The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1436-1440 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 1436-1440)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1436

Claire Wilson Wilson pulled Charlie Wade aside and said with some complaints: “Mom just said casually in the morning, why did you really buy her such expensive skin care products…a set of 400,000 Dollar, which is too scary. Now, why are we such a family…”
Charlie Wade smiled and said, “Isn’t there a special channel, you don’t need to care too much.”
Claire Wilson Wilson whispered: “I’m afraid that my mother will look for this in the future. If she keeps asking you to buy her such expensive skin care products, what can you do?”

Charlie Wade smiled slightly: “No, haven’t you noticed that your mother has converged too much now? Just consider it as a reward for her converging during this period of time, so that she can converge more in the future.”
Just as he was talking, Elaine Ma had already used his mobile phone to take a small video of Moments, and said excitedly: “Look at the two sets of caviar skin care products my good son-in-law bought me. They are all platinum. Suits, the two sets add up to at least more than 700,000!”

When Charlie Wade heard this, he immediately said, “Mom, these two sets are not for you, one for you and one for Claire Wilson Wilson!”
“Ah?” Elaine Ma said distressedly: “How young is she at first, she is naturally beautiful, and she can’t find a wrinkle on her face. Why does she need to use this anti-aging skin care product now! Moisturizing is actually enough! “

Charlie Wade immediately resolutely said: “No, it was originally the two of you in one set, you can’t take the Claire Wilson Wilson set as well.”
Elaine Ma still feels reluctant, but now she dare not yell at Charlie Wade.
Stop clamoring, even if she talks back, she dare not.
So I can only nodded angrily: “Well, mom listens to you, and Claire Wilson Wilson and I have one set of these two sets of skin care products!”

Claire Wilson Wilson said: “I can’t bear to use such expensive things…”
Elaine Ma’s eyes lit up, and he was about to say you are reluctant to use it. Charlie Wade took the words and said, “My wife, if you are reluctant to use it, then I will withdraw both sets.”
“Hey, don’t!” Elaine Ma panicked, and said hurriedly: “Claire Wilson Wilson, this is Charlie Wade’s intention. You are not allowed to be a donkey liver and lungs!”

Claire Wilson Wilson wanted to say something, Charlie Wade picked up a set, handed it to her, and said seriously: “If your husband gave you something, you can use it with confidence! When it’s used up, your husband will buy it for you again!”
Claire Wilson Wilson felt Charlie Wade’s deep love for him, and she felt sweet in his heart, and finally nodded and agreed.
Seeing this, Elaine Ma said excitedly: “I have to go back to the room to wash my face, and then use it first, I can’t wait to feel it!”

After speaking, she took the cosmetics and took the elevator to the third floor.
Claire Wilson Wilson looked at her back and sighed helplessly.
It seems that my mother’s vanity-loving character cannot be changed in this life.
However, the current mother is not without improvement, at least she treats Charlie Wade better than before, and at home is not as aggressive as before, and the home environment is therefore much more stable.

At this moment, her mobile phone suddenly received a call, and it turned out to be her mother Elaine Ma.
“Hey mom, what’s the matter?”
Elaine Ma said anxiously, “Claire Wilson Wilson, come to my room! Come by yourself, don’t let Charlie Wade follow!”
“What’s the matter, mom?”
“Say it when you come!”

Claire Wilson Wilson had no choice but to say to Charlie Wade, “Mom let me go.”
Charlie Wade didn’t think too much, and nodded gently.
Claire Wilson Wilson took the elevator to the third floor and came to Elaine Ma’s room. As soon as he reached the door, he was pulled in by Elaine Ma. Then Elaine Ma immediately locked the door and said nervously, “Good girl! I doubt it. Charlie Wade cheated!”
“Ah? Cheated?” Claire Wilson Wilson frowned, “Why?”

“Why?” Elaine Ma immediately took out a shopping receipt and blurted out: “Look at this! This receipt shows that Charlie Wade bought three copies of the same platinum suit, so why did he only get two back?! more What about the one that came out? It must be given to the vixen outside!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1437

Claire Wilson Wilson instinctively didn’t believe what his mother said.
She felt that Charlie Wade was sincere to herself, how could it be derailed?
So she seriously said to Elaine Ma: “Mom, you think too much! Charlie Wade can’t be cheating!”
“Impossible?” Elaine Ma raised her eyebrows, and asked, “Then tell me why Charlie Wade bought three sets of skin care products?

