The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1186-1190 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 1186-1190)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1186

Charlie Wade couldn’t help feeling very surprised when he saw her.
He had long felt that Jasmine’s appearance and figure were no less inferior to his wife Claire Wilson Wilson.
Even the aristocratic temperament that Jasmine has cultivated since childhood is unmatched by his own wife.

After all, she is the eldest lady of the local top big family. Since she was young, she has received noble etiquette teachings, which is still very different from ordinary girls.
Seeing Charlie Wade, Jasmine came in the morning very excited, and said with a bit of shyness: “Master Wade, you are here.”
Charlie Wade smiled slightly and said, “Miss Jasmine, why didn’t you tell me in advance for your birthday today?”

Jasmine said apologetically: “Master Wade I ask you not to be offended. The reason why I didn’t tell you was because I was afraid that you would prepare gifts and spend money for me.”
Charlie Wade smiled and said: “In fact, there is nothing to spend, are we two friends? I will definitely give you a gift for your birthday. Even if you don’t say it, I will prepare a gift for you.”

After all, Charlie Wade took out the small box containing Rejuvenation Pill from his pocket.
It’s just that this gift box is packed very carefully, so no one knows what it is.
Jasmine felt joy in her heart when she saw the gift Charlie Wade had prepared for herself.
She had always liked Charlie Wade very much in her heart, and this was also the first birthday gift that her sweetheart gave her.

Naturally, she was extremely excited.
So she accepted the gift and gratefully said to Charlie Wade: “Master Wade, thank you so much, and specially prepared gifts for me.”
Charlie Wade smiled slightly: “Yes, you and you don’t have to be polite.”

Charlie Wade’s words made Jasmine’s heart as sweet as eating honey.
Paul by his side also stepped forward at this moment, handed her a gift box and smiled and said, “Miss Moore, happy birthday.”
Jasmine looked at Paul with a smile and asked, “You must have told Master Wade that I had my birthday today, right?”

“Yes.” Paul smiled: “When Master Wade called, I was finishing official business with Master Wade.”
“Really?” Jasmine asked in surprise: “Do you still have business dealings with Master Wade?”
Paul smiled and said, “I am now Master Wade’s lawyer and legal counsel.”
Charlie Wade smiled and said, “And it’s the kind that doesn’t have any money.”

Jasmine asked curiously: “Master Wade, what do you want the legal counsel to do now? Are you having any trouble?”
“No.” Charlie Wade smiled and said: “I just took a company, so let Paul help me deal with some legal details.”
“Understood!” Jasmine nodded and said with a smile: “Master Wade, let’s go in now, there are still many acquaintances in it.”

“it is good!”
Charlie Wade followed Jasmine into the Moore family villa, and the huge hall had been arranged into a banquet hall.
In the banquet hall at this time, there was not only a reception, but also a band playing jazz music.
Charlie Wade glanced and saw many acquaintances.
The first thing I saw was Jasmine’s cousin Rueben.

But Charlie Wade didn’t like Rueben, so he didn’t go to say hello to him.
Among the guests outside were Cameron Isaac, Mr. White, Don Albertt, Dr. Simmons, his granddaughters Xyla, Mr. Quinton and his daughter Aurora.
There is even Travis Lane, the richest man in Lancaster.
Even Doris Young from the Emgrand Group came.
It seems that Jasmine invited these, they are all old friends who have a better relationship.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1187

At this moment, the guests who came to Jasmine’s birthday dinner, in fact, the one who was really waiting in the heart was Charlie Wade.
Everyone knows that the Webb family and his son came to Aurouss Hilll some time ago and had conflicts with Charlie Wade.

At Lord Mooore’s birthday banquet, Charlie Wade even broke Sean’s hand in public.
Then, Cameron Isaac came forward and even broke their legs, finally letting the father and son escape back to Southaven in embarrassment.
Since then, everyone felt that Master Charlie Wade was absolutely fearless, even the First Family of Southaven he did not care about.

