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Alex Cohen was reminded by Isla Sullivan and also confirmed that the glass of his Lamborghini was bulletproof.

Even a sniper rifle might not permeate it, so a handgun was also less most likely.

In that instance, what existed to be scared of?

Alex and the skinny man considered each other, yet also challenged each other by revealing each other their center fingers. It was extremely provoking.

What’s the big offer concerning having a weapon, huh? Suffice to say, the last man who attempted to point a weapon at me has actually transformed right into a real dummy, and you’re f * cking following!”

” Go to hell!”

The skinny male was so angry that he increased his pistol as well as chance at Alex’s head three times.

Once more, only a few cracks appeared in the glass. Not just did it not penetrate, but the glass was like a steel plate, backfiring off the bullets. Among the bullets, coincidentally, hit among the men in the best shoulder. That guy’s weapon fell out of his hand as he covered his best shoulder and howled.

The rate at which the bullet recuperated was a lot lower than the speed at which it was fired straight, but it was still enough to do some damage to the body.

Alex watched the scene and can not aid but grin.

A couple of mins back, Alex and also Isla were nervously sweating in the automobile while the skinny guy and others were outdoors taking control of the circumstance.

Currently, it was vice versa. They were in the car with the a/c unit on as they watched the show, which was indescribably pleasurable.

The skinny man was powerless. There was just a layer of glass between him as well as his target, however he still can not eliminate him. He thought the mission was a sure success, but he missed out on. He can not figure out where Alex got the bulletproof glass from. The top quality was likewise remarkable, so it was plainly not regular as well as most likely army grade!

The goal went to a deadlock as well as some of his guys were wounded. What could he do?

The skinny male wiped the sweat from his forehead, offered Alex a fatality look, as well as raised his hand while he said, “Retreat!”.

” Intend to run?”.

Alex saw the skinny male and also others pulling back with the rearview mirror, so he was ready to leave the automobile and shoot them from behind.

It was not just to take down the skinny person and also the others however to leave a minimum of among them behind. Just this way might he figure out the identification of the assassin as soon as possible and also solve this issue once and for all. Otherwise, there was no telling when one more gunman would come after him again. Then, he would certainly need to be on guard every minute and also would certainly not have the ability to reside in peace.

Just as Alex will unlock, two blinding white lights suddenly shone in their direction.

An additional automobile was coming!

Alex was simply believing that it should be Big Ken who had actually arrived when the phone called.

It allowed Ken who called, his voice appearing extremely immediate as he said, “Youthful Master, are you alright?”.

Alex reacted, “We’re fine! We really did not leave the car!”.

” That’s good. I can see your cars and truck, so I’ll be right there.”.

” Be careful. All three of the people have weapons!”.

” Do not worry, Youthful Master. Simply wait in the car and also leave this to me and also Hunter!”.

When the telephone call ended, Alex’s curiosity was ignited. He knew that Big Ken was powerful, and also Seeker looked like he could fight.

Alex actually wanted to get out of the vehicle to take a look, yet after consideration, he avoided doing so to stay clear of being mistakenly injured by the assassin.

On the other hand, the skinny male had actually already assisted the damaged man to the vehicle. Skinny waited the side of the car with an additional male, after that stared directly at the speeding Lavida. They both breathed a sigh of alleviation when they validated that it was not a police car as well as did not pay any type of interest to Alex’s private helpers.

In the next second, the man sitting in the passenger seat of the Lavida connected the window holding a handgun!

This was the same Large Ken who simply talked to Alex on the phone.

Boom boom!

Huge Ken’s gun was additionally outfitted with a silencer. He fired 2 shots in a row, which did not make much noise however it had an amazing impact.

Before the skinny male and his friend had time to respond, they were both shot.

Neither of them was hit fatally, but both of them fell to the ground at the exact same time as they covered their wounds and looked at each various other. Neither of them expected that the helper Alex had found would certainly have a weapon.

