Super Son-In-Law Chapter 279

In addition to this man with long hair on his face, the last time Big Ken saw a mutant at the entrance of the restaurant, plus Yang Changhao, there might be some mutant or evolution who had not been discovered for the time being. In other words, it was very likely that a group of super masters would rush into the territory of Quill City at the same time!

Normally, not a single one of them would come, but now that so many came at once, something major was destined to happen in the near future!

How big was it?

It could be seen from Xiao Hang and Group Leader Pang’s confused faces that they couldn’t even control the city bureau!

When Alex analyzed all this, he suddenly became nervous. He always felt that the surging undercurrents had something to do with him…

Group Leader Pang was already very curious. After hearing what Big Ken had said, it was as if a cat’s paw was scratching his heart, and his heart was itching even more. He realized that Big Ken didn’t want to say anything because of some unknown reasons, so he knew that it was not appropriate to break the pot and ask. However, he couldn’t resist his curiosity, and for a moment, he even blushed.

Captain Pang gritted his teeth and made up his mind. Just as he was about to shamelessly “reciting” Big Ken to answer his questions, his phone rang. When he saw that it was a call from his direct leader, the superior, he quickly got up and went to the window to pick it up. “Director Feng, do you have any instructions?”

A magnetic male voice came from the receiver. “From tomorrow on, you will continue to be responsible for the previous work. You don’t have to worry about the case I handed over to you this morning!”

“What… what’s going on? Director Feng, did I do something wrong?”

“If you make a mistake, how can I let you continue to be responsible for the previous work? This has nothing to do with you. Don’t think too much about it. Do what you should do. Don’t ask questions that you shouldn’t ask. When it’s time for you to know, someone will tell you. All right, let it go!”

“Please wait a minute!”

Group Leader Pang didn’t have the habit of talking too much, but the situation this time was too special. He couldn’t help glancing at Alex and Big Ken, and then he continued to say to the mobile phone, “Director Feng, was the case taken over by the special police team?”

“Hiss… how did you know?”

“I… I heard from a friend.”

“Pang Shaohua, don’t dawdle. Tell me the truth. Who told you that?”

“Director Feng, I…”

Captain Pang didn’t expect Director Feng’s reaction to be so big, and he suddenly regretted it. If he had known earlier, he wouldn’t have mentioned it. He didn’t know what was going on, and he was worried that Big Ken would get into trouble if he told the truth. He wasn’t the one who betrayed his friends, let alone let them get into trouble because of him.

But in the face of the serious questioning of the leaders, it was not convenient to lie.

Just as Group Leader Pang was racking his brains to come up with a solution, Big Ken got up and walked over.

At this moment, Big Ken was listening to what Group Leader Pang had said. Big Ken didn’t hear what Director Feng had said clearly, but his tone was heavy and his voice was loud. Big Ken heard it clearly. He guessed that Group Leader Pang was in a dilemma, so he pointed to the mobile phone next to Group Leader Pang’s ear and immediately hooked his hand back. “Let me tell him.”


Group Leader Pang was a little confused, but he soon reacted. In the past, he only knew Big Ken under the recommendation of Director Feng. When he thought that the private relationship between Big Ken and Director Feng seemed to be very unusual, he immediately breathed a sigh of relief and quickly handed over the phone.

Big Ken didn’t answer the phone. He just reached out his hand and pressed the speaker. Then he smiled and said to the phone, “Director Feng, long time no see. I’m Big Ken. Sorry, I didn’t stop talking. I seemed to have said something I shouldn’t have said to Group Leader Pang just now. Don’t blame him. It’s all my fault. I drank some wine today, and I didn’t close the door…”

“So it’s Brother Big Ken?”

On the other side, Director Feng’s tone instantly softened. “I thought some secrets had been known by outsiders. If you said it, then there is no problem. The situation this time is a little special. Even if you don’t say it, I will find a suitable opportunity to tell him. Because this time, it is very likely that the special police team and our city bureau will cooperate to handle the case. As the leader of the heavy case, if he doesn’t know it at all, he can’t participate in it.”

