Super Son-In-Law Chapter 286

Although Isla was not fat, she was about 1.65 meters tall and belonged to the “full” type. Her weight was definitely more than 50 kilograms, at least 5 kilograms heavier than the thin and thin Bai Ling. What was more important was that she was angry now and wanted to punish Alex, but she did not save energy for Alex like Bai Ling did. Instead, she pressed all the weight of her body on it firmly.

Alex was ready to deal with the heavy pressure, but he still couldn’t bear it. He hit the cushion and complained in pain, “Isla, you are too cruel. I just want to ask you a question. What’s the benefit of breaking my waist?”

Isla stood up slowly, patted her butt, and replied casually, “Alex, didn’t you ask for it yourself? The elders have said that if you don’t have the diamond, don’t take charge of the porcelain work. Since you can’t bear it, don’t do this again in the future! Otherwise, I will teach you a lesson every time I see you!”

“You’ve finally revealed your nature, haven’t you? From the beginning, you just wanted to deal with me?”

“I… So what?”

Isla didn’t pay attention to it and said it was exposed.

But after a few seconds of panic, she made up her mind and generously admitted the fact, which made Alex speechless.

It was just like a quarrel between husband and wife. If they only blamed each other, they could continue to quarrel for a long time because there were always endless contradictions between husband and wife. When they quarreled, they could even talk about trivial things. But once the woman said “I am unreasonable, what do you want?”, the man did not know how to answer.

This kind of phenomenon was related to gender. Men were generally rational and liked to reason.

As for women, they were mostly emotional. They were not used to listening to big principles and liked to do whatever they wanted. To put it bluntly, they were willful.

Fortunately, when Alex was in college, he inadvertently flipped through the books about how men and women got along with each other. He knew the most fundamental difference between men and women. At this moment, he was just a little speechless and did not get angry. As a man, he still had a certain degree of tolerance. He knew that it was meaningless to continue arguing, so he chose to avoid the edge and took the loss silently.

Seeing that Alex was honest, Isla thought he must have learned his lesson. She had achieved her goal and was no longer aggressive.

After Bai Ling confirmed that the “war” on the scene had been put out, she quickly helped Alex up and asked with fear, “Brother Alex, is your waist really broken? Why don’t you go to the hospital?”

Alex waved his hand and said, “No, no, I’m in good health. How can it be so easy to flash to my waist?”

“That’s good, that’s good… I was scared to death. Brother Alex, then go to rest…”

“I’m really fine. Sister Ling’er, continue your training!”

Alex noticed that Isla’s expression, which had just softened, was becoming more and more serious. He quickly interrupted Bai Ling. He did have a good memory. He really did not dare to contact other women in front of Isla… He would not do it behind her back. Even if he was not a person who liked to pick on flowers and mess with grass, he should pay more attention to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

After Isla’s fuss, Alex’s enthusiasm for exercise was reduced a lot. At least he would not continue to train today. He took a few bottles of sportswear from the refrigerator and handed one to Isla and Bai Ling respectively. He also opened one bottle and left the gym with Isla while drinking. He came to the living room on the first floor and asked casually, “Isla, why do you have time to come here today?”

“What’s wrong…” Isla rolled her eyes at Alex and said, “Do you want to say that I disturbed you?”

“Of course not. For me, it’s the best thing for you to come here.”

“Yo… I haven’t seen you for a few days. You’ve grown up. You’re a straight man. How can you learn how to talk glibly?”

“Then I may disappoint you. I’m still the same as I used to be. I haven’t changed at all. I don’t know how to talk glibly and only know how to tell the truth… Alright, let’s be serious. You have something to do with me, right?”

“You still haven’t seen it? I’m here to deal with you!”

Isla was indeed fine, but she had long wanted to come and have a look, so she just looked around casually. However, she lived very close to Alex, but recently Alex was too busy snd he didn’t go to Gold Stone and rarely showed up at home. Just now, she met Big Ken and Wendy. When she learned that Alex was at home, she immediately came over.

