The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1391-1395 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 1391-1395)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1391

Thinking of the old things, Stephen Thompson couldn’t help but cry.
Charlie Wade’s heart throbbed as he heard his crying.
Although many years have passed, Charlie Wade’s heart is also extremely painful and resentful when he thinks that his parents died not by accident but by fate.
As a son of man, the hatred of parents is not shared!

Don’t need Stephen Thompson to say this hatred, he will definitely do his best to repay it!
Otherwise, it is really a waste of man!
So, his voice said indifferently: “Steward Thompson, don’t worry about this. Charlie Wade swears to God that I will avenge my parents by myself! All those who participated in the murder of my parents back then counted as one. I won’t let it go!”

“That’s good!” Stephen Thompson was very excited, but he said seriously: “Master, you must not be impulsive about this matter. There are many clues behind this that I haven’t sorted out yet, so I still think about it for a long time. Don’t expose yourself early…”
Charlie Wade said, “I know, don’t worry.”
After speaking, Charlie Wade said again: “I have another question, I hope you answer it truthfully.”
Stephen Thompson said immediately, “Master, just ask!”

Charlie Wade pondered for a moment and asked, “My wife, Claire Wilson Wilson, did you arrange it?”
Stephen Thompson hurriedly said: “This is really not…I also know your wife’s grandfather. I really didn’t expect that he could meet you at the construction site where you work, knowing that he wants you to marry his granddaughter. At that time, although I knew that his granddaughter was not worthy of you, I did not stop him at that time, because I just wanted to protect your safety and did not want to interfere with your life.”

Charlie Wade breathed a sigh of relief.
He knew that his childhood in the orphanage was Stephen Thompson’s arrangement, so he was afraid that he would meet Claire Wilson Wilson and it was his arrangement.
So he said to Stephen Thompson: “Steward Thompson, come here first. I have an appointment tonight. You can help me sort out the clues you have these days. If I have the opportunity, I will talk to you in person.”
“Good master!”

Charlie Wade hung up the phone, only then realized that two lines of tears flowed unconsciously on his cheeks. He only learned today that it turned out that more than ten years ago, his parents were murdered by bad men.
He only learned today that it turned out that more than ten years ago, the orphanage he lived in was completely arranged by Stephen Thompson, in order to completely hide all his information.
The world today has undergone earth-shaking changes in his eyes, as if the whole world has become unfamiliar.

The last time I felt this way, it was the moment when I accidentally got the Apocalyptic Book; And the last time I felt this way was when I was eight years old, when I learned of my parents’ death.
Just when he was lost, Liam called and said, “Master Wade, when will you come? Do you want me to pick you up by car?”
“No need.” Charlie Wade said: “I will pick up my wife now, and then I will pass. You will wait for me for a while.” After speaking, he hung up the phone and rode a small electric bike to Claire Wilson Wilson’s studio.

At the same time, the office of the dean of the Aurouss Hilll Welfare Institute.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1392

Seeing Stephen Thompson finished the call, the dean respectfully asked, “Steward Thompson, what should I do now?”
Stephen Thompson sighed, and said, “Since the young master already knows, you don’t need to stay in the orphanage anymore. In the future, you should return to the post of the Wade family. I will settle down for you. Over the years, Thanks for your hard work!”

The dean immediately bowed and said: “Steward Thompson, the second son has been waiting for me as a mountain before his death. I will wait to serve Young Master Charlie Wade, and I will die!”
Stephen Thompson nodded and said, “You are all elites who have worked so hard to cultivate for many years. For more than ten years, condescending to be in a small orphanage has not only worked hard for you, but also felt wronged. Take a good rest during this time. “

“When the young master inherits the Wade family one day, you will all be the servants of the young master, and then you will be loyal to the young master!”
“You guys grew up watching the young master. He is kind, upright, and good. If one day he can control the Wade family, I believe he will never treat you badly.”
The dean immediately nodded and said: “This is also because the young master has suffered a lot since childhood, so he has this precious quality. This quality in him is something I can’t see in all the rich second generations.”

Stephen Thompson smiled slightly: “Therefore, it may not be a bad thing to let the young master suffer in the orphanage back then. The young master is the only son of the second son after all. Not worse than the second son!”
After all, Stephen Thompson waved his hand and said happily: “Okay, I’m back to Eastcliff, you have a meeting with everyone these few days, and then hand over the orphanage to the relevant departments in Aurouss Hilll.