And only one set was brought back. Where did you go?”
Claire Wilson Wilson said: “Maybe it was bought for a friend, or maybe it was bought for a friend.”
“Friends?” Elaine Ma said with a look of hatred for iron and steel, “It’s just that a brainless person like you will believe it! This kind of thing is obviously bought for a woman. You said he is an orphan and doesn’t have a mother. No relatives, except for the vixen, who else would you buy it for?”
Claire Wilson Wilson’s expression was also a little unnatural.

She knew that what her mother said was not without reason.
Charlie Wade really has no relatives and no female friends in the local area, so who did he buy the extra set of skin care products for?
Could it be Jasmine, the daughter of the Moore family?
In the impression, that woman seemed to be a little different to her husband.
However, Claire Wilson Wilson couldn’t believe that Jasmine was the eldest of the Moore family after all, and she had just become the head of the Moore family not long ago. Her status is extremely honorable.

In Aurouss Hilll, or even in Eastcliff, I’m afraid I can’t find any stronger than he.
And her husband is a married man, so from a common sense, a woman like Jasmine will most likely not have a special relationship with her husband.
However, the receipt in my mother’s hand clearly shows that this order does include three sets of skin care products, and who is the other set for?

Just when Claire Wilson Wilson was lost in thought, Elaine Ma hurriedly asked her in a low voice: “Girl, tell your mom, where are you now with Charlie Wade?”
Claire Wilson Wilson subconsciously asked, “What step?”
Elaine Ma hurriedly said: “It’s those things between men and women! Mom won’t go around with you, did you give Charlie Wade your body?”

Claire Wilson Wilson’s face turned red in an instant, and he said falteringly: “Not yet.”
Elaine Ma suddenly exploded: “Ah?! Not yet?! Are you stupid! Until now, you are still holding on to him. What are you waiting for?”
Claire Wilson Wilson lowered his head and said embarrassedly: “I don’t know, I just think the situation between us is very delicate. At the beginning, we got married at the request of grandpa, so I never went there. It’s developing.”

Elaine Ma immediately said seriously: “Girl! You are stupid! A man has needs, you can’t always satisfy him, then what if he turns his head to find someone else? Charlie Wade is also worth over 100 million. I don’t know how many coquettish b*tches are lining up to come next to him!”
Speaking of this, Elaine Ma said hurriedly: “Listen to your mother’s advice, hurry up and find a chance to take Charlie Wade down. It is best to conceive the child as soon as possible, otherwise one day Charlie Wade lets the fox go away. Our family is over!”

“Also, don’t forget, this villa belongs to Charlie Wade! If he changes his mind and wants to divorce you, wouldn’t he want to drive us out? I tell you, I don’t want to come back to death. The old house in the past, this Thompson First villa, I will never leave!”
Claire Wilson Wilson is even more embarrassed

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1438

It is not that she has not considered this issue, but because of her personality, she has always been a little scared and shy, so she has never taken the initiative.
However, now listening to what Mom said, she couldn’t help but feel a little nervous.
Elaine Ma sighed and sighed: “Hey, I used to look down on Charlie Wade in various ways. I always thought he was a trash. But now, if you look at it, this guy is still a little capable. Look at how many big people make him fool around. Ability!

Look at this large villa of more than 100 million Dollar. It is refreshing and refreshing to live in it. If he increases his ability in the future, he may be able to fool a Maldivian island!”
“This” Claire Wilson Wilson said awkwardly: “Mom, don’t you daydream all day long.”
Elaine Ma said solemnly: “Dreams still have to be there! Because it might happen suddenly one day!”
As she said, she hurriedly said in a low voice: “You, hurry up and tell Charlie Wade the truth about the husband and wife, and also have to find a chance to ask, who is the skin care product he bought more? You must not take it lightly.

If Charlie Wade really has the idea of ​​cheating, he must be killed in advance! If he has cheated, he must be brought back first!”
Although Claire Wilson Wilson was a little nervous in his heart, he still said very seriously: “Mom, don’t make any guesses here. I believe Charlie Wade’s personality will not be what you think.”
“Hey, kid, it’s always good to be cautious!”
Claire Wilson Wilson faltered and said, “Oh, I won’t tell you anymore, I will go down first.”

