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Alex Cohen had never dated, he had actually seen his fair share of beautiful females and also there was no shortage of charms around him.

He had Isla Sullivan at home, Jane Simpson at Hudson Styles, and also Cynthia Pedestrian at Gold Stone. They were all top quality appeals at the “school sweetheart” degree.

At this moment, Alex stared at the silhouette at the door, still a little distracted.

From the looks of it, she was at the very least 1.72 meters. Her functions were established on a fragile, unblemished, egg-shaped face, with skin as delicate and also fair as a newly peeled off hard-boiled egg, simply like a great porcelain doll.

She was wearing a perfect white outfit as well as a pair of white flats.

Her gorgeous face, slim body, as well as fairy-like outfit made her resemble an excellent female character, which a computer game company had made to perfection, had actually revived from the screen. She could be explained with just 2 words: eye candy.

The more one considered her, the much more pleasing to the eye she was as well as the a lot more one intended to prize her.

Like a gorgeous painting, she gave individuals a feeling that she might only be seen from afar, however not desecrated.

Alex was not a dunce who might stagnate when he saw a beautiful lady, however he was simply as well attracted by her presently. It was clear that this elegance did not snap, however he really felt a little self-conscious of himself.

He lifted his hand to touch his earlobe, slowly walked over, after that smiled and asked, “Hey there, that are you looking for?”

The elegance’s slim lips split a little and also a pleasurable voice sounded. “Hello there, I’m looking for Mr. Alex Cohen.”

” I’m Alex Cohen. You … you are?”

Alex recalled that Huge Ken once stated that his sibling intended to satisfy him, but he discussed a sibling, not a sister.

The lovely girl trembled her head carefully and said, “Hi, Mr. Alex. My name is Lianna Ballantine. My mommy asked me to search for you. She said you’re a little older than me as well as asked me to call you Mister.”

” Oh … who’s your mommy?”

” Fallon Ballantine.”

” I don’t understand her either. There’s no one I recognize with the surname of Ballantine. I have actually never ever also listened to … oh wait, there’s a person called Ballantine on the city’s rich checklist. I noticed it when I was taking a look at the listing.

He appears to be the CEO of the Harrods Company, called … something Ballantine?

” Zen Ballantine.”

” Yes, yes. Zen Ballantine.”

” He’s my grandfather.”

” Oh? So you’re the granddaughter of Harrods Corp’s Chief Executive Officer! Be available in!”
Alex instantly came to his detects and also promptly greeted Lianna to go in and sit. Today, except as the majority investor, Alex did not also have a serious position in Gold Rock, not to mentioned a secretary or an aide or anything.

No one was there to offer tea or water to the guests, so he directly got a container of mineral water for Lianna Ballantine.

Lianna waved her hand as well as said, “Mr. Alex, I’m not parched. I came today to communicate a few words to you on behalf of my mother.

She claimed that you had actually simply taken control of the firm and ought to’ve come here directly to praise you, however she’s not around presently and also won’t be back for a couple of days, so we hope you won’t be angered …”.

” You’re too polite. I’m not even hosting a banquet, so there’s no need for congratulations. Please share my thanks to your mommy.”.

Alex was talking with Lianna when Vice President Lynch, who had loaded up his things, passed by the door. Lynch unconsciously quit, gazed at Alex, as well as said, “The company’s a mess.

Do not assume you can relax easy just due to the fact that you have a bargain with Ryker Gardens!

Unexpectedly, Lianna’s eyes lit up, then said to Alex seriously, “Speaking of participation … I nearly forgot!

My mother additionally said that Harrods Corp’s attention and promo can be turned over to your business. Simply wait on her ahead back for a comprehensive conversation.”.

Alex smiled as well as claimed to Vice Head of state Lynch, “Now you can get the hell out of right here, right?”.

” I.”.

Vice Head of state Lynch regretted it and also left in a hurry.

Alex looked at Liana once more as well as claimed, “Thank you very a lot. I was just assuming of going to the management of your firm some time.

