The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1176-1180 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 1176-1180)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1176

Starting today, for the next 14 days, he will come to the hospital for infusions every day, and he will have to infuse five or six bottles every day.

Christopher hurriedly asked: “Doctor, can the medicine be used today to stop itching for me? To tell you the truth, I’m so f*cking itching right now. It’s so irritating. I don’t know what’s going on. Itchy, the more you scratch, the more itchy…”
The doctor said: “This kind of disease is very itchy. It is originally ulcerated, purulent and inflamed, and the lesion is in the sensitive area. It must be very itchy, but you can rest assured that if you are given medicine today, This itching will get some relief.”

Then the doctor said: “From now on, you must avoid seafood, spicy, alcohol, and smoking. Otherwise, it will greatly aggravate the condition.”
When Christopher heard this, he immediately said to the doctor: “Doctor, I ate more than ten or twenty abalones at noon, and I drank more than half a catty of Maotai. There will be nothing wrong, right?”

After listening to the doctor, he immediately said with a straight face: “You want to die? Don’t you know that these are hair things? You still eat seafood, you can’t eat kelp, you know?”
Christopher said with a sad face, “Hey, I don’t know. I want to know that I have these diseases. If you beat me to death, I dare not eat or drink…”
The doctor sighed and said, “Okay, there is no treatment today. You can go back.”

Christopher became anxious and blurted out: “Why can’t the doctor treat it today? I’m almost itching to death. You can treat me quickly, or I will definitely scratch it!”
The doctor shook his head and said, “You have to inject a lot of antibiotics for the treatment of this disease, but how do you inject antibiotics when you drink alcohol? Have you ever heard of a disulfiram-like reaction?

Go in with cephalosporin antibiotics here, and immediately When you react, it will kill you. Do you want to itch an extra day, or do you want to explain it here today?”
Christopher almost cried.
You can’t use medicine if you itch like this bird, isn’t it killing your own?
So he begged: “Doctor, how much do you give me some anti-itch medicine, otherwise I can’t handle it…”

The doctor sighed and said, “Well, let me prescribe some cleansing liquid for you. You can go back and use it first, and it will have some anti-itching effect.”
After speaking, the doctor said again: “Yes, I have to tell you not to scratch, because it is already damaged, and it will be more serious if it is scratched. The pus and blood that flow out contain a lot of bacteria. It may cause your affected area to spread and spread, and the situation becomes more and more serious.

If the area of ​​the rupture becomes larger and larger, a serious infection may lead to sepsis, which can also be life-threatening.”
Christopher wiped a tear from his eyes: “It’s a crime…Well, how can you encounter such a thing…”
The doctor sighed with emotion and said, “After all, we should start with personal hygiene, and in that aspect of life, we must pay more attention to protecting ourselves. Don’t go out to such street places to find flowers.”

Christopher couldn’t say why he got the disease, so he could only nod his head: “Thank you doctor, I know…”
The doctor hummed, and then asked him: “By the way, I think you should be married at your age?”
Christopher nodded.
The doctor saw him nod and confessed, and said, “You should take your lover to the hospital for a check. This disease is extremely contagious. If you are recruited outside, it will be easy to infect your lover when you return home. .”

Christopher was more uncomfortable than death at this time, and his anger hit the sky.
I infect her?
Damn, these are all her infections!
This damn b*tch.
You must kill her when you go back!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1177

Christopher tried to endure the itching, and when he rushed home, Hannah was cooking dinner.
Seeing that Christopher liked to eat abalone made by herself at noon, she was ready to continue to please him, so in the afternoon when Christopher went out with the Lady, she went to the vegetable market again.
This time, she bought a large king crab for Christopher. The king crab was big and delicious, and it was Christopher’s favorite.

And this king crab is not cheap. She bought the big one, which cost more than two thousand.
Originally, Hannah had no money, so she gave all the money to the Lady, but she had an idea and stole a high-end imported cooking machine from the kitchen. By the way, she ordered two bottles of Moutai from the underground wine cellar and took them out. Sold it for 20,000 Dollar.

