Super Son-In-Law Chapter 295

Xiong Da and Xiong Er knew that they couldn’t keep their opponents today, so they didn’t fight.

However, Wu Di’s three subordinates caught up with him without hesitation and showed their anesthetic guns. Just now, the five opponents were in a chaotic state. In order to prevent their own people from being accidentally injured, they did not dare to use weapons. Now, their opponents were rushing to the empty elevator. Finally, they could use guns.

It was impossible for the special forces to let go of a mutant easily.

Yang Changhao had already rushed to the elevator. As he pressed the elevator button, he looked back at his men and accidentally saw the anesthetic gun in the hands of members of the special forces group. His eyes widened and his nerves tensed up. Without thinking, he shouted, “Hurry up, hurry up!”


As soon as he finished speaking, the elevator door opened. Yang Changhao took the lead and jumped in.

At the same time, as the three anesthetic guns made the sound of “biu-biu-biu” sound, the two mutants were hit one after another. One of them stumbled on the two companions running in front of him and was dragged into the elevator by his companions. The other one was not so lucky that he fell about one meter away from the elevator. He shook his head hard, braced himself, and crawled to the elevator close to him.

Yang Changhao didn’t even need to get out of the elevator. All he needed to do was squat at the door and reach out his hand to hold his companion who had been shot.

The problem was that if he stretched out his hand now, not only would it be very likely that his arm would be shot, but it would also delay the closing of the elevator. If the three special operations staff members rushed to the elevator but did not close the door, then everyone in the elevator would become a living target, and none of them would be able to escape!

Yang Changhao, who still had some brains, decisively chose to give up. Not only did he not reach out his hand, but he also blocked several companions around him. He pressed the “closed” button and stared at the elevator door. He couldn’t help murmuring, “Close it, close it!”

Just as the three special forces leaders rushed over and were about to shoot at the elevator, the elevator door closed with another “ding”.

Yang Changhao held his breath, wiped the sweat from his forehead, and felt the elevator move. He breathed a sigh of relief. When he reached the first floor and rushed out of the elevator, he didn’t dare to delay for a second. He rushed to the parking lot with his three companions, got in the car, and sped away. The situation was so urgent that he didn’t have time to report the situation to Yu Zhijie. But when he passed by Yu Zhijie’s car, he shouted outside, “Run!”

Yu Zhijie instantly became nervous. He quickly started the car and followed.

In less than three minutes after the two cars left, a Lamborghini Benz came whistling.

This was Alex’s carriage.

Alex had just spoken to Isla on the phone. When he learned that Yang Changhao and the others had been beaten back, he was still frightened. Before Big Ken could stabilize the car, he jumped out of the car and rushed into the building. He rushed to the 17th floor where Gold Stone was at the fastest speed. He ran to the gate of the company and saw many people lying all over the road. His heart suddenly jumped to his throat. He quickly said to Isla who was running toward him, “Quick, send the wounded to the hospital!”

Isla replied, “I’ve made an emergency call. The ambulance will arrive soon.”

“The number of wounded people who can be pulled away by the ambulance is limited. Leave the ambulance to the seriously injured brothers. You arrange for someone to send the brothers who can still leave to the hospital. Sorry, brothers, I’m the one who got you into trouble… Ah, let’s talk about it later. The most urgent thing is to send you to the hospital for medical treatment. I’ll show my attitude first. No matter if you are slightly injured or seriously injured, all the wounded people are treated equally. All the expenses will be counted as mine!”

With the backbone, Isla felt much more at ease. She regained her domineering CEO’s temperament and immediately made arrangements.


Felix covered his side waist, walked to the front of Alex with the help of Quinn, and comforted him. “Mr. Cohen, I just asked about it one by one. Almost all the wounded were only injured with skin trauma and no life-threatening injuries. Don’t worry too much and don’t blame yourself. We don’t mean to blame you.”

“But… Alas!”

Alex looked at the wounded with a bitter face and felt very uncomfortable. He sighed again.

