Super Son-In-Law Chapter 288

Alex clung to the wall beside the door and poked out half of its head. It could see clearly that the person who was looking down from the window on the third floor was Meng Fanyong! The reason why it could confirm his identity at a glance was that the fluff on Meng Fanyong’s face was so unique that it was difficult not to recognize him.

Big Ken and Wu Di, who were hiding on the other side of the gate, also wanted to see. Alex quickly winked at them and cooperated with their gestures to tell them that the target had been confirmed. However, Meng Fanyong’s companion did not show up. In order to catch the two opponents in one fell swoop, it was not the time to show up yet.

As Alex was gesturing, another young man with a crew cut appeared in front of the window on the third floor.

When the crew cut man saw that the glass of the car was smashed, he immediately looked around vigilantly. He did not find anything unusual, and said with a gloomy face, “I guess it was done by some naughty kid. Let’s go down and have a look!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Meng Fanyong jumped out of the window before he was stopped by the man with crew cut. He jumped down from the third floor and landed on an air conditioner machine on the second floor. He did not stop but jumped out again and landed steadily on the ground.

The whole movement was smooth and smooth, as easy as raising a hand and a foot.

And there was almost no sound when they landed on the ground.

Not to mention outsiders, as Meng Fanyong’s companion, the man with the crew cut almost dropped his chin in shock. He said that he would go down the corridor to have a look. Unexpectedly, Meng Fanyong, whose intelligence had seriously declined, had a deviation in his understanding. Relying on his agility, he jumped down directly.

“Don’t move, stand still!”

The man with the crew cut quickly came to his senses. He pointed at Meng Fanyong and roared like a child, and then went downstairs as fast as he could. There was no other way. If he went down slowly, Meng Fanyong might do something shocking again.

Although the devilish brat was terrifying, his destructive power was limited.

As for Meng Fanyong, his intelligence was not as good as that of a naughty child, but his destructive power was beyond imagination.

It was not that they were kind-hearted and did not want to destroy it, but that they had a task and carried the identity of fugitive. They had to keep a low profile before completing the task. They could not attract any attention. This was a death order issued by the superiors. The man with the crew cut did not dare to disobey. Not only did he have to control himself, but he also shouldered the heavy responsibility of keeping an eye on Meng Fanyong…

Seeing that Meng Fanyong was still standing by the car, the man with the crew cut felt a little relieved, but he was still angry. He couldn’t help but scold, “There is something wrong with your fucking brain… Forget it, I don’t want to scold you. But remember, you can take action after you figure out my instructions in the future. Without my orders, you are absolutely not allowed to act recklessly!”

Meng Fanyong asked with a puzzled face, “Boss, what did I do wrong?”

“You… Forget it. I shouldn’t have asked you to do this. You’re right. It’s all my fault, okay?”

In the crew cut man’s view, if he wanted to communicate with Meng Fanyong normally, he had to lower his IQ to Meng Fanyong’s level. But he couldn’t do it, so he didn’t waste his time. He quickly walked to the side of the car to check, took out the half brick from the car, frowned, and walked to the gate.

At this moment, Wu Di made an “OK” gesture at Alex. Then he strode out and stood at the gate, followed by Alex and Big Ken, who were eager to have a try. The three of them blocked the gate tightly.

When the crew cut man saw Wu Di, he realized that something was wrong. He stopped subconsciously and his nerves tensed up. But he didn’t know Wu Di, so he didn’t know how serious the problem was. When he saw Alex and Big Ken, his eyes suddenly darkened.

Although the crew cut man had never seen Alex and Big Ken before, he recognized them on the spot after seeing their photos.

Alex noticed the change in the man’s eyes and asked curiously, “Do you know me?”

The crew cut man was also confused and said in a panic, “Alex? How… how did you get here?”

“Hiss… Do you really know me? Who are you?”

Alex was very puzzled. He racked his brains but could not remember the man with the crew cut. He could confirm that he had never seen him before.

