Super Son-In-Law Chapter 275

Alex noticed that there was something wrong with Big Ken’s eyes and asked curiously, “Brother Big Ken, what’s wrong?”

“Ah… I’m fine, I’m fine!”

Big Ken said that he was fine, but the dark clouds on his face did not disperse. He took Alex’s mobile phone and reposted the photo that had just been sent to him. Then he immediately reposted the photo and added, “Help me confirm the identity of the person on the left in the photo.”

Alex guessed that Big Ken had made some major discoveries, but he had some scruples, so he didn’t ask any more questions. After talking with Ning Haohan and watching him leave, he said to Big Ken, “Brother Big Ken, have you seen Yu Zhijie before?”

Big Ken shook his head. “No.”

“Then why did you have such a big reaction when you saw this photo?”

“What attracted my attention was not Yu Zhijie, but another person in the photo.”

“Oh?” Alex quickly took out the photo on his mobile phone and looked at it carefully. “In this photo, there are only three people who can see the face. Vice President Ning said that the one in the middle is Yu Zhijie, and the one on the right is Liang Heng. The one on the left… I don’t know him. He should be Yu Zhijie’s assistant, right?”

“He doesn’t have the ability to be Yu Zhijie’s assistant. He should be a bodyguard.”

“No… Brother Big Ken, according to your words, do you know Yu Zhijie’s bodyguard?”

“If I’m not mistaken, this person’s surname should be Yang. His name seems to be Yang *hao, so let’s call him Yang *hao for the time being. Of course, his name isn’t the point I’m going to talk about, so there’s no need to pay attention to it. What I have to pay attention to is that he’s an evolution!”

“Hiss… Brother Big Ken, how did you know?”

“Well… it’s a long story. It has something to do with the Special Operations Group!”

Big Ken hesitated for a few seconds and decided to share a secret with Alex.

From the very beginning, the Special Operations Group was established precisely to deal with those abnormal human beings who couldn’t be defended against by ordinary law enforcement officers. Apart from the main target of all mutated people, all of the evolved ones that had been discovered but not yet collected were potential targets.

Under the premise of obtaining relevant authorization and permission, the Special Operations Group came up with a detailed response to the evolution.

Every time the Special Operations Group discovered a new evolution, they would strictly carry out the process. The first step was to maximize the fighting, hoping that the evolution would enter a regular organization, which was to accept the collection, and use extraordinary abilities to serve the country. If the evolution party agreed, then they would receive training and assessment from all sides.

If the evolutions didn’t agree, they wouldn’t immediately be dealt with. The special operations group would give them a very serious reminder, or rather a warning, nothing more than reminding them not to act recklessly. At the same time, they would make a detailed registration, including their names, gender, age, blood type, fingerprints, and photos.

If this type of evolution didn’t commit a crime, then there wouldn’t be any problems. They could live as normal as ordinary people and wouldn’t receive the special care of the Special Operations Group. Once they did something out of line, they would become the target of the Special Operations Group, just like all mutated people.

From this, it could be seen that the Special Operations Group had a title list of “Unformed evolutioners”.

This flower list was one of the top secret documents of the Special Operations Group. In principle, it could not be passed on to outsiders without internal reference. The family of Wayne had made a lot of great contributions to the Special Operations Group and even to the country, so they made an exception and got a flower list.

For the Larson family, getting this flower list was of great significance.

This could show the extremely high prestige of the family. In addition to its face, it also had an important meaning, which could better protect the members of the family. For example, before Big Ken came to serve as the bodyguard of Alex, he had worked overtime to read the complete list of flowers. He had a certain impression of all the alchemists recorded in the records.

In this way, Big Ken would be able to recognize those who had evolved in time if they met. If they were right, they would be able to make preparations of a corresponding level in advance. If they didn’t confirm the other party’s identity in time and treat him like an ordinary person, they might suffer a great loss.

After all, the means used to deal with ordinary people were absolutely not enough to deal with them.

