Super Son-In-Law Chapter 266

Alex had no experience in media and management. Therefore, after taking down Qingyun Media, he handed over its full authority to Lin Ke who is the leader of the group. He almost did not interfere with any decision-making of the company. If he had not happened to meet this today, he would not have participated in such a meeting at all.

Even if he took part in it, he couldn’t give professional suggestions on specific projects. He just put forward two requirements from an ordinary audience’s point of view. As the entertainment industry flourished in recent years, all kinds of variety shows appeared one after another. The more audiences chose, the higher the requirements became. It was not as easy as before when they had no choice.

To put it simply, it was no longer the era where people could get angry by relying on the card department and the hammer.

Whether it was variety show or film and television industry, both of them were more and more inclined to have a high reputation and high quality.

This was the direct understanding of Alex as a passer-by.

As for Lin Ke, although he didn’t really get involved in the management and media industry before, but he was a leader for many years, in addition to some mutual communication between management and various industries, she also began to pay attention to the industry a long time ago and knew a lot about it. In addition, after he took over Qingyun Media, he had either dug up professional talents or consulted field experts, which had strengthened the development of the industry, including himself.

It was equivalent to the deep cooperation between Alex and Lin Ke. One paid for it, and the other contributed to achieve the value of life together…

After the meeting, the variety show “All People Ahead” was officially established and immediately began to be implemented.

Lin Ke had arranged all the relevant tasks.

Alex knew that he couldn’t help much, so he didn’t take the initiative to take over the job. After the leaders left, he looked at Bai Ling and Lin Aoran and said with a smile, “I can imagine that although stars are glamorous on the surface, they have to put in a lot of effort and sweat behind their backs. If you want to make a debut, you have to train hard in terms of talent and physical quality, and you don’t have to be afraid of hardships. For example, you need enough physical strength to participate in the show All People Ahead’. After the show is broadcast, the audience can see your performance directly. Even if you are not very outstanding in talent, you can win a lot of fans by relying on these two points, which are not afraid of hardships or work hard…”

Lin Aoran nodded and replied, “Mr. Cohen is right. No matter which industry you don’t work hard, you can’t make a name for yourself. My talent is average, but my physical quality is not bad. When I was in high school and university, I participated in the school sports meeting, basketball, short running, etc. My grades are not bad. After graduation, I often exercise.”

“Brother Aoran, I know that you are in good health and not afraid of suffering. This can be seen from the fact that you have lived in the countryside for such a long time and have successfully completed the project of demolition. If it were anyone else, they might not have been able to hold on, especially those who have the potential to be an idol. But sister Ling’er… I am a little worried.”

“I don’t think there’s any problem with Sister Ling’er! I’ve seen her talent performance on the song song. Whether it’s singing or dancing, she’s definitely an idol. If she isn’t outstanding enough, it’s impossible for her to attract millions of fans. I know that she didn’t buy zombie powder. So many fans were attracted by her strength. To be honest, I envy her very much and she’s also one of her fans.”

Bai Ling was a little embarrassed by the praise. She scratched her hair and said with a red face, “No, there are a lot of people playing Douyin, and I got a lot of recommendations…”

“Douyin adopted the mechanism of the best recommendation. If you can get more recommendations, it means that you are better than others.”

“Really? I didn’t pay attention to this.” Bai Ling smiled and looked at Alex expectantly. “Brother Alex, do you think I have the potential to become an artist?”

Alex replied with certainty, “Yes, if not, I wouldn’t have proposed to let you represent your family’s resort at that time. Even if you didn’t become popular in Douyin, I still think that you will make a debut sooner or later and become a famous person. I don’t think your appearance and talent are a problem. What I’m worried about is that you are too thin and your personality is simple. You need to pay more attention to these two points.”

“Well, in fact, my physical quality is still good. If you don’t believe me, look, I also have muscles…”

As Bai Ling spoke, she showed her right arm, rolled up her sleeves, and showed her delicate arm. However, her muscles did not bulge. What she pinched was only white and tender skin.

Alex held back his laughter and said seriously, “A girl doesn’t need muscles, as long as she has excellent physical strength. How about this? Anyway, we live close to each other. I have a simple gym at home. If you have time, you can go to my house to practice. I’ll get you a key and a private coach. When I have time, I’ll also practice…”


Bai Ling was a little disappointed, but when she heard that she could practice with Alex, the haze in her heart was swept away in an instant.

From time to time, Alex had become extremely important to her and she was eager to get his approval. When she couldn’t see Alex, she was always uneasy and would think about it from time to time. Every time she saw Alex, she was also worried.

In other words, it felt like that there was a deer run in her heart.

To put it more bluntly, her heart was stirred…

Alex did not notice this dangerous signal and immediately went to find Lin Ke.

As a management company, Qingyun Media started with the management of stars. It had rich manpower and experience in training artists. Lin Ke understood Alex’s thoughts and did not hesitate to find the person in charge of improving the reserve artists’ physical strength, ready to arrange a private coach for Bai Ling.

At this moment, Big Ken walked up to Alex and said hesitantly, “Young Master, can you open a back door for me?”

Alex was stunned. “Brother Big Ken, what’s going on?”

“Don’t you want to find a private coach for Bai Ling? I can recommend one for you.”

“Okay! No… Brother Big Ken, you’re helping me. Why did you ask me to open the back door for you?”

“Hehe, because I don’t recommend outsiders…”

“Not an outsider? Or an insider… Could it be your girlfriend?”

“Well… to be exact, she is my fiancee. Because she said that if I didn’t marry her, she would die. In order to protect her life, I had no choice but to marry her.”

“That’s great. I’m very interested in your girlfriend… No, I’m very curious! When I heard from Hunter that you had a… fiancee, I wanted you to introduce her to me. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance. Now that I have a chance, I have to catch her. By the way, I still don’t know her name.”

“Her name is Wendy.”

“What a scholarly name, a lady from a noble family?”

“On the contrary, she was the same as me. She was ordered hard. At that time, she was almost brought back by Master at the same time as me, and her name was also given by Master. We trained together for many years, and it was not too much to say that we were childhood sweethearts. Unfortunately, we each had our own tasks later, and we were separated from each other. The tasks were arranged by Master, so it was inconvenient for me to say more, so…”

“So you want me to call my dad to mention this?”

“Hehe, that’s what I mean.”

“It’s such a small matter, but you’re still so naughty. I really don’t know how you caught up with my sister-in-law. Wait, I’ll call her right now!”

Although Alex and Big Ken had a clear relationship with the employer and bodyguards, in fact, they had been good brothers for a long time. When he was taken care of by Big Ken, he would care about Big Ken subconsciously and also care about Big Ken’s happiness.

If it was for his own business, Alex might be too embarrassed to call Wayne.

But for the sake of Big Ken, he did not hesitate and immediately called Wayne.

Wayne was also a straightforward person. He agreed without much consideration and said that he would let Wendy come in two days.

Big Ken was listening from the side. When he thought that he would soon see the person he missed day and night, he was so excited that his face turned red.

Just as Alex was about to leave, a young employee knocked on the door and came in. He said to Alex, “President Cohen, there’s a man called Liang Heng at the door who wants to see you…”

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