Hannah planned that the remaining money would not be reported to the Lady, and she would save it to go to the hospital for an abortion tomorrow, and treat her venereal disease by the way.
When the Lady went home, she didn’t care to settle the account with Hannah. She bought a lot of disinfectant on the road. When she got home, she went back to her room and began to give her room, corridor, bathroom and terrace all-round. Disinfection and sterilization.

After receiving Christopher’s inspection report and confirming that he did not have AIDS, the Lady was still not at ease, so she wiped all the places she could touch with alcohol.
Christopher entered the door with a black face at this time.
As soon as he entered the door, he smelled fishy and fresh crabs.

He was wondering, Hannah came out of the kitchen wearing an apron and said with a smile: “Oh, my husband, are you back? I steamed you your favorite king crab, you want to eat more tonight. If you like to drink, drink half a bottle of Moutai to moisturize it.”
Christopher was already half to death, but when he heard this, his whole body almost burst.

At noon, you stinky lady cheated me. At night, you still want to eat seafood and drink liquor for me!
By the way, I haven’t counted you on the fact that you infected me with a disease!
Thinking of this, Christopher rushed forward immediately, slapped Hannah’s face with a slap, and directly knocked her to the ground.

Before Hannah could react, Christopher rode on her, angrily and bowed left and right. The slap was almost as if he didn’t need money, and he slapped to death.
Hannah was beaten up and yelled, and the entire villa was like a pig.
Harold and Wendy rushed out of their respective rooms, and when they saw their parents were fighting again, they hurried forward to fight.

Harold couldn’t help saying, “Dad, what’s the matter with you? Haven’t you separated from your mother? Why are you fighting again?”
“Yes, Dad!” Wendy also said hurriedly: “Mr. Webb specifically explained that the two of you must not fight each other, what if he blames it!”
Christopher slammed Hannah’s face with a fist, and said angrily: “I’m going to beat, even if I am the king of heaven today, you can’t stop me from beating her!”

As he said, he scolded angrily: “You stinky shameless b*tch, you infected me with a disease, and you deliberately made seafood for me. What do you mean? You want to kill me? You give it to me. With so many green hat things, I haven’t even calculated it yet, so you dare to slap me against me!”
When Hannah heard this, she was immediately stunned!
She cried and said: “My husband, I really don’t know, you are sick! If I know, if you kill me, I can’t make seafood for you!”

While pumping her, Christopher cursed with gritted teeth: “You still pretend to me that you don’t get sick yourself, don’t you know it yourself?”
Hannah cried: “I did get sick, but I didn’t expect to be able to infect you. After all, we have only been there once since I came back. Since then, every time you have sex with me, , Did I refuse you every time, you lied to me, insisted on doing things with me, I also found all kinds of excuses to refuse, why?

Isn’t it just because I’m afraid of infecting you?”
Christopher slapped again and yelled, “You f*cking infected me, don’t you know?”
Harold and Wendy were about to collapse almost embarrassingly.
Listening to this, my mother has infected my father with a venereal disease…
Where did this venereal disease come from? Of course they both knew it well.
STDs must come from the same source as the child in the mother’s stomach.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1178

Harold, a shameless person, felt hot on his face at this time.
What the hell do you think this is?
Wendy was also extremely helpless, at this time she didn’t know if it was time for her to fight.
Let’s take a fight, I think my father is very pitiful;
Don’t fight, and feel that my mother is very pitiful.
It’s really a human tragedy.

Christopher grabbed Hannah by the head and beat her for more than ten minutes, until he knocked Hannah until she fainted, and then stopped out of breath.
Hannah was already in a coma at this time. Lady Wilson just sterilized the entire room. She walked down and saw the following scene. She immediately said to Christopher: “How can you beat her to death?”
Christopher said aggrievedly: “Mom, this stinky lady has cheated me so badly. I can’t beat her up yet?”

Lady Wilson complained: “You can teach her to get it, how can you fight so hard? What if Mr. Webb finds out and blames him? What if Mr. Webb feels that our family is not worthwhile? You are not. Are you joking about the future and future of your whole family?”
Harold suddenly understood at this time and blurted out: “Yeah, Dad, if Mr. Webb knows, what can we do? If he gets angry, he might withdraw all the money from the villa and the investment in our Wilson Group.

