The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1246-1250 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 1246-1250)

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The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1246

Lady Wilson shook her head.
In this situation, she really couldn’t think of a good way.
Wendy said: “Grandma, or let’s use the Wilson Group to suppress Claire Wilson Wilson’s studio!”
“It doesn’t make sense.” The Lady Wilson said solemnly: “All the orders Claire Wilson Wilson got were from the Emgrand Group, the White Family, and the Quinton Family. How can you suppress her?”
“This is also…”

Wendy was very annoyed.
She has been compared by Claire Wilson Wilson in various ways all the time. This made her feel full of hatred towards Claire Wilson Wilson in her heart.
Unexpectedly, the days of Claire Wilson Wilson and Charlie Wade, not only were there no thunderstorms, but they went over and over, which made her feel very uncomfortable.

When she thought that Charlie Wade’s house had two top luxury cars that even Gerald White could only hope for, she hated Claire Wilson Wilson.
Why can she live such a good life?
And he is now a junior in Aurouss Hilll’s famous street?
At first, I was forced to follow Kenneth Wilson, and later he was thrown to Jeffrey Weaver by Kenneth Wilson.

It was nothing more than with Jeffrey Weaver, but when following Jeffrey Weaver, instead of getting any benefit from Jeffrey Weaver, she licked a whole row of urinals in the Glorious Club with him. That incident completely discredited himself in Aurouss Hilll.
The current self is a laughingstock in Aurouss Hilll, and I don’t know how many people have been poked on the backbone.

Wendy felt that all of this was given by her cousin Claire Wilson Wilson!
Therefore, she hoped to see Claire Wilson Wilson defeated more than anyone else.
So she suddenly had a vicious strategy in her heart, and she said, “Grandma, I have a good idea. If we can do it, Mr. Webb will be very pleased and may even give us a big reward.”
“Oh?” Mrs. Wilson hurriedly asked, “What is the strategy? Hurry up and tell me!”

Wendy coldly said, “Isn’t Charlie Wade the one who loves Claire Wilson Wilson the most? It seems that he and Claire Wilson Wilson have never been married, in other words, Claire Wilson Wilson should still be For this reason, if we set up a bureau to find someone to put Claire Wilson Wilson to sleep, and then make a video and upload it to the Internet, wouldn’t Charlie Wade collapse? By then, Mr. Webb will definitely be very happy!”

Lady Wilson frowned and said, “The solution is a good solution, but you have to think clearly that Charlie Wade is still very well-connected in Aurouss Hilll. If we really do such a thing, he will definitely fight with us. Yes, he has a very good relationship with Don Albertt on the road. In case of a murder order against our family, what life do we have to find Mr. Webb to praise?”

Christopher also said with a look of horror: “This thing is absolutely impossible to do. Donald must also know that Claire Wilson Wilson is Charlie Wade’s fate. Why didn’t he start with Claire Wilson Wilson? It must be because he is afraid that Charlie Wade is crazy. Find him in revenge!”
“You forgot, just because his brother-in-law abducted and sold children, Charlie Wade took his brother-in-law a dozen or so people to hell. If someone provokes Claire Wilson Wilson, wouldn’t he be copied by him?”

“Yeah!” Harold also panicked, and blurted out: “Wendy, your brain is pretty funny? If we really do this kind of thing, then we must be caught by Charlie Wade too!”
When Wendy heard this from her family, she was also full of fear.
She hated Claire Wilson Wilson too much just now, so she wanted to ruin her.
Just thinking of Charlie Wade’s ferocious means made her back cold.
At this time, Christopher suddenly said excitedly: “By the way, although we can’t do anything to Claire Wilson Wilson, we can start with Elaine Ma!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1247

What Christopher hates most is not Hannah who cuckolded herself, but Elaine Ma who insulted and hated herself over and over again.
Thinking of the more than 20 green hats fluttering in the wind on Elaine Ma’s balcony, Christopher wanted to smash Elaine Ma’s body into pieces.
Those 20 green hats, every time they float in the wind, they are merciless lashes to him.
So he felt that if he wanted revenge, he would naturally start from Elaine Ma, which couldn’t be more appropriate.

