The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1001-1005 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 1001- 1005)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1001

Seeing that Claire Wilson Wilson went to the bathroom of the bedroom to take a shower, Charlie Wade went to the guest bathroom on the same floor to take a shower.
This is good for living in a villa. There are so many bathrooms, so there is no need to line up.
Charlie Wade took a bath faster, and when Claire Wilson Wilson came out of the bathroom, he had already finished the bath and was lying on the bed.

Claire Wilson Wilson saw Charlie Wade, who was wearing a vest and shorts, lying on his back on the bed. She was surprised for a moment before blurting out, “Why did you sleep on the bed?”
Charlie Wade smiled and said, “Wife, didn’t you say it was done earlier, should I be promoted?

Some time ago, my mom went to engage in MLM, which delayed my promotion. Now that she is back, you can’t stop me from being promoted. Right?”
“I…” Claire Wilson Wilson was suddenly embarrassed.

She didn’t know how to answer Charlie Wade’s question.
Indeed, I had promised him that he would be promoted to a higher level without having to sleep on the floor.
But she and Charlie Wade had never been so close.

I really didn’t have the psychological preparation for this.
However, the words came back again.
During this period of time, Claire Wilson Wilson’s favor with Charlie Wade has been rapidly heating up.

Especially today, seeing Charlie Wade hit Jeff, seeing Charlie Wade donating 1 million to the orphanage, seeing Charlie Wade solve the job for a good brother, and let him go to the pinnacle of life…

Charlie Wade tonight is like an omnipotent male god in her eyes.
Sometimes, I feel very heart-warming. That may be the feeling of love.
Thinking of this, her face immediately turned red, and against the dim light of the bedroom, she looked even more charming.

Charlie Wade looked at her shame, and his heart was full of love.
This is my beloved wife, like a ray of sunshine in my life, warming my heart.
Claire Wilson Wilson looked at Charlie Wade with red eyes, and after a while, he said shyly: “You can upgrade to one level, but you can only upgrade to one level!”

Charlie Wade hurriedly asked: “My wife, what do you mean by this? What does it mean to only be promoted to one level?”
Claire Wilson Wilson said: “From today you will sleep on the bed, but this bed is divided into two, male left and female right. Without my permission, you must not cross the boundary, otherwise you will be downgraded to one level.”

Charlie Wade said with a sad face, “Wife, what does it mean to drop one level?”
Claire Wilson Wilson glanced at him for nothing, and said, “You know what it means to be promoted. Don’t you know what it means to be lowered?”
Charlie Wade asked depressed, “Should I go back to sleep on the floor if I drop one level?”
“Yes!” Claire Wilson Wilson said triumphantly: “If you do not behave well, you will drop one level to sleep on the floor.

If you do not perform well, you will drop one level to sleep in the guest room. Anyway, our villa has a lot of rooms. Yes.”
Charlie Wade was about to cry and said, “Wife, can you tell me what the next level is? When can I go up to the next level?”

Claire Wilson Wilson blushed with a pretty face, and said, “What is the next level will be kept secret for now. As for when we can go up to the next level, you have to wait for notification from the superior.”
With that said, Claire Wilson Wilson patted his chest again, and said grinning: “I am your superior, and all interpretation rights belong to me.”

Charlie Wade was very depressed, and said, “My wife, you must have heard what Mrs. Lewis said today. Mrs. Lewis is really looking forward to having a baby soon. We can’t live up to Mrs. Lewis’s wish!”
“Don’t come here!” Claire Wilson Wilson stomped with embarrassment: “Who is going to give birth to you?

Whoever wants to have a baby with you, you will find someone to give birth to, anyway, I don’t have a baby.”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1002

Charlie Wade said helplessly: “There is no child between these two people. We are both normal people, and we are not infertile. It is a joke to always have no children, just in case you think you are not fertile. , Don’t you want to look down on you.”
Claire Wilson Wilson curled her lips and said, “Then when someone asks me, I will tell them that you have no fertility. Isn’t that all right?”

Having said that, Claire Wilson Wilson said again: “Besides, you know that you have just reached the second level now. Do you know how many levels you have a child?”
Charlie Wade said immediately: “It must be the third level!”
Claire Wilson Wilson hummed: “You want to be beautiful!”