As they watched the Lavida getting more detailed, the skinny man and also his friend both elevated their guns as well as discharged constantly at them, emptying their publication.

Then, to their misery, they both recognized that the Lavida had bulletproof glass mounted too!

‘ Just how the f * ck can we still battle this?’.

Skinny knew that he was going to fall into the hands of Alex, that was a really insignificant target, as well as was actually unwilling. He did not bother to cover his wound and also rapidly got his extra publication. He at first thought that one bullet would certainly be enough to complete this mission, however the program of occasions turned out to be far beyond his assumption.

Just as Skinny as well as his companion got their magazine as well as were about to change it, the Lavida crashed right into them, straight running over the buddy’s leg.

Skinny was stunned. Also the police could not have actually done that.

Large Ken had actually already left the cars and truck, directed his gun at the skinny guy, and screamed, “If you do not wish to die, after that put the assassinate!”.

” Don’t fire! Don’t shoot … you win, I give up!”.

Skinny swiftly dropped his weapon and also the brand-new publication he had simply obtained on the ground.

2 minutes earlier, Skinny was delighted it was not a cops vehicle, but currently he simply had a thought, ‘Why wasn’t it a police vehicle? In the hands of the cops, it’ll be much better than being captured by someone like Large Ken!’.

Seeker swiftly took all the tools from Skinny and also the others, then dragged them next to each other to secure them.

Alex ultimately left the auto, took a look at the weapon in Large Ken’s hand, and also frowned.

” You have this as well?”.

Huge Ken nodded as well as stated, “Well, it’s been sitting in the car. Just for situations like today.”.

” Okay, so what’s the best means to manage the three of them?”.

” Simply kill them, it’s constantly a catastrophe to maintain people like them!”.

Alex was stunned to see that Big Ken really raised his gun. After that, he observed that Large Ken was offering him a look and also slightly comprehended what was going on, so he played along as well as said, “Penalty, allowed’s eliminate them then. To prevent unnecessary trouble, their corpses need to be thrown away in our usual method.”.

The skinny male was frightened and also peed his pants when he heard this. He swiftly begged for mercy.

” Do not kill me! Do not kill me! I’m just complying with orders …”.

Alex was covertly happy yet did not show it.

The circumstance was immediate, so there was no time at all for in-depth questioning. This was another large situation entailing weapons, so it was not convenient to take these individuals away for personal interrogation. If they wished to get to the bottom of it before the police showed up, they needed to utilize unusual techniques. The most effective means to attain this was to frighten the heck out of the skinny individual.

Alex realized that the skinny man’s emotional defenses had been smashed as well as delicately asked, “That gave you the order?”.

Skinny gulped and also stated warily, “Big brother … I’ll claim it, however can you let me go?”.

” What’s with all the bullsh * t?”.

” Yes yes … I’ll tell you! It was Isaac Litt who sent us to kill you …”.

Alex presumed this just now when he saw Skinny and the others holding the very same weapon as Ian Roche. As anticipated, the mastermind behind this was Isaac Litt again. After a time out, he continued to ask, “Where did you get your guns? What’s your connection with Isaac Litt? The amount of other assassins like you exist?”.

I do not understand exactly how he got his weapons, yet there are fairly a few. In addition to the weapons, he additionally has quite a couple of machetes …”.

The skinny man stated this when he suddenly heard the siren as well as his face sank.

” I have actually currently described whatever. Just let me go! Do not fret, I’ll never ever trouble you again and I won’t help Isaac Litt again. You can take all our weapons!”.

Alex was a little hesitant.

Huge Ken craned his neck and claimed to the skinny guy with a sneer, “You’ve been shot in the thigh and you still wish to run? It’s better to be excellent as well as await the authorities to assist you.”.

” No … bro, you have a weapon as well and you’ll enter difficulty when the authorities come.”.

” Who states having a weapon means you’ll get involved in problem?”.

Huge Ken drew a little booklet out of his pocket as well as stated casually, “It looks like you really did not know there was a thing called a ‘gun license’, did you?”.

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