Super Son-In-Law Chapter 289

Without hesitation, Big Ken nodded and agreed. He took a step forward to protect Alex.

However, Alex heard another meaning and felt a little uncomfortable. He said softly, “Brother Big Ken, I seem to have become a burden to you. It’s my fault for being thoughtful. If I had known this, I wouldn’t have come here. Fortunately, we have the advantage in numbers this time, so there won’t be any trouble. If you can’t do anything to protect me and lead to the failure of the final task, then I would have committed a great sin.”

“Young Master, you worry too much!”

Big Ken shook his head, turned around and said to Alex seriously, “This time, I didn’t object to your coming to meet with extremely dangerous people. I just wanted you to gain more experience and didn’t mean to let you participate in the battle. I’m the same, just accompanying you to watch the fun. I didn’t want to intervene in the special operations from the beginning.”

Big Ken’s words were true and tactful.

To be exact, Big Ken had specially asked Alex to broaden his horizons today.

Big Ken knew that Alex was very flexible. Compared with ordinary people, he was well-informed.

However, people were different. With the current knowledge of Alex, it was not enough to match one’s identity. There were still many unknown fields that needed to be understood and explored. In other words, Alex had to see more, understand more, and subtly improve one’s vision, awareness, and other basic qualities from the bones to adapt and control one’s identity.

Otherwise, he would become a laughing stock like Yu Zhe, who looked glamorous on the surface and had a rotten inside.

Take the mutant for example. Alex had only heard of his name before and had never seen him before.

Today is a good opportunity for Alex to get close to mutant…

On the other side, Alex and Big Ken were whispering. On the other side, Wu Di did not reach an agreement with the man with crew cut. In just a few minutes, they had reached the climax and were about to fight.

The man with the crew cut wanted to run away, but he had no chance. Let’s do it, and he was afraid of the anesthetic gun. It could be said that it was difficult for him to get down, and it was difficult for him to advance or retreat. After thinking for a few seconds with a sullen face, he suddenly put his right hand into his trouser pocket. At the same time, he raised his head and said before Wu Di fired, “Wait a minute!”

Wu Di did not stop. He maintained the posture of raising his gun and aiming at the man with crew cut, shouting, “Don’t move!”

“Don’t be nervous. I don’t have any weapons on me…” The crew cut man stretched out his left hand to signal Wu Di to relax. His right hand slowly pulled out from his trouser pocket and took out a small object the size of a finger. He showed Wu Di the red button on the other end of the object, and an evil smile suddenly appeared on the corner of his mouth. “But I have something to control weapons. You should know what this is, right?”

Wu Di fixed his eyes on it. His right hand, which was holding the gun, suddenly trembled. He widened his eyes and exclaimed, “A detonator?”

“That’s right! Do you think I’m not prepared at all? To be honest, I’ve already installed a bomb in a certain place in the hotel. As long as I press this button, the bomb will explode. Although the bomb can’t destroy the hotel, it can still blow up several people. As far as I know, your Special Unit has a ban, which is not allowed to hurt innocent people. I guess you won’t ignore the lives of those people with flattop haircuts in the hotel, right?”

“You’re deliberately mystifying! If you really prepared this move, why did you run away just now?”

“Do you know what the emergency plan is? It’s a special plan that can only be used at the most critical moment? The bomb is my trump card. If there’s no other way, I won’t show it at all. Besides, if I detonate the bomb in the yard, won’t I die with you? Am I so stupid? Of course, believe it or not. If you don’t believe me, you can give it a try.”

“What do you want?”

“It’s very simple. As long as you let us go, I’ll tell you the location of the bomb.”

“Let you go? You’re too naive!”

Wu Di’s attitude was still tough. In fact, he hesitated in his heart, because he couldn’t afford the possible risk. He didn’t care about his own safety, but as the man with the crew cut said, he didn’t want to hurt innocent people. The original intention of the establishment of the special operations group was to eliminate safety measures and protect the public.

It was just an action to eliminate hidden dangers and protect the public.

For a special organization like the Special Operations Group whose functions were relatively simple but targeted, the safety of the organization couldn’t be changed. Even under any circumstances, the priority was to protect the public. If they wanted to eliminate hidden dangers and harm innocent people, then the loss outweighed the gain.

Since the goal could not be changed, the principle could only be changed.

This was the reason why Wu Di did not shoot for a long time in the face of the target who was close at hand.

The targets had to be dealt with, but the solution was not fixed. They needed to adapt to the circumstances.

Like Wu Di, the man with the crew cut did not show his real thoughts. He pretended to be calm and argued with Wu Di, “Since you don’t take the ban seriously and don’t know how to adapt, then shoot. I can guarantee that even if you hit me with one shot, I will press the button before I lose consciousness! Then… you can take me and the bodies of several innocent people back to report.”


Wu Di was not willing to surrender to the man with the crew cut, but he was caught on the handle, or even his lifeblood. In desperation, he could only suppress his instinct that might urge him to make an impulsive decision. He took a deep breath, gritted his teeth, and made a concession. “I can clearly show my state that it’s impossible for me to let you go directly. But I can give you a chance.”

The man with the crew cut was happy and quickly said, “Tell me about it!”

“It’s very simple. If you throw away the detonating device and I put down the anesthetic gun, you and I will have a fair fight without any interference. If you win, I will let you go today. If we win, then you can only accept the arrangement of God, die as soon as possible and reincarnate as soon as possible.”

“Humph! If we win, we can leave by ourselves. Why do we need you to let us go?”

“Cut the crap. Just tell me if you dare to accept the challenge!”

Wu Di was almost provoked by the man with the crew cut just now. Finally, he could fight back.

The man with the crew cut fell into a short silence with a gloomy face. After turning his head to look at Meng Fanyong, he suddenly glared at him and said, “Well! Since you don’t know your limits and want to challenge us, I’ll give you a chance! I’ll count to one, two, three. Let’s throw out the things in our hands together!”

“Let’s begin!”

“One… two… three!”

After the countdown, Wu Di and the man with crew cut threw away the things in their hands.

The reason why Wu Di did not play any tricks was that he still had spare weapons on him and his two subordinates. He was not afraid that Crew Cut would make any trouble. However, if Crew Cut really lost the detonating device, he did not need to use spare weapons. He even had the confidence to take down the two targets with bare hands.

The reason why the crew cut man didn’t play tricks was that he didn’t want to miss such a rare opportunity.

The so-called bomb was a lie made up by the man with the crew cut. It was not easy to win a fair fight by relying on a temporary idea. The requirements could not be too high. If Wu Di was forced to be anxious and shot, then he and Meng Fanyong would not even have a chance to save themselves…

Before the anesthetic gun and detonating device fell to the ground, the five people on both sides launched attacks.

A great battle was about to break out.

In order to catch the thief first, Wu Di wanted to confront the crew cut man. However, the crew cut man seemed to deliberately avoid him and urged him to fight with Meng Fanyong.

The two subordinates who were weaker than Wu Di launched attacks on the man with crew cut.

To Alexs, the battle between an evolution and a mutant was like a battle between gods.

The match between the two groups was so intense that Alex couldn’t even watch it. His eyes kept switching back and forth between the two groups, which was dazzling and more exciting than watching a movie. His body couldn’t help but move. He unconsciously played the role and imagined himself as Wu Di, causing his adrenaline to soar rapidly.


Suddenly, Meng Fanyong’s punch missed and hit the wall, leaving a hole in it!

Seeing this scene, Alex was instantly petrified…

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