The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1316-1320 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 1316-1320)

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The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1316

Charlie Wade nodded: “If you don’t believe it, we can just walk around and see.”
“Okay!” Coach Blanks sneered: “Walk and see, I’ll just wait here to see how Aurora lost this game!”
After that, he walked directly to the audience seat next to him, found an empty seat and sat down, with his arms folded on his chest, with a look of good play. He had already recognized Aurora in his heart. No doubt lose.

Charlie Wade ignored him, but watched Aurora whispered: “Don’t be nervous later, just fight as I said. I believe you will be able to defeat this opponent.”
Aurora nodded heavily, and then said with a pitiful face: “Master Wade, coach Blanks is gone, I will not have a coach in the future. If I win this game, there may be a few more games to play in the future. Can you Come to be my coach?”

Charlie Wade said without hesitation: “No problem, I will be your coach from now on.”
Aurora cheered with excitement: “Great! I will call you Coach Wade in future matches!”
Charlie Wade smiled and said, “You can call it whatever you want.”
At this time, the referee rang the bell for the third game.

Aurora stood up, flexed her muscles and bones, and said to Charlie Wade with a resolute expression: “Coach Wade, I’m going to play!”
Charlie Wade nodded: “Come on!”
At this time, the Thai players also walked from the other side of the ring to the center of the ring.
At this time, the Thai player’s expression was very relaxed, even a bit contemptuous.

She had already won a lot of points from Aurora in the first two games, as long as she played steadily in the next three games. They will definitely be able to defeat the opponent and advance to the quarterfinals.
What Aurora was thinking about at this time was the tactics that Charlie Wade told her, and she was already knowing how to fight next.

With the start of the referee, the third game of the two sides officially kicked off.
Seeing that her tactics in the first two rounds worked very well, the Thai player was ready to adopt a fresh-eaten routine against Aurora.
Therefore, as soon as she came up, she went straight to Aurora’s bottom plate and launched a fierce attack.

Aurora gave up the idea of ​​attacking on the upper plate, concentrated on resisting the opponent’s attack on the lower plate, and at the same time was looking for the weaknesses exposed by the opponent’s attack.

Generally speaking, in Sanda combat, the more fierce the offensive is, the weaker the strength of the defense, which is like the faster a person runs, the more unstable the center of gravity, the easier it is to fall.
Therefore, Aurora quickly saw the weakness exposed by the opponent in the process of quickly getting out of the leg!
The opportunity is here!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1317

Coach Blanks had been watching from the side, seeing Aurora always passively defending and being beaten back by the opponent, she couldn’t help but sneer.
In his opinion, Aurora’s tactics were simply the weakest among the weak.
Since the opponent’s next set attack is fast and the upper set is relatively inferior, it should be the same as the opponent’s own next, and the other side’s hanging.

In this way, we can find a breakthrough point and reverse this passive situation in one fell swoop.
This is also the traditional thinking of most coaches.
But this is also the root reason why most coaches cannot become top coaches, and even when they themselves are players, they cannot become top players.

In Charlie Wade’s view, whether it is a battle between the two armies or a fight between the two, the best and most stable way is to defeat the enemy’s trump card.
Just like in a war, if the opponent’s ace division is defeated, not only will the opponent’s strength be greatly weakened, but also the military will be in a state of confusion.

In contrast, if you just destroy the opponent’s miscellaneous army, or even the cannon fodder army, not only is it impossible to achieve a key victory, but it may be targeted by the opponent’s main force because of the main goal of the measure.
In Sanda, if the opponent uses the fist best, then the opponent’s fist must be abolished; if the opponent uses the leg best, then the opponent’s leg must be abolished, otherwise the opponent’s most powerful means of attack is left.

My biggest hidden danger.
The Thai player Aurora faced was the best at right leg, so even if Aurora launched an attack on her upper plate and succeeded in the attack, it would not have much impact on her attack power.
In this process, if Aurora was hit by the opponent’s leg, it was very likely to fall into a slump immediately.

That’s why Charlie Wade asked Aurora to do everything possible to find the weakness of the opponent’s next game.
And at the moment when the opportunity came, Aurora did not disappoint his trust.
Seeing Aurora’s fierce kick facing the opponent, she suddenly flashed, and then stepped hard, slamming on the calf bone of the leg that the opponent kicked.

This step immediately caused the Thai player to cry out in pain.
Immediately afterwards, she felt a sudden pain in her right leg, as if she was about to fracture.
This pain made her feel unsteady even standing, let alone continue to attack Aurora.
So she immediately limped back a few steps, her face full of shock and incredible.

What she didn’t expect was that her next game was obviously stronger than the opponent, but the opponent dared to make a fuss with herself in the end.
She kept beating her back every day, thinking that she had the upper hand, and waiting to give her a fatal blow, but she didn’t expect that the other party was the one who looked at me and waited to give her a fatal blow!

With this foot, she was affected even when she walked. Every step she took was painful, and the combat effectiveness of the whole person plummeted instantly.
Most of the audience in the audience was Chinese. Seeing Aurora finally regained a city, a burst of cheers broke out.
Charlie Wade looked at Aurora with approval, and it seemed that Aurora was really talented.