At that time, many people were still worried that Master Wade would eventually be no match for the Webb family, which has strong assets.
Unexpectedly, in a short time, the Webb family fell from the position of the first family in Southaven.
Moreover, there are too many things that happened in the Webb family during this period.
First of all, the reputation was greatly hit by the Beggar Gang;
Secondly, they successively sent masters to Golim Mountain but failed one after another.

For the last time, even their true trump card and the last reliance-the eight heavenly kings, have been killed.
The Webb family now can’t even reach the level of a first-class family, and it’s far from the Moore family.
Although there is no evidence that all of this was done by Charlie Wade, everyone was in their hearts and counted all of this on Charlie Wade’s head.

In their eyes, only Master Wade had such an ability.
Especially Cameron Isaac, he was at the foot of Golim Mountain and saw how Charlie Wade killed the Eight Heavenly Kings with his own power.
So at this moment, Charlie Wade is a god in his eyes, a god who transcends everything!
Cameron Isaac was the first to walk towards Charlie Wade.

He walked towards Charlie Wade quickly, even wishing to kneel for Charlie Wade first.
Because that day in Golim Mountain, Charlie Wade shocked him too much, and he had completely subverted all his worldviews.
However, he still knew that he had restrained. He was only polite when he saw Charlie Wade, and respectfully called Master Wade.

They didn’t know that he was from the Wade Family Young Master. They thought Cameron Isaac had also asked him to see Feng Shui or something.
Immediately walking up was Doris Young wearing a bright silver sexy dress.
In Charlie Wade’s impression, Doris Young has always been the kind of ascetic professional beauty.

But today’s Doris Young is dressed very sexy and enchanting, and her state is very good. People who don’t know, if they see the current Doris Young, they will think that she is a sexy goddess.
Doris Young naturally knew the identity of Charlie Wade Wade Family Master, but she knew very little about the identity of Charlie Wade Wade Master.

After all, she is not a member of the Aurouss Hilll family, nor is she involved in contact with those in the metaphysical circles, so the things Charlie Wade did as Master Wade, and Doris Young are almost completely two worlds.
Ms. Young wanted to call him Young Master very much, but because so many people were here, she could only call out politely: “Mr. Wade.”
Charlie Wade nodded at him slightly, and said: “Ms. Young dressed up very beautifully today. I really didn’t expect the vice chairman of the Emgrand Group to be such a beautiful and enchanting beauty.”

Ms. Young blushed beautifully, and said shamefully, “Mr. Wade, you have praised.”
After speaking, Ms. Young smiled and said, “Mr. Wade, when will you have time to come to the Emgrand Group to sit down?”
Ms. Young’s words made Charlie Wade blush.
He knew that he, the chairman of the Emgrand Group, was really incompetent.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1188

Usually, I would not go to the Emgrand Group, and I only asked about the Emgrand Group. Everything was directly passed to Ms. Young.
As Ms. Young said just now, it is estimated that she also hopes that he can go to the Emgrand Group more.
Thinking of this, he smiled and said to Ms. Young: “Just for such a beautiful Ms. Young, I will often go to the Emgrand Group to harass and tease!”

When Ms. Young heard this, her unparalleled pretty face turned bright red.
At this time, Dr. Simmons also brought Xyla over.
Xyla looked at Charlie Wade with tenderness in her beautiful eyes.

At the same time, there are some small complaints in her young girl’s heart, always feel that Master Wade seems to have paid less attention to her and her grandfather recently.
Because during this time I haven’t seen Master Wade go to Serene Medical again, so even though I thought about him, I didn’t have much chance to see him.

Dr. Simmons didn’t have so much thoughtfulness from his granddaughter. He just felt that one day he didn’t see Master Wade. After taking the Rejuvenating Pill, he could feel every day how important it is to return to his youth, so every moment he Deep down, I am grateful to Charlie Wade.
Therefore, he walked up quickly, bowed to Charlie Wade with his fists, and said respectfully: “Master Wade, I haven’t seen you for some time, I wonder if Master Wade, how are you coming in these days?”

Charlie Wade smiled faintly: “The genius Dr. Simmons is polite, I’m pretty good recently, I don’t know how old Anthony is?”
Dr. Simmons said earnestly: “The blessing of Master Wade, I feel perfect every day now! Thanks to Master Wade for giving me a great opportunity!”
Charlie Wade smiled slightly and said: “You also said, this is your chance, so don’t be polite with me.”