Ma Zhiyuan came over with Xiong Da and Xiong Er and said with a sullen face, “I’m sorry, Alex, we’re late. If we could have come a few minutes earlier, maybe Gold Stone’s brothers wouldn’t have to accept the challenge. Then they wouldn’t have been hurt…”

Alex waved his hand and said, “I know. You’ve tried your best. By the way, I just heard from Isla on the phone that you left an opponent. Where is he?”

“Those helpers who came first knocked one down with a very strange gun and carried it to the roof. They should be taking him away.”

“I’ll go and have a look!”

After Alex finished speaking, he turned around and ran away. But at this moment, he heard a sudden sound.

The helicopter took off!

Then, Big Ken and Wu Di, who took the next elevator, came up.

Alex wanted to beat up the opponent who was caught. He gritted his teeth and said to Wu Di, “No one can be spared. I must make them pay for what they did today. Otherwise, I can’t swallow my anger and can’t explain it to my brothers!”

Wu Di nodded and said, “Mr. Cohen, don’t worry. No one can escape from Yang Changhao’s men! However, if you want to catch them, I need your cooperation. I think the security measures of this building are quite good. There are surveillance cameras in the elevator and the corridor…”

“You want to get the surveillance video, right? Follow me!”

Alex immediately took Wu Di to Isla’s office. He first took out the surveillance video taken by the camera at the gate of the company and saw the faces of the three opponents. Then he went to the duty room on the first floor and checked the surveillance video in the elevator to confirm the looks of the other opponents.

Wu Di copied the relevant videos, and then said goodbye and left in a hurry. He was in a hurry to go back to confirm the identities of those mutant people and build up the preliminary files. This was the first step to deal with them. So many mutants suddenly appeared, which was not a small challenge for the special operations group.

Alex wanted to help, but he didn’t know what to do.

In the past, when facing ordinary opponents, Xie Si could provide certain help with his power. At the very least, he had a great advantage in finding people and inquiring about information. But this time, after Alex saw the horrible strength of the mutant, he didn’t even dare to give the task of finding and inquiring information to Xie Si. It was really too dangerous.

Only an evolution would have the strength to deal with a mutant.

In his camp, there were quite a few evolutions, but they all had irreplaceable tasks.

Big Ken guessed what Alex was thinking and said softly, “Young Master, it’s the mission of the Special Operations Group to deal with the mutant. In my opinion, let Wu Di deal with Yang Changhao’s men. Let’s protect ourselves and wait for good news.”

“That’s all we can do!” Alex shook his head helplessly, quickly found Isla, and said, “You stay in the company to take charge of the overall situation and pacify the employees who are not injured. Those who are injured must also be dealt with properly. Leave the injured to me.”

Isla nodded. “Okay! You can go and do your work. Don’t worry about the company. I’ll take care of it.”

“Thank you for your hard work! I’ll go to the hospital first.”

Alex and Isla took their leave and rushed straight to the military yard.

All the injured people in Gold Stone were sent to the military yard, which was specially instructed by Alex.

After all the wounded were settled, it was dark.

Alex was really tired after a busy day. He took his Big Ken back to the car, took out his mobile phone, dialed Yu Zhijie’s number, and heard the prompt tone of “the other party’s phone is off”. He thought that it might be Yu Zhijie who pulled him black, so he tried to use his Big Ken’s mobile phone but still failed. He returned the phone to Big Ken and sent a text message to Yu Zhijie with his own mobile phone: “Yu Zhijie, I will remember today’s account for you. If you are a man, no matter what you want to do, come at me! If you dare to hurt innocent people again, I promise I will make you die without a whole body!”

After sending the text message, Alex was still angry. He turned to Big Ken and said, “Brother Big Ken, how much do you know about the Yongji Company?”

Big Ken was stunned for a moment. “Young Master, are you going to attack the Yongji Company?”


Alex nodded heavily. “We must root out the roots of the weeds. I want to uproot Yu Zhijie and make him unable to turn over forever!”

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