Super Son-In-Law Chapter 285

Alex really cared about the relationship between Big Ken and Wendy, and he really wanted to help them.

However, as an outsider, he could only do so much. The most important thing was to rely on his Big Ken to fight for it.

Wendy was smart and had already seen through Alex’s thoughts. At the same time as he understood Alex’s good intentions, he did not want to deliberately talk about love. He turned back and wanted to politely refuse Alex’s good intentions. In her opinion, love was just a matter of course.

However, Alex had made up his mind. He closed the door without saying anything. He quietly approached the window next to him and secretly watched Big Ken and Wendy leave the villa. Then he looked away with satisfaction. Bai Ling came to him at some point. He suddenly turned around and almost kissed Bai Ling on the forehead.

“I’ll go!”

Alex was so scared that she jumped to the side subconsciously. She raised her hand and touched her heart, sighing with emotion, “It’s so close, so close, I almost got hit… Sister Ling’er, when did you come here? By the way, you belong to the cat, why are you walking without any sound?”

Bai Ling glanced at Alex with a red face, then quickly lowered her head, pulled the hem of her clothes with both hands, and whispered, “Brother Alex, am I… am I that terrible?”

“Terrrifying? How could that be? You’re so beautiful and cute. You’re far from being ‘frightening’.”

“Then why did you look back at me like you saw a ghost?”

“Cough cough… Sister Ling’er, you’re mistaken. I’m… not afraid of kissing you.”

“At the end of the day, am I still terrifying?”

“No, no, no, I… Sigh, Sister Ling’er, you really misunderstood me. Just now, I just didn’t expect you to come over. When I turned back, I was shocked. Besides, men and women should not be too close. If I really kissed you, I would be a beast. Think about it, if you were scary, we wouldn’t like you so much.”

Bai Ling’s eyes suddenly lit up. She raised her head, tilted her head, and asked expectantly, “Brother Alex, do… do you really like me?”

“I like it, of course I like it… no!”

Alex suddenly realized that his “love” and Bai Ling’s “love” didn’t seem to mean anything. He was in a hurry to explain, but he didn’t know how to say it. He had no choice but to change the topic, put his arm around Bai Ling’s shoulder, and said with a smile, “Let’s continue to practice. Sister Wendy should have made a training plan for you, right? Although she is not here, she still has to keep up with the progress. I will be a temporary coach. Don’t be lazy.”

“No.” Bai Ling’s expression changed very quickly. She straightened her chest and said proudly, “Even Sister Wendy said that I trained very hard and praised me a lot.”

“Mm-hmm, I knew Sister Ling’er was the best! Come, let’s continue… Let’s train together.”

Alex was not just talking about it casually. He really wanted to improve his physical quality a long time ago. It was a pity that he did not have time to do it until now. It was a coincidence that he had a chance today. There was nothing to do at night, and there was a beautiful woman to accompany him. Such a good time could not be wasted.

Because Alex did not have any training plan, he asked Bai Ling about the training plan that Wendy had made for her. According to the strength and quantity, it could be simply used in two ways. When he really practiced, he knew that he had dug a hole for himself and could not complete the plan at all.

Although Bai Ling was a girl, she had been learning dance since she was a child. Her basic skills were very good, her body was very flexible, and her flexibility was very high. It was easy to catch her waist, fork, and upside down.

As for Alexs, they had never received professional training before. At most, they could run and run. Relying on their physical strength, it wasn’t a big problem for them to complete strength exercise, but they couldn’t reach the standard for testing their flexibility and muscle stretch.

Fortunately, Bai Ling did not mean to laugh at Alex. She also followed the example of Wendy and patiently guided Alex.

However, there was something wrong with the style. It seemed that Bai Ling had become the coach for Alex.

Bai Ling’s guidance was very serious, but Alex was a little embarrassed. In order to save face, he hurriedly ended the test of flexibility and flexibility. He lay on the ground, stretched out his arms to support his body, and said to Bai Ling, “I’d better do push-ups, but there is no challenge in ordinary times. It’s more difficult to add points. Come on… sit on my back!”

“Ah?” Bai Ling opened her mouth wide in shock and asked worriedly, “Brother Alex, can you do it?”

“Look at what you’re saying! I’m a man, how can I not? Come on, let me show you my strength!”

“Well, you can take it easy… I’ll take it easy too.”

Bai Ling reluctantly agreed and sat on Alex’s back. Considering that this would put too much pressure on Alex, she changed her movements and rode on Alex’s back. In this way, she could step on the ground with her two feet and use it to help Alex cheat.

In order to save face, Alex did push-ups very seriously.

In order to save Alex’s face, Bai Ling cooperated very carefully.

A few minutes later, Alex’s forehead was sweating from exhaustion and his hands were trembling. However, he still managed to hold on and pretended to be relaxed as he asked, “Sister Ling’er, how many have I done?”

“I don’t count. You don’t count, either?”

Bai Ling was very embarrassed. At this moment, she had been thinking about how to save time and energy for Alex on the premise that Alex would not find any clues. She was in no mood to count.

Besides, from the very beginning, Alex did not ask her to help count.

Hearing this, Alex was immediately discouraged and collapsed to the ground.

Bai Ling, who was leaning forward with her hands on the back of Alex, lost her balance and fell down, lying on the back of Alex.

At this moment, the door was pushed open with great force. Isla’s voice cut through the air and went straight into the depths of Alex’s soul. “Bastard! What… what are you doing?”

Bai Ling was so scared that she trembled all over and quickly got up. While pulling Alex up, she said to Isla eagerly, “Sister Lala, don’t misunderstand. Brother Alex and I are exercising.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Alex stood up and nodded repeatedly. “I’m doing push-ups!”

Isla asked with a gloomy face, “Alex, are you doing push-ups? What about her?”

“She’s increasing the difficulty for me!”

“Really? She’s lying on your back and blowing in your ear to test your willpower?”

“No… What’s wrong with this? The difficulty I’m talking about is to increase the weight, which has nothing to do with the willpower.”

Alex knew that Isla had misunderstood, so his fatigue suddenly disappeared and he had strength all over his body. He was full of confidence when he spoke.

Of course, the main reason why he was so confident was that he was not afraid of his shadow.

On the contrary, Bai Ling, who was implicated, looked very nervous and kept helping Alex to explain to Isla. Considering that the verbal speech might not be convincing enough, she even raised two fingers to swear to the sky, eager to prove Alex’s innocence.

In fact, Isla also knew that Alex and Bai Ling had just been too close to each other and had not done anything inappropriate. However, she just couldn’t stand the fact that other women and Alex were involved. Jealousy came and she interrupted Bai Ling. She pointed to the cushion on the ground and said to Alex, “Don’t you want to do push-ups to increase the weight? Come on, continue, I will be your burden-bearing object!”

Alex waved his hand resentfully. “Don’t… don’t do that!”

“Oh… Other women can sit on your back, but I can’t, can I?”

“Okay, I’m sure! But I’ve just done a lot, and I can’t take it anymore.”

“You don’t have confidence in your own strength. Are you afraid that you can’t support me?”


“So you think I’m fat?”


For the first time, Alex felt that he could not speak. He had met a strong opponent. He knew that it was useless to say anything now. The only way to resolve Isla’s anger was to let her take a breath. So he lay on the ground neatly and said to Isla seriously, “Come on!”

“Humph! Then you have to hang on… To tell you the truth, I am really fat!”

As Isla spoke, a sly look flashed across his eyes.

After that, Isla sat down on Alex’s waist.


The next second, the wailing of Alex cut through the quiet night sky…

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