Aurora, who was tasting dessert, suddenly saw Charlie Wade coming, her excited little heart thumped and thumped, her face was already red before she could talk to Charlie Wade.
Aurora’s character is the kind of little pepper that dared to love and hate. When she was facing Charlie Wade, she dared to do it against Charlie Wade, even if Charlie Wade kicked her ass.

But now Aurora has completely regarded Charlie Wade as her dream lover, and she has to think about him for a long time before going to bed almost every night before she can fall asleep.
Moreover, Aurora would frequently dream of Charlie Wade in her dreams, and sometimes in her dreams, she would also dream of doing some shameful things with Charlie Wade.
No way, because Aurora really liked Charlie Wade.

After Charlie Wade saved the Quinton family, Aurora worshiped him.
Later, Charlie Wade was about to start refining magical medicine. Aurora was entrusted by his father Mr. Quinton to ask Charlie Wade for the medicine.
I thought that even if Charlie Wade could give one, it was already a great gift, but he did not expect that Charlie Wade told Aurora at the time: “For the face of your beauty, I will give you two.”

From that moment, Aurora had fallen in love with Charlie Wade deeply.
What made her love Charlie Wade even more was that Charlie Wade helped herself be a hero.
My good friend, who was tricked by Kian, almost wanted to commit suicide, and I didn’t know Kian’s true background.
Unexpectedly, Charlie Wade would not hesitate to offend the second young master of the Webb family of Southaven First Family for himself.

Moreover, he also treated the second young master of the Webb family so miserably, so happy!
From that moment on, Charlie Wade became the god in Aurora’s heart.
And it was the god that Aurora loved deeply.

At this moment, seeing her dream lover finally came, all Aurora’s emotions were beyond words.
She took her father and ran all the way to Charlie Wade, her face flushed with shame.
She took a deep look at Charlie Wade, then quickly moved her eyes to the side, but said tenderly: “Master Wade, I have been waiting for you for a long time, you are finally here…”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1189

When Charlie Wade looked at Aurora, she was already flushed with shame.
Aurora herself was the kind of brave girl, and she was also a martial artist, and she herself had nothing to do with shyness and weakness.

But because her heart was full of the little girl’s shyness and excitement when she met her sweetheart, it seemed that she suddenly became arousing love.
Charlie Wade smiled at her slightly and said, “Aurora is also here, how are you doing?”
Aurora blushed and said, “Recently… it’s been pretty good recently, thank you Master Wade for caring…”

Charlie Wade nodded lightly and said to everyone: “Everyone hasn’t seen each other for some days. Today happens to be Miss Moore’s birthday. You can drink a few more glasses later.”
Everyone hurriedly said: “It must be! I must have a few more drinks tonight!”
Jasmine said a little apologetically at this time: “Master Wade, please wait a moment, I have to greet some guests.”

Charlie Wade nodded: “Go ahead.”
Jasmine bid farewell to everyone, and everyone invited Charlie Wade to the banquet hall for a cocktail.
Charlie Wade readily agreed, and was surrounded by the crowd to the side of the banquet hall.
Because Charlie Wade was the focus of everyone’s attention, Aurora felt a little bit unable to intervene, which made the little girl feel anxious.

When Charlie Wade saw Aurora hesitated to speak several times, he was even preempted by others before he even spoke. He smiled and asked her, “Aurora, do you have anything to tell me?”
When Aurora heard this, she nodded with joy, and said, “Master Wade, I have something to tell you in private. I wonder if you have time?”
After speaking, her big eyes looked at Charlie Wade with expectation and pleading.

Charlie Wade still had a good impression of Aurora.
One is because Aurora is self-reliant and does not have the ills of a big family.
Second, as a little girl from a big family, Aurora could still work hard to practice martial arts, which is really rare among the children of the rich family.
So Charlie Wade said to her: “Why don’t you accompany me out to go around.”