I will meet tomorrow. I’ll give you a sum of money. You will go back to meet your family first, and then find a comfortable resort to rest and rest.”
The dean bowed again: “Thank you Steward Thompson!”
After speaking, he asked again: “By the way, Steward Thompson, what should Mrs. Lewis do? She didn’t know anything before, but now she already knows a lot of inside information.”
Stephen Thompson said: “She has taken care of her young master for so many years, and she is not too young. It is time to retire and take care of her life.

I have a manor in Canada, so I will give it to her for retirement. Don’t let her in the future. Goodbye, Master, and wait until Master successfully inherits the Wade family.”
The dean said: “Mrs. Lewis also has an adopted daughter who also works in an orphanage. She is an orphan who grew up with the young master. She still doesn’t know anything about this. I’m afraid Mrs. Lewis will not let her go.”

Stephen Thompson sighed and said, “Talk to the girl, tell her something selectively, and then let her accompany her adoptive mother to Canada. There are many Chinese people there, and the language requirements are not high. The mother and daughter can start a new life quickly over there. I have investigated the girl’s background, she is very clean, and she likes the young master and will never do anything against the young master.”

“it is good!”
This night, the Aurouss Hilll Welfare Institute suddenly completed a major exchange of blood. Everyone was muffled, packing their luggage and things, and the city staff also rushed over to take over with the original team.
No one knows why the management team of a welfare institution suddenly had to replace all the staff from the dean to the chef. Could it be that these people made any big mistakes?
But they couldn’t imagine that these people were like a disciplined army.

They had already fought this protracted war, and now it was time to exit the battlefield in an orderly manner.
Although Mrs. Lewis was very reluctant to give up, she also knew very well that before, she was the same as Charlie Wade and didn’t know these things, but now she already knows some inside stories and knows that Charlie Wade’s true identity belongs to the Wade family. Master.
Therefore, she also knew that she couldn’t stay here anymore.

Now that you know this information, you can’t say you’ve been dragged into the water, but at least you can’t be alone.
Now that he has been brought into this group, he must obey the instructions of the Wade family.
As a result, she also made a decision to listen to the dean’s order and go to Canada to recuperate temporarily.

As for Lisa, Mrs. Lewis did not tell her the truth, but only told her that the great benevolent who had funded her medical treatment before, and she had also funded herself to go abroad for a period of recuperation, she had no relatives, so she hoped that Lisa could be with her.
Lisa treated Mrs. Lewis as her biological mother, and naturally agreed without hesitation, so she also started packing up and preparing to go abroad with her.
Mrs. Lewis thought, after she arrived in Canada, she would tell Lisa these things.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1393

Charlie Wade rode his electric bike to his wife’s studio. As soon as he walked in, Claire Wilson Wilson asked in surprise: “My husband, why are your eyes red?”
“is it?”
Charlie Wade said, stretched out his hands and rubbed his eyes, and said with a smile: “The wind and sand on the road just now lost my eyes.”
Claire Wilson Wilson said distressedly: “Don’t always go out on an electric bike. You bought two cars for your family, but you also let you ride an electric bike every day. I feel so sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Charlie Wade smiled and said casually: “I like riding an electric bike, which is convenient, fast, simple, and environmentally friendly.”
Claire Wilson Wilson smiled helplessly: “You, what you say from your mouth seems to be indifferent.”
With that, she turned off her computer, stood up and said, “I just finished a case of the Emgrand Group today. Mr. Doris Young, Mr. White, is very happy to let the finances pay, or I’ll buy you a car. This way you will also have mobility tools in the future.”

“No need, if I really want to drive, I would have taken the two supercars from Mr. White and Quinton long ago.”
Seeing that he was not joking, Claire Wilson Wilson had no choice but to say: “Okay, let me know when you have enough electric bikes.”
Charlie Wade said, “My wife, we have to go quickly. I have an appointment for a dinner tonight.”

Claire Wilson Wilson asked in astonishment: “Who did you date tonight? You don’t say anything, it’s mysterious.”
Charlie Wade smiled and said, “I have an appointment with a distinguished guest. I’ll know when you arrive.”
“Guest?” Claire Wilson Wilson asked puzzlingly, “Is it one of your feng shui customers again?”
Charlie Wade smiled and said, “Well, it needs to be kept secret for the time being. You will know when you follow me.”

“Okay.” Claire Wilson Wilson nodded and said, “Then I will follow you to eat dinner at night.”
Afterwards, the couple left the studio and came to the parking lot. Charlie Wade put his foldable ebike into the trunk of Claire Wilson Wilson’s BMW car, and then the two drove to Shangri-La together.
At this moment, Liam is accompanying Stefanie Sun and Cherie to sit down and chat in the top luxury box.
Cameron Isaac heard that Liam said that Master Wade would be hosting a banquet here today, and he had already made perfect preparations.

