The Alpha King's Daughter

The Alpha King’s Daughter Chapter 12

My mind was reeling as I left Father’s office.

I wasn’t certain what to do with the info I had actually just found out.

Viktor involved my Father, supplying his services as my bodyguard.

” Viktor knew about us?” Aela appeared confused and also unclear.

” It seems like it.” Also I went to a loss for words.

I was more pressed than ever before to find out the identity of Viktor, and also the reason behind his mask as well as handwear covers.

I mosted likely to the only person I could consider, my Uncle.

He was the only person I recognized that was also interested concerning Viktor’s identity.

I did my ideal to conceal what I had actually gained from Viktor, however I questioned if he can feel she change that had occurred within me.

As I walked down the quiet corridor to my Uncle’s office, I thought of my stupidest plan to date.

I had little hope that it would certainly succeed, yet I was tossing caution to the wind at this point. I wanted to take the danger in case I was able to pull it off.

” If your crazy plan does not function he’s mosting likely to kill us both.” Aela murmured.

I sighed, “Yet if it does work, we’ll be one action more detailed to finding out who Viktor truly is.”

I knocked on the door to my Uncles office, as well as entered when he informed me ahead in.

” Give me 10 mins.” I nodded at Viktor as well as closed the door behind me.

My Uncle got on the phone, as well as by the looks of it the conversation was obtaining irritating.

Yes I comprehend. My Uncle sighed, and also frowned as someone on the various other end started speaking.

Uncle pinched the bridge of his nose, “We have needed to put certain safety and security precautions in order. Allowing anybody to remain in our residence would make those preventative measures nullified.”

A couple of even more secs gone by.

” Thank you for understanding.” My Uncle stated in a clipped tone, one that did not sound grateful.

Once he hung the phone up he discharged a loud sigh.

” That seemed like a really pleasurable discussion.” I smirked.

Uncle rolled his eyes, but a smile used his lips. “Sadly I’ll be required to have a lot more of those positive discussions, as you so call them.”

” Why’s that?” I frowned, plopping down in one of the chairs.

” With the brand-new safety and security preventative measures in order, we can not house any of the Royal Families throughout your birthday celebration gala.” Uncle frowned, while I felt somewhat happy.

It was hard adequate remaining polite as well as poised during the gala’s. Anytime a Royal Family members remained in our house, we constantly had to be at our best.

Papa’s Kingdom is the largest and most influential in the world, and we have to work as such around others.

” I’m thinking they have a trouble with that?” I rolled my eyes.

I didn’t recognize much about the various other Kingdoms, however I understood not all were as wonderful as Daddy’s.

The only various other Kingdom I knew around was Erik’s. His Dad had a little Kingdom as well as intended on passing it down to Erik when he transformed eighteen.

” An issue would be an understatement.” Uncle rolled his eyes, “They are annoyed at our absence of hospitality.”

” Seriously?” I snapped, “We’re intended to jeopardize our security for their sensitive sensations?”

Uncle babbled at my words, “That’s precisely what your mom would say.”

” Do we truly have to toss some sort of substantial celebration, anyway?” I sighed. I ‘d much instead invest my eighteenth birthday celebration with Shannon, Caroline, as well as Papa.

Uncle frowned affectionately, “However we do. Not just is it anticipated of us, but it’s your eighteenth birthday. What better possibility at locating your mate than at a substantial gala?”

” I figured as much.” I sighed, offering an unwilling smile.

I stood from the chair and looked to leave, yet the factor for my check out popped back into my mind.

” Uncle?” I asked, viewing his head lift from a paper he started to read.

” Yes?” His brow lifted. He recognized me all right to recognize I had a question.

” Did you ever before find anything brand-new out regarding Viktor?” I asked him, paying close attention to his face.

Intrigue and inquisitiveness blinked over his functions, “I have not. Have you uncovered anything brand-new, Arabella?”

Something twitched in my tummy, something that told me to keep my mouth closed.

” No.” I forced a frown on my face, “I havent.”

” Allow’s simply maintain this between ourselves, shall we?” Uncle offered me a little smile.