After all, Claire Wilson Wilson picked up his quilt from the floor, threw it on top of him, and said, “One person, one quilt, you are not allowed to cross the boundary! Hands, feet, body, hair, nowhere. If you cross the boundary, you will be downgraded!”
Charlie Wade could only say helplessly: “Well, well, I know, I must not cross the boundary, is this not enough?”

Claire Wilson Wilson smiled shyly and said: “This is pretty much the same.”
After speaking, she opened her quilt, turned her back to Charlie Wade, and lay on the bed.
As soon as Claire Wilson Wilson got into bed, she got into the bed and wrapped himself tightly, blushing as if she was about to bleed, glanced at Charlie Wade, and quickly turned her head over.
At this moment, Charlie Wade wanted to hug her and give her a kiss.
However, since the respect and respect for such a long time have come, why should I be anxious and disobey her?

In any case, I have been promoted to one level, and being able to lie on the same bed with her is a huge improvement. In the days to come, I will perform well, and I will be able to reach another level.
Maybe when you get to the next level, two people can sleep in one bed.
Thinking of this, he felt a lot of joy suddenly.

Claire Wilson Wilson dared not look at him, reached out his hand to turn off the light, and said, “It’s getting late, go to bed.”
After the light was turned off, the bedroom was dark, and I couldn’t see my fingers. I was so quiet that I could hear clearly as if a needle fell on the ground.

Charlie Wade could clearly hear Claire Wilson Wilson’s breathing, and her breathing was a bit rapid. It seemed that she should be very nervous at this time.
If Claire Wilson Wilson usually falls asleep, her breathing is very even and gentle.
So Charlie Wade asked her: “Wife, are you still up?”

Claire Wilson Wilson asked, “What’s wrong?”
Charlie Wade was also a little nervous, and hurriedly said, “It’s nothing, I just want to chat with you.”
Claire Wilson Wilson said, “What do you want to talk about? Tell me.”
Charlie Wade smiled, turned his head to look at Claire Wilson Wilson’s outline, and asked: “My wife, how is your company running recently?”

Claire Wilson Wilson said: “It’s not bad. Emgrand Group and several other companies have given some orders. I am designing them one by one and looking for people to construct them one by one. Now the overall situation has improved and the company’s account has already The payment of several million is only an advance payment. If I finish the current projects, the payment should exceed 10 million.”

Charlie Wade was surprised and said, “Wow, my wife, you are amazing. How long has it been since I have made 10 million into the account!”
Claire Wilson Wilson said: “10 million is just an account, and the actual profit is only about 2 million. This 2 million is not as much as you can earn by showing others a feng shui.”

With that, Claire Wilson Wilson hurriedly said to Charlie Wade: “By the way, you should never tell your mom about the numbers that you just told you. If mom knows that the company has millions in the account, she will definitely get the Wrong idea!”

Charlie Wade hurriedly asked: “My wife, I listen to you, and I will never say a word to your mother!”
After speaking, Charlie Wade asked again: “Wife, you see that I have performed so well, can you raise me to the next level now?”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1003

Charlie Wade felt nervous after asking this question.
He didn’t know what kind of reply Claire Wilson Wilson would give him.
At this moment, he suddenly felt an object hit his face. The next moment, he felt the object, which was the little bear that Claire Wilson Wilson usually hugged to sleep.

At this time, I heard Claire Wilson Wilson say in my ear: “You are so greedy, you usually play mobile games, the more difficult it is to upgrade, how can it be so simple?”
Charlie Wade said aggrievedly: “My wife, the upgrade of mobile games is fast now, and you can upgrade to level 80 with a single cut!”

Claire Wilson Wilson pretended to be a customer service of a certain treasure, and said, “I’m sorry, dear, this kind of upgrade is not available in our family. I suggest you consider trying other games.”
Charlie Wade hurriedly said: “No, no, no, I don’t want to try other games, I just want to ask if we can give us a quick way to upgrade this game?”
Claire Wilson Wilson smiled and said, “I’m sorry, dear, we don’t have any shortcuts for the time being.”

“Okay!” Charlie Wade sighed and said, “I will continue to work hard.”
Claire Wilson Wilson nodded in satisfaction and said: “In this case, the customer service side is about to get off work now. If you have any questions, please come back tomorrow morning.”
Seeing her playful, Charlie Wade hurriedly said: “Okay, let’s talk about it tomorrow morning.”

