The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 116-120 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 116-120)

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The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 116

Actually, Loreen could tell what was playing in Harold’s mind, and also she intended to shield herself from any unwanted scenarios, for this reason, she comprised her mind not to consume alcohol with him this evening.

Harold was bummed out after his demand to drink was turned down, however he didn’t risk to express himself, so he stated instead, “It’s okay, allow’s just consume juice then.”

Loreen responded. “Thanks for being so considerate!”

Meanwhile, a relatively gracious young man resting at the table beside them was staring at Loreen. He was attracted by her elegant character and also aura after he saw her strolling right into the dining establishment.

‘ The girl is so gorgeous and also phenomenal, she resembles a fairy descending to earth!’ believed the young man when he first laid eyes on Loreen.

After observing their communication for some time, he realized that the girl and the man were not a couple, so he decided to order his opportunity to learn more about the attractive girl.

He mustered enough courage before he stood, strolled towards their table, and also claimed to Loreen, “Hi, I couldn’t aid however love you at first sight as soon as you strolled right into the restaurant. May I get your number?”

Loreen was stunned by the sudden technique.

She really did not expect to have someone hitting on her in the restaurant tonight.

On the other hand, Harold was incredibly perturbed.

Where did this fool come from? Could not he see that he was sweet-talking her? Just how risk he come as well as cut him off, bugger?

Before Loreen could response to the abrupt demand, Harold stated coldly, “That the hell are you? What are you doing, badgering us at our table?”

The boy stated gently, “I’m speaking with this great woman below, avoid of it.”

Then, he looked to Loreen once again. “Miss, I have actually been viewing you for a very long time. I really did not want to interrupt your supper, yet I couldn’t help it, for worry of missing out on the possibility to be familiar with you, so please forgive me for my abruptness.”

Harold’s blood was steaming now!

Where the f * ck did this pet come from? Exactly how risk he steal his woman?

Harold glared at him indignantly and also growled, “I advise you, escape us when I speak well! If you risk to speak or even peek at our instructions again, I’ll gouge your eyes out!”

The boy frowned in discouragement and asked Loreen, “Is he your sweetheart?”

Loreen trembled her head.

The young man after that turned his head back at Harold as well as said, “Given that you are not her sweetheart, what’s wrong with me confessing to her?”

Harold smiled coyly. “I don’t like you seeing her, maintain your eyes far from her!”

The boy frowned once again. “Why are you so cocky? You believe you’re so excellent, do not you?”

” Young boy, I’m from the Wilson family, obtain shed when I chat nicely if you don’t desire any difficulty!”

Loreen was a little upset and also disgusted by now.

Firstly, she didn’t such as exactly how the boy was so straight and also candid in his admission.

She didn’t such as Harold’s pompous and also self-important mindset.

The young man blazed at Harold in inflammation and also said coldly, “The Wilson family? You? Don’t make me laugh! I caution you, stop your pompous act right now, otherwise, I’ll see to it you won’t be able to go out of this dining establishment!”

Harold gritted his teeth in agony like a bear in a sore head.

He ended up being a very easy target for any individual now!

He had already ashamed himself the first time he had invited Loreen to supper. If he stopped working to show himself this time and self-conscious himself once again in front of Loreen, he wouldn’t have an opportunity to pursue her any longer.

He grabbed the wine bottle on the table as well as yelled, “Silent, f * cker! You request for this!”

In a blink of an eye, he knocked the bottle on the young man’s head!

With a loud bang, blood gushed out of the man’s head and spilled onto the flooring!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 117

The boy felt light-headed and also woozy from the knockout and nearly fell down to the flooring.

The restaurants around them were additionally shocked by the unexpected commotion.

Harold blazed viciously at the boy whose head was saturated by his very own blood as well as sneered, “Get shed, or I’ll damage your leg!”

The young man held the wound on his head as well as growled, “Alright, ruffian, wait and see!”

He ran out of the dining establishment.

Harold smiled disdainfully and claimed, “F * cking loser, who does he think he is to threaten me? I am Harold Wilson, f * cker!”.

He put on a complacent look as he said to Loreen, “There’s always these irritating bugs almost everywhere you go, don’t let him wreck our night. Come, let’s enjoy our supper.”.

Loreen’s celebratory mood was completely ruined after the disturbing minute. She just nodded without a word.

Throughout the supper, Harold tried to brighten the state of mind by striking conversations, but Loreen had not been delighted at all.

In her opinion, Harold was only an unable and also reckless male. He would not even get on her list even if he was the only male left in the world.

Harold, on the other hand, presumed that Loreen would fall for his personal appeal when he obtained his hands on the silly bugger in front of her, yet it was the complete opposite. Loreen seemed to be a little more repulsive and ashamed with him.

