Super Son-In-Law Chapter 269

Alex understood Xiao Hang’s good intentions, but he looked very helpless. “Captain Xiao, I know you don’t want me to get into bigger trouble, but…”

Xiao Hang also smiled bitterly and said, “I can imagine that with the hatred between you and Jing Kun, even if you don’t take the initiative to provoke him, you will inevitably suffer his crazy revenge. Moreover, it is estimated that next time, he should personally take action, because one of his most powerful people has been killed by you. Except for himself, there is no one more powerful than Pei Chong who can be used.”

“Captain Xiao, as you said, even the most powerful people under Jing Kun can’t do anything to me. Even if he comes in person, I’m not afraid. You always say, help others to the end. If there is a suitable opportunity, I don’t mind helping Jing Kun to cure you.”

“From my duty, of course, I am happy to see this happen. But as a friend, I still advise you not to do that. First of all, this is very dangerous, and you are the person I value very much. I don’t want anything to happen to you. Second, capturing the drug dealers headed by Jing Kun is our duty. If you do all of them, we will be fired.”

“Well… Captain Xiao, why don’t we cooperate? If you don’t catch Jing Kun, I’m not at ease. Since we have the same enemy, it’s natural for us to join hands.”

“Okay. But let’s make it clear first that no matter what happens at that time, the police will take the lead.”

“No problem!”

Both Alex and Xiao Hang were determined to deal with Jing Kun.

Neither of them could persuade each other. They could only reach an agreement…

The next day, Xiao Hang was discharged early in the morning and couldn’t wait to go back to work.

In the afternoon, Isla had the last examination. After confirming that there was no problem, she also went through the discharge formalities. In fact, she had asked to be discharged from the hospital for a long time, but Alex did not agree. Instead, she thought about it. Anyway, it was convenient to take care of Cynthia in the hospital, so she did not stop the treatment until she had completely recovered.

Alex sent Isla and Xena back home. When he saw the newly purchased villa that had just been renovated, his heart suddenly hurt again. If he had been prepared before, he would have arranged for them to be safe before Isla and Cynthia were targeted by Jing Kun’s men. Maybe that would not have happened.

But now, it was too late to say anything.


Alex sighed and handed the key to the villa to Isla. “From now on, this villa is officially handed over to you…”

Isla just nodded gently and did not answer.

However, Xena came over, glared at Alex, and said, “What’s wrong? Are you sad? Are you unhappy?”

Alex ignored Xena and continued to say to Isla, “Although the villa is yours, my name is written on the property ownership certificate. It depends on you to mind. If you mind, we can take some time to go through half of the transfer procedure. It’s not very troublesome.”

“No need…”

Isla shook his head.

Xena grabbed the key of the villa, rolled his eyes at Isla, and continued, “Lala, why not? Don’t look at him. He is very rich now and doesn’t care about this villa, but as the saying goes, when the poor get old, who will know if he loses in ten years? If you don’t transfer the property, if he is down and wants to take back the villa in the future, we can only give him a place obediently! Listen to me, and go and finish the transfer procedure as soon as possible!”

“Mom, it’s really unnecessary. Isn’t Alex…”

“Even if he never lacks this villa, you can see who he offends. All of them are ruthless characters who kill people without batting an eye. If something happens to him one day, when the people who deal with it check his inheritance, they will find that this villa is under his name. If we say that he gave it to us, will they believe it? So…”

“Mom, it’s almost done… Okay, okay, okay, okay, let’s transfer the property, okay?”

Isla couldn’t stand it anymore. In order to prevent Xena from cursing Alex more viciously, he had to compromise. Anyway, Alex didn’t care about this. It was just a matter of running and moving his mouth.

Xena thought that Isla was convinced by her and felt very happy. When she recalled what she had said just now, her eyes suddenly lit up and she asked subconsciously, “Lala, are you sure you want to marry Alex?”


Isla was shocked and felt terrible. “No… Mom, what the hell are you going to do?”

“I’m your mother. What can I do? Isn’t it for your own good? Lala, be serious. If you’re determined to marry Alex, I won’t object. I’ve already shown my attitude. But I have a condition. You must get married and have children as soon as possible. I want to have… grandchildren!”

“What’s going on? Mom, aren’t you changing too much?”

“In the words of you young people, if you think he can give you happiness, then as a mother, I will definitely respect your choice. From my point of view, I can help you take care of the child before my body is broken. If I delay for too long, I may not have the energy.”

“No, no… Mom, tell me honestly, what are you thinking now?”

Isla firmly did not believe that her mother would suddenly become so considerate and reasonable. There must be something wrong.

But she racked her brains and couldn’t figure out what her mother was up to, so she looked at Alex.

At this time, Alex was also stunned. “Did the sun come from the west this morning?” But this thought only flashed across his mind because he knew that just like the sun couldn’t come out from the west, Xena couldn’t change so easily.

Combined with Xena’s current statements, Alex finally came up with a clue after a thorough discussion. He calmly said to Xena, “Do you want me to establish a legal husband and wife relationship with Lala as soon as possible? It’s best to have another child. In this way, if something happens to me, you can get my inheritance in a justified way?”


Isla stood on the spot again.

Although Alex had a big imagination, after thinking for a while and looking at Xena’s expression, she knew that Alex was right.

Isla was so angry that her heart was trembling. She snatched the key back from Xena’s hand at lightning speed and said sternly, “Mom, whether I can be with Alex or not, let’s not talk about it for the time being. But I can show my attitude first. If we are really married, then we will definitely be property notary before we get married! Also, all the things he gave us, including the company, the house, and the car, are all mine. Strictly speaking, except for the fact that he gave them to you, the rest has nothing to do with you!”

Without hesitation, Alex gave Isla a thumbs-up in front of Xena.

Xena, on the other hand, was greatly frightened by the words ” Estate Contract”. She ignored Alex and rushed over to grab Isla’s arm, revealing an extremely embarrassed smile. “Silly child, Alex didn’t even mention this matter. Why did you mention it? Lala, how about this, I won’t force you. You can fall in love freely as long as you want, and I won’t ask anymore. As for the property notary, don’t mention it again, and don’t do it. It hurts your feelings, and it’s like you know that you’re destined to divorce in the future…”

Isla finally grasped Xena’s family and felt very proud.

Alex added at the right time, “Lala and I will definitely get married and have children, but whether or not we can get married or not depends on your next performance as a mother. After all, after getting married, the two families will become a family. If the relationship between the family members is not good, then the property notary is necessary.”

“That’s right, that’s right!”

Under the stimulation of Xena, Isla finally made up her mind to stand on the side of Alex. Then she said, “Mom, you’re out. Now there are too many witnesses for the premarital property. It’s almost a new element in the young people’s circle. There’s no such thing as hurting feelings.”

“I… I…”

Xena was so scared that her face turned pale, and she wanted to slap herself a few times.

Why did you mention it?

It’s too late to regret now…

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