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Cynthia Pedestrian additionally thought about that Alex and Isla were still a bit ashamed considering that they had simply resolved their misconception.

If she instantly outed their feelings for each various other, they may be also reluctant to admit it as well as it could also make it a lot more awkward between them, which would certainly not be useful
When Cynthia assessed this, she placed it much more euphemistically and also claimed, “Alex, you actually hid this well, huh? We just know of your real identity currently.

” I.”.

Alex was puzzled by the concern and also thought about it before he claimed, “Do you know what Beyoncé said?”.

” What?”.

” If you like it, after that you should’ve placed a ring on it!”.

” You …”.

Cynthia was made speechless by Alex’s joke.

Isla let out a laugh and also rapidly made use of the chance to transform the subject.

” Cynthia, the means you looked at Kevin Lindstrom today doesn’t appear right. I remember that you have actually always liked army men and also stated something like ‘I must wed a soldier’ previously. Inform me, do you have a crush on Kevin?”.

” What?”.

Cynthia blushed quickly, increased her hand to her hair, and stated, “I’m long past the age of love prima facie. Just how can I love a person so quickly? I. I’m simply a common employee bee and he’s the son of the richest guy in the city.

Do I have even the smallest opportunity with him? Cinderella and also the Prince falling in love might only happen in a fairytale. There’s also a tune that claims ‘Fairy tales are all lies …'”.

” Sigh … yeah, in real life, Cinderella and the Prince, aren’t intended to get together, are they?”.

Isla exhaled deeply and also claimed while she deliberately eyed Alex.

Alex saw it in his eyes and also really felt the discomfort in his heart …

In the evening, as Alex drove home with Isla, both of them had overlooked sensations as well as were quiet.

Alex wished to damage the silence however was too shy to speak about personal issues, so he talked about work rather.

” Isla, your papa’s in the health center currently, which is both negative as well as excellent. The good thing is that when he’s released from the health center, he’ll be an entirely healthy and balanced person, so you do not have to fret way too much any longer. You can go back to function as soon as possible.”.

Isla nodded and also stated, “Okay, I’ll return to work tomorrow.”.

” The firm has actually simply undergone a large adjustment, so to get the business back on the right track as soon as possible, you may not have the ability to proceed your position as a supervisor.”.

” Do you desire me to begin with the bottom?”.

” No, I desire you to be the general supervisor.”.

” You … you’re joking me? Alex, if you asked me to be the general manager, what are you going to be?”.

” I’ll be the one behind the scenes gathering money.”.

Isla pursed her lips and also stated, “Yeah, you’re so rich. Gold Rock’s absolutely nothing in your eyes. You additionally do not even trouble, right?”.

” You have actually misunderstood, I.”.

Alex was just about to describe when he all of a sudden saw a red laser blinking in front of the auto. He had seen this before when he and Isla were kidnapped at the abandoned cement factory.

” Watch out! Come down!”.

Alex shouted without a doubt. His right-hand man pushed down on Isla’s shoulder and also his left hand transformed the guiding wheel greatly.

Then, a crack appeared on the front windshield, which was hit by a bullet.

Alex’s hands were drinking with shock, but fortunately, he was not also frightened and also kept his wits regarding him. He held the steering wheel with his left hand in a death grasp and also continued to steer.

The sniper’s view was obstructed by the buildings on the side of the road and also the vehicle was out of threat for the time being.

Alex measured Isla and also asked quickly, “You weren’t shot, were you?”.

” No … no …”.

Isla additionally recognized what had simply happened and also turned pale from the shock. She overlooked carefully and also trembled her head.

” I’m fine, are you?”.

” That’s good, that’s good. I’m great as well.”.

Alex looked inside the vehicle however did not find any type of bullet openings. Then he looked at the fractures on the glass once again.

Only then did he find that there were just fractures in the glass and also it had not been permeated!

