Super Son-In-Law Chapter 296

Big Ken started the car and answered slowly, “I don’t know much about Yu Zhijie and his company. However, the company is on the surface, and we can find out the common information. Young Master, if you need it, I can arrange someone to do the investigation.”

“Okay!” Alex suddenly became interested. “The more detailed the investigation, the better!”

“Okay!” Big Ken drove the car with one hand, took out his Bluetooth headset with the other hand, and made a phone call, then gave the task. After hanging up the phone, he continued to say to Alex, “Young master, I feel that compared with the Yongji Company, we should pay more attention to Yu Zhijie’s family, or him.”

“Oh? Brother Big Ken, you mean…”

“Yongji Company is the Yu family’s business, but it is used to make money. The people he brought with him this time are the key. You know, Yang Changhao and the mutant are not ordinary people, and not everyone can rope them in. If Yang Changhao and the others are temporarily hired by Yu Zhijie, then the problem will be solved. If Yang Changhao and the others are trained by Yu Zhijie, it will be a little troublesome.”

“Well… I understand what you mean.”

Alex touched his chin and continued to analyze according to Big Ken’s thinking. He felt that Big Ken’s worry was reasonable.

Now they only knew that Yu Zhijie and Yang Changhao were on the same side, but they didn’t know what the relationship between them was. As Big Ken had just said, if Yang Changhao only took money to do things, then the task would end, and they would have nothing to do with each other. But if Yang Changhao and those mutants were secretly cultivated by Yu Zhijie, it meant that Yu Zhijie had the strength to cultivate and transform.

To give a simple example, if it was assumed that the evolution and mutant were both weapons, then those who could borrow weapons and those who could create weapons were not on the same level.

The more Alex thought about it, the more nervous he became. He said with a sullen face, “Brother Big Ken, is it possible to find out the identities of Yang Changhao and those mutants? It is very important for our camp to find out who helped them to evolve and change!”

“I’m also thinking about this,” Big Ken replied. “It’s definitely not easy to investigate. I’ll try to think of a way.”

“If my guess is right, Wu Di should be very interested in this question.”

“That’s right. The Special Operations Group will definitely find a way to investigate. We will investigate each other. I hope we can find out. If we really can’t, we will find a way to catch Yang Changhao and interrogate him directly!”

“If there is such an opportunity, I won’t let it go!”

Alex had already listed Yu Zhijie and Yang Changhao’s names on the list of enemies. They had to be dealt with…

In the next few days, Alex was very busy, basically walking back and forth between Gold Stone and the military yard during the day. The company’s vitality was greatly damaged. As the vice president of the company, Felix had been hospitalized. There were also many temporarily vacant positions, which put all the burdens on Isla. It was unrealistic, and he did not want Isla to be so tired. As for the military hospital, he also needed to take care of all the wounded.

That night, at 8:30 p.m., Alex replenished the hospitalization fee for all the wounded in Gold Stone, checked the account of Cynthia, and paid enough fees in advance. Then, he came to the outside of the ward of Cynthia and saw Wang Shunquan and Liu Yunxiu.

The two of them rented houses in the neighborhood next to the hospital and carried out the shift system to ensure that there were people guarding the hospital for 24 hours.

Liu Yunxiu, who was in charge of the day shift, was about to go back to rest, but when she saw Alex coming, she was not in a hurry to leave. She walked quickly to Alex with Wang Shunquan.

Alex greeted the two elders and asked, “Uncle Wang, Aunt Liu, how is Cynthia?”

Wang Shun nodded and said, “Alex, it’s all thanks to you. Cynthia has recovered well. She can get out of bed and walk around. I took her downstairs this afternoon. However, several of her fractures have not recovered yet. She can’t walk, so she has to sit in a wheelchair.”

“Hiss… what did the doctor say? Will she… be disabled?”

“No! The doctor has checked several times and confirmed that Cynthia’s injury can be recovered. She won’t be disabled.”

“That’s good, that’s good. By the way, has Cynthia’s mental state improved?”

“I’ve almost recovered, but there’s a problem…”

“Oh? What’s the problem?”

Through observation, I found that there was nothing unusual when someone was there. But when she was alone, she would often be in a daze. If she was just in a daze, it would not be a big deal. Several times, I noticed through the window that she was secretly wiping her tears, as if she was very sad. But no matter how I asked her, she refused to tell me the truth.

Hearing this, Alex’s heart skipped a beat. After thinking for a while, he pretended to be as if nothing had happened and said to Wang Shunquan, “Uncle Wang, as I said, Cynthia not only suffered physical injuries, but also psychological injuries. It will take a long time for her to get out of the shadow. Don’t worry too much. Give time. Time is the best medicine to heal her psychological trauma…”

“Well, that’s the only way. She won’t tell us the truth. We can’t help her with anything.”

“Maybe Cynthia doesn’t want you to worry too much… She doesn’t seem to have a rest now. I’ll talk to her.”

Alex found through the window that Cynthia was playing with her mobile phone, so he pushed the door open and walked in.

Seeing Alex coming, Cynthia put down his mobile phone and said with a smile, “Why do you have time to come today? I heard from Lala that you have been so busy recently…”

“I’m so sorry!” Alex smiled awkwardly. “I’ve come to the military yard many times these days, but I’m too busy and in a bad mood, so I didn’t come to disturb you. I’m finally almost done today, and my condition has been adjusted… Let’s not talk about me. Tell me, how do you feel?”

“Don’t even mention it. I’m almost out of luck…”

Cynthia leaned against the pillow and chatted with Alex for a while. Suddenly, she changed the topic. “Alex, what… what has Hunter been busy with recently? Is… is he well?”

Alex was stopped. It was not that he did not know the recent situation of Hunter, but he did not know how to answer.

It could be imagined that the reason why Cynthia secretly wiped her tears was most likely because of Hunter.

Alex had considered this point, so he did not mention Hunter. Unexpectedly, Cynthia took the initiative to mention him. Taking advantage of the time to pour water, he sorted out his thoughts and handed the cup to Cynthia. Then he pretended to be casual and replied, “Hunter is helping Brother Yuan. He looks good on the surface. I don’t know if there is anything wrong with him.”

“Oh… Alex, please do me a favor.”

“Look at you, you treat me like an outsider, don’t you? You are so polite. If you have something to say, just say it directly.”

“Well, I feel very sorry for Hunter, but it’s not convenient for me to talk to him. I know you and Lala have arranged for us before, but now… Alas, it turns out that we’re destined to be together. If you have time, help me persuade him. If there is a suitable girl, it’s better to introduce a girlfriend to him. In your men’s words, there’s no need to hang yourself on a tree. He missed a grass and would have a whole forest.”

“No… Cynthia, are you serious?”

“It must be true. How can I joke about this kind of thing?”

“Alas… Cynthia, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, but I’m an outsider. How can I tell him? If you want to cut off contact with him, you have to give me a reason, right? Even I don’t know what your reason is. How can I convince him?”

Alex frowned as he spoke.

Cynthia’s expression became more and more serious. He lowered his head and thought for a while. Suddenly, he gritted his teeth and made up his mind. He raised his head and said, “Alex, just say… just say that I don’t deserve him! This is not what you said, but what I said myself. You can help me pass it on.”

“Cynthia, no matter what you think, I don’t think it’s urgent. Let’s talk about it after you are discharged from the hospital. It’s getting late. Have a good rest. I have to go back. I’ll come to see you another day.”

Alex didn’t know how to talk about this topic, so he could only choose to leave. As soon as he reached the door, he saw Hunter walking quickly toward him from the elevator…

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