“That’s good, that’s good… Director Feng, you can continue to talk. I won’t waste your time talking about work.”

“Okay! When I’m done with my work, let’s drink together.”

“No problem!”

Big Ken readily agreed and returned to his seat.

Captain Pang’s “trouble” had been resolved and he had learned his lesson. He forcibly suppressed his curiosity and did not say much to Director Feng. After hanging up the phone, he did not force Big Ken. Anyway, according to Director Feng’s words, his psychological doubts would soon be solved.

After dinner, the four of them came to the door of the restaurant and said goodbye to each other.

At the entrance of an alley dozens of meters away, someone was hiding in the dark, holding a high definition night camera and crazily pressing the shutter on their side…

Five minutes later, in a three-story building near an inconspicuous village in the suburbs, Yu Zhijie sat under the osmanthus tree in the yard, holding a cigarette in one hand and a mobile phone in the other. He looked at the photos of Alex, Xiao Hang, and Group Leader Pang saying goodbye to each other, with a cold smile on his face.

Sitting next to him, Yang Changhao took the mobile phone and enlarged several photos one by one. He looked at them carefully and suddenly his eyes lit up. “No wonder Alex is so arrogant. Not only did he offend so many businessmen, but he even dared to kill Jing Kun’s men. It turns out that he has this kind of relationship! By the way, Big Ken must have attached himself to him because he took a fancy to his relationship. To put it bluntly, he and Big Ken are protecting each other and taking advantage of each other. However, is he too confident? Now he is so strict. Even if they are friends in private, they dare not provide him with protection, right?”

“You’re wrong. For example, if you buy a house, no matter whether you can’t live in it, others will know that you have a house. It’s the same with connections. What’s more, for a young man like Alex who has just graduated, it’s already very good to have connections of this level. You should know that their identities are quite special. Not everyone can get along with them!”

“If other Alex’s opponents knew that he had this relationship, they might re-examine their conflict with him. But I know that this situation definitely can’t scare Young Master Yu. Now that we know what he’s relying on, in order to prevent too many things from happening, we should take action, right?”

“It’s indeed time to do something! If we continue to drag on, those idiots may make more trouble…”

Compared with Yu Zhe and Jared, Yu Zhijie was smarter. He would not seal himself and would not belittle his opponent. Instead, he would recognize and face his opponent’s strengths. However, although he was not a fool, he was not as smart as a crane standing among chickens. He knew little about Alexs, so he still made a mistake of “underestimating the enemy”.

Taking Alex as an ordinary businessman was the beginning of the mistake.

That was to say, from the very beginning, Yu Zhijie was the first to put the wrong label on Alex.

There was no possibility of corrected such a fundamental mistake unless there was a major discovery…

On the other side, Alex and Big Ken had returned to the car.

Big Ken started the car and said to Alex, “Young master, your situation is even more dangerous. The known mutants and evolutions may come for you. However, there is also good news. The mutant who was regarded as a master of martial arts by Group Leader Pang last night has already attracted the attention of the Special Operations Group.”

“I also thought of this possibility.” Alex nodded gently and said, “Brother Big Ken, do you think those mutants were sent by Jing Kun? There are many people who have a deep hatred for me, but few have the ability to find the mutant to help. Among them, the most likely one is Jing Kun!”

“It’s very likely! I just don’t know who is leading the team…”

“There are mutants now. It doesn’t matter who leads the team, does it?”

“It just so happens that it’s the opposite! They’re going to find a powerful character to lead the team because we’ve sent out a mutant. As for the reason… Young Master, you should be able to think of it, right?”


Alex touched his chin and started to think. Suddenly, he patted his thigh and said, “I know! Although the mutant is powerful and should be able to finish the task easily in the eyes of Jing Kun, but… the mutant’s brain is not easy to deal with, and they’re very difficult to manage. So, the mutant must lead the team!”

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