And most importantly, revenge on Elaine Ma will not arouse Charlie Wade’s hatred.
Otherwise, if everyone started to attack Claire Wilson Wilson, it would be tantamount to touching Charlie Wade’s inverse scales, and it would very likely cause a murderous disaster.
Even Donald didn’t dare to attack Claire Wilson Wilson, so naturally his family couldn’t cause that trouble.

Christopher’s proposal was immediately approved by the whole family.
During this period of time, Elaine Ma has always spared no effort to mock their family, and has deeply angered everyone. She finds a breakthrough from her, finds a way to fix her, and can also relieve the whole family.

Therefore, Harold hurriedly asked: “Dad, what is a good way, tell us quickly!”
Christopher gritted her teeth and said: “Find an opportunity to ruin her, make her the laughingstock of the people of the whole country, and let her feel the feeling of being pierced by countless people!”
Speaking of this, Christopher said again: “Also! It’s better to get her a STD too!”
Harold said in surprise: “Dad! Are you going to do it yourself?”
When Christopher heard this, he was furious and slapped him in the face. He cursed, “You f*ck me!

The dog can’t spit out ivory! Give me my hand? Just Elaine Ma? She deserves it too!”
In fact, both Elaine Ma and Hannah are mature women with lingering charm.
However, these two charming women are in a bit miserable situation.
Needless to say, Hannah had just miscarried and had a venereal disease that had not yet been cured. Now she was beaten by her husband and was lying in the hospital with her injuries and treated with venereal diseases.

Elaine Ma is also miserable now, with her broken leg still in plaster, and her two front teeth were broken again. How can she still have the original charm? No man was interested in it.
Harold slapped him, and said aggrievedly: “Dad, you said you wanted her to contract a venereal disease, and I thought you were going to do it yourself…”
Christopher cursed: “Can’t you find someone else to start?”

Harold said, “Who are you looking for?”
“I don’t know! Look for it, look for the young and strong one, preferably the one who is sick!”
Harold said awkwardly: “This is really not found…”
Christopher smacked his lips and said, “I’ll find it, even if I can’t find the sick, I have to find someone to take care of her!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1248

The next day, Claire Wilson Wilson’s high school classmates got married.
The couple drove a supercar at dawn and set off from Thompson First to Levy County, a suburb of Aurouss Hilll.
Levy County is about 60 kilometers away from the city center. Although it is a little far away, it is fortunate that there is a direct highway.

Claire Wilson Wilson’s high school classmate lives in the suburbs of Levy County. When the two followed the navigation and came to the community where each other lived, they discovered that it turned out to be an old community with a house age of at least 20 or 30 years.
All the houses in this community are no more than 6 stories, and the houses are built very densely. The green paint on the outside of the house is already mottled, revealing the color of cement.

The entrance of the community is very narrow, and there are relatively high speed bumps. In addition, you can see that the road occupation inside is very serious. It is not the garbage cans that occupy the road, or the tricycle bicycles, motorcycles or others. The dilapidated car was parked against the road, so it was very narrow inside.

Charlie Wade drove the Bugatti in front, glanced at the entrance of the community, and called Claire Wilson Wilson, the wife of the car behind, and said, “My wife, the road conditions in this community are too complicated. I guess the chassis of our sports car is so Low, I can’t drive in at all, or let’s park the car and walk in.”
Claire Wilson Wilson said, “Okay, stop first, and I will stop after you.”
Charlie Wade leaned the car on the side of the road very well, and his wife Claire Wilson Wilson also parked the car behind him.

The two got off the car, and passers-by in the early morning saw these two top luxury cars suddenly come to this economically depressed small county. They stopped and took pictures with their phones.
Charlie Wade didn’t want to be too ostentatious, so he pulled Claire Wilson Wilson into the community.
Fortunately, the two came early, so there are not many passers-by now, otherwise, I am afraid that they will be surrounded by water.

It was only 7:40 in the morning. After Claire Wilson Wilson and Charlie Wade entered the community together, they couldn’t help but sigh: “I visited her house once when I was in high school, and her family lived here at that time. I think their family still lives here for so many years.”
Charlie Wade looked at the dilapidated building and couldn’t help sighing: “The house shouldn’t be much bigger, right?”

