Super Son-In-Law Chapter 298

30 minutes later, Alex and Big Ken arrived at a small square outside the second ring, which was exactly where Group Leader Pang had agreed to meet.

In a minute, Group Leader Pang and Wu Di also drove to the underground parking lot one after another.

Group Leader Pang wanted to find a cafe and talk in detail, but Alex and Wu Di’s curiosity was aroused. They couldn’t wait to know the so-called big news of Group Leader Pang, so they were not in the mood to drink coffee. The three of them began to chat in Alex’s car.

Alex handed Wu Di and Group Leader Pang a bottle of mineral water and asked eagerly, “Group Leader Pang, I can assure you that we won’t be eavesdropped in my car. Besides, there are no outsiders here, so let’s get straight to the point. I can’t wait any longer.”

“Okay!” Captain Pang nodded heavily, took out a folder from the black briefcase he carried with him, and handed it to Wu Di with both hands. “According to your previous analysis and speculation, our heavy criminal team and Captain Xiao’s anti-poison squad formed a joint investigation team. After nearly a week of hard work day and night, there is finally a result. Your analysis and guess have been verified!”

“Oh? In this case, it means that our special operations group has been busy with this for a month and has not done anything useless!” Wu Di raised his eyebrows. He took the folder but did not open it. He handed it directly to Alex and said, “Mr. Cohen, you should not know what we are talking about. You can take a look first and listen to our suggestions while watching.”

Alex immediately took the folder and opened it. At a glance, he saw a photo printed on A4 paper. It turned out to be an acquaintance. It was Yu Zhijie, whom he had asked Big Ken to investigate urgently. In addition to the photo, there was also a detailed identity information of Yu Zhijie. When he opened the next page, there was still a contact information with the photo, but it was just a face.

“This person is…” Alex said, and his eyes naturally lowered. When he saw the two words “Jing Kun” in the name column, his pupils suddenly contracted. In shock, he asked subconsciously, “Is this the Great Poison Owl, Jing Kun?”

Wu Di nodded. “That’s right.”

“Then how did you manage to gather all the information about Jing Kun and Yu Zhijie together? Hiss… could it be that they… are a team?”

“You can say that.”

“No… what’s going on?”

“Mr. Cohen, it’s a long story. Don’t worry. Listen to me slowly…” Wu Di opened the bottle cap and drank some water, moistening his dry throat. At the same time, he organized his thoughts and began to introduce it to Alex. “This matter still needs to be talked about by my job…”

That was still two years ago, when Wu Di brought his subordinates with him to carry out an operation of capturing mutated individuals, he captured a mutated individual whose level wasn’t that high, barely able to communicate with them. After several days of continuous interrogation, he obtained some valuable intelligence. Through this information, he slowly explored the source bit by bit, and soon after, he grabbed a small underground organization that specialized in training mutated individuals, almost completely wiping out all of the superficial managers and mutated individuals.

Wu Di interrogated the manager again, mainly because he wanted to figure out where he got the mutated agent.

Unfortunately, the seller of the drug, who was assigned to the manager, was unusually cautious. After many transactions, he did not reveal his identity. In addition, the fish that escaped the net reported to the seller that the seller had set up a further anti-reconnaissance plan, so Wu Di’s investigation was at a bottleneck and could not go further.

However, after Wu Di gathered all the information and clues, he speculated that there were several suspicious figures, including Jing Kun. Later, Wu Di applied to the headquarters of the special operations group and jointly conducted a secret investigation. After this application, many subordinate groups in various places, including Quill City, had to investigate the suspicious figures provided by Wu Di. In the end, most of the suspects were eliminated, but they did not find any evidence that could exclude Jing Kun.

Then, the Special Operations Group shrank the scope of the target and conducted a secret and key investigation on Jing Kun.

In the process of the special operations group’s investigation, before finding evidence to prove that Jing Kun was selling mutated drugs, there was an unexpected gain. That was, the special operations group found the secret cooperation between Jing Kun and Yu Zhijie! However, in this way, the special operations group, which was already short of manpower, was even more difficult to deal with. In desperation, the special operations group could only pull in the anti-virus team in the area involved in the trouble and hand over all the investigation related to “poison” to the anti-virus team. The special operations group continued to follow the line of mutated drugs.

But not long ago, a mutant suddenly appeared in Quill City.

