The Alpha King's Daughter

The Alpha King’s Daughter Chapter List (Jane Doe) Complete

Summary of The Alpha King’s Daughter (Jane Doe)

“dad I have actually told you a hundred times, I do not require a body guard.” I roared, my eyes locked on the god-like male at his side. Arabella Hale, the only successor of the Alpha King, detests her noticeably good-looking yet quiet body guard. A mask guards fifty percent of his face, leaving only his envigorating eyes and tousled hair exposed. The strange handwear covers he regularly uses, and the rejection to talk remains to drive Arabella crazy. In the midst of the mayhem in her Kingdom, she sets her interest on her body guard. Her outrageous tourist attraction to her mysterious body guard fuels her requirement for the truth. A lot more established than ever before, she intends to utilize everything at her disposal to uncover his secrets.

The Alpha King’s Daughter Chapter List (Jane Doe)

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