Super Son-In-Law Chapter 270

In stark contrast with the negative emotions of Xena, Alex and Isla were both enthusiastic at this time.

Isla was happy because she had finally found a good tool to cooperate with the relationship between Alex and her mother, which was Alex’s “inheritance”. If this matter was spread out, her mother would be stabbed in the back. Even she felt helpless and did not know whether to laugh or cry.

The reason why Alex was happy was that he felt that Isla was on his side. This meant that the impact of Pei Chong’s kidnapping incident on them had been eliminated, and they had returned to their previous state. More importantly, the only person who hindered them was Xena, who had been stunned.

From now on, they could fly away and develop freely.

Alex was about to strike while the iron was hot. He called Isla alone to a secluded place to cultivate their feelings, only to see Big Ken come in. Along with Big Ken, there was a beautiful woman in black leather clothes and leather pants. She looked to be about 25 or 26 years old. She had short, thin, medium height, and a well-proportioned figure. Her skin was in a healthy wheat color. At first glance, it was obvious that she was a master of fitness.

Although she was not the first-class beauty in the eyes of ordinary people, her temperament was excellent, and her appearance was not a burden.

While he was in a daze, Big Ken had already walked up to him. He pointed to the beautiful woman next to him and said to Alex, “Young Master, she is Wendy.”

“I guessed it.” Alex winked at Big Ken and said, “Brother Big Ken, you have good luck.”

“Hehe…” Big Ken smiled foolishly and felt a little embarrassed.

With a smile on her face, Wendy nodded to Alex and said generously, “Hello, young master! It’s my master who asked me to help you. If you need anything, feel free to tell me. However… my education is low, and I may not be able to complete some tasks. Please forgive me.”

Alex waved his hand and said, “Sister Wendy, you don’t have to be so polite. Brother Big Ken and I are like brothers. You have made a marriage deal with him, so you are my sister-in-law. We are a family, and there is no relationship between us. You don’t know me now, so you may be a little restrained. It will be good if we get to know each other.”

“Ahem… Young Master, is there any misunderstanding? Big Ken and I are just friends.”

“Ah?” Alex was a little confused. “Didn’t Brother Big Ken say…”

Before Alex could finish his words, Big Ken took over the conversation and said, “Well, Young Master, I’m sorry to interrupt you. What you just talked about is just a small matter. We can talk about it when we have a chance in the future. Wendy has come all the way here, so she must be hungry. I want to arrange a feast for her. Young Master, please come with us…”

“No problem!”

Alex vaguely guessed the inside story, so he agreed without asking further.

However, Wendy was not happy. She turned her head, stared at Big Ken, and asked with a serious face, “Are you talking nonsense again? I have to remind you again. Although you have confessed to me many times and I have a good impression of you, I haven’t promised you yet. Then we are just ordinary friends, not lovers. As for you shamelessly insisted on having a private marriage with me, you are not allowed to mention it!”

“Ahem, I… Young Master, it’s not what you think. Actually… forget it, let’s go eat first.”

Big Ken blushed after being criticized by Wendy. He was in a hurry to explain it to Alex. In this case, the explanation was equivalent to covering up. Hiding was the truth. He responded to the popular online saying, “Come out and show off, sooner or later, you will have to pay it back. It’s so miserable to be beaten on the spot instead of pretending to be cool.”

Big Ken had nowhere to hide. He lowered his head and ran out in a hurry.

Alex had learned the truth from Wendy’s words. But as a man, he didn’t mean to laugh at Big Ken. Instead, he thought it was interesting. After knowing Big Ken for so long, he only saw the serious and serious side of Big Ken. He really didn’t expect that Big Ken would have such a happy side.

Wendy seemed to have gotten used to this. He said to Alex as if nothing had happened, “Young master, I’m not a big shot. Don’t make trouble. Don’t listen to him. Master said that you arranged me to come here because you have a suitable task for me. Please give me a task directly.”

