Super Son-In-Law Chapter 290

Driven by curiosity, Alex walked to the hole in a daze.

After a close look, he learned that this inn was not built by the common solid brick. It was made of cement that was similar to the material used to reconcile mixed soil, which was commonly known as hollow brick. This kind of brick was rarely seen in the city, and generally used in the countryside. Its hardness might not be as hard as the solid red brick, but one could imagine with one’s toes how soft the brick that could be used to build houses was.

In modern movies, it was often seen to break bricks with bare hands.

However, it was just like a beer bottle used to hit the head. They were all special props, not real objects!

What Meng Fanyong hit was not a temporary wall built by the crew with props and bricks, but a real wall.

And it was a load-bearing wall!

With Meng Fanyong’s strength, wouldn’t he be able to demolish the house with bare hands?

Who could take it?

The more Alex thought about it, the more shocked he became. He subconsciously turned his head and stared at Meng Fanyong. Two words flashed in his mind: Monster!

A human-shaped monster was not something an ordinary person could do at all!

Big Ken had been protecting Alex all the time. While paying attention to the battle situation, he said to Alex earnestly, “Young Master, now you should have a direct understanding of the strength of the mutant, right? If you have seen it with your own eyes, you can find the reason why ordinary people can’t compete with the mutant from this hole.”

“Terrrifying!” Alex couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. “Meng Fanyong’s strength is too horrible. Brother Big Ken, if an ordinary person was punched by him, the external and internal injuries would be secondary. The main problem is that his internal organs would be shattered, right? I don’t even have the chance to say the last words…”

“More than that, more than that! Wendy told me that when she was carrying out a task, she saw with her own eyes a bloody scene that was even more horrible than what you said. A mutant whose strength should not be less than Meng Fanyong’s. When he bullied an ordinary person, he pierced through his opponent’s chest with his bare hands.”

“What? A hole… a hole?”

Alex subconsciously covered his heart and began to fantasize about the scene that Big Ken had said.

As a result, he couldn’t help shivering. His arms were full of goosebumps, and his voice was trembling.

Big Ken noticed that Alex was scared and hurriedly consoled, “Young master, don’t worry too much. A mutant is indeed terrifying, but the strength of a mutant is divided into different levels according to the degree of variation. Not all mutants have such terrifying strength. Moreover, there are natural enemies for a mutant.”


Alex took a deep breath and calmed down a little. “Brother Big Ken, do you mean the Special Operations Group?”

“The Special Action Group specializes in dealing with mutants. All of the members of the Special Action Group are evolutions. As for the evolutions, they basically have the comprehensive strength to confront the mutant head-on. Just now, Meng Fanyong’s punch failed. Ordinary people can’t trap him, but the evolutions can withstand it.”

“Hiss… can you resist it by force?”

“That’s right, this has something to do with a person’s physical quality. For example, carrying a heavy load would be a bit difficult for an ordinary person to carry something weighing a hundred jin, right? As an evolution, I can carry a heavy object weighing a hundred jin with one hand and run. Cough cough… young master, in order to prove that I’m not bragging, I’ll show you a bit.”


Alex’s curiosity was aroused. He stared at Big Ken eagerly and asked, “How to show it?”

Big Ken lowered his head and looked around. He casually picked up a brick fragment that had just been hit by Meng Fanyong, which was about the size of an egg. He showed it to Alex, then bent his five fingers, held the fragment in his palm, bit his teeth, and suddenly exerted force.

When Big Ken opened his palm again, the pieces turned into a pile of chopsticks-sized debris!

Big Ken’s hand was intact.

Alex was dumbfounded again. He gave Big Ken a thumbs-up and said in surprise, “Amazing!”

Big Ken clapped his hands and replied casually, “It’s nothing. You’ll see someone stronger than me in the future… Young Master, look, the battle seems to be over!”

When the science time was over, Alex turned his attention to the two groups of battles with Big Ken.

