The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1171-1175 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 1171-1175)

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The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1171

Hannah was extremely embarrassed when she heard Christopher’s insults, but she was angry but she didn’t dare to speak out.
She still hopes to have a family and everything will be happy, so she wants to take a step back and hope that Christopher can accept herself as soon as possible.
Christopher hated Hannah.

But he hates Hannah, but not abalone.
So while eating abalone, he said coldly: “A woman like you who is not obedient to women will stay in this house in the future, and she must be a good servant!”
Hannah had no choice but to eat her own noodles without talking.
In fact, Hannah at this time didn’t know that her husband had already been infected with a venereal disease.

If she knew, she would definitely not make such an abalone dinner for her husband.
She knew that Christopher likes abalone the most, so she made such an abalone banquet to please him, but she was scolded bloody by him.
Christopher turned his grief and anger into appetite and ate a dozen large abalones by himself.
Because he was upset, he even finished a small bottle of wine and drank it.

The previous owner of this house left a lot of good wine in the cellar in the basement downstairs.
There are red wine, white wine, and champagne.
When the Webb family bought a house, they wanted a package price, so they left all these wines.
Christopher took out a bottle of Moutai from the wine cellar and pulled Harold. The two of them drank more than a catty in total.

After eating and drinking, Christopher returned to his bedroom, planning to take a nap.
However, when he lay down, he suddenly felt that something was wrong.
What’s wrong? My place is really itchy.
Seafood is a hair item, and liquor is also a very powerful hair item.
Together, these two things are a perfect match. Christopher was itchy at first, but he couldn’t stop it.
He grabbed desperately, and even the grabbing was a bit broken and bleeding, but still nothing got better.

The bone-erupting itching had already made him unbearable. He hurriedly turned over from the bed and went to see Mrs. Wilson in a hurry.
When he saw Mrs. Wilson, he was a little impatient and said, “Mom, you can give me some money. I have to go to the hospital now.”
Lady Wilson frowned and asked, “What’s wrong with you? Why are you going to the hospital? Don’t you know it costs money to go to the hospital?”
After experiencing all kinds of disasters before, the current Lady Wilson regards money more than anything else.

Christopher said with an expression of pain, “I…I feel very uncomfortable, so I have to go to the hospital to have a look.”
Lady Wilson asked him: “How do you go back to tell me in advance.”
Christopher said in embarrassment, “Well, it’s not easy to speak up, mom, just give me some money and let me go to the hospital for a look!”
Lady Wilson exclaimed, “Could you be sick from that aspect?”

Christopher didn’t expect that his mother would be able to guess it all at once, and said embarrassedly: “I can’t be sure now, so I want to go to the hospital to check it.”
The Lady Wilson looked terrified, and blurted out: “Did you and Hannah that slut a few days ago have something happened?”
“This…” Christopher hesitated for a moment, and then gently nodded: “When I was in Webb’s house, what happened to me and her that day…”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1172

Christopher’s voice became smaller and smaller, but the Lady still understood.
Upon hearing this, the Lady said nervously: “Oh! That Hannah was in the black coal kiln. Who knows what wild man he is with. I think she is not only pregnant with someone else’s wild species, but also with Come back from all kinds of diseases! Go! I’ll accompany you to the hospital for a thorough investigation!”

When Christopher heard this, he also guessed that he was probably infected by Hannah from the disease, and he became even more annoyed.
But the irritation turned to irritation. Now for myself, the top priority is to go to the hospital to check if I am sick.

So he hurriedly said: “Oh, Mom, how embarrassed to let you accompany me with this kind of thing, and I can do it myself if you give me the money.”
Lady Wilson said earnestly: “No, if I don’t go, I will always feel uneasy, don’t say anything, I will go with you, and go now!”
After that, the Lady got up immediately, ready to go out.
Christopher had no choice but to nod his head and left home with his mother helplessly.

