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Exo Quirke was not an ordinary individual, so when Alex Cohen yelled at him, the other people at the scene became strained.

Isla Sullivan grabbed Alex’s arm as well as reminded him not to do anything, or else this would come to be a large issue.

When Elaine Harper as well as the bodyguard found out the situation, they showed up and also shoved Alex.

Big Ken quickly strode over, forcefully pushed away Elaine and the bodyguard, then stood protectively in front of Alex.

Alex, on the other hand, did not care about Exo’s mindset as well as did not take Elaine and the bodyguard right into consideration. He was amazed by the fan’s habits. At the moment, he did not listen to anyone else’s words and also looked directly at the follower.

” What’s wrong with you? I’m aiding you! He slapped your present to the ground as well as has such an attitude problem yet you’re still safeguarding him?”

The fan flushed as well as retorted, “That asked you for aid? Exo has been tired all day and also is currently in a hurry to return and also rest. I selected the incorrect time to disrupt him. It’s all my fault and also he has nothing to do with it! So why are you yelling at him?”

” Woman, it’s great for you to chase celebrities, however can you stop acting so lowly?”

I’m in fee of Exo’s Quill City Fan Club! No issue who you are, you far better not mess with Exo again.

” Sigh … you’re hopeless.”

Alex was totally disappointed in this sort of follower in front of him and also did not bother to say anything else.

Exo saw that Alex had been “controlled”, so he went straight back to his room at the end of the hallway, closed the door, and also secured it.

Elaine did not procure him to open the door, so she asked the bodyguard to send the fangirl out as well as went to the space next door. She after that glared at Isla and also Alex, that had caught up to her, as well as asked straight, “You’re Isla Sullivan, right? This hothead beside you is likewise a worker of your firm?”

Isla responded awkwardly as well as replied, “Uh … kind of.”

” For the sake of our past cooperation with your firm, I will not pursue today’s issue. Yet there’s no requirement to discuss this endorsement any longer. Take your individuals out of here as well as don’t let me see you once more … specifically this set beside you.”

” Ms. Harper, please pay attention to my description …”.

Isla, being responsible to the customer, attempted to make a desperate effort to describe in a meticulous way.

Alex was remaining on the side, not stating a word.

A couple of moments later, Big Ken went to the door, called Alex to the end of the hallway, and also said mysteriously, “Young Master, you might have misconstrued Exo. The reason he overturned the fan’s present recently was because he remained in a hurry to get back to his room. There’s also a vital reason that he was in such a hurry.”.

Alex asked, “What? He actually required to pee?”.

” No, he’s an addict.”.

” What? Are you claiming that he’s a. druggy? Recently, he had a drug dependency and also hurried back to the space for a shot?”.

” When I saw him earlier, I really felt that something was off. When he returned to the space, I took a selfie stick, reached out to the window, and also videotaped his activities. Look at this, as soon as he went back into the space, he took out a package of white powder from the safe …”.

Alex took the phone from Huge Ken and also watched the entire recording of Alex snorting the white powder. Alex then ran to a remote edge as well as gave Fallon Ballantine a telephone call.

” Manager Ballantine, there’s a crucial circumstance I have to inform you quickly. You might need to discover a new representative since Exo’s a drug abuser.”.

Fallon was surprised and also asked, “Mr. Cohen, are you sure?”.

” Yes!”.

” Then we can ignore this man! I repetitively rejected Isaac Litt’s ask for cooperation because I don’t wish to have anything to do with medications. Certainly, I will not allow a druggy to recommend my hotel! Mr. Cohen, you’re now at the Grand Hyatt, right? If you want to call the authorities, I’ll get the general supervisor of the resort to completely accept you.”.

” Alright, after that I’ll manage this matter.”.

Alex hung up the phone as well as called Isla bent on describe the scenario.

Like Fallon, when Isla found out that Exo was a drug addict, her mindset instantly made a 180-degree adjustment. For work, she can disregard her individual sensations, however she could not throw away her fundamental values. Besides, an artist that misbehaved and also had a bad performance history would certainly be rejected!

Initially, Alex valued Isla and additionally wanted to follow Fallon’s desires, so he endured Exo and also Elaine continuously.

Right now, there were no more worries, so he finally did not need to restrain his emotions.

Alex asked Big Ken to call the authorities, entered Elaine’s area once again, took a seat, and also claimed unreservedly, “I failed to remember to inform you. I’m not a worker of Gold Rock. I’m the one in charge. We did intend to deal with Exo in the past, and now I have actually changed my mind. The images of Exo’s extreme treatment of his followers must’ve been captured on the surveillance video camera as well as I’ll publish them on-line for all the netizens, specifically Exo’s fans, to see. I intend to let them recognize what kind of individual Exo actually is.”.

Elaine was instantly angry and also said, “You think you own the resort? Hotels have a commitment to safeguard the personal privacy of their visitors. One phone call from me, not to mention obtaining the footage, you will not also be able to see it! You’re such a little manager yet you intend to combat me? Do you assume that everybody at Quill City Media are worthless?”.

After she claimed that, Elaine got her phone, phoned to the function and the bodyguard, asking him to delete the appropriate surveillance video.

As quickly as she hung up the phone, the general manager of the resort came up.

Elaine took down her phone and also stated to the general manager, “It’s done so quickly?”.

The general supervisor, that had actually gotten guidelines from Fallon, overlooked Elaine and also greeted Alex.

” Mr. Cohen, if there’s anything you need, simply let me recognize.”.

Alex responded and also claimed, “Please make a copy of the CCTV footage from this lift entryway within the past half an hour for me.”.

” Okay, please wait a moment!”
After the general manager claimed that, he transformed about and.

Quickly afterward, Exo’s personal bodyguard turned up and reported to Elaine that the hotel staff did not allow him to delete the monitoring video neither go into the surveillance space.

Elaine ultimately understood that something was wrong. She thought twice for a moment and said to Alex, “It’s simply a small thing, there’s no need to make such a hassle. You just desire to work with Exo? We don’t even need to ask him about it. I’ll simply agree to it on his behalf. The recommendation fee is additionally negotiable.”.

Alex chuckled and claimed, “What a quick adjustment of perspective! I simply told you, I’ve changed my mind. I don’t want to deal with Exo any longer.”.

” After that what do you want? I’m simply attempting to conserve unneeded little trouble, not that I’m terrified of you.

” The surveillance video is simply an appetiser. This right here is the main course … I wonder. If this video clip is published, will your firm’s PR department be able to establish things directly?”.

After Alex ended up talking, he clicked on the video Huge Ken had actually just videotaped.

Elaine viewed it for only a few seconds prior to her face darkened. She lunged over and also tried to get hold of the phone
Huge Ken tossed Elaine across the area with a kick as well as snapped, “You much better see on your own!”.

Elaine was so worried that she did not also manage the pounding she had obtained. She got her phone right away and called Exo, “Come swiftly!”.

Exo’s lazy voice seemed, “I’m applying a mask. Wait a min.”.

” What f * cking mask! Get your * ss over here currently!”.

Elaine was so angry that Exo was also scared to squeal. He came over in secs and also asked, “What’s wrong?”.

” Apologize to them!”.

Exo searched in the direction that Elaine was pointing and also saw Alex and Isla. He frowned and stated, “Why should I?”.

” Can’t you understand human language? I said, say sorry to them!”.

” Elaine, are you sick in the head? I’m just respectful to you because I think highly of you. I encourage you to know your place and also not push your luck, or else …”.

Elaine all of a sudden rose up, put Exo, and snapped, “How lots of times have I told you to remain sharp? What you simply did in the area was videotaped!

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