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Alex Cohen got thrilled and rapidly got up to tremble Kevin Lindstrom’s hand to formally be familiar with him. This was the very first time he satisfied Kevin Lindstrom.

Even if he did not have a blood relationship with him, he still needed to offer him well due respect since he was the kid of the wealthiest guy in the city
Naturally, Kevin’s dad, Lenox Lindstrom, was the wealthiest man in the city.

After exchanging pleasantries, Kevin looked at the others existing and also stated to Alex, “Relative, I’m not disturbing you, am I? If it’s not practical, allow’s talk elsewhere when you’re done.”.

” It’s fine, Cousin. Please, sit.”.

Alex knew that Kevin needs to have spoken with Huge Ken regarding his circumstance and also did not wish to disclose his true identity
He had also just realized a trouble. With the power he had shown thus much, Alex could no much longer delay his circumstance with the justification of “demolition of his old residence”.

Kevin Lindstrom can likewise help him confirm this.

He welcomed Kevin to sit and also curiously sized him up.

Based on appearances, Kevin had to do with 27 or 28 years old with famous attributes. He had wheat-colored skin as well as had a crewcut.

He was also buff as his bulging breast muscle mass could be seen through his t-shirt. Generally, he looked really healthy and balanced and lean. The way he stood as well as rested was extremely proper, exposing a stylish as well as dignified appearance. He was obviously not an average person.

Cynthia Walker, like Alex, also observed Kevin’s extraordinary personality as well as looked a little dazed.

” Hey, good-looking … have you remained in the army?”.

Kevin looked oddly at Cynthia, then grinned and also responded, “That’s. Since my grandfather’s generation, all the males in our family need to serve at the very least 3 years of armed forces service, as well as I’m no exception.”.

” You’re actually a soldier! Not surprising that you’re so handsome!”.

” Many thanks for the compliment! Relative, this beauty is …”.

Alex presented Isla and also Cynthia to Kevin, then when he pointed to Xena, he stopped and also stated with a seeming smile, “Relative, she’s not a regular person, but a family member of a person with $60 million bucks! Whoever reaches see her elegance is unbelievably blessed!”.

Kevin looked at Alex and also after some thought, he can approximately guess what the scenario was. He chuckled and also claimed, “Cousin, you truly recognize how to split a joke!

Xena shook her head when she heard this. She checked out Alex and Kevin with chilly eyes and also stated, “You 2 are really related and also have the very same tone. One states $500 million is allocation and also the other claims $60 million is spending money. I just want to ask, do you individuals lug the very same bragging genetics or what?”.

” Hiss …”.

Kevin’s mood rose, however he noticed that Cynthia was still in a daze ogling at him. Given that there was an attractive lady watching, he did not want to destroy his picture in this fangirl’s mind, so he reduced his rage, ignored Xena, and stated to Alex, “Relative, I remained in a rush today and really did not have time to bring you a present.

I listened to Big Ken state that you’ve just taken over Gold Rock that got on the verge of personal bankruptcy, after that I’ll offer you a service. All the attention and also promotion of our Helse Pharmaceuticals would certainly be taken care of by your company!”.

Isla as well as Cynthia were stunned by this declaration.

Xena also frowned as well as said to Kevin, “Your Helse Pharmaceuticals? You speak as if Helse Pharmaceuticals comes from your family members.”.

Kevin responded and also delicately reacted, “Yes. Helse Pharmaceuticals is my family members’s organization.”.

” You dare say …”.

Xena observed that Kevin did not appear to be joking as well as suddenly understood something.

” You … your name is Kevin Lindstrom? Your dad wouldn’t be …”.

” My papa is Lenox Lindstrom, the Chief Executive Officer and General Supervisor of Helse Pharmaceuticals.”.

Xena’s head was buzzing, then it took off as well as her mind short-circuited.

Isla and also Cynthia looked at each other, after that stared at Kevin with protruding eyes at the same time. Both of them did not expect that Kevin Lindstrom would certainly be the son of the wealthiest man in the city.

