Super Son-In-Law Chapter 294

Today, Yu Zhijie and Yang Changhao did not appear at the same time to avoid unnecessary trouble.

However, this operation was discussed in advance by them.

Their plan was discussed in different situations. The first one was that Alex would appear on time, so there was nothing to say but to do it. Those who blocked the way would be killed, but Alex was mainly captured alive. This was the request of Gerald. Gerald’s biggest wish was to kill Alex himself to avenge Jared.

The next point was to witness the death of Alex through the live broadcast.

The result was the same, but the more hatred a person had, the more he cared about how and how to take revenge.

In order to show his sincerity, Yu Zhijie had already expressed his attitude to Gerald through Liang Heng. He would try his best to satisfy Gerald’s needs. However, considering the complicated situation, he didn’t say anything. If he really couldn’t catch him alive, he could only kill him on the spot.

The second plan was that Alex didn’t show up, and they would still teach him a lesson.

Therefore, regardless of whether Alex would appear on time today, Yu Zhijie would eventually issue an order to take action.

At the entrance of Gold Stone, Yang Changhao, who was eager to have a try, hung up the phone and waved his hand. “Action!”

After that, the five of them stepped forward at the same time.

Felix on the opposite side led the security guards and a kind of male staff to prepare for the battle. Although they had heard from Isla that those people on the other side were not people that ordinary people like them could deal with, most of the male staff still took out the courage that a man should have. They stood close to each other, forming a human wall, protecting all the female staff, including Isla and Quinn behind them.

Both sides were at loggerheads, and the situation was very serious.

“Bang bang bang…”

Just then, the unique sound of the propeller came from the air.

Almost everyone present heard it and stopped.

When Isla in the crowd heard the familiar voice, she subconsciously recalled the scene when she was rescued by Alex for the first time and could not help but feel happy.

Yang Changhao’s eyes were sharp. He looked up and found that the approaching helicopter was printed with the words “Quill City Special Force”. His eyes suddenly darkened. “I didn’t expect that the special police team would come so soon. Alex is really powerful. I really underestimated him! Brothers, don’t just stand there. Let’s end this as soon as possible. After this, I’ll treat you to barbecue. The mutton skewers with three points of cooked meat and blood are full!”

With Yang Changhao’s second order, the four men rushed out without hesitation under the stimulation of the barbecue.

In the eyes of mutants and evolutions, ordinary people were weak and could be treated equally. There was no such thing as picking opponents at all, and they were all rushing forward, beating whoever they met. This also made the group of people who rushed the fastest on Felix’s side almost fall to the ground in the blink of an eye.

As he said, in the face of absolute strength, all resistance was in vain.

Fortunately, Alex hadn’t shown up for the time being, so Yang Changhao’s men didn’t show their weapons.

Otherwise, he would have been dead!

However, even if it was a bare-handed punch, the battle prowess of an evolution and a mutant was still exceptionally terrifying.

The people on Felix’s side, whether they were security guards or ordinary staff, could not resist. Felix was a smart person. He realized the seriousness of the problem in a second. In order to prevent death, he quickly issued an order: defend and try to protect themselves as much as possible. They could not fight head-on.

Fortunately, Felix’s orders were timely approved, so everyone raised their vigilance and reduced the casualties.

The scene was in a chaotic battle. It seemed that the fight was very fierce. In fact, Felix was at an absolute disadvantage from the very beginning. They were completely relying on the advantage of numbers. There were still waves of casualties. However, they only lasted for three minutes.

Seeing Yang Changhao leading the way to the female staff, the helicopter finally arrived and landed on the roof. The three special forces rushed to the scene in seconds. There were not many of them, but Wu Di had tried his best to send his subordinates over.

If there were other special forces in other places at this time, Wu Di would have no one to use.

Unfortunately, there were many things that could not be achieved as long as they tried their best.

As for the three evolutions, they could only temporarily hold back the five people on Yang Changhao’s side. The chances of winning were infinitely close to zero. Unless more mutants joined the battle, there was no hope for Felix to reverse the situation.

This was the first time that Felix had seen the battle prowess of a person who had evolved and mutated. They were all terrified when they watched from the side. If it was anyone else, upon seeing that their opponents were all being dragged, with the principle that a wise man would not suffer a loss, the first thing they would think of would definitely be to find an opportunity to escape. After all, with mountains around, there was no need to fear that there would be no firewood. In such an urgent situation, saving one’s life was the most important thing.

Felix resisted the fear in his heart and climbed up with one hand on the ground and the other on the wall. He led the other security guards and staff who could still stand up again to form a human wall for the female employees, hoping to exhaust their opponents in this way.

The female employees, such as Isla and Quinn, could only stand by and do nothing.

When Felix was knocked down again, Quinn rushed over regardless of danger and squatted on the ground to grab Felix’s hand. She was so angry and anxious that she was about to cry. She cried, “I’m sorry, Felix, I can’t help you with anything. How are you? Are you seriously injured?”

Felix covered her severely injured belly, shook her head and said, “I’m fine, I’m fine, just a little hurt. Quinn, don’t think too much about it. In this case, protecting yourself is a great help to me! Hiss… be careful!”

While speaking, Felix was still paying attention to the situation of the battle. When he saw an opponent rushing over, he quickly pushed Quinn away.

As for himself, he couldn’t dodge in time. His side waist was kicked again, and he left the ground. He flew out two meters horizontally and fell heavily on the ground. Not to mention the injury on his side waist, he fell to the ground in the end. His eyes were dizzy and his mind was a little dizzy.

Quinn cried and rushed to Felix again.

At this time, Yu Zhijie, who was still sitting on the roadside downstairs, couldn’t hold back his curiosity and was ready to go up to see what was going on. Just as he pushed the door open and got out of the car, a Land Rover Range Rover whizzed past the car, and the car door was almost hit.

Yu Zhijie was shocked. He guessed that it was Alex’s helper. He quickly closed the door and locked it. He hid in the car and didn’t dare to breathe. He knew that there were several powerful subordinates in Alex, whose strength couldn’t compare with Big Ken’s. He couldn’t beat them.

The new Land Rover Range Rover was the car that Alex had given to Ma Zhiyuan.

After the car stopped on the side of the road, Xiong Da and Xiong Er got out of the car with Ma Zhiyuan. The three of them rushed to Gold Stone at the fastest speed. Without saying anything, they directly joined the battle. Xiong Da and Xiong Er were both evolveers with extraordinary strength. They had the ability to fight against the mutant, and their chances of winning were both very high.

Only Ma Zhiyuan, an ordinary person, was struggling to fight.

When Ma Zhiyuan was injured last time, he had already realized that there was always someone better than him. After that, he rarely talked about such big words as “I can’t find an opponent”. On the way here, he had prepared for a hard fight. Now when he really got involved, he realized that he was not prepared enough: the opponent he faced today was much harder than he had expected.

Fortunately, at this time, the advantage of numbers gradually began to show.

In the case that almost every opponent was entangled by a special master, ordinary people like Ma Zhiyuan and Felix could find an opportunity to launch a sneak attack. Relying on the advantage of numbers, they disrupted the rhythm of the opponents led by Yang Changhao and turned the situation around step by step.

A few minutes passed quickly, and the situation at the scene was finally reversed.

Yang Changhao didn’t expect that Alex could find so many masters in just an hour. Fortunately, Yu Zhijie had almost completed the task. He gritted his teeth again and ordered, “Brothers, withdraw!”

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