Super Son-In-Law Chapter 292

Big Ken and Wu Di also stared at each other, wondering what Yang Changhao was up to.

As a subordinate of Yang Changhao, Cui Junlin was stunned at this moment. He ignored the situation where he was under the control of others and said to the mobile phone eagerly, “Brother Hao, may I ask what you are doing? Are you… are you going to make me and Meng Fanyong surrender?”

This question was what Alex and the others wanted to ask. They all listened carefully.

On the other end of the phone, Yang Changhao was a little impatient. He said in a much heavier tone, “If I asked you to beat me, why would you talk so much nonsense? Don’t think about it. I’m not as stupid as Meng Fanyong. How can I trap my own people? Besides, if I want you to turn yourself in, why should I let you run so far away?”

“No… Brother Hao, I just don’t know what to do. After all, the people of the municipal public security bureau are not easy to deal with.”

“What are you afraid of? I don’t want you to confront the City Public Security Bureau. The first step is to call the police, and there are follow-up operations. It will take at least an hour to rush to you from Quill City District. After half an hour after the City Public Security Bureau received the feedback and sent people to deal with this matter, I will send you a message. At that time, you can take Meng Fanyong to run away. Half an hour is enough for you to run away, right? There are two points to pay attention to. First, you don’t run to the city for the time being, and try to go as far away from the urban area as possible! Second, there may be people from the special forces coming to catch you. You must not be careless!”

“I see. Then I’m relieved. Brother Hao, I’ll call you right away!”

“Hurry up! When you attract those people from the Municipal Bureau over, I still have more important things to do. If something happens to you, I will make you suffer!”

“Yes, yes, yes… Don’t worry, Brother Hao, I promise to complete the task!”

In order to prevent Cui Junlin’s wrong words from arousing Yang Changhao’s suspicion, Wu Di decisively hung up the phone and said to Alex, “Mr. Cohen, did you hear anything?”

Alex nodded gently and replied, “If I’m not wrong, Yang Changhao is trying to lure the tiger out of the mountain!”

With a simple sentence, Yang Changhao’s scheme was clearly explained.

In fact, Yu Zhijie and Yang Changhao’s initial plan to deal with Alex was not so complicated. At that time, Alex, the police, and the special operations group didn’t know that they had brought a mutant organization. They didn’t need to do anything stupid at all. As long as they saw the opportunity, they just needed to send the mutant to directly deal with Alex.

But the plan could not catch up with the change, and a small episode happened halfway.

Because Yang Changhao had been following Yu Zhijie all the time, he neglected to control the mutant brought by him. As a result, Meng Fanyong’s whereabouts were exposed, which attracted the attention of Group Leader Pang and the Special Operations Group. Yu Zhijie and Yang Changhao did not take Group Leader Pang seriously, but they had to attach great importance to the Special Operations Group. Both of them knew what the Special Operations Group did and what would happen to the mutant if they were targeted by the Special Operations Group.

This change affected their plan to deal with Alex.

If the mutant they brought were all dealt with by the Special Operations Group, then there was no way to deal with Alex.

In order to avoid this situation, they had to take action before the other mutants they brought were discovered by the special operations group. In order to prevent them from attracting the people of the special operations group in the process of cleaning up Alex, they had to find a way to lure them away in advance.

Yu Zhijie and Yang Changhao knew very well that anyone who was targeted by the special operations group could not escape at all and would be dealt with sooner or later. Therefore, for the sake of safety, they could only give up Meng Fanyong and could not arrange Meng Fanyong to take part in the operation against Alex.

However, it was a pity that the mutant that he had painstakingly cultivated gave up just like that.

It should be known that the lowest quality mutated agent in the black market was worth a million yuan per unit!

Moreover, mutated drugs were extremely rare. They could not be bought without money.

What’s more, buying a mutated agent was only the first step in training a mutated person?

After the discussion, Yu Zhijie and Yang Changhao decided to squeeze out Meng Fanyong’s last value in accordance with the principle of making the best use of the item. They wanted Meng Fanyong to be bait!

