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“Wait a min! Are you guys …”.

Alex Cohen rapidly assessed the scene and really felt that something was wrong.

No one paid attention to him as well as prior to he can also finish his sentence, he was pressed into the space by Big Ken.

Huge Ken was able to get his hands on a few of his opponents, He gritted his teeth, pulled out his gun, as well as pointed it up at one of them. He shouted, “Back up! If you do not wish to pass away, step back!”.

The upset youngsters were promptly disciplined and pulled back from him.

Nevertheless, the young man with the long face ahead of the group walked up, picked up the steel pipe, and also screamed, “Do not be frightened! He just has one gun and there are dozens of us. Let’s see the amount of he can knock down! I doubt he would attempt to shoot in broad daytime.”.

” So you’ll try it?”.

” Go on! If you have the guts, eliminate me!”.

The long-faced young man stayed tranquil in the face of the gun, after that turned back to his buddies as well as stated, “Most of us know effectively how Symore treats us in our lives.

If it weren’t for Symore, a great deal of us below will not also have sufficient to consume and would certainly’ve gone asking. Now that Symore’s in trouble, he requires us more than ever. This is our area, yet we allowed Symore obtain harassed? Program some member as well as battle with me!”.

When Alex heard this, he validated his uncertainties as well as promptly screamed, “It’s all a misconception! We’re not here to difficulty Symore!”.

” Hiss …”.

The long-faced boy claimed with a frown, “Then who are you people? Where is Symore?”.

” I don’t understand. The area was vacant when we obtained here!”.

As they were chatting, 4 more beaten as well as bruised young men came running over
Alex identified that the 4 novices were all with Symore, whom they had met on their last see right here.

Among them was Symore’s personal partner as well as they all called him Seth. Right now, Fox hurried to the front, and shouted anxiously, “Long Face, you’re mistaken, you’re mistaken …”.

Long Face fast split a course in the group to fulfill Seth and also asked, “What’s taking place?”.

” Sigh, you’re too late! The mischief-makers have taken Symore away! I chased them all the way with my siblings and when they saw that I was about to catch up to them, they took Symore to a van. I scheduled a vehicle to chase them, but I was worried that you would not be able to discover anyone if you brought people, so I rushed back.”.

” So that’s what happened! I’ve misinterpreted.”.

Long Face blushed and also evaluated at Alex then said, “I’m sorry, pal!”.

” You’re good at whatever, however you’re just also restless …”.

Seth had a look at Long Face as well as stated, “Hurry! Get an automobile and also include me to save Symore!”.

When Alex heard this, he likewise identified what was taking place as well as promptly went to Seth with Big Ken.

” You can enter the car with me as well as reveal me the method, so we can catch up first.”.

” Okay!”.

Seth recognized Alex’s relationship with Symore as well as immediately got into the Lamborghini.

Big Ken was skilled at driving and also the automobile was additionally powerful. In less than 10 minutes, they overtook the Santana that Seth had actually prepared. After another 2 or 3 mins, they managed to pull over the van that took Symore.

Alex, Big Ken, and also Seth swiftly got out of the car, yet they were immediately surrounded by 6 young tattooed guys from the van.

The leader of the team was a young man with a tattoo on his neck, who was having fun with a dagger that had to do with 30 centimeters long. He sized up Alex and the others with his eyes wide open, as well as claimed angrily, “I told you not to follow me, however you won’t pay attention. Do you want to pass away?”.

Seth leaned before Alex and gently advised him, “Take care, that guy is ruthless, the kind who doesn’t take human life seriously. He just stabbed several of our bros!”.

Alex nodded his head and also stared at the van. He saw that Symore was indeed in the van, yet his hands and feet were tied and his mouth was gagged.

Absolutely nothing serious happened.

Alex took a breath a sigh of alleviation as well as said to the tattooed man, “If you allow Symore go right away, I can save you this once. Bear in mind, you only get one possibility.”.