” Certainly, Uncle.” I required my very own smile in return prior to I opened the door and also marched.

The remainder of my mid-day was invested considering what I had actually found out. I sat in my room, happy Viktor had pulled away to his own.

” Are you coming down for supper, Bella?” My Papa’s voice called out through my head.

” Nah, I assume I’ll have dinner in my space tonight.” I sighed.

I might feel his concern for me. “Everything alright, Bella? You’re not still worrying over what we discussed, are you?”

” No.” I sighed, “Just requiring a mid-day to myself is all.”

I understood my Papa would certainly understand, he was never an individuals person to begin with. It was my mommy that was constantly the social butterfly.

” I comprehend.” My Papa replied. “However, there is something I need from you.”

I rolled my eyes, “What might that be?”

” Beta Raymond will be returning from holiday tomorrow, and also I have actually asked he put gown orders in for you, Shannon as well as Caroline.” My Dad replied, “I require to recognize what each of you want.”

Beta Raymond was one of my Daddy’s closest good friends. He was the one that showed me how to get into problem, while Mama showed me exactly how to get out of it.

I grinned, recognizing the gold would match her honey tinted eyes flawlessly and also draw out the caramel highlights of her curly hair. I laughed, understanding she would just want the best.

” And also what regarding you, Arabella?” My Daddy asked.

” Hm, something emerald green.” I responded, understanding it would certainly highlight the eco-friendly in my eyes. “Just amaze me on the various other information.”

” Will certainly do.” I might feel my Dad’s smile via the mind-link. “I’ll send out someone up with your dinner.”

” Many thanks Papa.” I responded, cutting off the mind-link.

A soft knock sounded on my door twenty mins later.

” Can be found in.” I called out. I was lying on the sofa just staring at the ceiling.

Sheila popped her head in my room and pressed a supper cart inside.

” You really feeling alright, honey?” Sheila frowned, her chocolate curls pulled back in a bun.

Her honeycomb eyes looked me over and I was stressed she would certainly see throughout me.

I sighed, “I’m doing alright. Not really eagerly anticipating my birthday celebration event though.”

Sheila frowned, taking out tiny plates and bowls of various foods.

” Let me share some recommendations with you.” Sheila gave me a recognizing appearance and put her hand on my shoulder. “Your Momma despised dressing up and also acting all correct for these celebrations also.”

” She did?” I felt my eyes widen. Mama was the one that instructed me whatever I recognize.

Sheila responded, “She always claimed being a female was a true blessing. Male underestimate us. Blink a pretty face or a dazzling smile at half of these men, and also they’ll go talking their tricks.”

I increased my eyebrow at her. i had a feeling she wasn’t simply informing me this to make me really feel better. While her suggestions might not apply to Viktor, it can absolutely use in various other scenarios.

A little smile of disbelief formed on my face, “Many thanks, Sheila.”

” Anytime honey.” Sheila smiled as well as counted on leave the room. “You got the wits, Arabella. And every little thing emerges eventually.”

And also with that last little bit of guidance, Sheila left me to my dinner.

I picked at my food whilst assuming things over. Life as a Royal suggested a crap tons of obligation, and also a lifetime of secrets as well as uncertainty.

Viktor came to my Father for the placement of being my body guard. There could be multiple reasons behind that.

” He could have just needed a task.” Aela shrugged, however her concept didn’t feel so correct.

I shrugged, “I don’t understand. It’s simply very unusual, isn’t it?”

“Most definitely. I believe we need more info before we leap to final thoughts though.” Aela nodded.

“You’re right.” I sighed.

“As always.” She chipped in smugly.

While I knew there was much being kept from me, I really did not understand where to begin or how to reveal this details.

After Sheila’s suggestions, I had begun to create a strategy.

I would appreciate my birthday celebration gala and also join everyone there. I would flash a pretty smile and possibly include a flirt or more. If I acted as clueless as these guys thought I was, several of their secret’s would definitely come to light.

Tonight was about Viktor.

My strategy was stupid, as well as a lot of definitely negligent yet I had nothing else alternatives.

I would wait till Viktor fell asleep, and also slip right into his room.

I would certainly see him without his mask.

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