Yang Changhao deliberately arranged for Meng Fanyong to expose his whereabouts for the second time, and he also committed a heavy sin. This was the first step to make use of Meng Fanyong, and the next step was to let Cui Junlin take Meng Fanyong to the countryside. The third step was to let Cui Junlin contact the Municipal Bureau and attract the people of the Municipal Bureau who were in charge of hunting Meng Fanyong and the special forces.

As long as Meng Fanyong took the people of the Special Operations Group away from Quill City, there would be no one in Quill City District who could resist the mutant. At that time, it would be easy for them to use the other mutant people hidden for the time being. It would be a piece of cake to deal with Alex.

Yu Zhijie and Yang Changhao firmly believed in this and were full of confidence in the plan they had made.

What they didn’t know was that this plan had almost deviated from the normal track from the beginning.

In the final analysis, they had underestimated the overall strength of Alex.

Taking advantage of Xie Si’s other arrangement, Alex found the target before the police once again, namely Meng Fanyong and Cui Junlin, in time to deal with it and analyzed Yu Zhijie and Yang Changhao’s plan in advance.

Just like how Cui Junlin had not figured out how Alex had found him, Yu Zhijie and Yang Changhao had never thought that when they gave Cui Junlin the next order, Alex, Wu Di, and others were listening…


Alex took a deep breath, silently sorted out Yu Zhijie and Yang Changhao’s plan, and said, “Wu Di, what are you going to do next?”

Wu Di thought for a moment and said, “Mr. Cohen, the fact is right in front of us. Yang Changhao and Yu Zhijie’s scheme is prepared to deal with you. In their opinion, everything is going well. Yang Changhao just said on the phone that there are more important things to do, which means that they are going to take action on you soon. Obviously, you are going to become the most important person. Then, you will make the final decision and I will cooperate with you.”

“We can do whatever we want! Yu Zhijie and Yang Changhao are going to lure you away to deal with me. I also want to lure out all the mutants they brought with me. I guess they will come out when they find a chance to deal with me!”

“No problem! I can contact Group Leader Pang immediately and ask him to cooperate. However… Boss Cohen, if they want to deal with you, they have to find you first. Therefore, I suggest that we return to Quill City immediately. If they can’t find you all the time, they may be suspicious.”

“You’re right. Let’s get moving now!”

After saying that, Alex ran to the village with Big Ken.

Wu Di asked his subordinates to follow the footsteps of Alex with Cui Junlin. He immediately took out his mobile phone and dialed Group Leader Pang’s number, asking him to pretend to have an urgent task and lead the team here. He emphasized that he should choose a few police officers to change into casual clothes to pretend to be members of the special operations group, in order to create an illusion that Yu Zhijie and Yang Changhao’s scheme had succeeded.

On the way back, in order to communicate with Alex, Wu Di and Alex took the same car. About 30 minutes later, the two cars were still halfway. Cui Junlin received a text message from Yang Changhao on his mobile phone. The content was simple and clear, with only one word: Run!

As soon as Wu Di showed the text message to Alex, he saw Group Leader Pang’s car coming towards him.

Both sides stopped their cars and met on the road.

Alex briefly introduced the situation here to Group Leader Pang and then asked, “Did anyone follow you?”

Captain Pang thought for a moment and replied, “When we were in the urban area, there were so many cars. I didn’t pay attention to whether there was anyone following us. But when we arrived at the countryside, there were very few cars on the road. I can be sure that there were no suspicious cars. Mr. Cohen, should I continue to go there, or should I go back with you?”

“If no one is following us, you don’t have to waste that time, but you can’t go back with us. How about this, you change the road and go back to the city. Don’t go back to the city bureau for the time being. Just find a hidden place outside and get ready to support us.”

“Okay! Mr. Cohen, be careful!”

“You too!”

Alex watched Group Leader Pang and the other two cars turn around and leave, and his cell phone suddenly rang…

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