Elaine Ma hurriedly grabbed her, stuffed the shopping receipt into her hand, and said, “Hold the evidence, and you must ask Charlie Wade for an opportunity!”
Holding the small ticket, Claire Wilson Wilson turned and ran out.
Charlie Wade was sitting on the sofa on the first floor, watching TV.
On TV, there are overwhelming reports of Sanda matches.
The dark horse Aurora naturally attracted countless attention and made Chinese audiences feel extremely proud.

But the performance of Japanese player Nanako Ito also won the audience’s admiration and admiration.
At this time, the TV announcer said: “It is reported that Nanako Ito is not only an outstanding young fighter in Japan, but also a top student of the University of Tokyo. Her family, the Ito family, is one of the top four families in Japan. One, it can be said to be a super rich and beautiful born with a golden key, but who can think of such a super rich and beautiful, without living a luxurious life, but becoming a strong and hard-working fighter!”

Charlie Wade couldn’t help but sigh secretly when he heard this.
He really did not expect that Nanako Ito would still be the eldest lady of Japan’s top family!
At this time, through the high-definition close-up shot taken by the camera, Charlie Wade saw the scene of Nanako Ito being repeatedly attacked by American player Michelle, and saw her delicate and cold face being injured by Michelle, but his eyes were extremely firm. I couldn’t help but feel a touch in my heart.

I have to say that Nanako Ito’s character is really appreciated by him.
Strong, but not awkward, with a tough personality, and knows how to forbear and wait.
At a certain moment, he even felt that Nanako Ito was somewhat similar to himself!
This made him sigh from the bottom of his heart that if such a good girl is not of Japanese nationality, he is really willing to accept her as a disciple and let her go further in the martial arts.
It’s a pity that the nationality and blood of Nanako Ito are here. Charlie Wade firmly believes in the words of the ancestors: If you are not of my race, your heart must be different!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1439

When Charlie Wade was watching TV, Claire Wilson Wilson stepped up to him. Seeing him watching TV, she sat down beside him.
Afterwards, Claire Wilson Wilson hesitated for a moment, and asked him in a low voice: “Charlie Wade, I ask you one thing, you must answer me truthfully and don’t lie to me.”
Charlie Wade nodded: “My wife, please ask.”

Claire Wilson Wilson passed the shopping receipt in his hand to Charlie Wade and asked, “Why are there three sets of skin care products written on it? It’s not that I don’t trust you, but I just hope you can explain the situation to me.”
Charlie Wade was stunned when he saw the shopping receipt, but quickly realized that it must have been placed directly in a gift box after Cameron Isaac bought the skin care products.
So he looked around and saw that Elaine Ma hadn’t come, he whispered, “I’ll tell you the truth, my wife, that set of cosmetics is actually what Dad wants.”

“My dad?” Claire Wilson Wilson asked dumbfounded: “My dad is an old man, why does he want this top-notch skin care product?”
Charlie Wade smiled awkwardly, and said, “I shouldn’t have told you, but after all, you are my wife, and I certainly can’t lie to you, but you have to promise me that if I tell you, you must never go to dad again. Confrontation.”

Claire Wilson Wilson gave him a white look: “If you don’t let me go to confront my dad, what if you want to lie to me? What if you let dad be your backer?”
Charlie Wade said hurriedly: “Do you think that your husband and I am that kind of person? I have always done things with the courage to do things, how can I let Dad take care of me?”
Claire Wilson Wilson nodded: “Okay, then I promise you, you can tell, what is going on?”
Charlie Wade explained: “In the morning, Mom said she wanted this brand of skin care products, and I agreed at the time. Then when I drove away with my dad, my dad asked me if I could do more. , Saying that I want to give it to Matilda.”

“Matilda?!” Claire Wilson Wilson exclaimed: “Is that his first love, Matilda?”
“Right.” Charlie Wade smiled: “Apart from this Matilda, what other Matilda?”
Claire Wilson Wilson said angrily, “Is my dad still in touch with that Matilda?! Mom was missing at the time. I didn’t say anything when he met Matilda for dinner. Mom is back. How can they both? Where is the lotus root broken?”
Charlie Wade said: “For this kind of thing, the best thing for us to be children is to leave it alone, after all, parents are separated now.”