Just when Christopher and Mrs. Wilson went to the hospital.
The Webb family’s only remaining subordinate in Golim Mountain finally found an opportunity and got into the morgue of the local hospital.
He spent a lot of money to bribe the gatekeeper of the morgue, and the other party made an exception to let him in.

He called on the eight people who died in the avalanche of Golim Mountain, and said to him: “You can see it, but you must be psychologically prepared. The death of these eight people is very miserable!”
The Webb family’s men nodded, and opened the eight freezers for corpses one by one.
When the body bag was opened, the Webb family’s subordinate was shocked and stunned!

Although the death of the Eight Great Heavenly Kings was indeed miserable, he could still recognize that these eight corpses were the Eight Great Heavenly Kings.
So he took out his mobile phone, took a photo of the eighth heavenly king’s body, and sent it to Donald.

At this time, Donald was waiting for news in Southaven.
Although the Webb family has determined and affirmed the fact that the Eight Heavenly Kings have been killed in their hearts, everyone still has the last gleam of hope.
But when these photos were posted, all the hopes of the Webb family collapsed completely.
The eight heavenly kings are really dead.

And he died of an avalanche. This is too unacceptable.
Sending out eight top masters over there, before seeing the enemy die in an avalanche first, isn’t this f*cking bullshit? Elder Webb also suffered a blow.
The Eight Heavenly Kings have followed him for so many years and started this business with him. Deep down in his heart, he has a deep feeling for the Eight Heavenly Kings.
Now that the Eight Great Heavenly Kings were all killed overnight, he would really not accept this kind of result for a while.

After seeing the photos, Sean was shocked and felt that something was wrong.
He opened his mouth and said: “Dad, grandpa, how do I feel that the eight great heavenly kings have so many injuries that look wrong? If they were in a car and had an avalanche, then they would most likely be caught in the car with snow. , The injuries on their bodies should also be mostly crush injuries, but how I look at them now, they all seem to have been injured!”

As he said, he zoomed in on the photo of Duran’s right arm and said: “Look at Master Fan’s right arm as a whole bloody, it doesn’t look like it’s being crushed!”
“There is also iron fist Dan. His right arm was almost the same as Master Duran’s right arm at the time. But other people’s right arm did not suffer such injuries. If everyone had suffered an avalanche in the car, everyone would suffer. Injuries, the types should be similar, there shouldn’t be such a big gap.”

Elder Webb, as well as all the Webb family members, showed extreme horror at this moment!
Elder Webb tremblingly asked, “Sean, you mean, the Eight Great Heavenly Kings were killed?”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1173

The Webb family did not want to believe that the Eight Heavenly Kings were beaten to death.
Because if this is true, it proves that they have a very powerful enemy in the dark.
But they have no idea who this enemy is.
The Webb family didn’t believe Charlie Wade, and the people around him had this kind of strength.

Donald even speculated that whether the Eight Great Heavenly Kings went to Golim Mountain this time and accidentally provoke the local master of seclusion in Golim Mountain.
Elder Webb also thinks this thing is very possible.
He is now deeply distressed. The Eight Heavenly Kings are not only his old friends, but also a major reliance on the prosperity of the Webb family. Now that this reliance is gone, it is likely to cause an earthquake in the Webb family.

As expected, Mr. Webb did not expect it.
The Webb family dispatched the Eight Heavenly Kings to Golim Mountain, and all the halberd breaking events spread throughout Southaven within a short period of time.
But all powerful and powerful family owners watched the fire from the other side, watching the jokes of the Webb family.

The rise of the Webb family in Southaven depends on two things.
The first is that when Mr. Webb was young, he was courageous and strategic, stirring up the Southaven sea of ​​commerce, and pushing the Webb family step by step to where it is today.
The second is the eight heavenly kings!

The Eight Heavenly Kings are the right arm of Mr. Webb, as well as the Webb family’s strategic weapon to deter foreign enemies. Anyone who pulls out is the mighty power of the Megatron.
Relying on the eight heavenly kings, the Webb family established a reputation in Southaven, and no one dared to make bad ideas.