” My mother heard it from your father.”.

” To ensure that’s exactly how it is …”.

Alex figured that Large Ken and also Hunter Yates had actually currently reported his circumstance to Wayne Larson.

Nevertheless, what was the connection between Fallon Ballantine and also Wayne Larson?

Thinking that Lianna may not know, Alex did not ask. He stared at Lianna once more and was rather ashamed to ask, “Lianna, can I take the liberty of asking your age? No crime, it’s simply out of inquisitiveness as well as you do not need to respond to …”.

” It’s all right. I’m 21 years of ages as well as I just graduated from college.”.

” You’ve graduated from college, huh? I thought you were in high school.”.

” They claim I have an infant face … I’m rather troubled, yet I can’t assist it. I was birthed in this way.”.

Alex repented when he heard her words.

Lianna actually stated that a child face was bothering? Was that not a big advantage?

Not just did males like it, however some females desired it too!

It was truly the most lethal weapon for fabricating one’s age.

When Lianna ended up speaking, she took her leave.

Although Alex still had actually not gotten enough of her face, it was unsuitable for him to powerfully maintain her below …

At 3:00 pm, Alex got a phone call from Old Sid stating that the restoration of the suite had currently started.

Alex quickly hurried to the suite and also met with Old Sid.

Old Sid took the remodelling layout that Alex had made himself and also explained, “Mr. Cohen, what you desired is simply a small change, so it can be completed in ten days or half a month.

You’re not an outsider, so if you have any originalities for the follow-up, feel free to table them as well as I’ll try to finish this job to the very best of my capacities.”.

” Thank you. I’m not a nit-picker, so simply get it done according to this layout.”.

After Alex stated that, he went around your house.

Old Sid just brought six employees over today, mainly to remove your home of undesirable points and also prepare for the next step of restoration.

When Alex mosted likely to Isla’s old bedroom, he saw that the employees were relocating a wooden closet and also swiftly provided a hand. Suddenly, he listened to a plop as well as an old-fashioned journal with a lock dropped from the top of the closet.

The journal was covered with thick dirt as well as looked very old. When it fell, the lock flew right off.

Alex grabbed the journal, turned it open, and unintentionally saw words “Wembley”. All of a sudden, his passion stimulated.

Via Isla’s spread journal entries, Alex lastly had a harsh understanding of Wembley.

From the moment marked in the journal, he thought that Isla must still be in junior high at that time.

Based upon the contents of the diary, they seemed like a pair in love.

In other words, Isla, who seemed to be a high and mighty, holier-than-thou person, had really remained in love because junior high school as well as had dropped so deeply crazy that she even wrote in her diary that she wished to “hug Wembley to sleep once more, but Mom would not allow her” as well as other such unattractive words.

In the end, Wembley left for unknown reasons, which left Isla heartbroken for a long time. It was the kind of love that she might never forget as well as no one can ever replace.

Alex reviewed the diary and felt inexplicably flustered. He drove away without welcoming Old Sid and also prepared to challenge Isla and also request information.

However, when he got back to the community parking area, he all of a sudden understood that he had nothing to do with Isla any longer, so what right did he have to inquire about her past?

Was it even if he could not stand Isla’s shamelessness?

Nevertheless, what did that involve him?

Alex discharged a lengthy sigh, walked to a close-by bar, and also consumed alcohol up until 11:00 pm prior to returning home in a daze
Isla was still waiting in the living room, just like last night. When she saw Alex walking in a shaky fashion, she rapidly ran over to aid him. She asked with issue, “Alex, have you been consuming alcohol? Exists an affair? Why did you drink a lot when you drove?”.

” Mind your own business!”.

Alex flung his arm as well as pushed Isla away.

” That do you think you are? Huh?

” I. Alex, I’m sorry. I must’ve shared a few of the concern at the workplace with you.”.

” Leave me alone! I do not need your concern. You ‘d better simply appreciate your Wembley!”.

When Isla heard this, her entire body trembled …

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