“Hey” Claire Wilson Wilson sighed: “Even if you are separated, you still haven’t got a divorce. If you don’t have a divorce, you must be loyal to your relationship!”
Charlie Wade shrugged: “You don’t know the situation of Mom and Dad. The relationship between them is different from that of ordinary couples, so”
Claire Wilson Wilson believed that Charlie Wade was not deceiving her, and she felt helpless, and said, “If Dad asks you for something and gives it to Matilda, you must not agree to it, and we will treat him or not.

Asked, he definitely cannot help the abuser.”
Charlie Wade immediately agreed: “Good wife, I know! Don’t worry!”
At this moment, Aurouss Hilll People’s Hospital.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1440

When Nanako Ito was visiting Master Kazuki Yamamoto, he heard the news that in today’s match, Australian athlete Victoria, who was defeated by Aurora, was also receiving treatment at Aurouss Hilll People’s Hospital.
Koichi Tanaka specifically went to inquire about it and told her a result that shocked her.
It turned out that in the game, Victoria was kicked by Aurora and broke both her arms. Now she is put in a plaster and officially announced that she will withdraw from the third place competition the day after tomorrow.

He handed over the third place title of this game to Nanako Ito’s men. Michelle defeated.
Moreover, Victoria not only withdrew from this competition. And there is a great probability of complete retirement.
Because for a Sanda athlete, the arms are very important. After the arms are broken, it is difficult to recover even if they recover.

For a professional athlete, the impact may be lifelong. It is very likely that she will ruin her career. Nanako Ito was stunned by the news.
She knew about Victoria, injured both arms in the game, but she didn’t know that Victoria was injured so badly.

Victoria is also a top-level Sanda player, but Aurora kicked her arms off, which proves that Aurora’s physical strength and strength are far beyond what normal people can match.
Although Nanako Ito is stronger than Victoria, she is strong in skills and experience, but her physical fitness is even slightly worse than that of the tall white Victoria.
Even Victoria couldn’t resist Aurora’s blow, so when she faced Aurora the day after tomorrow, she was afraid it would be very dangerous.

After listening to this, Yamamoto Kazuki couldn’t help but sighed and said, “Nanako, according to my opinion, you should abstain from the game the day after tomorrow.”
Nanako Ito asked in surprise: “Master, what do you mean? Why do you want me to abstain at this time? Didn’t you say that the real strong will never surrender without a fight?”
Yamamoto Kazuki sighed: “That’s just a normal situation! But now you have also seen that Aurora is extremely strong.

If you fight against her, you are most likely to be seriously injured. Then, you won’t lose a game. In the game, you lose your entire career!”
Nanako Ito pursed her mouth and murmured, “But if I retreat without a fight this time, what face will I have to continue practicing martial arts in the future? Isn’t there an old saying in China that I know that there are tigers in the mountains, and I go to the mountains?”

Yamamoto Kazuki eagerly said: “There is an old saying in China! It is called staying in the green mountains, I am not afraid that there is no firewood! If you are really seriously injured, your future career may be abandoned!”
Nanako Ito resolutely said: “Master, I finally made Charlie Wade look at me with great difficulty today. If I give up the game, he will despise me, so I will not escape, on the contrary, I must try my best in the finals. If I go forward, even if I must lose, I will lose with dignity!”
Yamamoto Kazuki sighed heavily: “Hey! If Charlie Wade is willing to accept you as a disciple, everything is easy to say, but Charlie Wade’s current attitude is that he is unwilling to accept you. Even if you show up in front of him, Okay, so what, in his eyes, you are a foreigner, an alien!”

“It doesn’t matter.” Nanako Ito smiled slightly and said softly: “It doesn’t matter whether he accepts me as a disciple, I just don’t want to be looked down upon by him or looked down upon him!”
Yamamoto Kazuki understands Nanako Ito and knows that her current attitude is very determined, and he can’t change his decision.

So she looked at Koichi Tanaka next to her and said, “Tanaka, on the court at that time, if Miss Ito is injured, you must throw a towel to the referee in time, understand?”
Hiroshi Tanaka was about to nod, and Nanako Ito scolded with a cold face: “Tanaka! You must not lose your towel at that time! In this game, I can accept any defeat, but I just don’t accept the initiative to give up!”

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