Alex still did not comprehend what was going on, however instantly discovered that there was an SUV chasing behind him. There was no time to think, so he stepped on the gas pedal and sped up. In less than 2 minutes, he lost the SUV, yet the scenario simply worsened. They had reached a dead end!

” It’s over!”.

Alex took a look at the greater than 2m high wall surface at the end of the road and also really felt helpless.

Clearly, somebody had actually worked with an assassin to handle him, as ordinary people might not obtain weapons, especially sniper rifles. If the assassin could get a sniper rifle, after that the individual following behind possibly had other guns. This time around, they obviously wanted to take his life.

Since they were collared, was this not a stumbling block?

Alex promptly slowed down and also stopped the cars and truck. He shouted, “Leave the cars and truck!”.

” It’s too late!”.

Isla got the door deal with and also saw the SUV in the rearview mirror again before she managed to open the door.

If they got out of the auto now, they would certainly be dealt with as online targets, so they may too stay in the automobile.

Alex knew he could not escape, so he swiftly made a distress call to Large Ken, that informed him not to get out of the auto and also stated a number of other things, so he concurred.

He hung up the phone and claimed to Isla, “The assassin needs to’ve come for me. It has nothing to do with you. If there’s a chance to bargain, I’ll attempt to make sure they don’t injure you. When I leave the vehicle, whatever occurs, you should not leave the car and await assistance inside!”.

Isla was so anxious that she did not know what to claim yet simply shook her head intensely. Splits came out of her eyes.

After Alex ended up speaking, he got a pistol, which was confiscated from Ian Roche that day, out from the compartment.

The SUV had actually caught up and stopped right alongside the Lamborghini and also 3 guys with black fabric over their faces got out of the vehicle. The initial was a skinny man, that ran right over to the Lamborghini, put the window on the chauffeur’s seat, and also chewed out Alex, who was sitting inside.

” Unlock and also venture out!”.

” Isla, remember what I just stated, and keep in mind, do not leave the cars and truck no matter what!”.

Alex described a few even more points to Isla before heckling the skinny guy, “Who are you? What do you want?”.

” I’m the one who concerned eliminate you! Hurry up as well as leave the cars and truck, or I’ll shoot!”.

As the skinny guy talked, he took a handgun from his back as well as intended it through the glass at Alex’s head.

Alex repaired his eyes and located that the weapon held by the slim guy was precisely the same as the one in his hand. This revealed that there were a number of possibilities, yet it was not the time to assess this at the moment.

Alex indicated Isla in the guest seat as he continued to shout at the skinny guy, “I can leave the cars and truck, but you can not hurt her!”.

” No worry! The only goal we were offered was to bring you back dead or active, however better to life!”.

” Hiss …”.
Alex paid attention to the skinny individual and thought that there was a way out. If he was obedient and also peaceful, he might not get eliminated immediately, so there was still intend to live. The factor was that if the skinny guy can bring him back conscious fulfill his employer, he can obtain more money.

Or else, there was no need for the skinny person to bullsh * t with him and also he can have simply fired him.

Large Ken already understood that Alex remained in danger, so he would absolutely attempt to conserve him.

As he thought of this, Alex comprised his mind and provided Isla a last affirmative appearance, after that prepared to get out of the car.

Isla, that was looking at the broken glass of the car, suddenly grabbed Alex and stated, “Wait a minute! The glass in your car.

” Right!”.

Alex suddenly realized this and stated, “Not surprising that when Big Ken heard me state that the assassin has a weapon, he just advised me not to get out of the cars and truck …”.


The skinny male lost persistence and also terminated a chance at the front of the home window where it would certainly not reach Alex, trying to scare him.

The gun, equipped with a silencer, made a muffled noise and also the bullet swooshed out.

However, there was just a fist-sized split in the glass as well as it did not penetrate in all!

” What’s happening?”.

The skinny male took a closer take a look at the split as well as recognized that the glass was bulletproof. When he transformed his head to consider Alex, he saw that Alex had shown him the center finger …

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