Super Son-In-Law Chapter 264

Tang Mingyu was a little surprised. After a pause, she replied, “Because I saw that you were extraordinary and behaved very gracefully, unlike other people who had an appointment with Vice President Ning. To put it bluntly, I was moved by your character, so I made that decision on my own.”

Alex maintained a faint smile and said casually, “Are you sure you didn’t recognize me?”

“Ahem… President Cohen, did you see something?”

“If my analysis is correct, you are Vice President Ning, aren’t you?”

“President Cohen, can I hear your judgment first?”

“It’s based on several considerations. First of all, you said that in order to make up a good excuse for your poor health, Liang Heng couldn’t make up a whole story. If you accept this statement, it means that there is something wrong with your body. The big brother with glasses next to you looks very good, and he doesn’t seem to be sick. Besides, when he talked to us just now, he told us from the perspective of an onlooker, and he didn’t seem to be talking about himself. Besides, although he didn’t say anything just now, when he spoke, he would ask you for advice with his eyes from time to time…”

“All right, I admit that your analysis is right.” Ning Haohan, who was exposed on the spot, turned his head and stared at the man with glasses who was pretending to be him. He said with a smile, “Brother Tang, I’ll let you pay for today’s meal. In this case, you have to explain it to Mr. Cohen.”

Tang Mingyu nodded and said to Alex with an embarrassed smile, “Mr. Cohen, I’m sorry. It’s my fault. It’s my fault. It has nothing to do with Vice President Ning.”

Alex shook his head. “I’m not angry. You don’t have to apologize to me, but I want to know the reason.”

“It’s like this. There’s indeed something wrong with Vice President Ning’s health. It’s much more serious than what Liang Heng knows, and he has been secretly treating. Before meeting you today, we didn’t know much about you, and we don’t know why you asked him for help. In order to prevent news of his medical treatment in the military hospital from spreading, I came up with a way to exchange his identity. In fact, from the beginning, he disagreed. I insisted again and again, so he reluctantly agreed to cooperate. He said that there was no need, and he couldn’t hide it from you, and he even made a bet with me. If you can see through it, I’ll take the order. On the contrary, it’s his, I’m willing to admit defeat.”

“I see… Assistant Tang, you’re not only the good assistant of Vice President Ning, but also a good friend who truly cares about him.”

“President Cohen, it’s good that you don’t mind. Thank you for your understanding.”

Tang Mingyu raised his hand and adjusted his glasses again. Then he put his hand under the table and secretly made an “OK” gesture to Ning Haohan.

While Alex and Big Ken were not paying attention, Ning Haohan secretly gave Tang Mingyu a thumbs-up.

In fact, Tang Mingyu had taken the blame for Ning Haohan.

In fact, the method of exchanging identities was first thought of by Ning Haohan. He had heard about all kinds of deeds that Alex had done to stir up the business world. He had also seen the information and photos of Alex. But before they met, he thought that those rumors must have been made up and exaggerated. After all, normally speaking, Alex, a young man who had just graduated from college, could not have achieved such an achievement.

He knew the hatred between Alex and the Xavier family. He knew that Grand Express Corporation’s predicament was caused by Alex. When he met Alex, he was suspected of colluding with the enemy. After exchanging identities with Tang Mingyu, if someone exposed this matter, he could continue to let Tang Mingyu take the blame.

In addition, he could roughly guess the purpose of looking for him. If Alex was just an ordinary rich second generation, he would not agree. From whether Alex could distinguish the real identity of him and his assistant, he could make a certain judgment on Alex’s strength.

Anyway, if she was exposed, she could throw the blame to Tang Mingyu…

Through today’s contact, Ning Haohan had a direct understanding of Alex. Although he didn’t know much about Alex, he could tell that Alex was a person with real talent and knowledge. Compared with the rich playboys like Jared, he was many times better.

In this way, the worries in his heart could be dispelled, and he could finally be honest with her…

Alex was not a narrow-minded person. After learning the reason why Ning Haohan and Tang Mingyu exchanged identities, he did not get angry. Instead, he cared about Ning Haohan’s physical condition. “Vice president Ning, I can assure you that without your permission, I will not tell anyone that you went to the military hospital for medical treatment and even what we met today. If you trust me, you can tell me the truth about your physical problems. You should know that although I am not a doctor, I am a shareholder of Hengkang Pharmaceutical Company. In terms of medical treatment, maybe I can provide some help…”

“Heart attack!”

Ning Haohan answered without hesitation, “Heart-wrenching Heart.”

Alex’s heart thumped and she subconsciously thought of Wembley Sullivan and Victor.

Wembley had also inherited the heart disease, which led to his early death. The heart disease was a very serious disease, and congenital treatment was even more difficult. How to cure the disease was still a big problem in the medical community. This could be seen from the fact that Victor, who was not short of money, had not been cured for decades.

Ning Haohan was used to this, so he continued calmly, “The doctor has told me clearly that my illness can’t be cut off. I’ve been relying on drugs all the time, and I may have an attack at any time. The doctor and my family often suggested that I resign and go home to recuperate. The sooner the better, I and enjoy a relaxed life. Maybe I can live a little longer. But… I’m not reconciled. In order not to let Gerald and Liang Heng find the evidence of expelling me, and to prevent those who support me from worrying, I haven’t told anyone about the medical treatment.”

“How is your treatment in the military hospital?”

“I just arrived at the military hospital and found an expert. At present, the expert is still studying my condition and did not give a treatment plan. Originally, I heard that the military hospital successfully cured a patient with congenital heart disease not long ago. After many years, I saw a glimmer of hope, so I went straight to find the doctor. But the doctor said that when I checked on the phone, I learned that the patient had passed away. Alas, I guess I will be disappointed again this time.”

“Did the doctor tell you the name of the cured patient? How did he die?”

“No. The doctor didn’t tell me anything about the patient’s privacy. He only told me the result. Mr. Cohen, what’s wrong?”

Alex and Big Ken looked at each other and continued, “The patient’s name is Victor, and he is my girlfriend’s father, the former president of Gold Stone. His heart disease has indeed been cured. Although he has passed away, he did not die of heart disease.”

“Oh?” Ning Haohan’s eyes flashed, and he instantly became interested. “Mr. Cohen, you should know how Mr. Sullivan’s illness was cured, right?”

“I know. But… it’s not convenient for me to tell you in detail because there are some other reasons. Vice President Ning, how about this, you go directly to the military hospital to find Director Deng. I’m very familiar with Director Deng and will tell him. You don’t have to worry about anything else. You just need to accept his treatment at ease. I can’t be sure about the result, but I can guarantee that you can get the same treatment as Mr. Sullivan.”

Alex knew very well that Victor was cured by a special medicine developed by his family.

However, this kind of thing was not suitable for people to talk about.

After thinking for a while, Ning Haohan realized that Alex was not joking, so he nodded heavily and said, “Okay! Then I’ll thank Mr. Cohen first. No matter what the result is, I’ll remember your kindness! Come on, let me toast you with juice!”

“You’re welcome, Vice President Ning!”

Alex clinked glasses with Ning Haohan and drank the juice. He put down the glass and asked, “Vice President Ning, you just said that you don’t want to resign because you are unwilling to give up? Can you tell me the details?”

Ning Haohan nodded, organized his thoughts, and said, “You must have heard from Brother Tang’s introduction that I’ve worked hard in Grand Express Corporation for decades, but I didn’t get a treatment that is directly proportional to my efforts. If the leader is a good person, I’ll admit it. The key is that both Gerald and Liang Heng used me as a tool to make money and kicked me away when I used up…”

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