At this time, the man with the crew cut was also in a mess. He had never expected that their secret whereabouts would be known by Alex and they would come here so quickly. When he planned this with his superiors, he did not expect this to happen at all.

This unexpected change came too suddenly. The superior was not in front of them, so they could not discuss it. They did not make a emergency plan for this situation in advance, which made the man with crew cut panic for a moment. He was so anxious that his forehead was sweating. He looked like an ant on a hot pot.

Wu Di had been staring at Meng Fanyong ever since he appeared.

The look in his eyes was similar to that of a kitten that had seen a mouse.

Just as Alex was about to ask the man with the crew cut, Wu Di put his hand behind his back and said in a low voice, “Mr. Cohen, I’m sorry to interrupt you. You can step back first. If you have anything to say, I’ll take them down first! At that time, I promise I’ll give you enough time.”

Before Alex answered, the man with crew cut suddenly turned around and ran away. He grabbed Meng Fanyong and shouted, “Retreat!”

“You want to run? No way!”

Wu Di also shouted, took out a strange gun, and chased after them. At the same time, he raised the gun to aim at the man with crew cut and Meng Fanyong, but failed to hit them. This was not a killing gun, but a suffocating anesthetic gun, which could make people faint.

Generally speaking, the people of the Special Operations Group would be assigned this kind of special gun, which was a common weapon used to deal with mutants.

Alex and Big Ken didn’t stand there foolishly, following Wu Di closely.

The speed of the three of them was not slow, neither was the man with the crew cut and Meng Fanyong.

The man with the crew cut rushed to the wall on the side of the courtyard, stepped on the edge of a washing table piled up with a turning head, and flew up with the help of the force. He looked like a lightness skill played in TV series, as if he was not bound by gravity. His other foot directly jumped over the wall that was no less than three meters high, and turned over very flexibly.

Then, Meng Fanyong did the same thing. His actions were more beautiful than that of the man with a crew cut.

Alex had personally witnessed the Transcendent skills of the mutant and was greatly shocked, causing him to be a little absent-minded. His footsteps did not keep up with the rhythm of the upper body and he almost fell off the team in an instant. Fortunately, Wu Di and Big Ken were no longer surprised by this situation. Their speed did not slow down, and they went out of the small courtyard with the same movement.

The four of them disappeared in the blink of an eye, which made Alex ashamed and envious.

However, Alex knew his limits and knew that with his physical quality, he couldn’t complete such a difficult move, so he didn’t try at all. He used his feet to borrow strength from the sink and tried his best, but only grabbed the edge of the wall with his hands and pulled out of the wall with a very ordinary move.

Alex thought that he had completely left the team. After landing outside the yard, he found that the crew cut man and Meng Fanyong were surrounded by Big Ken and Wu Di. Thanks to Wu Di and others, Wu Di arranged well and his two subordinates had high execution power. They ran over in time and blocked the way of the two opponents.

The crew cut man was just surprised by the arrival of Alex and thought that everyone else was Alex’s subordinate.

But now, the crew cut man looked around and finally fixed his eyes on Wu Di. He asked in surprise, “Are you… are you from the Special Operations Group?”

Wu Di snorted and said, “At least you have some knowledge! I am Wu Di, the person in charge of the subordinate group of Quill City in the special operations group. Since you know the special operations group, you should know what the consequences will be if you dare to resist after I reveal my identity! If you don’t want to die too miserably, you should be with your companions and surrender obediently!”

“I’m just surprised by your visit. Do you think I’m afraid of you? I admit that the Special Operations Group has recruited several masters whose strength is higher than ours, but the masters are all at the headquarters. You’re just a follower of the subordinate group. Do you still want to scare me? Don’t pee!”

“Why don’t you pee now?”

Wu Di was not angered by the crew cut man. He followed his pace and began to fill the anesthetic gun with special bullets. Suddenly, he turned his head and said to Big Ken, “This is our special task. We can solve it. You just need to protect Mr. Cohen. You don’t have to participate in the battle…”

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