He was feeling depressed when he saw the upset expression on Loreen’s face. If she didn’t such as males that made use of physical violence, it would mean that he had dug his own tomb by smashing the wine bottle on the boy’s head, wouldn’t it?

Harold was just as dispirited throughout the meal.

After their dish, he thought that they could choose a second round to get to know each other better, yet Loreen resented his tip and claimed, “It’s obtaining late, I need to go back now. Many thanks for dinner.”.

A dashboard of grief hovered under Harold’s eyes. “Let me send you house then!”.

Loreen trembled her head. “It’s fine, I’ll just take a taxi back.” She couldn’t be much more clear that she intended to draw a line with Harold.

Harold felt the wrath of fierceness burning inside him, however he subdued it as well as stated in a respectful fashion, “Let me see you off then, at the very least I’ll recognize which cars and truck you’re in.”.

Loreen didn’t reject him this time around. She responded and also went out of the restaurant quietly. Harold rapidly went after.

He was exceptionally flustered by the turn of occasions. He desired to have a charming date as well as admit to Loreen, but the f * cking bugger came along as well as wrecked his opportunity! He seemed to have left a bad impact on her too! It was not his day.

” If I see that f * cking canine again, I’ll kill him!” Harold cursed under his breath.


On The Other Hand, Charlie Wade had simply finished his supper as well as was clearing the recipes away.

Claire Wilson screamed anxiously, “Charlie Wade, there is a vendor quotation in my bag, did you see it?”.

Charlie Wade trembled his head. “No, I have not touched your bag since we got back.”.

Claire Wilson fell silent for a moment, attempting to map her memory, after that, she slapped her forehead as well as sighed. “Ah, I assume I left it in the meeting room! I need to use it tomorrow morning. Mind driving me there to take it?”.

Charlie Wade laughed carefully. “Look at you, you’re so exhausted. You go as well as rest, I’ll get it for you.”.

Claire Wilson sighed gladly as well as said, “Indeed, I’m worn. Thanks, dear, the documents number is GY20191101.”.

” You rate, my dear.”.

Charlie Wade grabbed the automobile secret as well as went out of the door.

On the other hand, Harold as well as Loreen had actually just left the dining establishment and also were standing by the roadway.

Loreen was keeping an eye out for empty taxis when a team of studly men stormed out of three white vans parked on the side of the roadway as well as ran towards them boldy.

The men covered their confront with black cloth, holding steel pipes in their hands. They seemed to be following them for vengeance!

” Damn it!” Harold trembled in scary when he saw the men running in the direction of him.

Blood drained pipes from Loreen’s face when she saw the scene also. She figured that these males were right here due to the boy, and also from the appearances of it, they would probably pass away!

Certainly, the boy with the bloody bandage on his head stood and screamed, “Darn, go!”.

Instantly, as quickly as the voice fell, the team of relentless men stampeded toward Harold.

” I’m from the Wilson family members! Do not you dare touch me!”.

Harold was extremely stressed and also discombobulated, yet he took care of a hoity-toity tone as well as yelled.

A brawny man grinned contemptuously. He lifted the steel pipeline as well as pounded it at him.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 118

As Harold enjoyed the steel pipe was aiming at him, he was so anxious and stressed that he practically damp himself.

Instantly, he got hold of Loreen’s hand and also pressed her out in the direction of the men then he ran towards his vehicle, opened the door rapidly, got in, as well as drove away without a review at his back.

Loreen yelled hastily as she was pressed in the direction of the savage guys, and she exploded when she took a look at Harold running away like a scaredy-cat.

Darn! Harold Wilson was such a crybaby and coward!

After causing a scene, he had the nerve to press a lady ahead as his guard in such a critical moment and also retreat by himself!

He was the most horrible scum in the world!

The young man cursed aloud as Harold ran away.

” Damn it, that f * cker! Left the lady below as well as ran! What a loser!”.

He turned to Loreen and also snarled coldly, “Beauty, call that bastard back, otherwise, you’re next!”.

Loreen spouted in a panic, “He as well as I, we’re simply colleagues, please do not include me in your affairs.”.

The young man pointed to his bandaged head and also grumbled, “Damn, I have sixteen stitches on my head! I won’t be satisfied until I have my vengeance! If he doesn’t return for you, I’ll take you home as well as invest the evening with each other as a f * cking settlement!”.

Loreen blared in scary. “What? You can’t do that! It’s illegal!”.

The young man growled, “Do you believe you can speak law to me? After I’m done with you, you’ll understand what the actual law is!”.

Loreen really felt an unexpected chill surging her heart as horror and also despair crippled her.

” I’ll … I’ll call him now!”.