Claire Wilson Wilson gave a hum, and said, “Their house is a two-bedroom house, which adds up to more than 60 square meters.”
Charlie Wade asked curiously: “How do you live in a two-bedroom house with 4 people? Didn’t you say that she has a younger brother?”
“Yes.” Claire Wilson Wilson said: “The family can’t afford a big house, so she and her brother lived in the same room since they were young. Later, she went to school in another place.

When she graduated from college, her brother was also a big boy. It’s impossible for two people to live in another room, so my classmate went to Aurouss Hilll to work hard, and rented a house in Aurouss Hilll.”
As she said, she sighed and said, “Isn’t she going to get married today, she has to get married from her natal according to the rules, so she came here last night and waited for her to get married this morning.”

Charlie Wade nodded lightly and said, “If someone in any community marries a girl, at least they will get a rainbow gate at the gate of the community, and write on it the joy and celebration of the daughter’s going out of the pavilion, why are you? Didn’t the classmates make it at home? I can’t tell at all when I walked in. Today someone is going to get married.”
Claire Wilson Wilson helplessly said: “Her mother’s family didn’t want her to marry because the other party didn’t give the bride price, but she was pregnant?

So there is no other way. I heard her say that her mother’s family is very angry and will not wait. Seeing her, she also said that if she is married today, the whole family will not go there. If you want to leave, let her go alone.”
Charlie Wade couldn’t help but said, “This is a bit too much. Why is it her own daughter. If she is going to marry, parents and younger brother can’t even go there? It’s too impersonal.”
Claire Wilson Wilson said with some sympathy: “My classmate is very pitiful.

Her parents have told her long ago that no matter who she marries, as long as she can give the family 300,000 gift money, it will be good for his brother to buy an apartment. .”
“But she insisted on marrying this person, and her husband’s family didn’t give her the gift money, so her parents and brother wanted her to knock off the child and find a man who could give the gift money.”
“But she didn’t agree with her life and death, so her parents hated her very much, even her brother hated her very much. If we don’t come to help her today, I guess she can only get married by herself.”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1249

Hearing this, Charlie Wade asked Claire Wilson Wilson curiously: “What? She got married today, did she inform you of an old classmate?”
“Yeah…” Claire Wilson Wilson said: “She wants me to help her, otherwise she can’t handle it alone, I originally wanted her to find a few old classmates to help her. , Even if it is to cheer up, but she is not willing.”
Charlie Wade said helplessly, “I guess I don’t want to lose face in front of so many students, it’s understandable.”

Claire Wilson Wilson nodded and said, “I have never seen her so poor. On such an important day of marriage, her maiden-in-law’s family will add obstacles to her…”
As he said, Claire Wilson Wilson couldn’t help sighing: “Charlie Wade, actually I really think it’s good to marry you. If I’m really asked by my family to marry young masters from rich people, I don’t know what I will be bullied by my husband.”
Charlie Wade’s expression was a bit awkward.

My own wife doesn’t know yet, the rubbish husband she married is the young master of the top family in the country.
Seeing that his expression was a bit wrong, Claire Wilson Wilson thought he was angry, and explained hurriedly: “Charlie Wade, don’t think too much, I have no other meaning, just want to say that marrying you is fine! “
Charlie Wade nodded and smiled and asked her, “If someday I become the young master of a rich family, what will you do?”

Claire Wilson Wilson smiled and said, “What you said is not true, because you are an orphan and you cannot be the young master of a rich family.”
Charlie Wade said: “I’m just making an analogy, what if I am?”
Claire Wilson Wilson smiled and said, “If you really are the young master of some rich man, then I will divorce you.”

Charlie Wade asked in surprise, “Are you serious?”
Claire Wilson Wilson chuckled: “What about you, hurry up, this is the building, let’s go upstairs!”
Charlie Wade shook his head helplessly, and followed her into the old staircase unit.
What surprised him was that today was the day when his wife and classmates got married, and they all walked to the door of the unit. The family still didn’t even post a happy word. It seemed that they hadn’t made any preparations for a girl to marry.
The couple walked up the stairs together. When they reached the third floor, they heard someone arguing and yelling.