By then we will have to live on the streets again!”
Christopher’s expression went black and white, and he said depressedly: “Okay, call an ambulance first and take her to the hospital. Isn’t this stinky lady going to have a baby? It just happened to be together this time!”
Hannah was rushed to the hospital overnight, where she was rescued before she recovered.

After Donald heard his assistant report this incident, his entire popularity trembled.
This family, I have seen it, the dirtiest, most disgusting, stupid, and disgusting family in the world.
Five people are refreshing their lower limit all the time!
He even found sadly that he had used all tactics to deal with Charlie Wade now.

No matter it was the inferior Wilson family, or the eight heavenly kings of dragon and phoenix among the people, it seemed that there was no threat to Charlie Wade.
Even the Eight Heavenly Kings are not as good as the Wilson family.
At least the Wilson family members are still alive, but when the Eight Heavenly Kings go out, they all die.

Now the Webb family has lost the eight heavenly kings, which can be described as internal and external troubles.
Coupled with the previous reputational influence, Webb’s stock has been falling continuously.
Now their market value has saved more than 200 billion, all the way down to less than 100 billion.
The Webb family now can’t even compare to the Moore family in terms of strength.

Moreover, it is certain that the Webb family is no longer the first family in Southaven.
If this continues, it is likely to fall out of the first-line family sequence.
By that time, the Webb family had really fallen into a hurry and could never get up again.
Sean was also very depressed.

He liked Jasmine very much, and thought Jasmine would be a high climber if she married him.
But now it seems that if Jasmine marries him, it is his own high climb…
He couldn’t help asking Donald: “Dad, do you think there is hope for my affairs with Jasmine?”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1179

Hearing his son’s question, Donald felt mixed.
Not long ago, he thought that his son could see Jasmine, that was the glory of the Moore family.
But now, he felt to his heart that Jasmine couldn’t have a good view of her son.
The current Webb family has not only shrunk seriously, but more importantly, its reputation has been completely ruined.

In addition, the eight heavenly kings died of Golim Mountain for unknown reasons. How can the Webb family compare with the Moore family now?
So I don’t have any hope at all now that I can marry Jasmine home as a daughter-in-law.
It’s a pity that he is a son, and he still seems a little unaware.
When the Webb family was in its heyday, people didn’t agree, let alone now.
Think about it carefully.

Not only is this son not self-aware, he also lacks control and understanding of the situation.
It seems that the old man is right, the Webb family is really inferior to one generation.
Now the Webb family is in his own hands and it has shrunk by half. If it is passed to his son in the future, it might become a third-rate family.
So he told Sean: “It’s not the time to deal with the love of children. Let’s first find a way to let the Webb family tide over this difficulty. Once the Webb family is relieved, we can continue to discuss the marriage with the Moore family.”

Sean nodded and sighed: “If we can be bound to the Moore family, then our life will be better.”
Donald sighed, thinking that his son would really think about something.
No one else wants to play with you when you are beautiful, let alone when you are in trouble.
But he didn’t tell his son this, because the family already looked like this, he didn’t want to continue to dampen his confidence and enthusiasm.

In fact, this is where Donald is inferior to the old man.
In other words, this is the key to the weaker generation of the Webb family.
When Elder Webb came out to enter the world by himself, he had to face everything himself and carry everything himself.

But after he worked hard for a career, he began to feel sorry for his son, and felt a lot of unnecessary suffering, so naturally there was no need for his son to taste it. He had a strong foundation that he had laid out for him.
But the key is that the older generation of entrepreneurs, the reason why they are so awesome, is because they are too good at enduring hardship.

For people like Mr. Webb, it was really rolling in the swamp, and tigers snatching food.
Only in this way can you develop a person’s true great ability.
It’s a pity that when Donald arrived, they had no chance to withstand such a test.
By the generation of Sean, he even didn’t even know what he suffered.

