Super Son-In-Law Chapter 281

Ning Haohan remained calm. He tidied up his collar wrinkled by Yang Changhao and said to Yu Zhijie neither servile nor overbearing, “Young man, even if you replace Gerald and become the first major shareholder of Grand Express Corporation, you have no right to interfere with my business decision. What’s more, you haven’t officially taken over those shares yet.”

Yu Zhijie glared at him and said, “Ning, I remember that the last time I came to you, I showed my identity. Do you know what will happen if you go against me? I don’t care about your bullshit business decision. I can’t ignore my warning and rob my business! You’d better think twice and don’t make trouble for yourself! Listen, this is the last chance I’ll give you!”

“Young man, since your words are so harsh, let me show you my attitude. Since you are here to talk about business, show me what a businessman should do. Don’t make yourself look like a second-rate businessman. Otherwise, not only will you humiliate yourself, but you will also discredit your parents who gave birth to you. Of course, if you don’t care about these, you will have to deal with me from the perspective of ruffians. I, Ning Haohan, will accompany you to the end!”

“Ning Haohan, you’re just a worker. How dare you fight with me? Are you sure?”

“Young man, you may have no principles in dealing with affairs or even doing business, but I do! For me, there is no need to think about anything that goes against principles. What I want to say is that no matter what you want to do next, just let it go. The sun and the moon are bright and bright! I don’t believe that I, a businessman, can be bullied by a little ruffian. Is there any law?”

Ning’s strategy was very simple, which was to cope with all kinds of changes with the unchanging.

Regardless of whether Yu Zhijie was looking for trouble openly as a businessman or playing dirty tricks as a bastard, he would take action as a businessman. No matter what happened, he would not deal with it privately. After all, he was on the right side of the contradiction between him and Yu Zhijie, so he had to seize this advantage.

If an ordinary person had such an idea to deal with Yu Zhijie, especially a young man who was inexperienced in the world, he would undoubtedly think too highly of himself and think too highly of himself. This was because when facing a rich and powerful young man like Yu Zhijie, it was not reasonable for him to travel around the world. He could turn the situation around by spending some money or using a little connections.

However, Ning Haohan was over fifty years old. He had climbed from a lowly employee to the position of deputy general manager of Grand Express Corporation step by step. He had met all kinds of people and experienced everything. Using the words that the older generation liked to say, he had eaten more salt than the rice Yu Zhijie had eaten!

It seemed that he was not afraid of Yu Zhijie’s psychological battle at all.

Another thing was that Yu Zhijie said that he was just a worker, which was true. Grand Express Corporation was not his property, but he was indeed working for the boss. However, he was not an ordinary worker. After decades of development and accumulation, he not only had a large group of supporters inside Grand Express Corporation, but also had a wide range of contacts and resources outside, including all walks of life.

Therefore, no matter what tricks Yu Zhijie played, he was not afraid.

What’s more, he now had Alex as his strong backer.

Compared with his relaxed state, Yu Zhijie gasped and was speechless for a moment.

Yu Zhijie really didn’t expect that he would show his identity and attitude, but he still couldn’t frighten Ning Haohan. Judging from Ning Haohan’s attitude, he had met another tough opponent after he met Alex. But he soon calmed down. As he failed, he would have the second plan. He calmed down and said to Ning Haohan with his eyes empty, “Ning, you said you are a businessman. Then tell me, where did you get the money to buy shares?”

Ning Haohan smiled and replied, “Does it have anything to do with you?”

“Why does it have nothing to do with me? Grand Express Corporation is going to become my industry soon. Do you think I will agree to buy the shares of Grand Express Corporation with unclear money? Ning Haohan, don’t be stubborn. There are some things that you can’t be perfunctory to! How can you get nearly one billion yuan from a worker like you? If the conflict between us is really big, the source of the huge wealth alone is unclear, which is enough for you to drink!”