Although there had been an interlude just now, now that her anger had subsided, she was still very happy to have a chat with Alex. What was more straightforward was that she felt happy both physically and mentally.

And this was the so-called love…

The whole night was silent.

The next morning, Alex got up early. He wanted to call Big Ken to ask about the progress, but he was afraid of disturbing Big Ken and Wendy’s sweet dreams. So he ran over quietly, leaned against the door of the villa, and began to observe. He didn’t see anything. Suddenly, he heard Big Ken’s voice. “Young Master, what are you doing?”

Alex turned around in surprise and saw Big Ken staring at him curiously, and Wendy was also there.

Big Ken and Wendy were both wearing shorts and vests, which were typical sports suits. They were sweating. Alex understood at a glance and said with an awkward smile, “I just wanted to see if you got up. I didn’t expect that you got up so early. Did you come back in the morning?”

“Yes, I’m used to getting up early.” Big Ken nodded and replied, “I’m also used to morning jogging.”

“Did you… not do any exercise last night?”

“I usually don’t exercise at night. Have a good rest at night, or I won’t be energetic every day.”

Big Ken answered very seriously.

However, Wendy heard the implication of Alex’s words and felt a little embarrassed. He raised his hand to smooth the hair around his ear and changed the topic. “Young master, then you can talk. It’s getting late. I should go to take a shower and go to work. By the way… thank you for arranging a place for me.”

“You’re welcome, Sister Wendy. Go do your work. Don’t worry about us.”

Alex waved his hand and watched Wendy enter the villa. He turned his head and winked at Big Ken. “Brother Big Ken, what did you arrange last night?”

Big Ken shrugged. “Nothing much. She lives in the master bedroom, and I live in the second bedroom.”

“Well, keep working hard and try to get the master bedroom!”

“There’s no need to fight. I gave the master bedroom to her.”

“No…” Alex was very ashamed and couldn’t help sighing. “Isla has always said that I am a straight man, but I didn’t expect that you are stronger than me, so you can’t be like that, brother! I feel that the relationship between you and Sister Wendy is too pure, and the main reason is that you are too hard-hearted. Men should take the initiative and be worse… men are not bad and women don’t love them. But it’s not bad like losing conscience, but… I don’t know what to say. Anyway, that’s what I mean. Do you understand?”

Big Ken scratched his head and replied with a bitter smile, “Young Master, I probably understand what you mean. However… I don’t have much experience in love, so I have to take it slow. Let’s talk about it first. Let’s go and get something to eat, Young Master.”

Alex nodded and went to eat breakfast with Big Ken. He brought back a few more portions and let Wendy and Isla eat separately. Then, he came to Gold Stone with Isla.

Felix reported the company’s recent situation to Alex and then changed the subject. “President Cohen, there’s another private matter I want to tell you…”

“Buzz buzz buzz…”

But at this moment, Alex’s cell phone rang. When he saw that it was from Xie Si, he quickly stood up and said to Felix, “Wait a minute. I’ll answer an important phone call. There may be something urgent.”

“Okay!” Felix nodded and said, “You deal with the business first.”

Alex walked to the window and picked up the phone. “Hello,Xie Si. What’s the matter? What? Have you found Meng Fanyong?”

Hearing this, Big Ken immediately became interested. He quickly ran over and leaned in front of Alex to listen carefully. On the other side, Xie Si reported that a few minutes ago, in a village about 70 kilometers to the west of Qingyun District, the brothers stationed in the village found the target car. Through further observation, they saw the suspect wearing the “Monkey Head Mask” who was Meng Fanyong.

After understanding the situation, Alex gave an order without hesitation, “Thank you Xie Si, let the brothers in the village hide well and keep an eye on them secretly. Don’t show up, and you can’t confront Meng Fanyong directly. I’ll leave now and rush over as soon as possible!”

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