He heard that the guests had arrived, so he came to the box himself.
After buckling the door and entering the box, Cameron Isaac was stunned.
He never dreamed that the person sitting in the box turned out to be Miss Sun from Eastcliff, the most popular female star in China, Stefanie Sun.
After all, Cameron Isaac is the spokesperson of the Wade family in Aurouss Hilll, and can be regarded as the middle and high level of the Wade family’s subordinates, so he knows the Eastcliff family very well and naturally knows the background of Stefanie Sun.

Seeing that she was actually here, Cameron Isaac gave a thud in his heart.
Is she the one that the young master will entertain tonight?
Everyone in Eastcliff knows that Stefanie Sun is the baby relative of her young master, and she also knows that Stefanie Sun’s family has been looking for her young master’s whereabouts.
Looking at this posture, she should have found the young master. However, the young master is obviously already married. Isn’t this a bit embarrassing?

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1394

Being embarrassed, Stefanie looked at him with a dark face, and blurted out: “Cameron Isaac! Did you know that my Charlie Wade is in Aurouss Hilll?”
“Ah? Uh…this…” Cameron Isaac suddenly didn’t know how to answer, he couldn’t tell why.
Stefanie bit her little white teeth and said angrily: “You guy is too unreliable. I have asked you about the whereabouts of Charlie Wade so many times, and you haven’t had a word of truth!”

Cameron Isaac said embarrassingly: “Miss Sun, you really misunderstood me. I just learned not long ago that the young master was in Aurouss Hilll. I have been in Aurouss Hilll for so long on behalf of the Wade family. I have never heard of it before.”
Cherie asked in surprise: “What the hell?! Stefanie, you said that Charlie Wade, Mr. Wade, is the Charlie Wade you’ve been looking for?”
Stefanie nodded, and said seriously: “That’s right! This bad guy made me find it hard to find him!”
Cherie said in surprise: “Oh!

That’s great! You finally found him, wouldn’t you be able to get married soon? I remember you always said that as long as you find your Charlie Wade brother, you will immediately Quit the entertainment industry, then marry him and have children.”
Stefanie’s face turned red immediately, and she said shyly: “I…I think…but…but that bad guy is married…”
“Damn!” Cherie immediately exploded and blurted out: “What the hell is going on with this deflated calf surnamed Wade? Didn’t he know he had a marriage contract?

Didn’t he know that he had a beautiful fiancee, Have you been looking for him? How dare you marry another woman, when he comes, you see, I won’t scold him! What a contemporary!”
Liam and Cameron Isaac looked at each other, their expressions were very embarrassing.
It was at this time that Liam learned about the relationship between Stefanie and Master Wade, and he was naturally shocked.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1395

At this time, he just listened to Stefanie saying: “A lot, Charlie Wade’s wife will also come later, I promised that Charlie Wade will not reveal the relationship between the two of us at the dinner table, so you must not mess around then and speak.”
“How can it be done!” Cherie said indignantly: “When that bastard wife is also here, you should seize the opportunity and directly expose the matter in front of his wife, so that his wife can realize it. I don’t believe it anymore. Which woman would dare to steal her husband from you, Stefanie Sun!”
“Oh no!”

Stefanie Sun said very solemnly: “I have promised Charlie Wade about this matter. If you dare to make me break your promise, I will not forgive you back!”
Cherie blurted out: “Hey, Stefanie, are you stupid? This meal is the best opportunity for you to drive away his original partner. You must take it well, or you will regret it in the future!”
“You don’t come here!” Stefanie said seriously: “I am a person who always promises and speaks for words. You are not allowed to make trouble for me.”

“Okay, okay.” Cherie said helplessly: “You have decided. Don’t regret it in the future.”
At this time, Charlie Wade and Claire Wilson Wilson had also arrived outside the box.
Before entering the door, Claire Wilson Wilson still asked him: “Who is the guest I want to meet? It’s so mysterious.”
Charlie Wade smiled and said, “Don’t worry, you are definitely one of the people you want to see most.”
“The person I want to meet the most?”

Claire Wilson Wilson frowned slightly, “I can’t think of who I want to see the most now.”
Charlie Wade smiled: “I’ll know if you go in.”
With that, he knocked gently on the door, and then pushed the box door inward.
Claire Wilson Wilson saw at a glance, Stefanie Sun, who was sitting facing the door of the luxurious box, was stunned at this moment!
“Charlie Wade, is it Stefanie Sun? Is it really Stefanie Sun?”

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