She secured her phone with her shaking hands and dialed Harold’s number.

Harold was behind the wheels and also frantically repeling, wanting to go as far as he can in the past those men might tail him. His heart avoided a beat when Loreen called him.


Earlier, all he can think of was to flee and ditch Loreen at the scene at the same time. The female needs to hate him very much currently!

Damn, what a stroke of bad luck!

His initial intention was to tackle her, gotten in touch with the Thomas household while doing so, and also brought his entire family to the next degree.

As the events unravelled, he had actually annoyed Loreen to the really core!

How could he address the phone today?

The only reason she called was to ask him to go back, also an idiot could consider it.

But, would certainly he still live if he returned? Those men were so hostile as well as daunting with the steel pipes in their hands, even if their beatings didn’t eliminate him, it would certainly incapacitate him forever.

Compared to the relationship, surviving was more important!

Hence, he chose to neglect her phone calls and also went on moving!

Loreen was absolutely determined and also disappointed when her telephone calls went unanswered. She pled the young man, “I can provide you money, please let me go, it’s really none of my company.”.

The young man grinned wickedly. “I don’t desire your cash! I want you!”.

Loreen’s whole body was drinking in concern. She understood that if she really did not do something now, this guy would certainly never ever let her go.

She gritted her teeth and kicked in between the young male’s legs when he had not been looking.

The young man didn’t anticipate that she would certainly risk to resist. He yelled in misery as well as loosened his hold of her, after that, unwillingly, he swung his blade towards her!

Loreen intended to run away when she really felt a pain coming from her upper leg. She screamed and collapsed on the floor.

A sharp blade pierced her leg, blood oozing out of the horrible injury.

” B * tch, do you assume you can run from me ?!”.

The boy ordered her by the hair and also sneered. “Congratulations, you’ve activated me. My bros and also I will certainly take excellent care of you tonight!”.

Loreen’s cheeks were drenched with rips of misery.

She had actually foreseen her own death in her heart. She knew that this young man would not allow her go, and she hesitated that her life would certainly finish right here, in his hands.

At a minute similar to this, no one would be there to save her from them …

Yet, she overlooked that there was a black BMW slowly approaching them. Charlie Wade, that was behind the wheels, frowned when he saw her at a look!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 119

Sharp and also agonizing discomfort in her leg sent out shocking waves throughout Loreen’s body. She was very determined and also in despair, tears kept streaming down her cheeks.

The young man smiled slyly as he checked out her in tears yet stunning face. He cleared his throat and also shouted, “Get her in the auto!”

Somebody’s voice resembled from the side, “Mr. Westbrook, when will you allow us obtain a preference of the pleasant girl?”

The boy said coldly, “When I’m done with her, you can do whatever you like!”

Then, he extended his arm and also wished to get her right into the car when there was a sudden scream originating from behind the men!

” Argh!”.

Unexpectedly, loud and also excruciating screams strongly resonated.

The young man reversed madly and yelled, “What’s wrong?”.

However when he lifted his head, he felt an abrupt solid wind coming his means! Prior to he could dodge, he really felt a pain in his face, blood splashed right in front of his eyes, his nose bridge snapped with a loud ‘crack’, and blood oozed out from his nose in a split second.

As if his face was hit by a sledgehammer, he screamed in unbearable discomfort, his body swayed and also fell in reverse.

When he fell down on the floor, he saw his males resting on the ground lifelessly like a group of dead dogs.

Loreen elevated her head in scary– her huge sparkly eyes broadened in shock.

She saw a man in a black mask standing in front of her, his eyes as cool as a set of daggers.

Loreen marvelled as well as satisfied at the same time. ‘Who is he? Is he right here to conserve me? Yes, it must be it, he should be below to conserve me!’.

The young man was lying on the flooring with blood covering his face.

The man in the mask was moving so quick that he subdued four people in a blink of an eye. The rest of the males remained in a daze due to the sudden assault. They restored their calmness and also hurried at him while barking at their chums.

” Who … Who are you?” Sitting on the flooring, Loreen searched for at the man like she was admiring a superhero.

The man didn’t address her, rather, he picked her up quickly and also ran deep right into the alley.

Loreen panted, attempting to capture her breath. Her heart was thumping profusely as she was still in shock.

Behind them, the stern shout of the robust men and also the roar of motorbikes resembled across the air, they were seeking them by all means apparently.

The whistling night wind blew past her face as the man was escaping from the gang. She had lost too much blood on her legs combined with the panic from the occurrence, she could just hold onto the man weakly.

For some reason, she vaguely felt that the breath radiated from the man appeared in some way familiar.

Nevertheless, she really did not recognize that the mystical male who was lugging her was really her good friend’s partner, Charlie Wade.