For the Special Operations Group, it was not too late to deal with the mutant that had been discovered, and the efficiency was naturally higher than the investigation. Therefore, Wu Di, who had no avatar, could only lead a few subordinates to transfer their focus to dealing with the mutant, and handed the responsibility of the investigation to Group Leader Pang.

At that time, Xiao Hang also received orders from his superiors to investigate Yu Zhijie’s poisoning case, so he cooperated with Group Leader Pang and the two groups of people worked together to investigate. According to the good foundation laid by Wu Di and others, they quickly mastered the key information and evidence to prove Wu Di’s original inference.

What they didn’t know was that the institution that secretly studied variation drugs from abroad bought variation, transported it back to the country, and then shared it with others. It was the development project jointly developed by Yu Zhijie and Jing Kun after gaining trust with each other…

After listening to Wu Di’s introduction, Alex couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. “I still underestimated Yu Zhijie. I didn’t expect that not only was he a drug dealer, but he also started the business of mutant medicine. Strictly speaking, mutant medicine is not a drug, but I think that the potential safety of mutant medicine flowing into the market and the bad impact it will bring are even better than drugs!”

Captain Pang nodded and said, “Who said no?”

“Wu Di, Group Leader Pang, since you’ve already grasped Yu Zhijie’s criminal evidence, shouldn’t you arrest him and interrogate him next?”

“That’s necessary! However, before we catch him, we have to find his hiding place first. At the same time, there is another question we need to continue to investigate. At present, we still don’t know whether Yu Zhijie has reached a cooperation with Jing Kun alone, or the whole Yongji Company is involved? No matter what, Yongji Company has to thoroughly investigate, which is the final punishment. We can’t make a judgment until this investigation results.”

“Unless Yu Zhijie turns into water and evaporates, he will show up sooner or later.”

“Well, we always talk, and the net is long and flawless. Our police have taken action. Mr. Cohen, you can rest assured and wait for our good news at home!”

“Good! Wu Di, Group Leader Pang, thank you for your hard work. I wish you a successful end!”

“Thank you!”

After the business was over, Group Leader Pang and Wu Di still had work to do, so they left in a hurry.

Alex called Big Ken, who had been watching outside, back to the car and reported the information he had just received.

After hearing this, Big Ken also made a detailed report to Alex about the investigation results of Yu Zhijie and the Yongji Company. Then, he concluded, “In short, the Yongji Company is just an ordinary drug stall company. There is nothing special about it. Even if it is nominally backed by a large enterprise like Zhaolong Pharmaceutical Group, with the influence of your family, it is still very easy to deal with it. There is no need to worry about it and you will not get into extra trouble. But…”

“Hmm?” Alex’s curiosity was aroused. “Brother Big Ken, but what?”

“But Jing Kun hasn’t shown up yet. I don’t know how powerful he is. It may be a little troublesome to deal with him. More importantly, once the police take action, Jing Kun may be tied to Yu Zhijie. After all, they are two grasshoppers on the same rope.”

“That’s perfect. We can get rid of them both!”

“That’s right. I just hope… I only hope that there are not many mutants who can be ordered by Jing Kun and Yu Zhijie.”

“Brother Big Ken, what do you think we can do?”

“Young Master, I know that you don’t want to wait and want to participate in the operation against Yu Zhijie and Jing Kun. However, it seems that the police haven’t figured out the situation yet. The information we have is limited, so we are even more confused. Let’s wait and see.”

“Phew… It seems that this is the only way. But, don’t let me seize the opportunity!” Alex suddenly showed a fierce look and said fiercely, “If I meet Yu Zhijie again, or Jing Kun dares to appear in front of me, I will never show mercy!”

After learning more about Yu Zhijie and Jing Kun, Alex’s hatred for them had not only increased to personal grudges, but also to a brand new and higher level. He thought that he was a man with a more upright view or a sense of justice. The only thing he wanted to do for the people who used the Poison Owl and the drug to make them accept justice and the judgment of the law!

As Big Ken said, Alex really wanted to participate in the capture of Yu Zhijie and Jing Kun. Unfortunately, he had never met a suitable opportunity, so he could only wait patiently.

On the other hand, the special forces team represented by Wu Di, Group Leader Pang and Xiao Hang, as well as the police officers, were all busy.

Of course, they were not just doing their work, and the effect was very good.

