Super Son-In-Law Chapter 272

When Alex understood this, he couldn’t help but be respectful to Wendy.

Those who liked science fiction movies must have known about the movies of the super-hero series, and the members of the special industry like Wendy were the super-heros in reality. Unfortunately, the special organization was a secret organization, and the identities of all the members could not be revealed. Therefore, they were destined to be unknown heroes.

However, no one knew, but it did not mean that they could ignore their contributions to the country and society.

Once again, Alex got goosebumps. With heartfelt respect, he stared at Wendy with great interest and said excitedly, “Sister Wendy, I’m really proud of you and proud of my family for being a top talent like you and Brother Big Ken!”

Wendy waved his hand and said, “Young master, you’re too serious. I’m ashamed to accept it! All the credit belongs to your family. Like the ordinary public, we are also beneficiaries. Because your family cultivated us and gave us the ability and platform to realize the value of life.”

“No, no, your contribution can’t be ignored or replaced. By the way, Sister Wendy, aren’t you trained by our family? How did you join the Special Operations Group?”

“Because your family is the cradle for delivering members to the Special Operations Group. As far as I know, more than half of the evolutions that the Special Action Group has absorbed are cultivated by your family. The medicine used by the Special Action Group to train the evolutions on its own, as well as an exclusive purchase from your family. It is no exaggeration to say that if your family didn’t make a series of great contributions, the Special Action Group wouldn’t exist at all.”

When Wendy mentioned the family where Alex was, not only her words, but also her eyes were full of respect.

Big Ken was the same. He nodded and added, “Young Master, you once asked me why your father could enjoy so many privileges. At that time, I just told you that it was because your father had made a major contribution to the country and did not make any contributions. Now you should already know that in addition to the pharmaceutical field, it was another contribution your family made to the country to send the Special Operations Group members and special drugs.”

“I see!”

The question in Alex’s heart was finally solved. It turned out that his family’s privilege and all the connections were not out of thin air, but in exchange for one contribution after another. Normally, his family should be well-known in the country and should have a very high reputation, and even become the first big family in the country. In this way, he could avoid a lot of trouble. Those who were a little smart would not find fault with him.

The problem was that his family could only hide in the dark, just like the special forces.

Fortunately, his family had many privileges, which could be used to deal with ignorant people who provoked them…

As Wendy finished the basic science for Alex, Big Ken continued, “Young master, if we are really targeted by the mutant, then we will be in great trouble. If the evolutions fight against the mutant one-on-one, and their level is close, the chances of victory will be fifty to fifty. Both sides don’t have full confidence in winning. That is to say, compared to facing an ordinary opponent, our side no longer has the innate advantage in combat strength, so we can only fight head on.”

Alex nodded thoughtfully. Suddenly, he raised his head and asked, “Brother Big Ken, according to what you all said, the mutant was cultivated with a special medicine, not automatically changed. Then where did the mutant come from? Or, who provided the special medicine to make them change?”

“Some of them were created by someone with ulterior motives. The mutants exist in many countries in the world. Our country’s control in this area is very strict and good, but there are also some people who secretly study mutant medicine. Of course, most of them are directly bought at a high price from abroad. Just like Poison Owl, some people specialize in this business, and some are made up of mutant materials. The special operations group is built up by these people and organizations.”

“Isn’t the task of the Special Operations Group very busy? Are you busy?”

“The task is indeed a lot of work. Although there are not many mutants in the country, they can appear at any time and place. The task of the Special Operations Group is to find and deal with them in time. If it is handled late, not only will it cause serious problems, but it will also cause panic. The National Security Bureau set up subordinate teams of the Special Operations Group in many cities to better deal with mutant people. Unfortunately, the manpower of the Special Operations Group is limited, and it can’t cover all the cities. The task of keeping an eye on the mutant group is assigned to the special police team or the city bureau. There are subordinate teams in Qingyun, nominally belonging to the special police team, and occasionally they will carry out tasks together. In fact, they are not under the jurisdiction of the special police team, and they only listen to the command of the special police team.”

“No wonder the special police team is willing to cooperate with me to save people, and they are willing to send a helicopter to pick me up…”

Only then did Alex know that there were people from the special police team inside.

When it came to the special police team, Big Ken suddenly thought of something. If they were really targeted by the mutant this time, then Xie Si and Group Leader Pang couldn’t help them at all. The only one who could help them was the Special Operations Group. Without hesitation, he immediately said to Wendy, “Get in touch with the subordinate team of Qingyun Group as soon as possible. If something unexpected happens, we need their help.”

“Even if we don’t ask for help, our subordinate team will spare no effort to deal with the mutant.”

Although Wendy said so, in fact, she still took out her mobile phone immediately and explained the situation to Qingyun’s subordinate group with the secret method and signal…

The next day, like Big Ken, Wendy gave up her vacation and officially went to work.

Bai Fan gave Bai Ling a Ford E350, which was a recreational vehicle, which was also a high-level M possibly. Since the interior space of a M possibly was large, it could meet the requirements for stars to cook, make-up, change clothes, and shape. It could be provided with necessary necessities for stars like a nanny, so it was also called a nanny car, which basically belonged to the standard of stars.

However, not many people who had not officially started their career could afford a million yuan worth of nanny cars.

As Bai Ling’s private coach and bodyguard, Wendy would often ride or even drive this car in the future.

After waiting for so many years, Big Ken finally got the opportunity to continue to cultivate feelings with Wendy. Unfortunately, it was a very special time period. In order to ensure the safety of Alex, he had to let go of his affection and devoted himself to his work.

The life of Alex continued, waiting patiently for Ning Haohan’s reply.

Three days later, Ning Haohan finally made an appointment with Alex.

In the military hospital, Director Deng personally conducted a detailed examination. As for the results of the examination, according to Alex’s idea, he made a treatment plan and suggested that he should be hospitalized. However, when he learned that he could not be hospitalized, he did not stay in the hospital and continued to work while recovering.

He was not a person who would not repay a debt of gratitude, especially when the one who owed Alex might be saving his life, so he paid more attention to it.

He knew that Alex had an idea about Grand Express Corporation. The best way to repay Alex was to agree to cooperate and try to help Alex get Grand Express Corporation. In order to prevent their secret cooperation from being known in advance, they met in a very secluded place and communicated in the car.

In the past few days, although Ning Haohan spent most of his time in the hospital, he had always been in control of Grand Express Corporation’s activity and had been doing all kinds of analysis. This time, he not only agreed to the cooperation proposal proposed by Alex, but also gave a preliminary cooperation plan.

If Alex wanted to get the shares of Grand Express Corporation, they could only spend money to buy them. However, they couldn’t buy them directly. They had to transfer the money once and let Ning Haohan do it on behalf of them. With Ning Haohan’s position in Grand Express Corporation, as the situation in Grand Express Corporation declined day by day, the success rate of buying shares from the shareholders who didn’t belong to Gerald’s camp was very high.

However, there was also a problem. After all, Grand Express Corporation was the family business of the Xavier family. In addition to Gerald holding more than 30% of the shares alone, there were also nearly 30% of the shares in total. They were all from Gerald’s camp.

Even if he bought all the shares scattered in the hands of others, it was still far from the goal of Alex…

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