Aurora nodded excitedly when she heard this.
Seeing this scene, Mr. Quinton grinned happily.
He especially looked forward to Charlie Wade’s development with his daughter. In his opinion, even Aurora’s love for Charlie Wade was a blessing for the Quinton family and even Aurora.
Seeing Aurora follow Charlie Wade out, Xyla was also jealous and envious.

In her heart, why didn’t she want to have more contact with Charlie Wade? It’s just that there has been no very suitable opportunity.
Moreover, she was not as bold as Aurora, she dared to speak directly to Master Wade in front of so many people.
At this moment, Charlie Wade took Aurora out of the house and came to the courtyard of Moore’s villa.

Then he stopped and looked at Aurora with a faint smile: “Let’s talk about the little girl, what’s the matter this time? It’s not the schoolmates who were bullied again, right?”
Aurora smiled shyly, and said falteringly: “Master Wade, I was looking for you this time, in fact…”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1190

Aurora was shy and embarrassed inside, so she didn’t know how to start.
Charlie Wade smiled and said, “Is this the little pepper Aurora I remember? The Aurora I knew dared to follow me when I was in Antique Street. Why is this Aurora even talking in front of me? Can’t say it?”
Aurora was even more shy when she heard this, and said nervously and shyly: “Master Wade, people didn’t know how good you were at the beginning, so there are people who don’t know. Don’t laugh at them.”

With that, she thought that Charlie Wade had kicked her a** that day, and she replied in shame, but she felt a little happy like a girl.
Afterwards, she plucked up the courage and said to Charlie Wade: “Master Wade, I actually want to invite you to watch the International College Sanda Competition held in Aurouss Hilll this year.”
Charlie Wade frowned and said, “International College Sanda Competition?”

Charlie Wade suddenly thought of a detail.
Liam once told himself that Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals seemed to sponsor this competition in order to promote their new drug.
Charlie Wade remembered that Aurora had been practicing martial arts, and asked curiously: “Aurora, will you also participate in this competition?”
Aurora blushed and nodded and said, “Master Wade, I will represent Chinese college students this time…”

Charlie Wade said in surprise, “So powerful? Are you confident to win the championship?”
Aurora replied with shame: “I don’t dare to win the championship, because the seeded player from Japan this time is still very powerful. She is also the current favorite to win the championship, and her strength is indeed much stronger than me.”
After speaking, Aurora said again: “But I won’t be discouraged either, my goal is to break into the top three!”

Charlie Wade smiled and said, “Dreams are only possible if you dare to think about it. I am very optimistic about you. I think it’s no problem for you to get the first place. Most of the Japanese fighting and Sanda are the essence of our Chinese martial arts. At that time, you must win glory for the country, give a good lesson to the Japanese players, win the championship in our Chinese territory, and win glory for the country!”

Aurora asked with joy, “Master Wade, do you really believe that I can get the first place?”
Charlie Wade nodded: “Of course, I am very optimistic about you.”
Aurora said happily, “Master Wade, can I invite you to watch my game then?”
Charlie Wade agreed without hesitation and said, “Don’t worry, I will definitely go to the game when you are in the game, and I will cheer you on the scene.”
“Great!” Aurora jumped up happily.

She subconsciously wanted to hug Charlie Wade and behave like a coquettish to her father at home.
But suddenly thinking that Charlie Wade was a married person, she couldn’t make such an intimate move, so she withdrew again.
Charlie Wade asked Aurora at this time: “By the way, Aurora, when I was practicing magic medicine, I gave your family two pills.

Did your father keep one for you?”
“Yes!” Aurora took out a small box from the inner pocket of her coat. After opening it, it contained the medicine that Charlie Wade gave her.
She blushed and said, “The medicine given by Master Wade was given to me by my father that night. I kept it next to my skin.”

Charlie Wade nodded, and said, “This medicine is still very helpful for physical fitness. If you feel strenuous or unsure about the competition, then take this pill.”
Aurora blurted out: “Why then? Master Wade you gave this to me. I must take good care of and treasure it.”
Charlie Wade smiled indifferently: “This medicine is made for people to eat, so why bother about it?”
Aurora said with a hum, “Good point Master Wade, I know.”

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