Super Son-In-Law Chapter 271

Alex had not found anything unusual, but he knew that it was groundless and that Big Ken would not make such a joke.

He knew what the storm was without even asking Big Ken.

Although Alex had many enemies, they had dealt with a lot of them. Among the remaining enemies, the one who could attract the attention of Big Ken must be a great threat. There was only one, which was Jing Kun. When he was chatting with Xiao Hang, he had already analyzed this question.

At this moment, Alex was curious. This was the first time that he had seen his Big Ken look so serious. He couldn’t help but be curious and asked, “Brother Big Ken, did you find something serious? Otherwise, even if Jing Kun really came here in person, you wouldn’t be so nervous, would you?”

Big Ken ponders for a while then shakes his head and says: “I hope my guess is wrong. But if it’s true, then the problem will be serious.”

“No… Brother Big Ken, the more you say about it, the more curious I am…”

While they were talking, Wendy, who had finished chatting with Bai Fan and Bai Ling, also got in the car. She pointed to the door of the hotel and said seriously, “Young Master, Big Ken, I just saw two suspicious people at the door. Although they disguised themselves well, I still saw something strange…”

Alex’s curiosity was aroused again, and he became more anxious. “What’s going on?”

Big Ken started the car and said while driving, “Young Master, I remember telling you before that someone has developed a drug that can make people’s physical quality break through the limit. The two super fighters under Tang Qingsong should be the beneficiaries to making medicine.”

“Oh? Brother Big Ken, Sister Wendy, did you see such a master just now?”

“An expert is definitely an expert, but there’s a certain difference between them and those two super fighters. Young master, you probably don’t know that there’s another way to make a person’s combat strength break through the limit, apart from using special drugs to stimulate the potential of the body, right?”

“What method?”

After a meal of relief, plus what he said now was very important, the embarrassment of Big Ken had almost been resolved. Through the rearview mirror, he looked at Wendy, who was sitting in the back row, and said, “Wendy, you should know more about this than I do. Why don’t you introduce it to the young master?”


Wendy nodded. She frowned slightly and thought for a moment, and then slowly said, “Young master, in this world, apart from ordinary people, there are actually other different species that exist, only, most people don’t know about them. For example, the one who uses drugs to stimulate the potential of his body is one of the different species. This type of person is equivalent to an abnormal evolution based on the current human genes, which is why it is called an evolution. Almost all of the evolutions are super experts. Meanwhile, apart from an evolution, there is another type of abnormal individual with exceptional combat strength, called a mutated one…”

“What? A… mutant? No way!”

When Alex heard this, he subconsciously thought of two series of science fiction movies, biological danger and vampires! When he thought that there might really be a mutant like Werewolves in the real world, his arms were instantly full of goosebumps.

It should be known that the mutant in the movie was a killing machine for ordinary people!

Ordinary people had no power to fight against mutant fighters. They could only wait for death!

“It’s not true, it’s not true…”

The more Alex thought about it, the more nervous he became. He quickly hinted to himself to calm himself down.

However, Wendy nodded again, and then continued, “When I heard this type of saying back then, I was also a bit skeptical, acting even more exaggerated than you. However, later on, I learned that it wasn’t a scare, nor was it a movie script, but rather a fact! Young master, you seem to be able to accept the existence of an evolution, so you should also be able to understand the mutants…”

“Why do you say that?”

“It is because mutation and evolution are the same, and they are also produced by medicine. Of course, calling the thing that produces mutation a medicine is a bit more suitable. Apart from this, there is also a great difference between the two. Even though evolution is beyond the category of ordinary people, in essence, they are still humans, only, their potential is a bit greater than ordinary people’s. Meanwhile, under the effects of special medications, mutated people change from genes, no longer pure humans. All mutated individuals have a few animal attributes.”

“Hiss… Sister Wendy, don’t tell me that the Werewolves in the movie have come to the real world!”

“It can be said that the mutant with the attributes of wolves does exist. However, the appearance of the Werewolves in the movie, which can help people and wolves communicate with each other, is the artistic processing process of the science fiction movie. There is no scientific basis. To put it bluntly, it is made up of nonsense. In reality, the Werewolves maintain the appearance before they turn into Werewolves, but there will be some slight changes. The variation requires the inside of the body, which belongs to the category of genes and can’t be seen directly…”

When Wendy talked about this, it was as ordinary as family affairs.

However, when Alex heard this, he was stupefied, feeling like his brain wasn’t enough. There was nothing he could do, regardless of whether it was an evolution or a mutant, they were all far beyond what he originally knew. When he first heard of this type of thing, he was extremely shocked, as well as exceptionally shocked, always feeling like these were all illusions.

However, judging from the expressions of Big Ken and Wendy, they didn’t seem to be making up a story.

Moreover, his vague and illusory intuition told him that these were all true!

As he thought about it, Alex’s thoughts floated and he began to fantasize about the mutant’s image and ability.

According to Wendy, a mutant would only use drugs to let people have the attributes of animals. He couldn’t help but think about what kind of people with the characteristics of wolves’ blood, leopard’s speed, tiger’s ferocity, gorilla’s mobility, and so on would become.

Alex still didn’t know what a mutant was like. The only thing he could think of was two words: monster!

Ordinary people did not have the halo unique to the protagonist of science fiction movies, nor did they have the golden finger to play the monster in fantasy novels. If they fought against the mutant, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Suddenly, Alex thought of a terrible thing. His heart and liver trembled violently and he quickly asked, “Brother Big Ken, you said that you saw an expert who was not an evolution at the entrance of the hotel. Could it be… could it be that you saw a mutant?”

Big Ken nodded and then shook his head. “To be exact, he is suspected to be a mutant. I’m not sure yet.”

“Who’s more powerful than that mutant and evolution?”

Wendy continued, “The mutants are similar to ordinary people, but there are also differences between strong and weak. Compared to the two at the same level… each has its own length and length. Based on the overall judgment, they should be evenly matched. The mutant’s combat strength is a bit higher, but because of the change in genes, his mind will decline to a certain extent. Generally speaking, his brain isn’t as good as ordinary people’s. Meanwhile, an evolution, even though it isn’t as berserk as a mutant, his mind won’t degenerate.”

“I see!”

Alex nodded thoughtfully. Suddenly, he thought of another question. “Sister Wendy, you don’t seem to be very old. How can you know so clearly about the evolution and variation? As an ordinary person, I’ve lived for more than 20 years. Today is the first time I’ve heard of it!”

“Because just like Big Ken, I am an evolution. And before I came here, my job was to deal with a mutant.”


Alex was stunned.

Big Ken and Wendy were both evolutions. Alex could barely accept it, and he had already guessed it.

However, it was far beyond Alex’s expectation and imagination to let a woman like Wendy deal with a mutant.

Through further research and development, Alex learned more unimaginable stories…

As it turned out, due to the fact that evolutions and mutants were different from ordinary people, the National Security Agency had recruited and trained some evolutions in order to maintain a high standard. They had also built a secret group called the Special Operations Group, which was called the Special Operations Group. It was specifically used to deal with those who had extraordinary abilities but did bad things. Its main purpose was to deal with the mutant. Because the mutant’s mind had declined and his temperament had changed greatly, it was difficult to control. There was almost no possibility of obeying management and serving the country. Basically, they would be wiped out one by one.

Before Wendy came here, she was a member of the Special Operations Group…

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