“Oh? Young man, from your words, do you want to report me? Then call the police as soon as possible. Just in time, I also want to ask the police to judge for us!”

“Do you think I don’t dare to call the police?”

“Why would I dare to make a phone call? But… young man, there’s one thing you’d better figure out first. The crime of not knowing the source of the huge fortune is aimed at the safety of the criminal. And I can’t become the main subject of the crime because I’m not the legal representative of the crime. This is a common sense. Don’t you understand?”


Realizing that he had been laughed at by Ning Haohan, Yu Zhijie was so angry that his face turned red and his neck became thick. Considering that he didn’t know whether what Ning Haohan said was true or not, he looked at Yang Changhao with questioning eyes.

However, Yang Changhao knew even less than Yu Zhijie. At this moment, he was confused.

Ning Haohan was not stupid enough to stand here and did not have the interest to wait for Yu Zhijie to slowly confirm. After that, he went out. Outside the door, a large group of people were waiting. They all rolled up their sleeves and were ready to fight. Once he was in trouble in the room, these people would rush in with security guards to help him out.

The support of these people was an important source of confidence that Ning Haohan dared to compete with Yu Zhijie.

After the episode ended, the board meeting continued.

There were two main matters in the management of the company. One could also be said to be the management of the company. On this issue, there was a clear rule in the management of the company that the management of the company required more than half of the shareholders to agree. It did not matter how many shareholders the company held, but the number of shareholders.

Yu Zhijie belonged to Gerald’s camp. Originally, they had more shareholders on their side.

But today’s meeting was held too hastily, and some of their shareholders did not come.

As for Ning Haohan, he almost united almost all the shareholders except for Gerald camp and invited them all here today.

As a result, the other party coincidentally ended up in a draw in terms of numbers. The other party’s people did not agree to Ning Haohan taking over the shares. In Yu Zhijie’s vote, the shareholders of Ning’s side treated him according to their own ways. Similarly, none of them raised their hands and hurt each other.

In this way, neither of them succeeded. The vote could only be carried out in the right way.

Yu Zhijie angrily watched Ning Haohan leave the conference room and called Yang Changhao and Liang Heng to the office. He gnashed his teeth and said, “The deal is about to be completed, but it was messed up by that old man! Tell me, how can we subdue him?”

Liang Heng replied without thinking, “Isn’t it easy? Can’t you just kill him?”

“Are you stupid? At this critical moment, if something happens to him, the police will think of me first!”

“As long as you don’t leave any evidence, what are you afraid of?”

“It’s simple… Liang Heng, if you don’t have a good idea, don’t talk!”


Liang Heng scratched his head resentfully and didn’t dare to make a sound.

At this time, Yang Changhao took over the conversation. “Young Master Yu, I just checked on my mobile phone and found that the source of the huge fortune is unclear. It is indeed aimed at the financial situation. But if there is a big problem in Ning Haohan’s vast account, such as being suspected of helping others wash up the money, as long as we find evidence, he will still be in trouble.”

Yu Zhijie pondered for a moment, then suddenly nodded and said, “This is a breakthrough point! However, I don’t have much contacts in Quill City, so it’s inconvenient to investigate. Liang Heng, I’ll leave this task to you. No matter what method you use, you have to find out Ning Haohan’s account as soon as possible. If you find anything unusual, don’t make it public first, but report it to me as soon as possible.”


In fact, Liang Heng didn’t know how to investigate and had no clue at all. But he could see that Yu Zhijie was angry and didn’t dare to hit the muzzle, so he could only agree first.

On the other side, Alex received a phone call from Ning Haohan and knew that the acquisition of shares had not been realized. He was not surprised or anxious at all. The vote had not passed. The shares were just temporarily put aside, and it was not a waste of money to buy shares.

At seven o’clock in the evening, on the way to the military yard with Alex and Isla, Xie Si suddenly called.

Alex’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. “Could it be that Yu Zhijie has started a fight against Ning Haohan?”

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