She was able to seize this opportunity accurately the first time the other party exposed her weakness.
Now the balance on the ring has been severely tilted, and the Thai player injured her right leg. It is absolutely impossible to be Aurora’s opponent anymore, but this kick just now laid the foundation for Aurora’s victory.

Coach Blanks in the audience looked very ugly.
He really didn’t expect that Aurora could really take advantage of the opponent in the next game!
The kick just now is very strong, and you can tell that the other party’s injury is serious.
From the coach’s perspective, it can be seen that Aurora’s game has already been won, and the rest is just a matter of time.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1318

At this moment, he couldn’t help feeling regretful.
Seeing Aurora was about to advance to the quarterfinals, she turned her face against her.
In this way, if she achieves better results in this game, then it has nothing to do with herself.
At this moment, Aurora changed, just constantly defending the retreat routine, and proactively launched a series of attacks on the opponent.

The opponent’s right leg was injured, and she was already greatly affected. Now being chased by Aurora, every step back in his right leg would bring piercing pain.
And her right leg can’t keep up with her figure at all now, and it has become an oil bottle.
This makes her not only difficult to defend, difficult to dodge, but also difficult to counterattack.
Most of Aurora’s series of offenses hit the opponent.

The Thai players, who was on the offensive just now, can only hold her head and flee in the ring.
Aurora kept Charlie Wade’s teachings in mind, and was still staring at the opponent’s bottom plate, preparing to give the opponent another fatal blow.
Soon, she found a chance in the other party’s backlash.

So she kicked out a whip leg accurately, and kicked directly on the opponent’s injured right leg.
At this time, she kicked the opponent with a scream, her face was pale, her forehead and cheeks were covered with cold sweat.
Aurora didn’t use her full strength with this kick. If she used her full strength, the opponent’s calf would have been broken.

The reason why there is still a certain amount of leeway is to give the other side a chance.
The game is only started, she doesn’t want to completely abolish the opponent.
After all, for a Sanda athlete, the limbs are the most important body part in their eyes. If the leg is really broken, then the career can be declared over. After all, even if the broken leg can recover, it will definitely not reach the previous level. Competitive state, strength will inevitably be greatly weakened.

The Thai player also realized that Aurora had been merciful with this kick just now. So she also felt a little grateful for Aurora.
She has been practicing Muay Thai for many years, and she is most proud of her right leg.
If her right leg was kicked off by Aurora today, then she wouldn’t have to participate in any competitions in the future. She was only in her early twenties this year, so she didn’t want to let her career stop there.

Thinking of this, she took two steps back and gave Aurora a fist gratefully. Then she said to her coach in Thai, and then her coach raised the towel.
As soon as the referee saw this, he immediately jumped into the arena, blocked the two players, and said: “The Thai player admits defeat, and the Chinese player Aurora won this game!”
With his announcement, Aurora jumped up excitedly.

I subconsciously looked for Charlie Wade’s figure, and then looked at Charlie Wade with an extremely affectionate look, and the worship of him in his heart reached a new peak again.
Mr. Quinton and Steven Quinton were also excited, and stood up and applauded.
Only the coach Blanks, seeing Aurora win, had a gloomy expression to death.

He even began to think about how he could restore the relationship between his teacher and Aurora.
Because, once Aurora achieved good results in the competition, it was a good opportunity for her to become famous.
But just now, I gave this good opportunity to others. Damn it!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1319

With Aurora’s victory, this little pepper also officially entered the quarter-finals of this international college student Sanda competition.
This is Aurora’s best result in an international college student Sanda competition.
When the competition was held in Canada last year, she made a special trip to compete, but that time she failed to qualify for the group, and the final overall ranking was 30th.

So this time, Aurora has achieved an unprecedented breakthrough.
After the referee announced the victory, she shook hands with the Thai player and the two girls hugged each other.
Immediately, Aurora turned around and ran to Charlie Wade quickly. When she came to Charlie Wade, she happily jumped up and jumped directly onto him.
“Master Wade, thank you so much!”

Aurora hugged his neck and hugged him like a baby koala, happier than ever.
Aurora’s hug caught Charlie Wade by surprise, but he could also feel the excitement and joy in Aurora’s heart.
So Charlie Wade was unwilling to sweep her heart, so he hugged her and turned around twice, and said with a smile: “You just entered the quarter-finals, and I am so happy. If you win the championship, will you not be excited?”

Aurora hugged Charlie Wade’s neck and blushed and said: “I have never expected to win the championship. I am already very happy to be able to advance to the top 8.”
Charlie Wade smiled and said: “I remember you didn’t say that before, but you said before that you were sure to get a good ranking.”

Aurora said embarrassedly: “People are afraid that you will dislike me, Master Wade, so I deliberately boasted. Actually, I never thought about getting a medal…”
“Okay…” Charlie Wade nodded and smiled: “Okay, don’t hold on me, everyone is watching, your father and your brother are watching too.”

Aurora realized that she was still hanging on Charlie Wade’s body.
At this time, Charlie Wade was also a little contemplative, after all, Aurora’s figure was really too good.