Otherwise, with the financial resources of the Webb family, the interested people have long been jealous, and they want to rush to tear the Webb family to pieces.
Today, all the eight heavenly kings have died in Golim Mountain, and all the families in the south of the Yangtze River are all thinking together.

In the current Webb family, Mr. Webb is bedridden, and the eight heavenly kings died in battle. Who doesn’t want to get a share?
For a time, the situation in the south of the Yangtze River changed, and the forces in Southaven were turbulent, which pushed the Webb family into the forefront.

On the other side, Christopher and Mrs. Wilson also came to Aurouss Hilll People’s Hospital.
After arriving at the hospital, he hung up an andrology department.
What embarrassed him was that he was already in his forties and fifties, and it was embarrassing to see andrology with his mother.
However, Mrs. Wilson is so overbearing.

If others don’t let them ask about the things she wants to do, then she will definitely fight with them to the end.
The mother and the son waited at the entrance of the clinic. Christopher desperately endured the extreme itching. After waiting for more than 20 minutes, he finally yelled Christopher’s name.
So, Christopher stood up and said to Mrs. Wilson: “Mom, wait for me at the door, and I will go in by myself.”

Lady Wilson said immediately: “No, I want to go in too!”
Christopher looked very embarrassed: “How can this kind of thing take mom to the doctor…”
Lady Wilson gritted her teeth and said: “What? Do you want to hide this from me?”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1174

Christopher said hurriedly: “I definitely can’t hide from you, mom. It’s just that after a while, the doctor will check on me. It would be too embarrassing to be in front of you. Don’t worry, I will definitely know the results of the check. I’ll give you a look, is this the head office?”
Lady Wilson nodded, and said: “All inspections must be results must be shown to me, dare to hide that I will never forgive you!”

Christopher stepped into the consulting room while getting up and struggling to endure the itching.
In the consulting room, a doctor older than him was sitting in front of the computer when he saw him coming in, and he asked, “Why is it uncomfortable?”
Christopher hurriedly said, “Doctor, I always feel itchy in my place, and I don’t know what’s going on, so I want you to show it.”

The doctor had seen more similar cases, so he nodded and said, “Take off your pants.”
Although Christopher was a little embarrassed, he still took off his pants obediently.
The doctor just glanced at it and exclaimed: “You seem to be in a serious situation. Didn’t you go to that kind of place?”

Don’t mention how embarrassing Christopher is. Wherever he has been to a romantic place, he is nothing more than the sound of the waves with his wife.
But he changed his mind to think about what the doctor meant, doesn’t it mean that his wife Hannah is similar to the woman in a brothel?
But he can only say to the doctor: “Doctor, I haven’t been to any brothel.”
The doctor didn’t believe what he said at all, because every man who came to see a doctor with an STD would not admit that he went to the brothel.

So he said lightly: “They are all men, and I can understand many things. It is not uncommon for your age to go to brothel places occasionally, but I still have to give you some suggestions.”
Christopher hurriedly said, “Doctor, please tell me!”
The doctor said lightly: “First of all, you must protect yourself when you go to that kind of place. Don’t be refreshed for a while. Don’t do any protection. Sometimes condoms are not only to protect women, but to protect men.”

Christopher nodded and said, “I see, thank you doctor, do you have any more?”
The doctor said again: “In addition, it is recommended to try to go to larger, more formal, and high-end places. Although many roadside warblers are very cheap, their bodies carry many venereal diseases and germs. Maybe there are AIDS. Say you are so old, in order to save so much money, why bother to toss yourself like this?”

Christopher’s face is green…
Doesn’t this mean that in the eyes of the doctor, Hannah is as dirty as that roadside warbler?
At this time, the doctor gave him a meaningful look and said, “You see, in order to save a little money, you are now suffering from a whole body disease. I think you need at least tens of thousands of dollars for treatment. Isn’t this not worth the loss?”

