become the key figure in determining whether he could win Grand Express Corporation or not. In order to achieve his goal, it was necessary to find a way to build a good relationship with him. At least, he had to leave a good impression on him, which was the basis of the cooperation.

Big Ken wanted to persuade Alex not to be so cautious, but he noticed from the corner of his eyes that a thin man in a suit, who was waiting for the elevator, was secretly looking at Alex.

The man was holding a bulging black leather bag in his left hand, and his right hand had been hidden in the inner pocket of his chest, as if he could take out a weapon at any time.

Seeing this, Big Ken instantly raised his vigilance, which was the instinctive reaction of the bodyguards.


At this moment, the elevator arrived and there was no one inside.

Before Alex noticed the unusual, he took the lead in entering the elevator.

When Big Ken saw that the man with the black bag had also entered the elevator, he quickly followed in and was stuck between Alex and the man. He was ready to save Alex at any time. Fortunately, the man did not take any action. The three of them got off the first floor smoothly and went out of the elevator.

But just as Big Ken was about to protect Alex and leave quickly, he was stopped by the man with the black bag. “Wait a minute!”

Big Ken turned around and saw the man with the black bag taking out his right hand from his inner pocket. He became nervous again in an instant. Subconsciously, he blocked Alex and said to the man with the black bag with no expression, “Are you talking to us? Who are you? What do you want to do?”

The man with the black bag had already pulled out his right hand, but what he was holding was not a weapon, but a palm-sized thing like a mobile phone. It was dark. He put the thing in his hand into a leather bag, walked slowly to the front of Big Ken, nodded slightly and said, “Don’t misunderstand, I have no malicious intentions. I just heard you mention the name of an old friend of mine just now, so I want to know the situation.”

“Your old friend? Who?”

Big Ken was a little confused.

However, Alex’s eyes lit up. He patted Big Ken on the shoulder and motioned for him not to be nervous. Then, he also nodded to the man with the black bag and said with a smile, “Just now, we only mentioned one person, vice president Ning. Brother, do you mean that vice president Ning is your old friend?”

“Yes!” The man nodded and said, “If you want to see him, maybe I can help…”

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