Super Son-In-Law Chapter 284

Big Ken nodded slightly, and then slowly said, “No matter who sent the mutant, there will definitely be someone who will lead the team. The main task of the person in charge of the team is to protect the mutant. The last time the mutant came out and injured the person, it is likely that the leader was careless. Logically speaking, the leader should be more vigilant, stronger the guard, and not let the mutant cause trouble again. Otherwise, before the main task is started, the mutant who has high hopes will be dealt with by the special forces…”

Alex suddenly understood and said, “Yes! That mutant has attracted the attention of the Special Operations Group. At this critical moment, he came out to make trouble again. Isn’t it obvious that he is looking for trouble? He may not have thought of this, but the leader should have thought of it.”

“That’s why I feel a bit strange! That mutant appeared out of the ordinary again today. Apart from the guardian being careless again, there is another possibility, which is that the guardian arranged it on purpose! However, I just came up with a sudden strange idea. It’s just a guess, and I can’t find any evidence to prove it.”

“If your guess is right, what’s the purpose of this arrangement?”

“This is exactly what I haven’t figured out yet.”


The thoughts of Alex and Big Ken had reached a dead end, and the discussion of this matter came to an end.

In a flash, the sun was setting. When Alex and Big Ken were eating outside, they suddenly received a call from Group Leader Pang. On the other side, Group Leader Pang was very excited and spoke very quickly, “Boss Cohen, there is news! We have organized a large number of manpower to work overtime to find the direction of the suspect’s escape through the surveillance video of the report!”

“Oh?” Alex suddenly became interested. “Tell me.”

“There was no camera at the place where the suspect showed up today, but he ran out of the alley. When he reached the street outside, he entered the range of the surveillance camera. The surveillance video showed that as soon as he ran to the street, a black car drove over and pulled him away. After confirming the license plate number and the direction of his advance, we followed him all the way and found that the target was heading to the countryside.”

“And then?”

“We are trying to track him down from both sides. First, we are going to continue to study the surveillance video, and second, we are going to carry out a carpet search in the direction of the car. There are only two possibilities. First, if the suspect leaves Quill City and enters other cities, he will be caught again by the surveillance video. Second, he has been hiding in the countryside. Similarly, sooner or later, he will be found by us!”

“I see. Thank you for your hard work.”

“Mr. Cohen, you’re too polite. This is what our police should do. Besides, Wu Di is responsible for this task. I’m just a helper.”

“No matter who’s in charge, you’re already working. Oh right, Group Leader Pang, can you send me a portion of the clues you know? You know, I’m very familiar with Xie Si and Brother Gui. They have many brothers under them. The more people you need to find someone, the better.”

“I’m sure it’s not a problem, but… I just said that I’m not responsible for this task. How about this, Boss Cohen, I’ll ask Wu Di first. Although it’s not a big deal, I asked him for his opinion out of respect for him.”

“If you understand, please tell Wu Di.”

After Alex and Group Leader Pang got through the phone, they waited for less than three minutes and received a WeChat message from Group Leader Pang. It was a photo, which showed the specific clues they had found through the surveillance video on the street. This showed that Wu Di did not hesitate at all and agreed to share the clues very quickly.

At the same time, Alex immediately submitted the clue to Xie Si. Then, according to the previous documents, he looked at it carefully. When he was listening to Group Leader Pang’s introduction at the dinner table, the focus of his attention was different from now, and he did not pay much attention to the age of the suspect. When he looked at the information again, he noticed that the suspect named Meng Fanyong was of the same age as him. Normally speaking, he had just graduated from college.

But in fact, he had become a mutant, a top master!

According to the latest information, after Meng Fanyong left the village by the black car with the license plate number at the end of the road, he went all the way west and finally disappeared on the road to the countryside in the western suburbs. This narrowed the scope of inquiry and looked for the west.

According to Group Leader Pang’s introduction, the police had begun to search from the western suburbs.

On Alex’s side, there was no need to follow the police to look for people. It was useless and a waste of resources. He directly asked Xie Si to focus on the village in the west.

After so many days, it was time to show the value of Xie Si’s brothers in the countryside village. As long as Meng Fanyong and his accomplices did not leave Quill City, they would probably be found. Because it was almost certain that no opponent would think that Xie Si had already made such arrangements…

After dinner, Alex and Big Ken returned to the villa together. When they saw that Wendy was instructing Bai Ling in the gym, they were about to go over and say hello to him. Suddenly, they thought of a question. “Brother Big Ken, Sister Wendy and Wu Di both have two words, and they both have the word ‘Di’, and they are all members of the special operations group. What a coincidence!”

Big Ken couldn’t help but smile bitterly. He waved his hand and said, “Young master, there is something you don’t know. Wu Di was also trained by your family, and his name was also given by Old Master. At that time, Wendy and he were almost taken back by Old Master at the same time. It was also a troublesome thing to give a few names at a time. In order to be simple and easy to remember, Old Master gave them the same name.”

“Hiss… No! Brother Big Ken, according to your words, you should be very familiar with Wu Di!”

“They are indeed very familiar with each other. After all, we have trained together for many years.”

“Then when you met today, why didn’t you even say hello?”

“Ahem… I’m too embarrassed to say this. Well… Young master, Wu Di is also Wendy’s pursuer, my rival in love. When we were training together, we were all young people. We were energetic and very childish. We were estranged because we liked Wendy. Love rivals, love rivals. At the end of the day, it was also a kind of hostile relationship.”

“I see! Later, you succeeded and deepened the contradiction between you and Wu Di. You didn’t even say a word.”

“You know this. In order to ease the contradiction between me and Wu Di, we were assigned to different places after our training. This is also the reason why I have been reluctant to ask you to transfer Wendy to me for a long time. If it weren’t for the conflict between me and Wu Di, you would have taken the initiative to create an opportunity and an environment to cultivate our relationship without my application.”

“I really didn’t expect such a vulgar thing to happen between you top masters. Since my father has helped you both, I have to support him…” Alex took a bunch of keys back and threw them to Big Ken casually. “This is the key to the idle villa. I lend it to you. It’s not for you to live alone. First of all, you have to find a way to let Sister Wendy agree to live with you.”

“Ah? Living together? Can she agree? Isn’t it too fast?”

“What’s the big deal? I don’t want you to live in the same room. It’s just a big door. You have your own rooms.”


Big Ken blushed and hesitated.

However, Alex did not care too much. He patted Big Ken on the shoulder and entered the gym. After greeting Bai Ling and Wendy, he pointed to the door and said to Wendy with a smile, “Sister Wendy, take a rest for a while. Brother Big Ken is outside and said that he wants to see you.”

Wendy looked out of the door and said indifferently, “Let’s talk about it after I’m done with my work.”

“Don’t, Sister Wendy. Brother Big Ken seems to have something important to tell you. How about this, Sister Wendy, I’ll take care of Sister Ling’er’s exercise tonight and give you a night off. When the exercise is over, I’ll send Sister Ling’er home. You don’t have to come here tonight. You can go to work tomorrow morning.”

“Young Master, you’re so busy…”

“What’s there to be so busy about in the middle of the night? Go ahead!”

Alex pushed Wendy out of the door and gave a look that even a man in Big Ken could understand…

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