Super Son-In-Law Chapter 280

Big Ken nodded with satisfaction. “Young master, your analysis is quite correct. A mutant is much more ferocious than a wild beast, and the degree of mutation is directly proportional to the decline of IQ and human nature. In short, the more powerful a mutant is, the harder it is to control his brain.”

“I see!”

Alex’s analysis obtained Big Ken’s approval. He couldn’t help but feel a bit complacent, and his thoughts immediately became cheerful. “Logically speaking, mutants should be hiding in the dark. Even if the mutant couldn’t think of this, the leader would definitely know. Last night, the mutant leader should have been careless, neglecting his control, and only then did he come out and commit a crime, yet in the end, it immediately drew the attention of the Special Unit. It is no exaggeration to say that the Special Unit is the natural enemy of the mutant!”

“Yes. The mutant is an expert. Those who can control the mutant must be even more powerful. Because there is no way to reason with the mutant, the best way to control it is not to talk about the law and morality, but to subdue it! However… as far as I know, there is another way to control the mutant, which is to give the mutant a special medicine similar to a ‘Calmer’. When you don’t need it, lock it up and release it when you need it.”

“He doesn’t treat the mutant as a human! But then again, the mutant is indeed not a normal human.”

“That’s right! A mutation looks like a type of evolution as well, because their combat strength has clearly increased. However, in general, mutation is actually opposite to normal reproduction and evolution of humans. It can be said that it’s precisely abnormal development or decline. There are people who have specialized in variation, believing that once a mutant underwent a high enough mutation, it would completely lose its human nature and intelligence. What’s the difference between that and a wild beast and a monster? If it wasn’t for this reason, the special operations group wouldn’t have dealt with a single mutant, the creator, or the seller of mutated drugs.”

Alex gently shook his head and sighed with emotion again. “Unfortunately, some people with evil intentions took a fancy to the abnormal fighting strength of the mutant. They secretly cultivated and roped in the mutant, controlled the deformed mutant in a deformed way, and used the abnormal ability of the mutant to earn deformed money! By the way, are those people sick? They don’t care about anything for money?”

“Young master, if everyone has the correct values, then there is no need for police officers and law in this world! Just like what was said in a movie with a great fire, it is a luxury to keep everyone rational forever. It can be predicted that the struggle between an evolution organization like the Special Action Group and the mutant that shouldn’t have appeared will last for a long time, until all of the mutant agents completely disappear from the earth. Perhaps, this is also a kind of extravagant hope…”

“It’s understandable!”

As Alex spoke, he glanced at Big Ken intentionally or unintentionally.

The main reason was that he didn’t expect that a rough man like Big Ken would have such a deep and delicate thought.

Just like Wendy, Big Ken could not help but be admired from the bottom of his heart, which made Alex a little anxious. He was in a hurry to unlock his potential so that he could have a good skill. Otherwise, he would be inferior to the bodyguards in all aspects. Even if no one laughed at him, he would feel embarrassed.

When Alex heard about this from Big Ken, he was full of expectation and curiosity.

But now, he couldn’t wait any longer. Subconsciously, he turned his head and asked, “Brother Big Ken, you once said that when the time comes, I will find that I don’t need to take medicine at all to become stronger. You also said that I am smarter than ordinary people? How long will it take?”

Big Ken shook his head. “I don’t know. The general meaning that Master told me at that time is that the treasure house in your body is not designed in advance, but a very mysterious thing. It will not automatically open at the right time, but will only open when the opportunity comes.”

“An opportunity? What kind of opportunity?”

“I’m sorry, young master. I don’t know about this either. According to my understanding, you should need to trigger some switch. Of course, the switch that can’t be heard is also a very mysterious thing. Well… in other words, you can only open the treasury after you are stimulated to a certain extent.”


Alex was a little disappointed when he got the mysterious answer from Big Ken.

Big Ken quickly comforted him, “Young master, there is no fixed amount of opportunities. It can only be found by chance. Don’t worry. It’s useless to worry about things that can’t be interfered by others. After all, even the old master doesn’t know how to open your treasure house, so he can only let nature take its course…”

“Okay, I see.”

Alex was very helpless. In order not to affect his mood, he wanted to force himself not to think about this matter.

However, the more powerful he was, the more anxious he became. He could only use another way—to divert his attention, such as playing with his mobile phone. He accidentally clicked on the call record. When he saw Ning Haohan’s number, he dialed it and learned about the progress of Ning Haohan’s acquisition of the shares of Grand Express Corporation.

Although Ning Haohan had only known Alex for a short time, his attitude toward Alex was very good.

In public, Alex was a cooperation partner. In private, Alex was the savior. Ning Haohan didn’t ignore these basic etiquettes because he was older than Alex. After reporting the progress of the progress to Alex truthfully, he talked about a private matter related to the plan. “President Cohen, today, Yu Zhijie came to find me under the recommendation of Liang Heng…”

“What?” Alex suddenly became nervous. “Why is Yu Zhijie looking for you? Is he looking for trouble with you?”

“Not yet, but it may happen in the future… Yu Zhijie knew that I was also buying shares of Grand Express Corporation and competing with him. He came to remind me and asked me to stop immediately. He said that if I stop now, the shares I have bought will be mine. If I continue, he will stop me and think of a way to take away the shares I have already bought. His attitude is very firm. He is not here to discuss it with me, but to give orders.”

“I see. Vice President Ning, what do you think?”

“It can be seen from my attitude that I have to stay in Grand Express Corporation even if I hide my illness from you. If I don’t get my share back, I won’t let it go easily. No matter who tries to stop me, it won’t work. Besides, I have reached a cooperation with you now. Even if I don’t do it for myself, I will do my best to do what I promised you. It’s not my character to give up halfway.”

“Vice president Ning, I’m very grateful and very touched that you can say that. However, Yu Zhijie is not an easy person to deal with. If you offend him, you will get into trouble. If you are hurt because of me, then I will have a big sin. How about… you rest for a while and continue after the limelight is over.”

“There’s no need for that, Mr. Cohen. I’ve been in the business world for decades and have experienced a lot. It’s not like I haven’t experienced this kind of situation. If a young man could scare me with just a few words, I wouldn’t need Gerald and Liang Heng to change their attitude. I wouldn’t be able to bear it and give up.”

“I see… Vice President Ning, let’s do as you say. However, we still have to pay more attention and be careful.”

At first, Alex wanted to find a way to solve Yu Zhijie’s problem and remove the obstacles. Then, he could continue to buy shares, so as not to put Ning Haohan in danger. But he had made it clear that if he forcibly suspended the plan, he might think that he had underestimated him.

He knew that Ning Haohan was a man with strong principles, and he would not easily compromise when he made up his mind.

In order to take care of Ning Haohan’s feelings, Alex did not say much. But in addition to reminding him to be more careful, he then called Xie Si and asked him to arrange a few brothers to secretly protect him. After the arrangement was done, he put this matter aside.

A few days passed in a flash, and Ning Haohan reached a deal with several small shareholders one after another.

It just so happened that Liang Heng had organized the board of directors, so Ning Haohan planned to carry out the joint management project at the meeting.

Yu Zhijie, who was also here for negotiation, was in no mood to hold a meeting when he learned that Ning Haohan had bought nearly 10% of the shares. He asked Yang Changhao to drag him to the lounge, closed the door, and asked with a gloomy face, “Ning, do you take my words seriously? Will you cry until you see the coffin?”

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