Super Son-In-Law Chapter 277

Yu Zhijie left Gold Stone and returned to his exclusive car. He signaled the driver to drive, then took out a cigarette and threw it to Yang Changhao. He asked, “We have seen Alex with our own eyes. From today’s contact, how do you feel about him?”

Yang Changhao took out the ZIPPO lighter and lit a cigarette for Yu Zhijie. He took a deep breath and said slowly, “Alex seems to be very powerful and fearless, as if he doesn’t take anyone seriously. In fact, he is just an ordinary person. I guess that his unscrupulous confidence should come from his bodyguard!”

“Is that Big Ken?”

“Correct. If I am not mistaken, Big Ken should be an evolution!”

“What? A Big Ken is also an evolution?”

Yu Zhijie was quite surprised by this. He touched his chin and his eyes suddenly lit up. “I was wondering why Alex, a young boy in his early twenties, was so bold. Not only did he make the business of Quill City a mess, but he also made a lot of enemies by himself. With him, he has an evolution to back him up!”

“If this really is the case, then Alex is still too young. Even though the evolutions are powerful, can they never leave Big Ken behind? Taking a step back, even if Big Ken is willing to follow him, if he encounters more than one person who is as powerful as Big Ken, wouldn’t he still die? If he thinks that if he can rope in an evolution, then he can rest easy, then he will be too stupid, and he will soon suffer a great loss!”

“Now that we don’t know much about Alex, we’d better not rush to draw a conclusion. Otherwise, we’ll make the wrong assessment of his strength first…” A look of disdain flashed in Yu Zhijie’s eyes. There was another sentence that was about to jump to his mouth, but he couldn’t help saying, “Yang Changhao, it’s you who are stupid!”

Yu Zhijie’s observation and analysis of Alex were much more detailed and accurate than Yang Changhao’s.

Although they had just met today, Yu Zhijie had clearly noticed that Alex was not simple. He was definitely not as stupid as Yang Changhao thought. This could be seen from the fact that Big Ken, as an evolution, was willing to bend down to Alex, an ordinary person.

All evolutions possessed extraordinary strength. Most of them were proud and arrogant people. They were definitely not someone that could be subdued by just anyone.

No matter how powerful Big Ken was, it could only ensure the safety of Alex and could not provide him with the capital to stir up the business world. This also showed that the support of Big Ken was not the only one which made him become so powerful. In addition, he must have other support.

One more thing was that evolutions were not something that could be easily cultivated.

For those with money, they might not necessarily be able to find a way to purchase an evolutionaryist’s medicine. For those with related channels, they might not necessarily be able to find someone suitable for training. Not all people had the potential to become an evolutionaryist. The stimulation of the medicine that could help them evolve was extremely great, ordinary people unable to endure it at all. Only those with excellent physiques and strong resistance would have a chance of successfully becoming an evolutionaryist after taking the medicine.

If people who were not satisfied with the conditions took the medicine, they would be counterattacked by the medicine, just like the Qigong Deviation performed in martial arts dramas. The lighter it was, the body would be hurt, and the heavier it was, the fatal one. This was also the reason why it was more and more easy to buy the medicine for the evolution, but the evolution was still a rare resource.

Most of the evolutions were trained by wealthy and powerful families or organizations.

In this way, he could guess that Alex might not only get the support of Big Ken, but also the master who cultivates a evolution like Big Ken. If he wanted to deal with Alex, he would offend the person he relied on. This was also the reason why Yu Zhijie was not in a hurry to attack him. With the principle of “Knowing oneself well and knowing the enemy well”, he had to have some understanding of him and his support before making plans.

Otherwise, it was very likely that he would get into big trouble without making proper preparations.

If he was caught off guard and lost the whole game, he would suffer a great loss…

Thinking of this, Yu Zhijie said to Yang Changhao, “Continue to send people to deal with Alex. There is no need to investigate the known and open intelligence. I want to know who he has contacts with secretly. Also, as far as I know, he used to be an unknown small character. A few months ago, he suddenly became powerful. Then he can’t be just an ordinary country bumpkin. We need to find out his real identity.”

