Super Son-In-Law Chapter 265

Alex could tell from Ning Haohan’s words that Ning Haohan had done his best to serve Grand Express Corporation. Although he was willing to work hard, he did not want anything in return. He was not willing to be a donkey that could be killed at will. He also wanted to get the treatment he deserved, and he was very determined.

This could be seen from the fact that Ning Haohan had kept his illness a secret and did not want to leave Grand Express Corporation until now.

This also meant that Alex and Ning Haohan had the same opponents!

Alex secretly thought about it and asked tentatively, “Vice President Ning, may I ask what you want?”

Ning Haohan could not help but smile bitterly. “Every time someone asks me this question, I feel a little guilty, because people in Gerald camp all think that I am greedy. I admit that Gerald did give me a salary, but to put it bluntly, what I lack is not money. What’s more, the money Gerald gives me is far less than what I deserve.”

“Do you want status and status?”

“Well… you can say that! I’ve devoted my whole life and energy to Grand Express Corporation. In addition to earning that little salary to support my family, I also want to realize the value of my life and win the respect that I deserve. Those credit points to me must be counted on me and let others know. I don’t want to take over the whole Grand Express Corporation, but in order to maximize my ambition, I need enough authority in the area I’m responsible for. That’s all I want. President Cohen, as an observer, to be fair, am I asking for too much?”

“It’s not excessive. It’s normal. What you want is what you deserve.”

“Look, everyone understands. Gerald just can’t figure it out.”

“Vice president Ning, maybe I can help you achieve your wish. To be honest, I came to you specifically to discuss a deal with you. You and I work together to take down Grand Express Corporation. I don’t want much, just 51 percent of the shares. After I succeed, Grand Express Corporation will be handed over to you to manage. What do you think?”

Ning Haohan’s eyes lit up. He exchanged a look with Tang Mingyu before slowly replying, “President Cohen, I’ve guessed it. With your relationship with Gerald, it would be strange if you didn’t take the opportunity to completely destroy him. I’m willing to cooperate with you personally, but the situation inside Grand Express Corporation is more complicated. Now that Liang Heng is taking over the power alone, it won’t be easy for you to become a representative.”

“I know it’s very difficult to achieve, and this is also the reason why I just want to cooperate with you. I don’t believe in ordinary people’s character and strength. Vice President Ning, you’ll be in charge of this matter, and I’ll provide you with logistics support. Whether it’s manpower or financial resources, I can maximize your satisfaction.”

“This matter is of great importance. I can’t give you an answer now. Please give me some time and let me discuss it.”

“No problem!”

This was the first time that Alex had met Ning Haohan. It was already a pleasant surprise that they had reached this point.

Alex knew very well that what they were talking about was a big deal that involved hundreds of billions of yuan, so they agreed without hesitation. So, they almost finished talking about the main thing that they wanted to discuss with Ning Haohan today. Then, the topic was related to the treatment of the congenital heart disease.

Compared to business cooperation, Ning Haohan was more concerned about whether his illness could be cured.

If he couldn’t be cured, even if he got the chance to take charge of Grand Express Corporation, he might not be able to do it.

Alex knew that Ning Haohan was in a hurry, so he called Director Deng of the military hospital to explain the situation in front of him. He still did not mention the special effects of the medicine. He just told Director Deng that he could treat Ning Haohan in the way he used to treat Victor.

Director Deng was a smart person. He knew that Alex couldn’t call him for an outsider, so he didn’t ask any more questions. Instead, he agreed immediately, saying that Ning Haohan could go to the military hospital to find him at any time.

Almost a person like Ning Haohan who was almost in his fifty heard this, and he was all overjoyed. They took the phone excitedly and confirmed it with Director Deng in person. They said that they would go to see Director Deng this afternoon and left each other their contact information in advance. Then they hung up the phone and thanked Alex again and again.

For Ning Haohan, seeing the hope of curing his illness once again was also a pleasant surprise for this trip…

After the meal, Ning Haohan, accompanied by Tang Mingyu, could not wait to rush to the military yard again.

Alex and Big Ken arrived at Qingyun Media together and found that Lin Ke was organizing people for a meeting. In addition to some high-level managers of the company, there were two reserve artists who were ready to be promoted by the company. They were Bai Ling and Lin Aoran, who everyone was familiar with.

When Lin Ke saw Alex coming, he immediately stopped the meeting. He asked Alex to sit down at the table and said, “Cousin, you came at the right time. You can help me make a reference. The meeting has been held for a while. I’ll briefly introduce the main purpose of this meeting to you. This is the information. You can read it while listening to my introduction…”

“Okay.” Alex took the document, nodded, and said, “Just say it. I hope I can help.”

“It’s like this. In order to revive the company, after careful consideration, we decided that in addition to continuing to promote the development of artists and the development of star management, we also need a TV series, an online drama, and a variety show. The main topic of today’s meeting is variety show.”

“The variety show is very troublesome, isn’t it? Is it ready so soon?”

“Haha, we got a big bargain this time! I didn’t know until I took over the company. It turned out that Dou Haitao had already begun to plan a reality show that was broadcast at the same time by a TV series. It’s called All People Ahead. It can almost be regarded as the combination of Running Brothers and All People Speed up. I have seen the detailed plan and feel very promising.”

“If you have potential, you can try, but… according to your words, this All-methods Charge is similar to the other two famous variety shows. Will it involve the patent rights? If someone sues you, it will be troublesome.”

“Haha, cousin, are you going out? If there is no movement after the show is launched, then you will be finished. On the contrary, the bigger the noise, the more popular the show will be. Some programs are neither warm nor popular, and they will take the initiative to spend money to find people to attract the attention, just like some people who will pay for the box office and hire the navy. And…”

“Cousin, you’re talking about hype, aren’t you? I can understand this. I’m worried that the problem is that if our company really loses after a lawsuit, the consequences will be serious. Not only will we compensate and apologize to them, but we won’t be able to broadcast the show. The production fee will be wasted.”

“Cousin, don’t worry. Let me finish my words first. Didn’t I just say that we got a big bargain this time? The variety show ‘All People Ahead’ has been completed long ago. The reason why we didn’t make it until Dou Haitao was arrested was that we were sorting out the issue of patent. After a long time of hard work, Dou Haitao finally finished the problem of patent. He has been approved by the Department of Construction and has applied for patent. With these two documents in hand, what are you afraid of? I don’t dare to guarantee whether this show will be popular or not at present. But one thing I can be sure of is that all the people who sue us for patent rights will be promoting us.”

“I see. That’s settled!”

“Cousin, our plan is to invite two or three popular stars to stay as guests to ensure the most basic traffic flow. We will invite several different second or third-class artists to create a new atmosphere. Then, we will make up for a few newcomers promoted by our company. Among the newcomers, Bai Ling and Lin Aoran are the main ones. The specific appearance of the show is like this…”

Lin Ke liked this variety show very much and was very confident about the future of the show. He couldn’t stop talking. He didn’t stop until his throat was about to smoke.

Through Lin Ke’s introduction, Alex had a comprehensive understanding of the variety show “All People Ahead” and said, “Cousin, I don’t think it’s a problem. You can try it. But there are two things to pay attention to. The first one is to invite artists to be careful. Don’t use inferior artists, and who cannot suffer bitters. The second one is that the content of the show can’t be too childish. Not to mention burning their brains, at least they have to be online…”

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