The tattooed guy glared at Alex and also said, “That the f * ck are you? I have 6 individuals on my side, but you just have 3 and also you want me to allow him go?

What makes you so certain? What, even if you drive a f * cking nice car? By the way … for your auto, I can offer you an opportunity. As long as you provide me your cars and truck for a couple of days, I can save you this once.”.

” Regrettably, you’ve simply missed out on an important opportunity. You asked why we should allow you go, so he’ll tell you!”.

Alex lost his perseverance as well as winked at Big Ken.

Big Ken understood, casually obtained his pistol, and also claimed to the tattooed male, “With this!”.

” Hiss …”.

The tattooed male absorbed a breath of chilly air.

He was among Isaac Litt’s men. It was not that he had actually never ever seen a gun before, but Isaac had numerous guys as well as just a few weapons.

With his standing and also rank, he was not certified to lug a weapon. Even if he was certified to lug one, he might only obtain it when he was on an unique objective. Usually, all the weapons were maintained by Isaac personally.

Isaac Litt was cautious since weapons were very delicate objects, as well as the tiniest carelessness can set them on fire actually and also figuratively.

The tattooed guy did not expect that Big Ken not just had a weapon, he also dared to show it openly
He swiftly reclaimed composure and also said.

” So what if you have a weapon? Do you dare to shoot? If you can save Symore today, I’ll rip my head off for you to subjugate like a ball.”.

Alex got in the mood as well as stated, “Do you truly assume we would not dare to shoot?”.

” Still not convinced, are you? Try it, then. Fire a shot for me to see.”.

” I can’t believe someone would make such a request!”.

Alex shook his head as well as said to Huge Ken, “Considering that he’s so honest, let’s accomplish this small dream of his.”.


Large Ken elevated his weapon as well as shot the tattooed male in the right leg.

” Ah … my leg!”.

The tattooed man squealed like a pig, fell to the ground, as well as rolled about holding his ideal leg, dying from the pain.

The other 5 people looked dumbfounded.

Alex placed his hands behind his back, looked at the five opponents, as well as proceeded, “Do any of you have the exact same desire as him? If there is one, I can aid you achieve what you want also.

All five of them were frightened by the weapon as well as Huge Ken’s ruthlessness, so they just trembled their heads stupefied.

” After that why don’t you leave below?”.

Alex terrified his opponents away, turned around to run to the side of the van, as well as with Seth’s assistance, untied Symore. He asked, “How are you doing?”.

Symore was breathing heavily as he claimed, “I’m great, I’m great … Thanks, Mr. Cohen.”.

” You’re welcome, I stated I would certainly secure you. Do you know who they are?”.

” It ought to be Isaac Litt’s individuals, yet I’m uncertain yet.”.

” Just ask as well as we’ll recognize.”.

Alex approached the tattooed male as well as questioned, “That are you, as well as why did you catch Symore?”.

The tattooed guy’s body twitched in pain. He desired he might tear Alex apart and eat him to life. Pressing the injury tightly, he gritted his teeth as well as reacted, “Go to hell!

” Tolerable, strong-minded sufficient. I admire you. Incidentally, you appear to have one more wish, which is to hitch a ride with me, so I’ll make it come true for you too.”.

Alex went to the van to find a rope as well as handed it to Big Ken.

” How around taking him for a flight?”.

” Well, like you, I such as to meet wishes too.”.

Large Ken grinned, took the rope, and tied both of the tattooed male’s feet.

The tattooed male saw Big Ken fix the various other end of the rope to the back bumper of the Lamborghini and his face promptly went white with anxiety.

” What are you doing?”.

” Going for a trip.”.

Huge Ken reacted casually, quickly entered into the vehicle, started it up, as well as drove to the grassland as well as the roadside.

The tattooed man was anxiously sweating as well as had actually simply rested up in extremely painful pain to untie himself. Secs later on, his back was cut by the weeds, which left a shocking path of blood …

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