Originally, he had the power to fight. If he was defeated because he underestimated the enemy or failed because of the wrong countermeasures, it would be a great loss.

But now, the advantages of Big Ken’s viewing the list of evolutionary flowers showed up directly…

When Big Ken told Alex about the situation, he received a reply and confirmed the identity of the person in the photo. It was Yang Changhao, who had been discovered by the special operations group three years ago. According to the record, this person was eccentric and silent. There were no obvious signs of doing evil, but he was competitive and competitive. The reason why he refused to accept the special operations group at that time was that he liked freedom by nature and could not accept the life of a “civil servant”.

Yang Changhao was still alive and well. There were only two possibilities. One was that he had not done bad things over the years, and the other was that he had done bad things but had not been discovered by the special operations group. The special operations group preferred the first one. But according to the current situation of Big Ken, the second one was more likely.

According to the judgment, Yang Changhao had followed Yu Zhijie.

As the saying goes, rare things are precious, and people are the same.

Evolutions were all powerful individuals with exceptional combat strength, and their numbers were extremely small.

For most people, evolutions were rare and rare resources. If Yu Zhijie only asked Yang Changhao to be a full-time bodyguard, it would be like using a knife to kill chickens. It was very likely that Yu Zhijie would arrange him to carry out some tasks that ordinary people could not do, so that he could make full use of Yang Changhao’s specialty.

Tang Qingsong had roped in two low-level evolutions. They all knew how to make money by doing underground fighting, let alone a shrewd businessman like Yu Zhijie.

Alex understood this and said subconsciously, “Brother Big Ken, could it be that Yu Zhijie wants Yang Changhao to deal with me and help Gerald get revenge?”

Big Ken nodded gently. “This possibility can’t be solved.”

“Then his thinking is too simple!”

“That’s right! An evolution can kill an ordinary person in seconds, and he will definitely win. But it’s a bit whimsical for an evolution to deal with you alone. If Yu Zhijie doesn’t have any other support, and only Yang Changhao can be used, I don’t need to find anyone to help me. I can deal with it alone! But… I don’t know if he has any other masters under him. We’d better be careful.”

“Brother Big Ken, don’t worry. I won’t underestimate the enemy!”

After chatting with Big Ken, Alex came to Big Ken together and found Isla and Felix.

After Isla was discharged from the hospital, she returned to her original position and continued to take charge of Golden Stone Company with Felix. Today, Alex came to see them to tell them that there might be another strong enemy coming, reminding them to be more careful in the near future. Originally, Hunter was arranged to protect Isla, but now that Hunter had applied for a change of position, he let Xiong Er take up the position, while Xiong Da guarded the military yard.

As for Felix and Quinn, Cheng Hengchao continued to protect them.

Just as Alex was about to leave Gold Stone, Quinn suddenly ran in. “President Cohen, someone surnamed Yu is looking for you.”

“His surname is Yu?”

Alex subconsciously thought of Yu Zhijie and looked at Big Ken who also thought of this. The two of them stepped forward at the same time and walked quickly to the reception room of the company. At a glance, they recognized that the person they were talking about was Yang Changhao.

At this time, Yang Changhao was standing. On the sofa next to him sat a tall and handsome man.

Alex walked straight over and went straight to the point. “Who are you? What can I do for you?”

The handsome man looked up at Alex and pointed to the sofa opposite him, indicating for Alex to sit down.

Judging from his posture, he seemed to regard himself as the owner of this place, and it seemed that he wanted to take over the place. He continued to stare at Alex up and down, and then answered calmly, “I am Yu Zhijie. You should not know me, but you must still remember my cousin, Yu Zhe.”

Alex was not suppressed by Yu Zhijie’s power. He sat down and answered casually, “What? Yu Zhe asked you to avenge him?”

Yu Zhijie shook his head. “He’s too embarrassed to ask me for help, and I don’t care about revengeing for a good-for-nothing…”

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