Super Son-In-Law Chapter 283

The words “monkey head mask” immediately attracted the attention of Alex and Big Ken.

Group leader Pang’s curiosity was immediately aroused as well. He subconsciously thought of the strange suspect with a hairy face who had previously escaped from the police officer’s eyes. Apart from this, he already learned about the special operations group’s matters from his leader, as well as the evolution and variation. He could naturally recall that this suspect might be a rarely seen mutant!

The police were trying their best to find the suspect. There was finally news?

Captain Pang couldn’t wait any longer and asked urgently, “Xiao Liu, right? What happened at that time?”

“You may not believe me. Anyway, I don’t know why…” Xiao Liu kept him guessing. He shook his head helplessly and continued, “The reason why we fought with the masked man is that he wants to block the way and rob us. What he wants to rob is not money or mobile phones, but food!”

“No… Is he a beggar? That’s not right. Beggars only know how to beg. How can they rob food?”

“I also find it strange…”

Xiao Liu shook his head again and slowly began to explain.

At that time, Xiao Liu, Xiao Fei, and another companion went to the stall to buy a big bag of barbecue and mutton skewers. They smelled very good and were ready to take them back to Xiao Fei’s house. They were going to order some iced beer. Xiao Fei lived in the village and led the way with barbecue.

When they entered the alley where the incident happened, the mask man suddenly jumped out from the wall next to him and blocked their way. He sniffed and stared at the bag in Xiao Fei’s hand. Without saying anything, the mask man reached out to grab the bag.

The three of them didn’t know the masked man, so they certainly couldn’t give him to him.

Unexpectedly, the masked man suddenly took action and grabbed the bag with great agility. In the process of snatching, he broke Xiao Fei’s right arm. This accident came too suddenly and happened in a flash. Xiao Fei didn’t have time to resist. Xiao Liu and his companions all reacted when they heard Xiao Fei’s scream and quickly helped him.

Originally, in Xiao Liu’s view, even if Xiao Fei had lost his fighting ability in three-on-one battles, he would definitely win in two-on-one battles. But when they really fought, he realized that he was too naive. It turned out that not all battles would be won by the larger side in the end.

In less than 30 seconds, Xiao Liu’s arm was broken and his companion was beaten back.

The masked man turned around and left like an ordinary person. He took out a mutton skewer and ate happily. Xiao Liu and the other two were so angry that they rushed over at the same time and launched the second round of attack. As a result, the three of them still had no strength to resist, and tragedy followed.

The mask man grabbed Xiao Fei’s shoulder with his left hand and grabbed a bamboo stick with his right hand, stabbing it into Xiao Fei’s throat… Then, the mask man took out the bamboo stick and stabbed Xiao Liu’s other companion’s arm and waist into a sieve. Suddenly, blood gushed out.

Xiao Liu rushed to Xiao Fei’s side. When he knew that Xiao Fei had stopped breathing, he was scared out of his wits.

Logically speaking, Xiao Liu should have given up resisting, because they were destined to be no match for the mask man, not to mention that his right arm was broken, and his fighting capacity was sharply reduced. But at that time, he was so angry that he was stunned by the strong hatred and rushed to the mask man.

Fortunately, the bamboo sticks were all inserted into the bodies of the companions. Xiao Liu was not stabbed, but his right arm was hit again. He could not bear the pain and fainted on the spot. If the noise here had not attracted the attention of the passers-by on the main road outside the alley, the three of them might have died.

Before a large number of onlookers arrived, the mask man disappeared…

Xiao Liu cried as he spoke. He raised the back of his hand and wiped away his tears. After calming down, he continued, “My companions who came with the onlookers just told me what happened after I passed out. They called the police and called the four people. They called the companions who came later…”

Group Leader Pang frowned and continued to ask with a sullen face, “According to what you said, the so-called masked man is very powerful?”

“Yes!” Xiao Liu nodded heavily. “His strength is well-matched with the mask he wears. He is really as powerful as Sun Wukong. The three of us have no strength to resist against him alone, and we can only be seckilled! It’s the first time that I have met such a powerful opponent in my life. There is no doubt about this!”

“Phew… I see.”

Captain Pang took a deep breath and began to communicate with a square-faced man beside him.

Alex, who had been listening silently, basically believed that the masked man Xiao Liu and others encountered was a mutant. He lowered his head and thought for a moment, and suddenly remembered something. “Xiao Liu, according to your description, at first, the masked man was taken out from the wall. Is it possible that he lives there?”

Xiao Liu nodded. “It’s possible!”

“Hiss… I’ll check it out now!”

As Alex spoke, he was about to run out.

Captain Pang suddenly pressed Alex’s shoulder and said, “Mr. Cohen, there’s no need to go. We’ve checked it out.”

“What do you mean?” Alex turned around and asked in a daze, “When did you investigate?”

“Just before we came to the hospital, Mr. Cohen, let’s talk…” Group Leader Pang called Alex and Big Ken to a quiet corridor, pointed to the square-faced man who followed them, and said, “Mr. Cohen, brother Big Ken, we haven’t had time to introduce him to you yet. This brother is called Wu Di, and he is in charge of the subordinate group of Quill City in the special operations group.”


Alex finally saw the people of the Special Operations Group. He couldn’t help staring at them carefully. But on the surface, there was nothing special. And now it was not the time to chat. He shook hands with Wu Di and asked directly, “Have you been targeting the so-called masked man for a long time?”

Wu Di nodded and said, “That’s right! But to be exact, we listed him as our target from the moment he showed up, and we were searching for him closely. Before he showed up again today, we didn’t find his hiding place. We also thought about what you just mentioned, so we went to investigate as soon as possible. The result is that we can basically confirm that he lived in that village before. After the incident, he left the village, and we have to find him again.”

“Do you have any idea?”

“Yes… not yet. But as long as he hasn’t left Quill City, we will definitely find him.”

“Well, when there is news, please inform me as soon as possible.”

“No problem!”

Wu Di nodded and followed Group Leader Pang to the elevator. Suddenly, he stopped and turned to Alex and said, “Mr. Cohen, you may find him first. If that’s the case, please contact us immediately. In addition… if you need our help, please feel free to tell us whether it’s business or private affairs. As long as it’s what we can do, we won’t refuse!”

“Thank you first!”

Alex thought that Wu Di should know his identity, otherwise he wouldn’t have said these words. He didn’t ask more, but turned to Group Leader Pang and said, “Group Leader Pang, didn’t you find out the identity of the suspect? Can you send me a copy of his information? It’s best if he has photos.”


Without hesitation, Group Leader Pang immediately took out his mobile phone and put the information on his Alex’s phone.

Alex immediately uploaded the photo of the mutant to Xie Si, asking him to mobilize all his brothers to search for this person with all his strength. In the end, he also added a sentence, “This person is very dangerous. If someone finds him, just report it to me immediately. Don’t take any action without permission. Remember, there is another thing that must be dealt with properly for our brothers who are injured or injured. Don’t make our brothers disappointed.”

After finishing the business, Alex took Big Ken back to the car to discuss.

Big Ken analyzed with a frown, “Young Master, I think there is something wrong with this matter. It may not be as simple as it looks!”

Alex was interested. “Brother Big Ken, did you notice something unusual?”

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