Yang Changhao didn’t take it seriously. “Young Master Yu, are you being too cautious? I think he’s just an upstart who doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth. Just send someone to kill him. Anyway, I’m not afraid of him, including the support you mentioned. Just take it as the so-called support. If he dares to show up, I’ll deal with him together.”

“Be careful of the 10,000-year-old ship!”

Yu Zhijie held back his anger and patiently explained to Yang Changhao, “You know what kind of business Jing Kun does, don’t you? Those who do the same business as him have already lost a lot of money. And he can earn so much money, and he is still alive and well. It’s not only because he is more powerful than others, but also because he is low-key and cautious enough! Otherwise, he would have turned over a car long ago! And I, if I were as high-profile as Yu Zhe, how could I have successfully made it to this height?”

“Alright… Childe Yu, I’ll do as you say!”

Yang Changhao was not convinced.

There was no other way. People had to bow their heads under the eaves.

While they were chatting, Liang Heng called Yu Zhijie and reported anxiously, “Young Master Yu, do you still remember the man named Ning Haohan I mentioned last time? He is the vice president of our group, the person who is buying shares. Originally, I thought that he was not willing to take that little salary and wanted to buy some shares to retire. But I just learned that he has contact with at least five small shareholders. If he wants to buy all the shares of those shareholders, the investment will far exceed his personal financial resources. I think that he may have got the secret support of a rich person, so it is necessary to investigate…”


Yu Zhijie pondered for a moment and said slowly, “Liang Heng, I will investigate this matter, so you don’t have to worry about it. What you need to do is to hold a board meeting as soon as possible and officially transfer the shares of Gerald to my name. When I really feel your sincerity, I will definitely show my sincerity…”

On the other side, Alex heard that Xiao Hang was officially discharged from the hospital today, so he wanted to treat him to a meal.

Xiao Hang did not refuse, but said that he would arrange the meal, so Alex did not refuse.

At seven o’clock in the evening, Alex took Big Ken to the restaurant that Xiao Hang had agreed on and found that Group Leader Pang was also there. Xiao Hang immediately came up to him and took the initiative to explain, “Mr. Cohen, today’s meal is secondary to celebrate my discharge from the hospital, mainly because I want to thank you and Group Leader Pang. I heard from Director Deng that it’s all your credit that I can recover so quickly and so well. During my stay in the hospital, Group Leader Pang took a lot of responsibilities that should have been handed over to me. You two are old acquaintances, don’t you mind, Mr. Cohen?”

Alex waved his hand and said, “How could it be? I was planning to ask Group Leader Pang about something recently!”

“That’s great! Don’t stand at the door. Please come in. The private rooms have been arranged.”

“Okay! Captain Xiao, Group Leader Pang, please!”

The four of them entered the private room and sat down. After ordering the dishes, Group Leader Pang said to Alex, “Mr. Cohen, do you want to ask me about the progress of the case in Gerald?”

Alex nodded and said, “Group Leader Pang, to be honest, I’m very interested in Grand Express Corporation. I want to know if Gerald has any chance of turning over this time.”

“Almost no more. But… this case has been handed over to someone else, and I won’t be in charge of it in the future.”

“Oh? You’re not in charge of such a big case?”

“I do think so. But there are more tricky cases. The leader clearly said that I should be responsible for them, and I have to deal with them in a hurry.”

“Group Leader Pang, the more I listen, the more curious I am. What kind of case is it?”

“Well…” Captain Pang hesitated for a few seconds and suddenly smiled bitterly. “I’ve told you that you may not believe it. There seems to be a master of martial arts in the city! Last night, a suspect who was suspected of deliberately hurting someone escaped under the nose of the police officer. The process of escape can only be described in four words, which is to fly over eaves and vault over walls!”

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