According to the information that they had mastered, the police immediately sealed off the company. All the business of the company had stopped, and the huge amount of financial support was secondary. The main problem was whether the company could survive or not had become a big problem. From the bottom staff to the old president Yu Zhaohong, they had to be investigated, and none of them could escape.

It was clear that Yu Zhijie was using practical actions to show people what a trap meant, what a rat shit broke a pot of soup.

Although Yu Zhaohong was not a good person, he was just a profiteer who was rich and heartless. Even if he was arrested, he would at most pay the fine and would not go to jail. However, Yu Zhijie privately reached a cooperation with Jing Kun, using the company’s resources and some manpower to secretly help Jing Kun transfer the poison. This move dragged the entire Yongji Company into the water.

What was ridiculous was that after Yu Zhaohong was caught, he insisted that Yu Zhijie’s behavior had nothing to do with him. He pushed all the problems away and obviously wanted to escape unscathed. However, as the police continued to investigate, they learned more and more truth and soon confirmed that he lied. Especially after his assistant was arrested, in order to reduce the crime, he took the initiative to explain the fact that he had warned Yu Zhijie to stop contact with Jing Kun immediately.

This was just the beginning. When the truth was revealed, the Yongji Company would become history and would never be able to turn over again.

On the other side, Jingkun’s camp was also in a mess like the Yongji Company.

In order to deal with the big poison owl Jing Kun, the anti-virus police had done many years of investigation and preparation. Not to mention other things, several groups of undercover agents had been planted in front and back. Among them, the most successful undercover agents had all sneaked into the core level of the Jingkun camp and gained a position similar to that of Lei Yunpeng.

At the beginning of the net withdrawal operation, nearly a thousand police forces outside launched a sudden attack on Jing Kun’s camp without warning. In addition to the cooperation of undercover agents, they attacked from inside and outside, which defeated the organization that Jing Kun had spent most of his life building.

In the process of closing the net, the police were crazily resisted, and even met several mutants, who were seriously injured.

Fortunately, the Special Operations Group sent a certain number of evolutioners to assist them in time. They dealt with the mutants and experts of the Jingkun camp. Those experts caught and fled, and they were doomed to be unable to provide any help to the Jingkun camp. If the hard bones were gone, the other people could be dealt with by the anti-toxic police.

The only defect was that Jing Kun had escaped.

Originally, the police wanted to use this operation as a example of drug trafficking to make a public statement. They even planned to shoot a TV series or a documentary like the “Ice-breaking Action” which was on fire. However, because Jing Kun was not arrested, this plan could only be put off for the time being. They would talk about it after catching Jing Kun…

The main task of collecting the net had been completed in less than a week.

As an important participant of this operation, Xiao Hang was exhausted. On the way back to Quill City, he had been sleeping in the back seat.

After returning to Quill City, Xiao Hang had no time to rest. He first went to the municipal bureau to report to the leaders and then rushed to Gold Stone without stopping. He found Alex and shared all the recent actions and results of the police to Alex. Then he added, “Captain Pang and Wu Di are still helping the local police deal with the case of the Yongji Company. I am finished. Thinking that you are waiting for the result, I ran over as soon as possible.”

“Thank you, thank you!” Alex bowed to Xiao Hang and said, “Captain Xiao, thank you so much. Congratulations for your triumphant return.”

“I’m so ashamed to let Jing Kun run away.”

“One step at a time. Sooner or later, Jing Kun will be caught. By the way, did Jing Kun run away alone?”

“He’s not alone, but he didn’t bring many people with him. He probably didn’t bring more than five people. He’s very smart. He must have planned a way out for himself in advance. Otherwise, he couldn’t have escaped from the eyes of the police. Even the number of his men when he ran away was very important. If he was alone or brought too many people with him, he might not be able to break out of the encirclement if he met our people. If he brought too many people with him, the target would be too big, and it would be easy to find out.”

“Yes. Although I don’t know him, I can imagine that he must be a powerful character… Captain Xiao, I see that you are very tired, so I won’t celebrate for you today. You go home and have a good rest first. When team leader Pang and Wu Di come back, I will set up a table. At that time, Captain Xiao must give me the face.”

“You’re welcome, President Cohen. I’ll take my leave then.”

“I’ll see you off!” Alex, accompanied by Big Ken, sent Xiao Hang downstairs. Suddenly, he remembered something. “By the way, Captain Xiao, let me put it bluntly… Is Xiao Jing back?”

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