When Charlie Wade drove past the location, he saw Loreen being surrounded by a group of goons. He hesitated that Loreen could be in some sort of trouble, so he quickly put on a mask and also came to rescue her.

After the makeover and also improvement by the Reiki from the white stone, Charlie Wade’s abilities improved by numerous folds, even his stamina and also rate was much faster than in the past.

He ran zig-zag and also crossed the multiple streets in the location up until he had actually forgotten the pursuing guys.

With Loreen in tow, Charlie Wade ran a terrific mile before stopping deep in a park.

It was obtaining darker and also the park was surrounded by thick plants and bushes which would be a wonderful hiding place if they caught up to them.

He placed Loreen on the flooring as well as frowned when he saw that her pants had been tarnished red with blood.

In spite of losing a lot blood, Loreen seriously attempted to stay aware. Her face was as light as a sheet of paper as she stated gratefully, “Thanks for saving me, may I ask … that … that are you?”.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 120

Charlie Wade eyed Loreen quietly and also believed, ‘You’ve constantly looked down on me, what’s the factor of exposing myself? It will only provide more difficulty to both people.’.

So, he decided ideal to keep it a trick.

Similarly, he saved her for the sake of his dear better half Claire Wilson Wilson, it’s not that he had a special treatment for her anyhow.

Seeing that the man really did not claim a word, Loreen recognized that he really did not intend to expose his identity, so she stopped her interested inquiry.

However, she was a lady with a masculine character that rejected to hold on to males in any kind of conditions. She really felt uncomfortable as well as unpleasant for not having the ability to share her gratefulness after his assistance.

When she wished to ask once again, a hoarse and chilly voice echoed in her ears.

” Remove your trousers.”.

Loreen looked up in confusion. She all of a sudden really felt embarrassed and also agitated when she saw the masked male was eyeing her from head to toe.

She assumed that she had actually left the tiger’s burrow, but she fell right into the wolf den!

Eying her surroundings, she remained in the middle of nowhere, the man was so competent as well as solid, no one would hear her even if she heckled the top of her lungs.

Desperate, Loreen gritted her teeth in despair and alerted sternly, “Do not you attempt touch me! I won’t be abused by anybody! I prefer to die before you can do anything to me!”.

Charlie Wade was stunned by her abrupt repulsion. Again, he decreased his voice and also stated while directing at her leg, “The stab wound on your hamstring is really near to the aorta, if it is not treated in time, your leg will certainly be harmed. If I take you to the hospital first before stopping the blood loss, you’ll lose too much blood and also it will be far too late. What do you believe I should do?”.

Loreen looked at him in astonishment, her cheeks were flushing red-hot unexpectedly.

She believed that the man was trying to get on her, but …

Charlie Wade sighed silently as he considered Loreen who recalled at him, surprised.

Loreen cleared her throat as well as asked timidly, “Can … can you aid me quit the blood loss?”.

Charlie Wade nodded as well as said, “Yes, I have actually studied typical Chinese medicine and also can make use of acupuncture methods to quit the blood loss as well as decrease the injury. Then, you’ll have sufficient time to visit the medical facility for the follow-up treatment.”.

” Th … thanks,” Loreen mumbled quietly, her face was as red as a cherry tomato.

She checked out her wound as well as really felt contradictory and also embarrassed.

The stab wound was inconveniently on the top thigh, she needed to remove her pants before he can treat her wound.

Wouldn’t it imply the guy would see her bare legs if she did as he had told?

Loreen undertook a strict childhood from the Thomas family members. Loreen kept her distance with other men physically in the normal days, she wouldn’t allow any men have physical contact with her either.

The family members medical professional of the Thomas family members was a popular doctor abroad, she doubted that straightforward acupuncture might stop the bleeding and treat her injuries.

Loreen pondered of the circumstances and also lastly said, “Thanks for your aid, yet please take me to the medical facility, I think I can make it.”.

Charlie Wade frowned in exasperation, understanding full well what was she considering.

Loreen should have assumed that her injury was not serious that going to the hospital was the far better choice, but she really did not know that the reason that she felt alright now was that he covertly interjected a trace of Reiki into her body when he was carrying her.

Otherwise, how else could she have survived previously? She would have passed away from losing way too much blood!

Reality be told, Loreen actually believed that the injury she sustained was not serious, so she wanted to stand. Nonetheless, as soon as she moved, the wound tore open and also a burst of warm blood spouted out of the injury.

Stars and blackness unexpectedly overtook her sight. Her legs went jelly as well as she fell down on the floor, her face as light as snow.

Charlie Wade frowned and also stated, “See? You’re shedding too much blood, you’ll die in hypovolemic shock prior to the rescue comes.

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