Claire Wilson Wilson said again: “Then please don’t hang up. After a beep, I will comment on my service. 1 is very satisfied, 2 is satisfied, and 3 is not satisfied.”
Charlie Wade said: “4!”
Claire Wilson Wilson said: “I’m sorry, the input was wrong, please re-enter.”
Charlie Wade said: “Yes, 4 is very unsatisfactory!”

Claire Wilson Wilson grunted and said, “Congratulations for activating the hidden random treasure chest in the game. You will get a random gift. To open the treasure chest, press 1, and to give up the treasure chest, press 2.”
Charlie Wade blurted out: “1!”

Claire Wilson Wilson imitated the sound of the lottery turntable and squeaked it around for a while before saying, “Congratulations on getting a random gift and drop one level! The gift will take effect immediately!”
Charlie Wade yelled in shock: “Stop, stop, I don’t want this gift!”
Claire Wilson Wilson giggled and said, “Dear, hide the random treasure chest. Once opened, it cannot be returned!”

Charlie Wade said: “I want to appeal! I just pressed the wrong one, I want to press 2!”
Claire Wilson Wilson laughed for a while, and then said, “Dear, the system has received your appeal. We will process your appeal within two days. The result of the appeal will be fed back to you at that time, but before the feedback result comes out, You still need to accept a random punishment of downgrading one level in place.”

Charlie Wade said: “I am an old customer of our game, can you give me a face? This time I will be free from punishment!”
Claire Wilson Wilson thought for a while, and then said, “Dear, since you are indeed our loyal customer, we decided after discussion and give you a chance to choose again.”
After that, she cleared her throat and said, “Please press 1 to open the treasure chest, press 2 to give up the treasure chest.”

Charlie Wade can only say: “2! I choose 2!”
Claire Wilson Wilson said: “It’s a pity that you missed the random gift in the hidden random treasure chest this time. What else can I help you?”
Charlie Wade sighed, “Nothing, no more, I’m going to continue leveling.”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1004

Claire Wilson Wilson said: “Then please don’t hang up. After a beep, I will comment on my service. 1 is very satisfied, 2 is satisfied, and 3 is not satisfied.”
Charlie Wade wailed: “1! Very satisfied!”

Claire Wilson Wilson said with satisfaction: “Thank you for your comments. That’s all for today’s connection. See you next time.”
This night, Charlie Wade slept very unsteadily.
Although I have only been promoted by one level, this is the first time I have been in bed with Claire Wilson Wilson since I have been married to Claire Wilson Wilson.

Of course, although the same bed is the same, there is no chance to sleep together. Two people use their own pillows and sleep on their own quilts.
Charlie Wade really didn’t dare to cross the middle line, otherwise he would really have to drop one level on the spot, wouldn’t it be because he didn’t cry without tears?

Claire Wilson Wilson actually didn’t fall asleep for a long time, and she felt very nervous in her heart.
Although she and Charlie Wade slept in their own blankets and didn’t have any skin-to-skin contact, she still felt that her heartbeat was very fast.
Well, this is after all the first time she shared a bed with a man since she shared a room with her parents when she was young.

It’s strange that I don’t feel nervous.
In this way, the two people suffered from insomnia for a long time before going to sleep one after another.
Early the next morning, Charlie Wade opened his eyes, Claire Wilson Wilson beside him was gone.
Hearing the sound of the shower coming from the bathroom, Charlie Wade knew that Claire Wilson Wilson was taking a shower.

Claire Wilson Wilson is a girl who loves cleanliness, and basically takes a bath every morning and evening, and Charlie Wade has already been surprised.
He stretched and was about to get up when the phone under his pillow suddenly buzzed.
He took out his cell phone and found that it was actually a call from Lisa.

After answering the call, Lisa’s anxious voice came from over there: “Brother Charlie Wade, there is an accident in the orphanage!”
Charlie Wade hurriedly asked, “What’s going on?! What happened to the welfare institution? Don’t worry about it slowly.”
Lisa choked up and said, “Ten children were lost! Suspected they were stolen!”

” Charlie Wade was both anxious and angry when he heard that the child in the welfare home would be stolen. He hurriedly asked: “Lisa, tell me specifically, what is going on?”
Lisa hurriedly said: “This morning, the aunt in charge of infants and young children in the day shift went to work with the aunt in the night shift, and found that the aunt in the night shift was sleeping unconsciously. All the ten children in one room were gone.