“You money loser, you are really prepared to marry their house if you don’t want a penny? If you just marry like this, I won’t be allowed to be stabbed to death by someone in the future?”
The speaker was a middle-aged woman, and her voice sounded very pungent, which matched Elaine Ma.
Chapter 1250
At this time, I heard a middle-aged man shout in a cold voice: “This grandson’s family is really deceiving people too much. The children are pregnant with them, and they don’t even give a penny as a gift.

Are they not afraid to beat the child?”
A young man replied: “The talents of the family are not afraid. They wish my sister beat the child, because they don’t look down on my sister at all. They always think that my sister is behind their home.”

After finishing speaking, he said again: “Sister, why do you have to marry the grandson? The bastard’s family is so bad. You can ask about it in our community. Whose daughter did not give the betrothal gift? My good buddy said his sister, married to an ordinary family in the next county town, and the family gave 280,000 dollars. Now Steve has paid down payment to buy a house in the county. The down payment was made with his sister’s gift, and his sister returned 50,000 Dollar for the decoration.

If you marry the grandson, what can I do in the future!”
“That’s right! I don’t think I’m too embarrassed by yourself. I have to think about it for your brother? Your brother is 22 this year. It’s when he was looking for a partner to get married. How many little girls do you choose now? There is no house at home. Get him ready, which girl is willing to have sex with others?”

At this time, I heard a woman grievingly said: “I love Steve sincerely, and I will not spend his money when I am with him.”
“Really love each other?” The middle-aged woman sneered and sternly said: “I yuck! If the bastard Steve really loves you, how could he treat you this way? I won’t give you a gift without a penny, or even get married. If you don’t come to pick it up, you can’t let you go on your own for dozens of kilometers? Is this a f*cking human business?”

The young man yelled: “The dog Steve just doesn’t look down on us at all. He thinks our family is poor and can’t match their family, so he doesn’t put our family in his eyes, and he won’t come to pick up the bride on the wedding day. Steve, this kind of thing, I haven’t heard of it when I grow up.”
After finishing speaking, he said again: “Sister! If you marry so silly today, my parents and I will lose face in Levy County!”

The woman said: “You don’t need to talk any more, I have made up my mind. I must marry today. Even if I rent out by myself, I will marry him.”
After finishing speaking, she said again: “Magnificence is really not as bad as you think. He just can’t be his mother’s home. Everything in his family is his mother’s decision. He was really willing to give the bride price at first, but his mother Disagree, Carden also said that after he gets married, his finances will be separated from his mother.

Then he will save more money and 300,000 to supply you, then you can buy a house for your brother!”
“Huh? Wait two years?” The middle-aged woman scolded: “Your brother is 22 this year, and we will wait two more days to reach 24. We are still thinking about holding our grandson next year. Is it because of him we have to go back Wait two years?”
“Furthermore, I don’t believe what Steve said at all. He said that in two years, what if he doesn’t make up the money?

By then, you will be married and have a child. You will be worthless. It’s second-hand. What will your dad and I take to buy a house for your brother?”
The young woman said, “Mom, I have been with Steve for a few years. I know what kind of person he is, and he will do it when he says it.”
“What the f*ck is magnificent.”

The middle-aged woman said angrily: “I tell you Isabella, our family of three will never allow you to marry Steve. If you still recognize our family, you will have your child I beat and broke up with that Steve completely, but if you dare to leave this house today, the three of us will cut off all relations with you, and you will be cut off from our family from now on!”
The middle-aged man said coldly: “You have heard what your mother said. What your mother said is what your brother said.

If you want to go out of this door today, you should make your own decisions. Go out and never come back again!”
The young woman cried and said, “Dad, mom, are you trying to force me to death? Even if you don’t love me, you have to love the child in my stomach?”
The young man said, “Sister, do you want such a maternal love?

You are only two months pregnant. What kind of child is in your belly? Isn’t it just a fertilized egg?”
When Claire Wilson Wilson heard this, he sighed, and said, “It is my high school classmates who are talking. It seems that their family does not want her to marry today…”
Charlie Wade nodded: “I heard it. Her younger brother is waiting for her gift money to buy a house. In his eyes, his sister is his cash cow. How could she just let her go in vain.”

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