It was even more incredible that Alex would certainly have an uncle as outstanding as Lenox Lindstrom! This means, Alex’s riches as well as kindness, as well as the “Young Master” title, ultimately made feeling.

Then, both of them looked at Alex at the same time and also instantly felt a little bit odd, as if it was the very first time they fulfilled.

Alex took control of the discussion at the right time as well as said to Xena, “My relative as well as I do share the same blood, however the exact same genetics we carry isn’t bragging, however being low profile. Your $60 million family history might be able to bluff many others, yet in our point of view, it’s unworthy mentioning in any way.”.

Xena was so ashamed that her face reddened. She was displeased, glared at Alex, as well as said, “Helse Pharmaceutical is possessed by Kevin’s family, not yours, so what are you so pleased with? You’re simply family members, not instant family members, so do not tell me you’ll share his family’s fortune?”.

” We can! If my relative requires it, it’s not a problem for him to take every one of my family members’s ton of money. … he doesn’t even require to share my family’s wealth at all!”.

After Kevin dissed Xena, he stated to Alex, “Relative, I have one more major issue to talk about with you today. Not long ago, Aunty called my dad and also stated that she intended to move her shares of Helse Pharmaceuticals to you. This is simply a little generosity from Aunty.

Anyhow, she’s not except this small amount of money, so just accept it. Let me know when you have the time, then we’ll go through the procedure.”.

Alex was shocked and said, “Transfer it to me?”.

” Yeah, haven’t Aunty and also Uncle told you yet?”.

” Nope.”.

” After that let me inform you. Aunty holds a total of 45% of Helse Pharmaceuticals’ shares, which is worth almost $50 billion according to the present market price of the firm. You can remain to hold the shares to appreciate the annual returns, or you can transfer the shares for money.”.

” I. I understand.”.

At that moment, it was not simply Isla as well as the others who were stunned, Alex was additionally amazed.

The $500 million from before virtually made his eyeballs turn out, now it was $50 billion! Was this not trying to shock him to death?

After Kevin completed chatting, he welcomed Alex, Isla, and Cynthia to dinner, however he did not invite Xena.

Isla and Cynthia were too shy to approve his invite.

Alex likewise declined Kevin’s invite and also said that they would have supper with each other next time. He left his get in touch with information with Kevin, after that sent out Kevin as well as Big Ken out prior to returning to the ward to see Victor Sullivan.

Via her contact with Alex and also Kevin previously, her vanity suffered a big impact. She resembled a deflated tire that might no longer solidify up …

Alex brought Isla and also Cynthia to the dining establishment. After they purchased, Alex best regards stated to Isla, “I’m sorry. I consumed too much last evening and caused such a misconception. I’ve claimed points I shouldn’t have said. I was as well impulsive. I want to say sorry to you with all my heart.”.

” Sigh …”.

Isla sighed, drank her head, and also stated, “You stated there was a misunderstanding, so it would’ve been great if we simply cleared it up. That’s why it’s partly my mistake for leaving without saying farewell.

” Mentioning which … Isla, it’s understandable that you remain in a tiff and would certainly intend to go for a walk, however you can not simply leave house.”.

” Yeah, I was just pursuing a bit.”.

Cynthia nodded her head as well as included, “Alex, I can prove this. Lala sent me a message claiming that she was without a doubt leaving for a while, not that she would certainly never ever come back.”.

Alex let out a sigh of alleviation and also claimed, “That’s great. I almost had an additional misconception.”.

” Lala, Alex, have you ever before thought that if you would certainly made whatever clear previously, there would not be such a mess today? Ignore the past, already, you both do not dare to express your sensations. I’m just worried for you individuals …”.

Cynthia recognized of Isla’s feelings towards Alex as well as also translucented Alex’s feelings in the direction of Isla.

Nevertheless, these 2 parties, Alex as well as Isla, just declined to take that action as well as were taking their own sweet time.

This made Cynthia wish to be their matchmaker …

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