Christopher asked in horror: “Doctor, what’s wrong with me? What did you see just now?”
The doctor said: “In my experience, first of all gonorrhea and syphilis are indispensable, because your body’s erythema is very special. I have been in the doctor for so many years and I can’t read it wrong.”
Hearing these two diseases, Christopher only felt that the sky was spinning, and he almost fainted.
Damn, I never dreamed that Hannah would have so many diseases!
At this time, the doctor said: “I think there should be serious inflammation in your area. If you don’t treat it in time, it is very likely that your prostate and your reproductive system will be endangered.

So I will prescribe some tests for you as soon as possible. Do it and wait for the results. We are conducting targeted treatment based on your actual situation!”
As he said, the doctor sighed and said, “The most worrying thing is actually AIDS. Because AIDS has been latent for a long time now, it cannot be distinguished from the naked eye. If there is AIDS, it cant be cured. It’s a lifetime thing.”

Christopher was about to collapse at this time!
Ever since Hannah came back, she has only heard the waves with her once, but she did not expect to infect herself with so many diseases once.
Had it not been for Donald to support her, she would have to be killed by himself when he went back!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1175

When Christopher came out of the ward with a bunch of test application forms, the Lady hurried forward and asked: “What did the doctor say? How is the situation? Is there anything serious?”
Christopher didn’t want to talk to the Lady at first, but when he thought that the Lady would have to look at various inspection reports when she looked back, he couldn’t hide it, so he cried and said,

“The doctor told me that it is very likely to have gonorrhea and syphilis. , There are some inflammations, and the possibility of AIDS is not even ruled out…”
When Mrs. Wilson heard this, she looked terrified, and subconsciously stepped back.
Christopher thought that the Lady was frightened, and hurriedly stepped forward to help her without standing still.

As a result, Lady Wilson hurriedly waved her hands and said in horror: “You stay away from me and don’t touch me. AIDS is terrible. I haven’t lived enough yet…”
Christopher’s expression was extremely ugly, and he realized that his mother was afraid of infecting her.
My own mother is really realistic!
So he had to sigh and said, “Mom, in this case, then you can wait for me here, and I will check it myself.”

Mrs. Wilson hurriedly said: “Oh, I’m old and a little tired. I’m going home first. After checking the results, I remember to take pictures and send them to my WeChat as soon as possible.”
In fact, Lady Wilson is not tired, she is really scared.
The Lady lives to the present, the most feared thing is death.
Anything related to death, or that might make her die or make her life short, she will stay far away and stay away.

Now that she heard that her eldest son might get AIDS, the first thing she thought of was not the safety of her son, but herself.
Christopher also knew what kind of person his mother was. He sighed helplessly and said: “It doesn’t matter if you go back, but you have to give me some money, otherwise, how can I pay the examination fee later, in case the doctor wants to give it to me? What about prescribing medicine? Medical expenses are still needed!”

While walking outside, Mrs. Wilson said without looking back: “I will send you 10,000 Dollar on WeChat right away. If it is not enough, you can tell me.”
After speaking, people have already passed out andrology.
Christopher’s heart was depressed, and his own mother was so selfish at all times, and she really did not “disappoint” herself at all.
However, the most important question for him right now is to quickly confirm what diseases he has suffered.

Gonorrhea and syphilis are not big things. The big deal is to spend more trouble and suffer more. As long as you don’t get AIDS, then everything is easy to say.
He felt that if he really got AIDS, his life would be over, so he could just go home and kill Hannah…
Christopher stayed in the hospital for an afternoon. After doing a lot of various examinations, the final conclusion was almost the same as the doctor’s initial judgment. First of all, gonorrhea and syphilis are confirmed.

Secondly, urethritis is also very serious.
In addition, there is some ulceration and suppuration.
Fortunately, there is no AIDS.
Then the doctor immediately prepared a treatment plan for him, starting with a 14-day first-stage treatment cycle.

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