The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1021-1025(The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 1021- 1025)

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The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1021

Charlie Wade did not expect that the Webb family was also involved in this matter to some extent.
This hateful beggar gang was actually started by Donald’s brother-in-law, and it is estimated that the support of the Webb family is indispensable.
Originally, I was still waiting for the Webb family to find him, and was not ready to attack the Webb family.

But this time, I have to take Donald’s brother-in-law first!
Therefore, he immediately said to Ron: “I will give you a chance to redeem your sins. You must take it well, otherwise, I will let you end up like your brother!”
As soon as Ron heard this, he said with excitement: “Brother, if you have anything you want, you will die without hesitation!”

Charlie Wade said: “You should call the elder beggars who specially connected with you now, tell him that your car has a problem, and let him come here to pick up people in person.”
Ron nodded immediately and said, “Okay, big brother, I’ll fight now. It’s not far from Southaven city. I think they will come soon.”

Charlie Wade gave a hum, turned around and said to Cameron Isaac behind him: “Isaac, I don’t care what you do, I will see Donald’s brother-in-law here within an hour!”
Cameron Isaac said immediately: “Don’t worry, Master, I will make arrangements!”
Ron was eager to make contributions, and hurriedly said, “By the way, that John Marcone and his wife is one of the elders of the Beggar Gang, who is in charge of finances! And she is also his female military advisor!”

“Really?” Charlie Wade frowned and asked: “Both couples are doing this kind of conscience business?”
“Yes!” Ron said: “Their couple is amazing, earning at least 100 million Dollar a year. It is said that they earned more than 200 million Dollar last year!”
Charlie Wade said to Cameron Isaac: “You can verify the matter, Isaac. If it is true, bring him and his wife to me!”
Cameron Isaac nodded and made a call immediately.

Wade family’s eyes are all over the country, if they want, there is no clue they can’t find.
Southaven is one of the largest cities in the south, and the hidden forces deployed by the Wade family here are beyond imagination.
Soon, Cameron Isaac received the news and said to Charlie Wade: “That kid is right. Marcone’s wife is indeed one of the elders of the Beggar Gang.”

“Okay.” Charlie Wade nodded and said coldly: “Then bring them all to me!”
Cameron Isaac immediately picked up the walkie-talkie and said: “A group of skilled men! Go to Southaven quickly and meet our family’s local eyeliner. By any means, you must bring John Marcone and his wife here within an hour!”

A resolute voice came from the intercom: “Yes! One group set off immediately!”.
Immediately after one of the hovering helicopters, it immediately climbed up and headed for downtown Southaven.
Charlie Wade asked him again: “Could you let the Wade family’s eyeliner in the southern region help me investigate how many core members of the Beggar Gang are still in the southern region, and bring them all over me.”

Cameron Isaac said: “Good young master, I’ll give orders now and get everything I can find!”
Charlie Wade nodded in satisfaction, and said coldly: “Today I will walk for the sky and get rid of this beggar gang!”
Ron also took out his mobile phone at this time, and under Charlie Wade’s supervision, called the elder of the beggar gang who had been connected to him.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1022

When the other party heard him say that the car was broken, he immediately said he was not reliable.
Ron could only say in a low tone: “Sir, the car I built is quite old. I’m really embarrassed, but I’m only a few tens of kilometers away from Southaven. It’s not far, so please come and pick it up. Come on.”
Then the other party cursed and said: “If it wasn’t for seeing that you sent more goods this time, I would just ignore you.”

After speaking, the other party said again: “Send your location to WeChat, and I will come here.”
At this moment, the beggar gang leader John Marcone and his wife Lily Marcone had just walked out of Webb’s villa with their daughter. Today at noon, it is the birthday of Lily’s sister, Donald’s wife Xenia.

In the past, Xenia had to organize a special birthday party, but this year, considering the special situation of her son Kian, she chose to stay at home and simply prepared a lunch.
No guests were invited to this banquet. Apart from my family, I only invited my younger brother and younger siblings, as well as his younger niece.

After such a long time, Kian is still the same, adding a meal every hour.
So in this banquet, Kian disappeared for about 20 minutes. Everyone knew that he was going to add a meal, but everyone at the dinner table was embarrassed to say it.

After the birthday party, Marcone’s family of three was ready to go home.
His sister Xenia sent them to the parking lot of the villa.
Seeing that there was no one else around, Marcone asked his sister: “Sister, is Kian’s situation still not getting better?”

“No.” Xenia said with a sad face: “A lot of experts have come to visit during this period, but there is no result. They have no idea.”
Xenia couldn’t help but sighed and said, “Sister, I think my brother-in-law has some problems with his mood and emotions recently.”

Xenia said depressed: “The last time your brother-in-law took Sean to Aurouss Hilll, he suffered a big loss in the hands of the Wade family, and was humiliated by an unknown man by Aurouss Hilll. Haven’t you seen Sean’s arm still in a cast? He was injured in Aurouss Hilll.”
Xenia said angrily: “What kid did this way?