“Well… no problem, please come with me.”

Alex got on the Lamborghini with Wendy and said to the blushing Big Ken, “Brother Big Ken, don’t you mind if I would bring sister Ling’er?”

Big Ken shook his head and answered awkwardly, “I don’t mind.”

“Then pick her up. I’ll call her…”


With the order of Big Ken, they quickly drove to the villa of the Bai family.

Bai Ling picked up Alex’s call and waited at the door in advance. Bai Fan was also there.

Bai Fan took Bai Ling to the Lamborghini that had just stopped and said to Alex, “Mr. Cohen, I heard that you asked Ling’er to use your gym and arranged a coach for her. Thank you so much. When my house was renovated, it was not popular to do this so we didn’t set up a gym. Now it’s very troublesome to modify it…”

Alex smiled and replied, “We are old acquaintances, and our family is now neighbors, so there is no need to be so polite. Your family doesn’t need to modify the gym. I will give Ling’er the key to my family. Not only her, but the rest of your family can also go to the gym at any time.”

“Forget about the others. We can’t afford to have that kind of interest and don’t have time. It’s just that we’re already very embarrassed to have Ling’er trouble you.”

“Look at you, I told you not to be so polite. You’re here again. Manager Bai, Sister Ling’er, I’ve invited the coach here. If it’s convenient for you now, you can come with us for dinner. Let’s get to know each other. In the future, you’ll meet often…”

After that, Alex introduced Wendy to Bai Fan and Bai Ling.

Bai Ling agreed without hesitation.

Bai Fan also agreed to go, but she insisted on her paying the order.

Alex was not a pretentious person. He also knew that he would not give Bai Fan a chance to spend money. Given Bai Fan’s character, she might always remember this almost negligible favor and let her do what she wanted. Then, he would leave the meal to her.

Bai Fan found a hotel and asked for a very high-end catering set.

During the banquet, Alex officially arranged tasks for Wendy. What was worth mentioning was that in the future, Wendy would not only be Bai Ling’s fitness coach, but also be a full-time bodyguard and protect her all the time. From the moment Big Ken said that Wendy had received training since she was a child, Alex had secretly made up his mind.

Alex had inquired from Big Ken that although Wendy was a woman, she was good at martial arts because of the years of hard training. Most men, even if they had some basic martial arts skills, were no match for her, let alone women. There was no doubt about this.

More importantly, Wendy was trained by his family, so he could rest assured that she was on his side.

Bai Fan was overjoyed to know that Wendy was also Bai Ling’s bodyguard.

For Alex and Bai Fan, whether Bai Ling could become famous was not the most important thing. They were more concerned about Bai Ling’s safety. They all knew that once Bai Ling became a public figure, her living environment would inevitably become more tense and severe than now. It was necessary to arrange a reliable bodyguard for Bai Ling.

Now that Alex had arranged it, there was no need for Bai Fan to find it.

Bai Fan had absolute trust in Alex. Without saying a word, she directly recognized Wendy as her bodyguard. However, she decided on one hand that she would pay Wendy 20,000 yuan a month, which was quite generous. However, according to Wendy’s ability, if she really wanted to work and make money, she was definitely worthy of a higher salary.

Like Big Ken, Wendy was also a decisive person, ready to work today.

But Alex thought about it. As soon as Big Ken reunited with Wendy, he urgently needed to talk about the old days and cultivate their relationship by the way, so he gave them three days. This was the first holiday since Big Ken followed him. If it weren’t for Wendy’s arrival, even if Alex wanted him to rest, he wouldn’t have agreed.

Unfortunately, in the process of leaving the restaurant after dinner, Big Ken noticed a few suspicious people.

Big Ken returned to the car and said to Alex with a very serious expression, “Young Master, thank you for giving me a holiday, but I may not be lucky enough to have a holiday this time, because I feel that there will be another storm…”

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