Moreover, her skin is as smooth as jade!
More importantly, she now only wears a sports bra and flat-angle sports shorts, so holding herself in this way, the touch is very clear.
Aurora’s shy smile blushed, and hurriedly jumped off him.
At this time, Mr. Quinton, who was not far away, was looking at his precious daughter with a smile on his face.

He had long expected his daughter to make some substantial progress with Master Charlie Wade.
Today, it seems that his daughter and Master Wade have finally made some substantial progress, which is really gratifying, and he feels more gratified than his daughter won the game.
Charlie Wade said to Aurora at this time: “Don’t forget to say hello to your father and your younger brother, let’s go over.”

Aurora just remembered that she patronized Charlie Wade to celebrate, but she forgot that her father and her younger brother were in the stands.
This made her feel even more embarrassed in her heart. She thought to herself: “It was really shameful just now.

There was only Master Wade in her eyes. It is a sin to forget her father and younger brother!”
So, she hurriedly came to Mr. Quinton and Steven Quinton with Charlie Wade, blushing and said, “Dad, Steven, did you see what I did just now?”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1320

Steven Quinton gave a thumbs up and praised: “Sister, you just made the jedi blow, it was great! Seeing that you didn’t get the upper hand in the first two games, I thought you were going to lose!”
Mr. Quinton also smiled and said, “Yes, Dad just squeezed a cold sweat for you!”
Aurora said embarrassedly: “Thanks to Master Wade’s reminder, otherwise I might really lose…”
With that, Aurora embraced Charlie Wade’s arm affectionately, and said softly, “Also, Master Wade will be my coach in the future!”

Mr. Quinton heard that Master Charlie Wade Wade had been the coach of his daughter Aurora. Although he was very excited, he still said with a nervous expression: “How are you kidding me? Master Wade manages so many important things every day. How can I accompany you to play this kind of kid’s game, what if I delay a master’s business?

Can you bear this responsibility?”
Aurora was said by her father, and she immediately curled her lips a little wronged.
At the same time, she was also worried in her heart, would he let Charlie Wade be her coach, would it really delay Charlie Wade’s serious affairs?

At this time, Charlie Wade said with a smile: “I actually have nothing to do recently. Besides, Aurora is not a kid’s game. After all, I am trying to win glory for the country. I hope she can win a championship, so I can give it to us. Chinese college students fight for more face!”
Mr. Quinton heard this and finally heaved a sigh of relief and said with a smile: “Aurora, since Master Wade trusts you so much, then you must train hard and actively prepare for the subsequent competitions.

You must reward Master Wade with a good ranking. Trust in you!”
“I will definitely work hard!”
Aurora clenched her fists and said with excitement: “I will definitely go all out in the following competitions and strive to get the best result back!”
Charlie Wade smiled and said: “You have to zoom in. From my point of view, you have to bring a champion back for everything you say in this competition to be justified!”

Aurora hurriedly said: “Master Wade, the No. 1 seed, No. 2 seed, and No. 3 seed players in this competition are all very strong, especially the No. 1 seed selection, Japan’s Ito Nanako. She is the top Japanese national treasure master Yamamoto. One of Kazuki’s personal disciples, was judged by Yamamoto Kazuki as an unborn genius, and she has won two international college Sanda competitions.

This time she is going to attack her for three consecutive championships.”
Charlie Wade smiled and said: “Whoever it is don’t worry, with me, she will not be your equal opponent!”
“Really?!” Aurora knew Charlie Wade’s magical powers and knew that he would never say anything unsure, so she asked excitedly: “Master Wade, can I really win Ito Nanako?”
Charlie Wade nodded and smiled: “Don’t worry, since I said it, I can definitely do it!”
“Great!” Aurora cheered, excited.

At this moment, the coach Blanks just stepped forward and said with a smile: “Oh, Aurora, I really congratulate you. She has advanced to the top 8 without any precedent and has tied the best result of a Chinese college student in this game. !”
“If you can win the next game and advance to the top 4 smoothly, then you can create a new record for our Chinese college students in this game!”

Aurora thought to herself, even though Coach Blanks had broken with herself just now, he came to congratulate herself at the moment. Of course she could not neglect it out of courtesy.
So she humbly said: “Coach Blanks, you passed the award, I will work hard for the game.”
Coach Blanks smiled and said seriously: “In the game just now, you won very thrilling, with a lot of luck.

If you want to win the next game, you must not rely on luck, but you must rely on systematic training. Professional guidance, why not let me continue to guide you through the subsequent competition!”
Charlie Wade listened, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, smiled and did not speak.
When Aurora heard this, she immediately resolutely said: “I’m sorry Coach Blanks, I now have a new coach.”

“That’s him?” Coach Blanks looked at Charlie Wade contemptuously, and said with contempt: “This kind of person is not professional at all. Just now he was just a blind cat and a dead mouse. If you still hope in him, then you will be very next. It may stop in the top 8 and it is impossible to go further!”
Aurora said indignantly: “Huh! Don’t talk nonsense here! In my mind, Coach Wade is the best coach in the world! No one can compare to it! Including you!”

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