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Exo Quirke, still uninformed of what was going on, covered his cheeks and went into a rage.

” Elaine Harper, did you just hit me? I’m Quill City Media’s big star as well as a cash tree for the shareholders!

” You … sigh … you’re hopeless …”.

Elaine did not also trouble to hit Exo once more as well as simply muffled the flooring, speechless and in despair.

Exo transformed his head to stare at Alex once again, as well as said with a dark face, “I have not discovered a means to settle the score with you wherefore just happened. I do not understand just how you persuaded Elaine, don’t believe you can bluff me just because you have actually handled to do so with her! She’s simply my representative, not my guardian, so she can’t represent me.”.

Alex shrugged his shoulders as well as said, “A hothead like you just likes to act carelessly. I don’t understand if you can get Elaine Harper laid off with one phone telephone call, but if I make one phone call, you’ll be spoiled for sure.

Elaine was drunk and also gazed in horror.

” You’ve already called the police?”.

” Of course.”.

Elaine’s heart dropped with a thud and also she gulped as she rose and lacked the room.

Big Ken rushed out like lightning, kicked Elaine back once more, as well as stated unrelentingly, “Neither of you will leave this area till the police come
” I’m sorry. I didn’t imply to anger you …”.

Elaine kneeled before Huge Ken after that reversed and also wept to Alex, “Do not you people need a spokesperson? Besides Exo, our company has more suitable candidates. As long as you’re willing to let me go, I assure to arrange it for you. Free recommendation, complimentary forever is additionally not an issue …”.

” Remain here quietly! Does my Youthful Master resemble somebody that does not have that type of recommendation cash?”.

Big Ken reprimanded Elaine and guarded the door.

Exo looked at Elaine as well as claimed with a grimace on his face, “What’s the large offer? Spineless trash like you is just a waste of air and could as well be dead!”.

Alex agreed and also stated, “Right, all of us require to have a backbone. By the way … Exo, the white powder you just secured of the risk-free seems to have some leftovers, right? The cops are fairly curious about that as well as will certainly ask you later where you got it.”.

” You … you saw all that?”.

Exo lastly identified what Alex and Elaine were speaking about as well as looked incredulous.

The factor he just responded now was that he thought he had done it quietly sufficient as well as it was impossible to be found. This was the 12th flooring and the window was greater than a meter away from the aisle window, so it was impossible to see inside the area from the exterior. He had actually already verified this when he initially moved in, otherwise, he would certainly have drawn the curtains.

From Alex’s significance, he did see it though. How did he do it?

Before he could even consider it, he listened to the police alarms and also relied on run outdoors.


With a tidy kick, Big Ken knocked Exo back.

” I told you, neither of you will be leaving this room up until the police come!”.

Exo crawled up and also felt Large Ken’s severe power. He stooped before Alex and also stated, “Brother, please let me go. I ask you!”.

As Exo talked, his rips dropped from his face.

Currently, he ultimately understood the gravity of the situation. He had actually simply taken the medicines, so it would receive his blood test. If he was captured now, the test would certainly verify it. What was a lot more extreme was that he even had a big accumulation in his safe.

Unless he can right away return to his area and purge the supply down the toilet, he could stay clear of the apprehension.

Or else, it would not only finish his occupation as an artist. His whole life would certainly also more than!

This was not without precedent!

Exo was aware that nearly every year, some artist would certainly end up behind bars for doing drugs.

It was not an exaggeration to claim that the next few minutes would directly establish his destiny.

This moment, he was controlled by Alex.

Alex was never understanding to Exo’s plea and also laughed favorably.

” Exo, why are you stooping? Weren’t you rather big-headed recently and even poked fun at your representative? You’re a man, so you must have more rounds! Where was that backbone that you stated recently?”.

” Brother, I was wrong. I actually know I was wrong! Please have mercy on me! If you let me go, I’ll give you all the money I have. You can take my money and also be care free for the remainder of your life. No … it’s even adequate for you to live happily for a number of lifetimes!”.

” Your cash must simply be contributed to the nationwide treasury.”.

” You …”.

Exo did not anticipate Alex to be so persistent. Given that pleas did not work, he made a decision to be difficult.

He stood up all of an abrupt, glared at Alex, as well as claimed, “Punk, I’m cautioning you! I guarantee that the shareholders of Quill City Media and my fan club will certainly go after you!

Alex was unfazed by Exo’s danger. He proceeded at his own rate, as well as slowly said, “Quill City Media? If your fan club is as brain-dead as that female simply currently, I do not mind revealing them what it indicates to distribute!

Prior to Exo can react, the cops showed up.

After Alex confirmed that Exo and also Elaine had actually been arrested which the contents of Exo’s risk-free had actually been located, he entrusted to Isla and also Big Ken. Before leaving the resort, Alex did not forget to take a duplicate of the surveillance video from the general manager. This video footage as well as the video clip taken by Big Ken needed to be kept for the time being.

In case Quill City Media discovered a link as well as attempted to make this matter go away, Alex would leakage these videos and also let the netizens make their judgments …

For Exo, Elaine, and the shareholders of Quill City Media, tonight was predestined to be a sleep deprived night.

Alex, however, was in a good mood and also rested comfortably since he had actually reduced a star he did not like.

The next morning, Alex got to the Harrods Corp headquarters with Isla.

Fallon’s selection of agent had been junked, so they had to discover a person brand-new.

However, there was a foreseeable as well as realistic trouble. Alex had actually upset Quill City Media, so they might have even blacklisted Harrods Corp. In the future, perhaps neither Gold Stone neither the Harrods Corp would certainly have the ability to hire stars from Quill City Media once again.

They additionally did not know whether they would have the ability to employ celebrities from other agencies.

Even if they could, they possibly would need to invest a lot of cash.

The three of them conceptualized countermeasures, after that Alex unexpectedly had an idea.

” Manager Ballantine, exactly how around taking a gamble and picking a novice as a spokesperson?”.

Fallon as well as Isla both frowned and also felt that Alex’s recommendation was unstable.

Nonetheless, Fallon thought of it carefully as well as stated, “I think if we can’t work with a suitable star, it’s much better to hire an effectively packaged rookie. It’ll be far better than to have no spokesperson. If you pick a beginner, the recommendation charge would certainly be relatively reduced, so we can lower expenditures. Mr. Cohen, have you thought about a suitable prospect yet?”.

Alex responded and stated, “Perhaps we can allow Lianna give it a go.”.

” Lianna?”.

Fallon was so shocked that she unconsciously secured eyes with Isla.

Both of them might not compose their minds concerning Alex’s instead useful recommendation, which needed additional conversation.

Considering that they can not decide on it currently, Alex and Isla discussed various other details with Fallon and took their leave. En route back, Isla got a call from Cynthia, claiming that the Chief Executive Officer of Quill City Media, Henry Doyle, had actually come to look for Alex.

Alex did not anticipate Henry Doyle ahead so swiftly and also he was not ready to manage it.

Nevertheless, Alex was not afraid and also smoothly gave Wade Lewis a phone call.

” Supervisor Lewis, I ‘d like to ask you for a support …”.

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