Sister, do you want me to take some brothers and kill that kid in the past? Now the power of the beggars is stronger again. There are 10,000 registered gang members alone. There are many people. During this period of time, I am preparing to annex the beggars from the surrounding provinces one by one.

By that time, my beggars may have more than 50,000 people!”
Xenia said: “Your brother-in-law is already planning the matter in Aurouss Hilll, so you don’t need to bother.”
After that, she looked at her younger sibling Lily and said to her younger brother: “You have to take care of Lily during this period.

Two months of pregnancy is the most dangerous time. Don’t let the fetus have any problems.”
Marcone said immediately: “Sister, don’t worry, I will take care of her.”
Xenia said to her younger sibling Lily: “Lily, you have just gotten pregnant. Don’t interfere with the beggars’ affairs for the time being.

Have your baby at home and get a b-ultrasound in two months to see if it is a male or a female.”
Lily nodded hurriedly and said respectfully: “Okay sister, I see, don’t worry.”
Xenia couldn’t help but sighed and said with emotion: “Our Marcone family, the biggest problem is that the population is not thriving enough.

My parents left early and only gave birth to two children, Nathan and Josiah. Only the son of Nathan, you and Josiah are left now. There is only a daughter. He said that everything has to be given to a son quickly, and it is not enough to have one.

While he is young, he must have at least two sons to continue the incense for the Marcone family.”
Lily hurriedly said: “Sister, don’t worry, I will definitely inherit the Marcone family!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1023

Xenia, Donald’s wife, is a standard demon of helping his brother.
With her identity and her family background, it would have been impossible for her to enter the gate of Webb’s house.
But the reason why Donald married her into the Webb family was entirely because Donald really loved her.

After marrying into the Webb family, Xenia began to do everything possible to help her brother John Marcone.
John Marcone didn’t have any abilities, she didn’t read well, and her ability was not good enough. When she was young, she took a lot of money from Xenia to do business, but she was basically defeated by him.

There was no other way, Xenia went to beg her husband, hoping that her husband could give his brother a little bit from the Webb family’s business, which would be regarded as a way to help his brother.
Although Donald didn’t look down on Marcone, he still helped him several times because of his wife’s face.

However, Marcone is very ignorant of good and bad, and he is not capable of it. When others lead him to make money, he has to make some tricks from it. Finally, Donald is tired of him, and he simply doesn’t bother to take him. .
However, Xenia didn’t want her brother to be mediocre all his life. Seeing that her brother didn’t have much real ability, but he still had the ability to fight hard, she guided his brother to the gray industry.

After all, Marcone is Donald’s brother-in-law, and the entire Webb family has a very strong influence in the south, so there is this relationship. He went out to make a profit, and everyone must give face.
After fishing for a few years, Marone built the business of the Beggar Gang.
To say it is a “gang of beggars” is actually borrowing someone’s name from martial arts novels. What they do is not a matter of acting for the country and the people. They are just organizing a large group of fake beggars to pretend to be beggars and swindle.

Moreover, there are often conflicts between the gang of beggars and the gang of beggars.
For example, the bus stations, railway stations, and commercial streets with the most crowded traffic are the favorite prime locations of the Beggar Gang. If you can set up a stall here, you will definitely make a lot of money in a day.

However, for the beggars in a city, there are tens of thousands of beggars who are true or false, and it is naturally impossible for them to gather in these golden locations.
Therefore, fighting fiercely with other gangs of beggars, forming cliques, and looting territory in daily life have become the most important thing besides begging.
Because of the big tree of the Webb family, Marcone developed quickly in the cause of the Beggar Gang.

If any beggar dared to fight against him, he would immediately be trampled by him. If he couldn’t step on it, he would beg his sister and ask his sister to ask his brother-in-law, Donald, to help.
After all, Donald is also the heir of the top big family.

He naturally doesn’t look down on this kind of gray business, and of course he doesn’t want to interfere.
But he couldn’t hold back his wife blowing the pillow breeze in his ears every day, and acted like a baby at every turn, or brushed up his temper or pretended to be wronged. Then he had nothing to do.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1024

In the end, it didn’t work, so he came out to help Marcone several times.
When others discovered that even the heirs of the top clan like Donald would come to help Marcone get out, the other beggars naturally did not dare to offend Marcone again.
As a result, Marcone pretended to be invincible and brought all the Beggar Gang forces in Arcadia Province into his own hands.

Now he is the leader of the famous “gang of beggars” in Southaven area.
Marcone is also very proud of this, because this kind of thing comes in too quickly, and it is completely unnecessary. Everyone is scattered, everyone finds a place, lies on the ground, and then writes on a blank paper.

Copywriting that sells badly is just lying down and making money.
In a short period of time, he has already saved more than 1 billion family assets.
Xenia was naturally relieved to see that her younger brother had made such a great achievement. For her brother-in-law, the younger brother was responsible for it, which was the continuation of the entire family’s blood.

The Marcone family’s parents left early and there were no relatives. The more desolate and the less prosperous the family, the more she hoped that the Marcone family could open up its branches and leaves as soon as possible, so that the family would also prosper and gradually become a famous family in Southaven. , So that I can be considered to have completed my mission to myself.