After Charlie Wade came back, he led a peaceful life again.
However, he was always thinking about doing a good job in the pharmaceutical business, so he called Matilda’s son Paul, and Paul revisited Weaver’s Pharmaceuticals with himself.
Weaver’s Pharmaceutical is one of the top Chinese patent medicine companies in the area, and has developed many Chinese patent medicines that sell well across the country.

However, in the past few years, Chinese patent medicines have been declining across the country, and Kampo medicines represented by Japan and South Korea have gradually become the mainstream.
Whether it is Chinese patent medicine or Kampo medicine, the real core is the classic Chinese medicine left by the ancestors of China.

Charlie Wade has many very powerful prescriptions. First of all, it might even cause a major earthquake, so he was not prepared to shock the world. He just prepared to come up with some classic prescriptions to deal with daily diseases, and let Weaver’s Pharmaceutical make a few best-selling drugs.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1180

But before giving the prescription to Liam, the shares must be changed.
These prescriptions are truly invaluable, and a single prescription may be able to exchange several or even a dozen Weaver’s pharmaceutical wealth.
As soon as Paul received his call, he heard that he was asking for his help, and he did not ask what it was, so he immediately agreed.

The two met early the next morning at Thompson First.
Jacob Wilson knew that he was going to meet Paul, and his heart immediately itched.
Since Elaine Ma came back these days, he has always wanted to see Matilda, but he has never dared to see her.
Because he was afraid that Elaine Ma knew that after Matilda returned to China, the vixen’s skills exploded, and then went to trouble Matilda.

So after he knew that Charlie Wade was going to see Paul, he asked him privately: “Good son-in-law, you are going out with Paul this time on errands, are you going to Matilda?”
Charlie Wade smiled helplessly and said, “Of course Matilda will not go, Dad, if you want to see Matilda, please ask her yourself!”

Jacob Wilson said awkwardly: “I dare not!”
Charlie Wade sighed and said, “Then I can’t help but…”
Jacob Wilson pleaded: “Good son-in-law, can’t you find a chance to form a game and let me meet your Matilda?”

Charlie Wade said: “It can be, but I’m afraid I will get angry when I first know it.”
Jacob Wilson hurriedly said: “Don’t tell her not to do it!”
Charlie Wade said earnestly: “Even if you don’t tell her about this kind of thing for a while, she will know it sooner or later, and she will definitely be very angry if he knows that we did these things behind her back.”

As he was talking, Charlie Wade’s cell phone rang, it was Paul’s call.
He just wanted to get rid of his chattering old man, so he hurriedly said to him: “Dad, I won’t tell you yet, Paul has already come to pick me up, I have to go now.”
After speaking, Charlie Wade hurried out without waiting for him to speak.
When he arrived outside the main entrance of Thompson First, Paul had already driven his Rolls Royce and was waiting here.

Seeing Charlie Wade came out, he hurriedly waved to him, and said with respect: “Master Wade, I am here!”
Charlie Wade nodded, walked to the front, opened the car door and sat in.
Paul wore a very formal suit and tie today.

I can see that his suit is still very good, it should be tailored by some big brands or high-end tailors.
Paul asked Charlie Wade: “Master Wade, what cooperation do we have with you at Weaver’s Pharmacy today?”
Charlie Wade said: “Weaver’s Pharmaceuticals is going to transfer 80% of the shares to me. I want you to be my legal counsel to help me complete all contracts and legal procedures.”
Paul was shocked when he heard this.

He has heard of Weaver’s Pharmaceuticals. Although this company is not among the top 500 in the country, it is at least a large company with a market value of several billion. Is Charlie Wade going to acquire 80% of the company’s shares?
So he asked Charlie Wade, “Master Wade, what is the purchase price of your 80% shares?”
Charlie Wade said indifferently: “You don’t need to spend money to acquire 80% of the shares, but I want to provide them with prescriptions.”

Doesn’t it cost a penny, just make prescriptions?” Paul felt unbelievable. After all, it is a billion-dollar pharmaceutical company. Charlie Wade doesn’t give people a penny, and takes away 80% of others’ shares based on prescriptions. This is too awesome. What kind of prescription is needed to be so valuable.
“Yes.” Charlie Wade nodded and said, “Trust me, my prescription is more valuable than their pharmaceutical factory.”

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