Super Son-In-Law Chapter 293


Alex took out his mobile phone and found that it was a call from an unknown number. He became nervous for no reason. He quickly made a gesture of silence to Big Ken and Wu Di. At the same time, he took a deep breath, picked up the phone, pressed the speaker, and asked tentatively, “Who is it?”

A lazy male voice came from the speaker. “It seems that you haven’t done enough work.”

“Hiss… Yu Zhijie?”

With his super memory, Alex instantly confirmed the identity of the person on the other end of the phone through the voice. When Big Ken and Wu Di heard him call Yu Zhijie’s name, they immediately came over. Big Ken raised his hand and pressed his shoulder, giving him an encouraging look, indicating that he should not be nervous.

In fact, before Alex picked up the phone, he had guessed that it might be Yu Zhijie.

However, in the past, there would usually be relatives or friends being kidnapped. Alex didn’t want to encounter that kind of situation again. This was the reason why he was a little nervous after confirming that it was Yu Zhijie calling. He took a deep breath again and pretended to be calm as he said, “Yu Zhijie, you overestimate your position in my heart. It’s not that I didn’t investigate you well, but that I didn’t want to investigate you at all… All right, stop talking nonsense. What do you want me to do?”

“I want to talk to you…” Yu Zhijie’s voice was very firm, as if he was giving an order. “About ten minutes later, I will arrive at Gold Stone.”

“But I’m not in Gold Stone, and there seems to be nothing to talk about between you and me.”

“That doesn’t count! I can only wait for 10 minutes at most, which is my bottom line. If you are really not in Gold Stone, I can give you 20 minutes from now on. You’d better arrive on time. Otherwise… you have to bear the consequences!”

“Are you threatening me?”

“In fact, I don’t mean that, but if you want to understand it like this… that’s fine. Time doesn’t wait for anyone, you should make a choice quickly.”

Yu Zhijie hung up the phone decisively after he finished speaking.

Alex knew that Yu Zhijie was going to kill him, but he was a little confused. Yu Zhijie didn’t show that he had something on him. Why was he sure that he would rush over? Did Yu Zhijie’s words just come from blind confidence?

It’s obviously impossible. Yu Zhijie still has countless mutants to use!

While he was deep in thought, his Alex’s cell phone rang again. It was a call from Isla this time.

“It’s over. Something might have happened!”

Alex’s heart missed a beat. He quickly picked up the phone and asked eagerly, “Isla, what happened?”

“An emergency!”

On the phone, Isla’s voice was also very urgent. “There is a man named Yang Changhao who is blocking the company gate with a few weirdos. He said that no one is allowed to enter or exit before you show up. He also said that you are not allowed to call the police, otherwise we will regret it. I have already arranged security guards to drive him away, but I can’t make up my mind. I want to ask you what you think. Should I call the police?”

“Don’t, don’t, don’t… don’t call the police! Also, call the security guards back quickly!”


“It’s hard to explain. Just listen to me. All the people in the company, including the security guards, are not allowed to have a conflict with Yang Changhao or call the police! By the way, how many of them are there in total? You said they are weirdos. Where exactly are they?”

Alex finally knew the follow-up of Yu Zhijie.

In Yu Zhijie’s view, Group Leader Pang and the Special Operations Group had been attracted to the countryside by Meng Fanyong, and they had set off for more than half an hour. It was impossible for them to come back in a short time. Yu Zhijie, who was full of confidence, did not put on airs, nor did he use any tricks again. Instead, he directly let Yang Changhao take the other mutants to Gold Stone.

Alex knew very well that Yu Zhijie was going to confront him head-on!

The ordinary people in Gold Stone were no match for Yang Changhao and the others at all. If they fought with each other, the injury would be secondary. The main reason was that it was very likely that someone would die again. It was not what the opponents had done before that they stabbed people in the throat with lots of bamboo sticks.

It was normal for a mutant who had no scruples about the destruction of human nature.

Originally, Alex thought that they could avoid the kidnapping of the people around them this time, but this time, the problem was more serious than ever. Because all the people in Gold Stone were treated as hostages, and their lives were still in danger. That was hundreds of people’s lives, including Isla, Felix, Quinn, and others!

Isla on the other end of the phone didn’t know what had happened, but he could feel the seriousness of the situation from Alex’s tone. He didn’t dare to be careless, so he immediately asked someone to call back the security guard and then introduced the situation to Alex. Yang Changhao brought a total of four people, all men. Two of them had faces and exposed arms, which were covered with fluff, as if they were wearing masks. The eyes of the other two people were bloodshot, and almost their whole eyes were red. They looked very scary.

After learning this, Alex was basically sure that the four people Yang Changhao brought were mutants.

Big Ken added in time. The eyes of the person who was suspected to be a mutant at the entrance of the restaurant were very red. He should be one of Yang Changhao’s men. After many days, that person finally showed up again. From the appearance of Yang Changhao with so many mutants, it could be seen that they should go all out this time.

Of course, if he didn’t have enough confidence, Yu Zhijie and Yang Changhao wouldn’t have done that!

Alex reminded Isla again and again before hanging up the phone. Wiping off the cold sweat on his forehead, he turned around and ran to the car.

Big Ken and Wu Di got on the Lamborghini without hesitation.

Big Ken started the car and said to Alex, “Young master, it will take at least half an hour for us to return to the city. It will take a certain amount of time to get to Gold Stone from the edge of the city. If we can confirm it, we can’t get to Gold Stone in 20 minutes. When Yu Zhijie calls you again, try to buy more time!”

“What if we can’t get it? We can’t arrive in time, and we can’t let everyone in the company wait for death! Let’s find someone to help…”

Alex was burning with anxiety. He immediately contacted Hunter and Xiong Er, asking them to go to Gold Stone for help urgently. Among all the people who needed help, only the three of them had the strength to fight against the mutant. The others went there, but there was no point in increasing casualties.

Hunter, Xiong Da, and Xiong Er all had tasks to carry out, so they could rush to support them temporarily. However, the three of them were not near Gold Stone, so they could not guarantee that they would arrive within 20 minutes. Even if they arrived on time, they could not hold off all their opponents.

Just as Alex and Big Ken were thinking about countermeasures, Wu Di suddenly said, “Mr. Cohen, I have ordered several special forces staff members of the special police brigade to take a helicopter to the scene. The helicopter is faster than a car. It should arrive at the scene in time!”

“Really? That’s great. Thank you!”

Alex had once taken a helicopter and knew how fast it was. He suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.

If the special forces could arrive in time, the risk of Gold Stone people would be reduced a lot.

In a flash, more than ten minutes passed.

Yu Zhijie arrived at the downstairs of Gold Stone and didn’t go upstairs. He didn’t even get out of the car and dialed Alex’s number in the car. When he learned that it would take at least half an hour for Alex to arrive, he thought that Alex was playing a trick, so he refused Alex’s request to wait a little longer.

As Alex and Big Ken had analyzed, Yu Zhijie had indeed made a great decision today, which was why he had made such a big scene. The main reason was that it was too difficult to lure away the people of the Special Operations Group. If he did not take action today, Meng Fanyong would have been abandoned in vain, and it would be difficult for him to encounter such a good opportunity in the future. If he could not deal with Alex today, he must teach Alex a lesson.

Time always passed slowly when they waited.

However, in just a few minutes, there were only hundreds of them.

After Yu Zhijie smoked two cigarettes in a row, the deadline was set for Alex.

Yu Zhijie slammed the cigarette butt out of the car, picked up his mobile phone, dialed Yang Changhao’s number, gritted his teeth, and shouted, “Do it!”

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