After leaving his brother’s family, Xenia turned and returned to the villa.
Donald was sitting in the living room with a cigar in his mouth, and said annoyedly: “Xenia, I recently heard that your brother’s beggar has made a lot of children to make money.

Can you tell him He will constrain a little bit later? Now everyone knows that he is my brother-in-law of Donald. He is doing this kind of mischievous business, and everyone outside thinks it is my order! What my Webb family says is a hundred billion level How can this big family get involved with this kind of indiscriminate business?”

When Xenia heard this, her eyes were flushed with grievance, and she choked with sobs: “Husband, you don’t know the situation with Marcone. You said that he has no ability, education and no education, and no brains, except for the sidetrack. , What else can he do? He’s just this little brother. If he doesn’t live well, then I will die!”

Donald’s most helpless thing is to see his wife’s grievances. He also knows that this is just his wife’s trick, but after all, out of true love, when she sees her grievances, even if she pretends to be wronged, Donald will feel distressed in his heart.

So, he could only sigh, and said: “If you have done it, don’t feel wronged. I mean, you will also say hello to Marcone when you look back. There are many ways to make a mistake. Partial behavior is placed on women and children. If he has a kind, and dares to fight and kill, then I can completely praise him as the underground emperor of the whole Southaven. Why do things that hurt women and children every day?

Tell these things. It’s really faceless.”
Xenia came to Donald with tears in his eyes, sat beside him, grabbed his arm with both hands, and choked pitifully: “Husband, you don’t know what my brother is like. That ability to fight and kill with others? Besides, in our entire Marcone family, he is the only man left who says that he can’t go out to fight and kill.

If something happens to him, we Marcone are going to be broken?”
Donald said helplessly: “Didn’t I tell you? If he dares to fight and kill, I will cover him behind his back. With me, do you think anyone in Southaven dares to move him?”
Xenia wiped away her tears, and said, “That’s not what I said, my husband, there are many children now, who are totally shocked.

He doesn’t care what your identity or background is. He might just pick up a knife and say Killers, if they hurt Marcone and kill them all afterwards, what problem can they solve?”
As she said, she grabbed Donald’s hand and said with red eyes: “Husband, I’m just a younger sister to Marcone.

You are for the sake of me having been with you for so many years and giving birth to two sons. You are considerate. Be considerate of him.”
Donald sighed and said helplessly: “These things Marcone has done are too damaging to good and morality. If you have time someday, let him go to the temple to burn incense!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1025

Marcone drove his Rolls Royce at this time, with his two-month pregnant wife sitting in the co-pilot and his 6-year-old daughter in the back seat.
A family of three drove back to their villa and the journey went smoothly.
Rolls-Royce drove into the garage and stopped.

Marcone pushed the door to get out of the car. Then, Lily beside him also opened the door.
Their daughter was already asleep in the back seat.
Lily said to Marcone: “Husband, you hug your girl, put on a dress for her, don’t catch a cold.”
Marcone nodded, and after getting out of the car, he reached out and opened the door of the rear seat.

At this moment, a few men in black suddenly rushed out around him. Each of them held a gun in his hand. As soon as they appeared, they pointed their guns directly at the foreheads of the couple. One of them gave a cold voice. Said: “Marcone, our young master wants to see you, you husband and wife, come with us!”

Marcone was taken aback by the battle in front of him.
He really didn’t expect that someone in Southaven would dare to provoke himself.
I am not only the leader of the beggar gang, but also a relative of the Webb family, and Donald’s brother-in-law. In Southaven, who should not give himself a bit of face?
Don’t talk about targeting yourself, even if you see yourself, you all have to nod and bow, kneel and lick yourself like a dog.

So he asked angrily: “What do those few eyesight things do? Do you know who my brother-in-law is?”
One of the people in black disdainfully said, “Isn’t your brother-in-law Donald?”
Marcone reprimanded: “Knowing that my brother-in-law is Donald, if you dare to provoke me, you are all f*cking impatient, right?

Believe my brother-in-law, a word can make you dead?”
The man in black sneered: “Marcone, you take your brother-in-law too seriously. In the eyes of our young master, Donald is indistinguishable from a dog. The reason for leaving this dog is Donald. Fate, I just want him to jump for two more days and have fun with him!”

“You…” Marcone was a little panicked now.
He really didn’t expect that the other party would not pay attention to his brother-in-law at all. In Southaven, no one had such courage.

But these people in black know that they are Donald’s brother-in-law, and they have to use a knife to hijack themselves. It seems that they are not good!
So he asked nervously: “Who are you? Who is your young master? Have I provoke your young master?”

The black man said: “Who is our young master? You will know when you go with me.”
After that, he pointed his gun at Lily and said coldly: “And you, one of the nine elders of the Beggars, right? Come with us too!”
At this time, several people in black put their guns at them and led them out of the garage.

At the same time, a helicopter has slowly landed in the courtyard of Marcone’s villa.
Marcone felt even more flustered when he saw that the other party was driving a helicopter to kidnap himself.
This situation can be seen at a glance that those who come are not good.
At this time, he found a man in black and walked out holding his sleeping daughter.

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