People were given a strong anaesthetic!”
Charlie Wade was furious, and he scolded: “Someone is too bold to do it, even the children of the orphanage dare to steal it?!”
Lisa cried and said: “This kind of thing happened before, but we discovered it in time before. Now human traffickers are particularly rampant.

Not only do they dare to steal from the orphanage, they also dare to steal from the hospital, and steal from people’s homes. He even robbed other people’s children on the street!”
After speaking, Lisa said again: “The main reason is that this business is too profitable for them. Any child can sell for about 100,000 Dollar.

If it is the kind of beautiful child, these rich people cannot give birth. Children who are even willing to pay a high price…”
Charlie Wade hurriedly asked, “What’s the situation now? Did you call the police?”

Lisa hurriedly said: “Mrs. Lewis and the dean have called the police a long time ago, and the case has been opened for investigation, but the police said that they speculated that the night shift aunt was anesthetized at around 3 in the morning, that is, they stole the child. Four hours have passed now, and they may have left Aurouss Hilll or even the province in these four hours!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1005

At this moment, Charlie Wade was very angry.
He did not expect that a human trafficker would be so bold and hit his idea on the children of the orphanage.
Thinking of these children, among them, they might be sold to unscrupulous beggars, or even turned into disabled by them, Charlie Wade wanted to smash the corpses of these traffickers.
So he immediately said to Lisa: “Lisa, where are you now?

Are you in the orphanage?”
“Yes!” Lisa said, “I just came back from the police station, Mrs. Lewis and the others are still there.”
“Okay.” Charlie Wade said immediately: “You are waiting for me in the orphanage, I will pass now!”
After speaking, he hung up the phone, ignored his wife, and hurried out.

Coming to the first floor, Elaine Ma, wearing a big red pajamas, urged impatiently: “Charlie Wade, hurry up and cook, I am starving to death.”
Charlie Wade frowned, and said in disgust: “If you want to eat, you can cook it yourself.”
Elaine Ma gritted his teeth and cursed: “Oh! You are amazing now, have you become more capable?”
Charlie Wade nodded and said, “If I can get such a big villa, then I can count you as capable!”

When Elaine Ma heard this, her face suddenly changed: “Charlie Wade, what do you mean by this? Do you think the villa you got is amazing? You started to shake my face with me?”
Charlie Wade said coldly: “Yes, when I lived in your house before, what was your attitude towards me?

I hope you will reflect on it now. Maybe after a while, I will treat you like you did to me. “
“You…” Elaine Ma’s arrogance disappeared by 80% at once, and she really realized that Charlie Wade was different from before.
Now I don’t have much to judge him.

I used to say that he eats my own home and lives in my own home, but now it seems that everything is the other way around.
At this time, Jacob Wilson also came out of the elevator, and when he saw Charlie Wade as if he was going out, he asked: “Charlie Wade, where are you going?”
Charlie Wade said: “I’m going to the orphanage, something is wrong.”
Jacob Wilson hurriedly said, “It just so happens that I have to go to the Calligraphy and Painting Association to do something, I’ll drive you.”

Charlie Wade nodded: “Good dad.”
Elaine Ma said angrily: “Jacob Wilson, you are not allowed to go! Make breakfast for me!”
Jacob Wilson glanced at her disgustedly: “If you want to make it yourself, don’t eat it if you don’t do it!”

After speaking, he didn’t talk to her anymore.
Jacob Wilson and son-in-law walked out, Elaine Ma gritted his teeth with anger behind.
Now the two men in the family ignore themselves, and their majesty in this family no longer exists.
Especially that Jacob Wilson, who was so ambitious yesterday that he wanted to divorce himself.

This dog has been married to himself for more than 20 years, and he didn’t dare to yell at himself like that. There must be something strange about this matter, so I have to find a way to investigate it.
At this moment, Charlie Wade and the old man Jacob Wilson came to the garage, Jacob Wilson sat in his BMW car and drove Charlie Wade out.

As soon as the car left the house, Jacob Wilson couldn’t wait to ask: “Charlie Wade, you usually have a lot of ideas. If you give your dad an idea, how can you divorce your mother’s b*tch?”
Charlie Wade said, “Didn’t Mom say it yesterday? If you want to get a divorce, you have to live apart for at least two years.”

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