As Big Ken said, the battle between the two groups was coming to an end, and the Special Operations Group took the initiative.

However, in the one-on-one battle between Wu Di and Meng Fanyong, because their strength was close, the situation of the battle was even more anxious. The other team fought against two against one, and Wu Di’s two subordinates completely had the upper hand. The crew cut man braced himself to hold on for a few minutes. The disadvantage was obvious, and he could only be pressed against the ground.

While speaking, the man with the crew cut suffered several heavy blows in a row and was completely defeated. He was firmly controlled.

Wu Di saw that a subordinate was ready to come and help, so he stopped him in time. “I can handle it. Don’t come over!”

It turned out that Wu Di was not proud and arrogant, but had enough strength and confidence.

After a few minutes of high-intensity combat, Wu Di had not only figured out Meng Fanyong’s strength and tricks, but also thought of a way to win. After he ordered his subordinates to retreat, he seized Meng Fanyong’s weakness and began to harvest. In less than two minutes, he knocked Meng Fanyong out.

Before Wu Di could catch his breath, he took the rope from his subordinate and quickly tied Meng Fanyong’s hands and feet firmly. Then he picked up the anesthetic gun and shot at Meng Fanyong’s neck.

Alex was stunned and asked with a confused face, “Wu Di, you mean to kill such a dangerous person like Meng Fanyong on the spot? Why do you still keep him?”

Wu Di put away the anesthetic gun and patiently explained, “President Cohen, you don’t know that our Special Operations Group will only kill the mutant on the spot when there is no other way. Those who can be captured alive as much as possible will be captured, and then sent to headquarters for research. In order to deal with the mutant, we need to thoroughly research the mutant. It is not convenient for us to train the research object by ourselves, so we can only treat the captured mutant as a lab mouse…”

“Oh… What if the captured mutant runs away during the transportation?”

“No, I won’t. The bullets I used contained a drug that was specially developed for mutants. It can at least ensure that the mutant who was shot will be unconscious for 72 hours and can be continuously used. Even if I can’t send it to headquarters within three days, I can calculate the time to make up for the shot.”

“I see!”

After learning the truth, Alex’s doubts were dispelled and she didn’t ask any more questions.

Wu Di asked one of his subordinates to take Meng Fanyong away in advance, and then asked another subordinate to collect the bullets that had just been fired in the yard of the hotel. Then he picked up the detonator, pointed to the crew cut man and said to Alex, “President Cohen, find a quiet place and let’s have a good talk with him.”

Upon hearing this, the man with the crew cut was scared. He struggled fiercely, stared at Wu Di and asked, “What are you going to do? I warn you, you’d better not act recklessly. Otherwise, even if you are a member of the special forces, you will pay a heavy price for today’s behavior!”

“I gave you a chance. It’s you who failed to grasp it. How dare you threaten me now?”

“Humph, now it’s my turn to give you a chance!”

“No… I’m very curious. You’re already like this. Where did you get the confidence to give me a chance?”

“Look at the time, my helper should be coming soon!”

“Really? Did you secretly send a distress signal?”

“You finally thought of this? Unfortunately, it’s too late!”

There was an emergency call for help on the side of the crew cut man’s mobile phone. At the critical moment, he didn’t need to take out his mobile phone or unlock it. He only needed to put his hand into his pocket and press the button for three seconds. Then he could automatically open the position and send a distress text message. The content of the letter received and text message had already been set up.

Now that he had spoken, the man with the crew cut no longer needed to act. His confidence was instantly restored, and his extreme confidence was beyond words.

However, Wu Di sneered and found all the mobile phones, wallets, and car keys on the man with crew cut. He turned on the mobile phone and looked at them. Then he raised the mobile phone in front of the man with crew cut and said calmly, “I forgot to tell you that I have the attributes of shielding signal. No matter where I go, the electromagnetic signal within a radius of 50 meters will be blocked with me as the center. So… I’m sorry to tell you that your distress signal has not been sent out!”

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